Monday, November 09, 2009

I Believe...

A rose dreamed day and night about bees, but no bee ever landed on her petals.

The flower, however, continued to dream. During the long nights, she imagined a heaven full of bees, which flew down to bestow fond kisses on her. By doing this, she was able to last until the next day, when she opened again to the light of the sun.

One night, the moon, who knew of the rose's loneliness, asked : 'Aren't you tired of waiting?'

'Possibly, but I have to keep trying.'


'Because if I don't remain open, I will simply fade away.'

At times, when loneliness seems to crush all beauty, the only way to resist is to remain open.

-- A Story From 'Like A Flowing River -- Paulo Coelho'

Something which I feel makes a lot of sense even if it's just a story. If you ever feel lonely, I guess this should be the story that you must read over and over again!


  1. True !! NO matter how much we wrap ourselves with love and people we love, there are times we just got ourselves to keep company to. Like this rose, we should just stay open..

  2. nice!!!!so profound....:)

  3. Awesome story Dhanya .. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I feel every human is a lonely planet. he/she has to learn to handle loneliness...Loneliness is great thing, in a sense that it brings our our true self before us. Story is profound. TC:)

  5. there are moments when i do feel lonely, hope it comes to my rescue !!

  6. I'm not lonely anymore, got a sweet little sister now, remember?

  7. Thank you soooooooo much for this story.. I'll re-visit whenever I feel lonely Dhans :) loved it :)

  8. I so love anything and everything from Paulo Coelho. Doesnt this make so much of sense. At least to me it does! :)

  9. i thought i was reading a piece sent to me by God.
    so does this mean i cant give up hope :(

  10. Wonderful line.. Just keep open..

  11. Yups...its the "Will" to stay open that makes all the difference!

    Take the human body as an example Ms. Venu. It’s such a complex machine. It’s unbelievable to think that a lump of muscle evolved into atriums, valves, ventricles and arteries resulting in a continuous supply of oxygen to the brain, all in such a way as to make it actually control the parts and enabling the body to spring to life. It’s like turning on the ignition of the car with the heart serving as the engine which pumps the fuel to all the parts. Or take the human eye. It’s next to impossible to imagine that a piece of skin evolved into a cornea, a pupil, an eyeball, an optical nerve connecting it to the brain, all in such a way as to make it actually see. It’s hard to believe it all happened by chance. There first had to be a will to live, a will to breathe, a will to see, buried somewhere inside living things. Without it, these mechanisms would never have taken shape.

    You can even take the example of sea turtles. They dig the earth and lay their eggs therein before heading back to the ocean, leaving the hatchlings completely at nature’s mercy. After hatching, young turtles may take three to seven days to dig their way to the surface. But they do dig their way out. They do it with their sheer will. Hatchlings distinguish light intensities and head for the greater light intensity of the open horizon. After reaching the surf, it dives into a wave and rides the undertow out to sea. They continuously swim for about 24 to 48 hours after entering the water, enabling it to get into the deeper water. A new born pushing its stamina to the limit and fighting odds just to survive. It’s hard to believe it all happened by chance. There had to be a will to fight, a will to survive, a will to challenge.

    It’s the “will” that matters, a will to heal, a will to spring back to normalcy, a will to forget, a will to "wait". If a lump of muscle, a piece of skin and a hatchling can will and attain the impossible; you only need a will to fight your internal demons...and to wait till this excruciating phase of loneliness passes away.

  12. Yes yes...adoable fact and nice story..:)

    Thanks Dhanya for sharing this..

  13. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story dhanya...

  14. Summary of the story..."Will" you? And those who do..."will" get the flower :-)

  15. Nice ...thats so true and thanks for sharing it with us!!

  16. it was nice...meaningfull.Thanks for sharing :)

  17. so true!
    and that book was one of his best i feel ..lovely stories!

  18. rather it just burn

  19. No don't read too much into the story...!

    I will just say- nice one! =)

  20. I love to read Poulo Coelho's stories. This one was unknown to me. Short and sweet :)

  21. Tat was lovely Dhanya...Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Hmnnnn! Thankyou for sharing...

  23. nice one !! used to be a huge fan of paulo cohelo myself !

  24. hey this one was nice...nice meaning..will keep it in mind!

  25. really liked it.
    paulo ji's works are sometimes bouncers and sometimes so touching...
    will have to read this book, deedee :-w

  26. waiitng for part2,n we have each other :)

  27. lovely...
    thxs for sharing :)

  28. Beautiful.. think I should read this over n over again..

  29. Anonymous1:03 AM

    This too shall pass :-)

  30. nice...really nice.. :D

  31. truly inspiring :)

    take care mate...


  32. Truly beautiful :)

    Well.. I don know wht to say.

    I loved it :)


  33. this is an awesome story...
    I simply said..but talks about such a complex reality of life..
    i loved it..

  34. it was so nice dhanya..:)..thanks for the share...


  35. quite helpful as I must say.. :)

  36. Anonymous8:18 PM

    hi thanks yar...will find the book...

  37. Taking away loads of positivity from here. Paulo Coelho has this knack to make us sit up, listen and act!! His Alchemist, a book I go back to everytime I need some serious solid inspirtaion....

    Enjoy ur weekend Dhanya
    cya around

  38. I just loved that book. i felt that the story was familiar. :)
    i'm surprised ppl don't talk abt it like the way they do for alchemist.

  39. I so loved this.

  40. All the more relevant for me

    I am lonely and a recluse most of the times

  41. Anonymous11:51 AM

    hey Dhanya, read your interview on webneetech :)


    I just submitted my interview to them :)

  42. Absolutely :)

    I will read this time and again when I feel I am lonely.. thanks for sharing.

  43. Purpleheart - No one has ever said it better! ;)

    Kaka - Yeah no? :D

    Ekam - :)

    ZB - Solitude is a great thing, loneliness exactly isn't. You should get that book of Paulo's. I get the feeling you'll enjoy it :)

    Rahil - Don't forget to BELIEVE in it too :)

    Ramit - Awww! That was so sweet :) Thanks bro :) :) Made my day!

    Meow - Thank YOU for mentioning me in your post :D

    Ria - Of course it makes sense! Why else would I post it?? :D

    AD - Yup, I knew you would be able to identify with this! It's a story meant for you.. more than anyone else :)

    Satya - :)

  44. Sandeep - Endammo! You should write a post on this. :P

    Pulkit - Don't be :P

    Pramoda - No probs :)

    Suree - :)

    Nazish Rahman - Anytime! :D

    Riya - Glad you liked it!

    Orange - YEAHHH! I feel it is one of his best too!

    Soin - That's a different perspective :D

  45. Sameera - Whatcha reading? ;) Lol. I am all cool. Don't worry :P

    Darshan - You should read this book. It's really inspiring!

    Shanu - No problemo :D

    Ashwadhy - :)

    Bedazzled - I still am :D

    Madhu - Yup, and keep repeating it over n over ;)

    Mads - >:D< My bambees is doing well in mumbai nooooo? :D

    Sannnn - Of course. :)

    Ams - You're welcome :D

    Dhanya - Awwww! Else you can just make one of those beautiful designs on pots instead. Looks like something you're really passionate abt :)

    Surya - Sometimes! Passed already :)

  46. Anoop - Thank you... big thank you :D You forgot ur 'khekhekhe' this time around ;)

    Arv - :) you too... take care...!

    Satya - No problemo... I understand :D

    Priya - Good to know you liked it Priya kutty :)

    Hemu - Welcome always :D

    Daydreamer - Yup.. indeed!

    Anonymous - Yup, find the book... find the book! :D

  47. PNA - Alchemist was awesome. This book too inspires you helluvalot. Maybe even more than alchemist. You should read it :)

    Ajai - Yeah, I am VERY surprised too :|

    Sawan - :D

    Pesto - Hmmm! :)

    Chandler - Thanks! :D And congrats to u too!

    Harshita - Heyo! :) Welcome back. Get the book instead, Harshi. Definitely worth the money! :D

  48. @dhans: endaccho! :P ;-) actually took the lines from one of my flights of fancy in the names of philosophy...coz i thought it made sense in this context..shameless ;-) :P

    One of my 5 posts on philosophy...u can find the rest here...deep thoughts :P :P :P

  49. Brilliant !!
    Alone is a company too ! Our own company and sometimes too many people around but still we feel alone !

    Strange the human mind is !

    Khavanu, Pivanu, Suvanu ! majja ni life :P


  50. hey..u know what?

    i have already read that book..but i think i needed that particular story..and i read it at exactly the right time..

    thanks a lott!!...for acting like my angel!!:)
    nice blog btw..:)


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