Thursday, November 19, 2009

I, Mom and The Elusive Nair Boy!

I might just be smiling to myself, reading a book or chatting with someone but of course, I must be giving the wrong signals considering my mom keeps misinterpreting them as something mischievous going on in her daughter's life. You know what I mean....

Situation 1 - Dhanya smiling at computer screen (That would be me, so newbies stop wondering who Dhanya is and for God's sake read my profile properly before you start reading my post! ;) Dhanya has this habit of referring to herself in third person sometimes. It doesn't happen always, so stay!)

Ma (All happy happy) - Who you chatting with ehhhhh?

Me (Knowing what's coming) - Oh... this friend of mine... a boy!

Ma (Even more happy happy. Expectantly sits on the sofa opposite me. Looks at me with all interest. Says finally in a hushed tone.) - What's his name?

Me (Smiles at her and tries hard to fake a blush) - Ajit...

Ma (Smiles even more wide) - Malayalee ????

Me - Oh yes! Pucca Malayalee amma!

Ma (Smiles so wide that it looks like she has a hanger in her mouth) - Good good! Is he handsome? What are his qualifications? Is he single? I hope he's single. What is he working as?

Me - Amma, his full name is Ajit George....

Now something about the last sentence I said made her change the topic as soon as she had started it. 'Nair boy?' seems to be her favorite question since last few months....

Sitution 2 - At the airport, Dhanya is seen chatting with an ex-colleague while her mom looks at both of them with keen interest.

After he left -

Ma - Nair boy????

Me - Married, amma!

Ma - *Sigh*

Situation 3 - Dhanya talking quite loudly and laughing even more loudly whilst chatting with a friend on phone.

After phone call -

Ma - Who was that?

Me - My friend E

Ma - Ohhhh! Nair boy ????

Me (eyes her angrily) - Muslim, amma!

Me - *Sigh*

Situation 4 - Dhanya returns from office and tells her mom that a colleague... proposed... err.. told Dhanya that he liked her.

Unlike other mothers (wow that rhymed), my super cool mom acts super cool about it...

Ma (Who I think hardly expected anyone to propose to me) - Wow!!!! Nair boy????

Me - Hmmm. Yes.

Ma - Annndddd? He has good salary no? He will be able to take care of you no?

Me - I don't like him that way. I said no.

Ma - *Sighhh*

So if you're a guy and you happen to talk to me, be warned - The ever famous 'Nair Boy' question might be coming your way soon! ;)

Any question of the sort your mom bothers you with?


  1. LOL...funny post Dhanya..expect this to go on till you actually find a nair boy.. :D

  2. Oh hey, I'm safe, remember? :D

  3. many boys...not one perfect :P..heheh...nice way to put up the post dhanya...all smiley i am now in the morning....thanks for making us smile :)...


  4. hahahha...
    nair boy..?:P
    but one thing..ur mom is cool re :)

    dhayna i hope u get a nair boy soon

  5. Anonymous9:58 AM

    My mom's questions were always more like - "Another boy?" *suspicious look* :P

  6. Is it the 'Nair Boy' syndrome? :)

    Have Nair boys become endangered species? Looks like you are meeting many. :)

  7. Anonymous10:49 AM

    funny one :)

  8. Haha Nice one :)


  9. khe khe khe... dhanya tat was a really cute post... :D n very cool mom...!

    my mom asks me wheneva i finish a call with ny f my frnds if she is lookin good n is she a hindu??? khe khe khe.. she s so confused abt who my girl frnd is cuz many frnds call me... ;)

    she is jus waitin for a name... my mom is cool too like urs... ;)

    n heyyy m a nair boy :D ;)
    khe khe khe... :D

  10. but my dad... OMG :((
    enne chavitti porathaakkum if i do somethin like tat... :((

  11. by your logic by amma should be happy with my mallu gf..sadly tamizh bram dont go down well with mallus it seems..and i thought nair mennon all same..diff han??free

  12. haha, sounds pretty familiar. I had a lady colleague who had mom like urs and she used to be so worried about her daughter. Even my cousins mom, until she got married. all moms are worried about their daughters.

    Get married soon, what are you waiting for? world war 3? TC :D

  13. Hahahah this is hilarious! Atleast your mum is all chill about u talking to boys and not like other extremely conservative women who wouldn't let their daughters near one!

  14. I seriously feed bad for my aliyann!!! :( now, he's the one hus gotta stand you for the rest of his life.. Must be some sinner I guess, allengil ee nirbhaagyam undaavumo?? :O :(


  15. hehe!!! Aunty is too good!! its the first mindblock parents have to change! mama is just "looking out "for u!(pun is intended :P)

  16. He he he.... a long gone phase of my life, the boy hunt made me laugh. My mom was a terror to be beckoned and your mom my dear is totally super duper cool! Happy hunting :)

  17. good post dhanya... I always feel good while reading your blog...

    Hope you find the Nair Boy soon ...

  18. not bad ah? kalyanam happenin very soon i see.
    don't worry... u r not the only one. all nair parents seem to be the same. i'm not getting anything yet... but my sis is. he he. my turn at a similar post is still a few years away. (thank god!)

  19. Haha... Interesting mom you've got! But that's perfectly understandable of her. I should rather say your mom's cool, though it might irritate you some times... :P

  20. Lol...this IS the story of my life too :)

  21. he he tell her not to be too particular abt "nair boy" :P

  22. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're mom's so cute!! At least shes ok with it.. Once I get out of college and all know.. They'll make sure I marry someone I dont know.. So I won't get the "Iyer boy" questin

  23. hee hee it was such a cool post :D

  24. lol..i have a friend.Visakh nair...a TRUE NAIR boy..need i get u going?? :P:D..never happened with me thou! My mum would yell at me even if i chat with a guy...:(

  25. lolzzzzzzz....u better fnd a nair boy soon else she's not gonna stop :P:D
    so hav ya found ny ?? :P

  26. minus 30 degrees post....chillingly hilarious...:P :P

    my mom's fav dialogue wid a smirk...dare you bring back any extra luggage back home apart from the packs this line along with the food n pickles fr my journey frm trichur to mumbai on every trip of mine :P :P :P :P :P

  27. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I read it out to my daughter and your post had both of us laughing :) Your mom is really awesome :)

    But Non-Nair guys might also be nice :)

  28. u have that god damn perfection in u dhanu!
    I love ur personal account based narration...
    form a relative protagonist chracter in ur mind,shape the people around him,trace inspirations and then write down a novel.
    It will be one helluva coool stuff dekhna:)
    M pretty sure....
    Amit verma in female skin ur :)
    a stereotype for a bestseller!
    I love ur way of writing...makes simple things humourous :)

  29. ha ha .. funny post.. you just put the scene from any Indian family with a "Marriageable age" girl in their house.. into spotlight!!

    Everywhere same story... just the Nair boy varies!

    I have a few.. mallu friends.. lets see if they know any NAIR boys.. :P

  30. Hello sweet lil sis. Just in case mommy dearest is ok with Delhi guys, then I can start looking for you here. :)

    (Now, now, you don't have to kill your poor old bro because he said that!) :)

  31. Niti - Oh! Definitely! This will go on until I find a good nair boy :P

    Ramit -Lol! You're safe.. :)

    Hemu - What to do! I am so demanding :P A major flaw in my character! Hate that part of myself :|

    Ams - Thank you jiiii :)

    Ki - lol! :D well thank God that phase is over for you :)

    Bindhu - Yeah they are endangered! I havent been meeting any :(

    Chandler - Thanks :)

    Randeep - Thank you!

    Anoop - Thanks for the cute comment and the khekhekhe Anoop :P You're a Nair boy? Please send me your biodata thru email! :D

  32. soin - Oh you have a mallu gf? Yayie! Naah, Nairs can get married to Menons too :)

    ZB - Yeah, all moms are worried. Understandable. Hopefully world war 3 won't start by the time I get married :P

    Nahl - Hmmm! My mom is conservative! But yeah, she tries to trick me into reveaing my secrets ;) Not that I have any... but still... :D

    Nikhil - Yeah, seriously! Even I feel bad for him! Come let's pray for his well being together...

    Kangna - Lol! Yeah you would understand this pretty well ;) :D

    Ashwadhy - Thank god it's over for you! Yeah my mom too can be a lil conservative at times... but she's cool! :)

    Suree - Aww! Thanks :) I love hearing that - 'Makes me feel good to read your blog' wala comments :) Makes my day !!

  33. Ajai - Yeah soon soon! As soon as I find the guy. Matri sites don't offer much options :)

    Darshan - Yeah, she's cool :) My mom after all ;)

    Shanu - :D Hi-five! :D

    Dhanya - Oh! I don't think she will agree to that.... :P

    Harini - Lol! Iyer boy huh? It's a similar kinda situation too here... only thing I have added a lil humor to it ;)

    An ordinary gal - Thanks :)

    Madhu - Visakh Nair! How old is he? Is he rich? :D More details please!

    Priya - Nahiiiii. Everyone runs away from me after a while, man! Lol... I have that kinda personality ;) Know anyone who can suffer moi? :D

    Sandeep - Oh thank you thank you! Lol @ extra baggage. Yeah, that happens to be my aunt's fav line too for her sons. :D So are you planning on bringing extra buggage? :D

    indianhomemaker - Awww! A big hi to your daughter from me! You must be a cool mom too, I'm sure :)

    Pulkit - Wowwwww! Me a writer on par with Amit Verma. Kya baat hai. Now all I need is a publishing firm :D

    Sameera - Yeah, find a goodlooking, rich nair boy. All I ask for... :P

    Ramit - lol Delhi guys. Nair boy from Delhi is okay I guess :D Whenever I talk to Northies, the first thing she tells me with a glare.. 'Don't go for Northies okay?' :D Conservative parents...

  34. make it past

  35. Aha! You need to add me on chat right away, or give me your phone number.

    Then when your Amma finds out I am a boy and asks you the famous "Nair Boy??" question, you can reply "Reptile, amma!"

    The look on her face will be precious. Maybe she will stop asking the question ;)

  36. the question is
    what is Nair?? :D

  37. Hey..lolll....Hope u find a Nair boy soon..Ur mom's cool re!!

  38. hahah...nice!!
    Nair boy is in demand..!!

  39. Way to go super cool mom!
    And good luck with your Nair-boy-hunt...just remember that all good things take time.

    It did for me

  40. Lol.. hahaha.. this happens to me most of the time these whn, i talk yo a boy... dnt knw al moms r behind "NB"

  41. Happens with me all the time and my Mum, though I am questioned if the girl is a Mangalik

    Btw my boss is a Nair and very dashing

  42. How to convert myself into a Nair boy???

  43. Rich rich richaaa - Already answered that qn ;)

    Soin - Oh well... more Mallus are out there! :D

    Stupidosaur - LOL @ reptile amma!!! Rofl! Hahaha... I should give it a try then :D

    Satya - I have NO idea! :D

    Pesto - Send across the biodata of your boss, please! :) :)

    Devil Incarnate - Not all moms. Only Nair moms ;)

    ARN - Oh, you found your gal? :D

    Jaunty Anima - Hope I find one soon too! :D Thanks!

    Nazish Rahman - Hell yeah! :D

  44. @Dhanya

    Actually I did

    post coming on this pretty soon

  45. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Somewhere in the corner of this Globe, a nair boy is waiting for you.

    Time will Unleash its magic, wait and see :)

  46. he he interesting sitautions....i hv gone thru plenty of them. :) Thankfully i m done with my share. :P

  47. i like u amma a lot ::D

  48. best of luck for the Nair hunt :) .. smiley post ..

  49. Ria - Lucky you!

    Surya - *Waits for magic to unleash* Waiting can be a tiring process, man ;)

    ARN - Post coming up WHERE actually? :P Put up a private blog and gimme access! lol..

    Shimmer - Yeah, I like her a lot too!! :D

    Vinay - Thank u :)

  50. Anonymous2:33 AM

    HAHAHAHHA!!! Nice post Dhanya.. Ur Mom.. Sweet Sweet :)

  51. whats up with Nair boy? like other guys are bad or something :D

  52. Mother India ftw


    Sv the Poet Manque

  53. *sniggers*
    dont worry Dhanya..ur mom will catch ur Nair dude jaldi :D

  54. Came acroos your blog 'dont-know-how' ;)...this post was really nice......exactly my state a few months back...till i found one for myself ;)

  55. hmmm...
    nice post.

  56. Ha ha.....funny.
    Sounds like Bride n Prejudice.


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