Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 Reasons Why I Love Facebook!

1. You can slap your friends and get away without any physical injury. Moreover, you can even get some support from your other friends!

2. You can find out how you were related to your friends in your previous birth. Even our real life astrologers fail to reveal such valuable details.

3. You get people to answer questions on your behalf. Interesting questions, mind you!

4. People end up liking anything you say. Imagine that happening in real life -- people stopping you in between sentences and saying 'Hey, I liked that previous sentence you just said!'. This makes Facebook even more unique.

5. You get to add celebrities and you can even propose to them. Below is my proposal to Jose Covaco (MTV VJ). Yes, I find him hot! No more explanation needed!


  1. fantabulous......*remembers the "lost prince" chain comments on an update on ur fb profile between me n chriz :P :P :P*

  2. Like your Fb Picture.

  3. vattayyo?? :P awesome.. :D

    And it was nice to see my name too.. :P U make me mad.. :( :D


  4. hee hee !! u r a riot,as usual ! i am gonna add u on FB to follow all u r nautankey on FB !!!..

  5. Someone tell me why am I not on Fb?

  6. love ur madness...:P

  7. yep! facebook rocks ..yayy :)
    i like your fb dp, looking pretty!
    and yes, jose's so hot hot hot :D

  8. hhahahahhahaha!!!!!

    AWESOME!!! :P :D

  9. Ha ha ha, loved #4. :D

  10. Hoho....that's why I say someone who's not on fb is missing some say the least!!

  11. khe khe khe...
    funny five reasons....

  12. just 5 reasons ???

    i think you can tell N no of reason if u r free... :P

  13. Nice, Kollam..:D

  14. am confused.the new facebook looks like the original orkut.and the new orkut looks like old facebook.and wave looks like twitter.anyways fb is a time can geta chick's pic and see the friend chicks album too.enough for

  15. Wow! It was nice to see this post. Especially the images that you have cut out.. makes it very interesting...!

  16. Yes Jaunty Anima, it sure looks like fun. One of these days I'm going to make me a Fb profile too. One of these days...

  17. ha ha!!very interesting reason indeed. :P :)

  18. I am new to this blog but find it interesting. I liked the feature of relating your friends to previous birth.

    Sounds interesting!!

    I don't have a facebook profile. Hope orkut introduce such features in future. I would like to stick with a single social networking website but yes nice to know the fetures others provide.

  19. LOL!!!!

    FB is wayyy too much fun...more so with ppl like u around. :P :D


  20. Jose is damn cute re :D

  21. Hey dhans,

    just take this quiz to know hoe can application like that can access all of your personal information.

  22. lol..this wasnice...enjoyed it thou i aint on facebook...:(

  23. FB is fun.. found it so boring earlier that I deleted my account.. But now I'm back again. I hope FB doesn't get banned in any office :P
    What would I do without FB :P

  24. hehehee.... Can't stop laughing actually... good reasons :P

  25. Face book is fun but it is addictive and if one isn't careful, one ends up spending too much time on Face book.

  26. ROFl!

    Dhanya, Jose?? Really? :D

  27. lol... and I have f reason more to join mafia wars after joining facebook :D

  28. lol the world of virtual networking is so damn unique :D. Imagine in real world, you suddenly announce that you just had a banana shake :P but in FB , you will have people getting jealous, smacking lips and even lickign thier lips :P

    good one :)

  29. YEA FRIGGIN RIGHT!!! i was your wife it seems!! my patti was your wife in the previous janmam.. podi korangathi.. ;(

  30. Nice Observation mate...


  31. LOL..Super fun post :)

  32. i find face book stupid...

  33. :D....i now know the top 5 reasons to be on...then another 5 reasons to be not on fb...pls..:)...


  34. hehe nice list of likes dhanya!! awesome post! ;-) made me think the five reasons why i love facebook. And you what are they eh? :P farmville/mafia/blah/blah/ :D

  35. hehe... :) sahi reasons diye...

  36. haha.. my post is there too :P

  37. LOL!!! gud tat u restrcted it 2 five.. :)

  38. lol haha :)

    I liked the 4th reason the most!

  39. LOL!! FB is interesting really..! I am playing around that 'Life Box' game these days! ;)

  40. Sandeep - Yup you guys just went on and on and on. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still continuing there :P

    Nikhil - Me vattu pidikaling is awesome ? Awesome! :D Saaramilla... I am your sister no ? I have all the rights to make you mad :D

    Ramit - Thanks :)

    Bedazzled - Have you added me yet? :O

    Orange - Thankies! Jose is hot no? I tell that to everyone, but unfortunately not many believe me :(

    Priya - :) Thunkoz!

    Ramit - Yeah, why arent you on FB ? Wow. Even oldies are getting on FB nowadays! (I am not calling u old, btw)

    Suree - Of course! I could think of only 5 reasons coz I wasn't that free :(

    ZB - Thank youuuu macha!

  41. Anoop - Khekhekhe. Thank you :)

    Annie - Wow! Really nice to see ur comment here. Thanks :)

    Jaunty Anima - Totally! Another reason for Ramit to join ;)

    Ria - :D

    Bondgal - Yelo madam! :) Thanks so much for the compliment! You too -- fun to be around with :)

    Ki - Yay Jose! :D

    Darshan - Thanks :)

    An ordinary gal - Thank u :)

    Soin - The new FB looks like original Orkut ??? How dare you ? :O How can you even compare the two ? *Feels highly insulted somehow*

    Suree - Will do :)

    Ekam - Exactly! Lol... thanks for adding me btw :)

    Meow - Thanks :)

  42. Madhu - Aww. You should. Love the way you can interact with your friends over there...

    Indianhomemaker - Yeah it is addictive! Nice way to take a break from work now n then but like you said, should be careful not to spend TOO much time in there...

    Aditya - Lol! Exactly :D

    Daydreamer - Another mafia war enthusiast ?

    Shaunak - Yeah, why? :O He's sexy only? :O

    Yayathy - Hehe. Thanks! :)

    Shanu - Thanks :)

    Uncommon Sense - You prefer Orkut?

    Hemu - Lol! I WILL TRY :D

    Esther - Lol farmville, mafia wars.. it seems farmville has more members than Twitter :P

    Harshi - Thank you hai ji.. :)

    Chriz - Yup. How can you be missed ? :)

  43. DI - LOL! :D

    phatichar - Thank u :) :)

    Sugar cube - Heheh thanks :)

    Sam - Niceee. Lifebox eh? Havent tried that one out yet...

  44. not like directly.both are cluttered.thats

  45. I cant believe I missed commenting on this one!
    just finished readin, err... finished laughing!

  46. LOL :D Interesting! HAHAH! I love fb!

  47. wow. i am gona start using fb in a more effective way now. only i need to find someone to propose!!! loved this post..

  48. *snorting away to glory*
    i loved the 5 reasons
    p.s- i find Jose hot too now :D
    share him no !!!!!!!!!!!

    mast and funny post..hehe :D


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