Thursday, October 01, 2009

When Jealousy Creeps In...

Love is in the air. Anyone and almost everyone seems to be falling for someone or the other. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify – No! I am not in love. Yes, I put up mushy lovey dovey status messages now and then and confusing blog posts which intrigue the readers even more. Guess it’s just the age I am in where everything I do gets automatically misinterpreted as to being in love.

So like I was telling (and before I go off topic again), love is definitely in the air. Everywhere I go I see young couples hanging around – at restaurants, at shopping malls, at theatres – with a glow on their faces and a spring in their steps. I admire them for a second or two, go awwww within self and then all of a sudden jealousy hits. I mean how dare they fall in love, when yours truly hasn’t found a partner for herself as of yet? I give them some unnoticed glares and leave it at that.

It was during one of these lovey dovey days that I decided to go shop. I landed at a counter inside the shop which was showcasing some very nice collection of earrings. The only hindrance for me - a young and good looking couple. Hmmm, actually only the girl was good looking, the guy was just ohhh-kay. So there they were (mostly him), blocking the already small counter and I wasn’t able to admire properly or check out a pearly set which I had set my eyes on.

The boy looked more obsessed, besotted, ‘in love’ with the girl than vice versa.

*Girl tries on a pair of earrings*

BF : Ohhhhhh! You look SO fab! LOVELY!

GF (admiring herself on the mirror) : Yeah, no? Even I think so too. Looks awesome on me!!!

*Girl tries on another pair*

BF (eyes all dazed) : Wooowwww! Just look at you! So pretty.

GF (still admiring herself on the mirror) : Yeah no?!! Wow!! Just wow!

This complimenting from both sides (boy to girl, and girl to herself) went on for a good 5 minutes. I was there behind them admiring the scene, observing, taking it all in. Then.. yes… I hate to admit it… jealousy crept in. I decided enough was enough. I tapped the guy on his shoulders and asked in an irritated tone–

So did you find anything good for yourself?”

The sales lady figured out what was going on and ushered the guy away much to his embarrassment. Though the funny part is that the girl hardly noticed he was gone and she went on admiring herself in the mirror.

Oh well. It’s fun to be jealous sometimes! ;)


  1. Funny, indeed! This jealousy is very subtle feeling, btw...

  2. Lolz...u really tapped the guy!! M sure even though the thing was not suiting her the guy had to say it looks choice!!
    U know some really fall in love which they never planned n there are some who want to.

  3. ab ispe kya comment karu...
    poor guy!

  4. Hi :)

    First time here and do I dare to say that was nasty:P The situation you described looked more filmsy than 'real love' but we should not and can not judge.But the guy must be really embarrassed, luckily for him that the girl didn't notice it :)

  5. **Though the funny part is that the girl hardly noticed he was gone and she went on admiring herself in the mirror.

    rofl.....a fun post here :)

  6. Lol, u actually did that! :P
    poor fellow ..haha

    but too much flattering gets to me at times. its just very dumb.

  7. He he... ya it's nice to be jealous at times...
    what say we make a deal? u go to a shop and pick out earrings.. and i'll admire u... u get me some grub in return... we'll get to make others jealous. ;)

  8. Yay! First comment!

    That was a good one! That's precisely why I tend to stay outside the shops that resemble anything remotely close to a jewellery store.
    Thank God for Colaba causeway :P

    God knows what'll happen when I do meet someone.

  9. I am jealous too :P blv me I see this everyday everywhere... every friend of mine has a boyfriend lol!

  10. extremely extremely funny .. nice in a way to be jealous

  11. what shd i say..hhaah..the unny part is a kind of ahhhhhhh...:) very naughty uu ...:)

    Keep postinf gal..

  12. Hehe. You really did that? :D
    Hehe. That was funny. Lol! Poor boy :D
    Thank God. I'm not the only person who becomes very jealous sometimes:D

  13. Dhanno dhanno dont need some guy to keep you happy..u have mads n me :D.

    So come on..lets go shopping and get you those pearls..mads bring the purse.

    Anyways..i think u have enuff time on your hands to find your mr dont let some lovey dovey lame couple get u all ll soon be ur turn to go warm in the heart all over again.

    amith (yes,..he s back) :D

  14. hi5 on being at the guy....i would say well done if u really did that to the guy...:D...

  15. Poor guy! I guess he was besotted... people are known to do maddest of things in love ;)

    I too would have minded the way he blocked the space. How long were you expected to wait?

  16. i dont belive tht u really tapped the guy...
    and i m here to give u company in jealousy.. i m single too, alway been though i feel jealous too but i think its better to be single.. and let me tell u its not a khatte angoor thing

  17. Ha ha :D

    but you remember my prediction, na? Just you wait for your guy. He'll be a zillionmillionsquillion times better. :D

  18. Women are always blind when they are complimented..I have seen it too.. :)

    Take care


  19. rofl haha poor guy :P it was one guy with three girls-his girl, you and the sales lady :P . And all of you conspired and embarrassed him ;)

    Just kidding :P , he deserved it for being the overacting boyfriend :D

  20. Hehe... :P

    Jealous,huh! ;)

    Koi nahi... when we find our matches, we'll show off saath mein... :D and yours toh is Saggi na... toh asli ki pehchaan I'll do... ;)

  21. haha... poor guy.. he was just doin his job .. ( praising his gf ) :P ..
    nice blog btw.. bye

  22. I know wat u mean...I feel J at times too..but I dont understnd why bcoz i am perfectly happy rest of the time..human mind is too complicated ya..i dont like it :(

  23. wish u'd have tapped me... I would have replied.... "Not yet, but I can certainly help u find somethine... What say darling(to gf)..."

    That would have atleast got the gf out of the store in a jiffy ;-)

  24. Hi.. cool post..
    I d like to quote a friend here...
    loved sumthin he said.. thot u d like it too..He says those who havent yet fallen in love feel tht..
    " its like happiness is raining all around and u r the only one not getting drenched in it.."
    But u got nothin to worry... Aapka number bhi aayega.. :D
    N i hate it when couples act all lovey dovey in public.. PDA is also a NO with me...

  25. Darshan - Not subtle always! :(

    Nazish - Lol yeah I guess you're right! But clearly this girl wasn't asking for his opinion :D

    Pulkit - Poor Dhanno you mean? She had to wait for a good FIVE minutes :(

    Mustaf - Yes, I guess it was nasty. But I didn't really sound so mean. I am sugar-coated even if I am mean. Did that make sense? Maybe not. But yeah, my point being that the guy didn't take it so bad :)

    Anwesa - Thanks :D

    oRange - Yeah, I don't like too much flattery either! Gets to me :| Especially if its not directed towards me ;)

    AJai - Deal! :D

    Shaunak - Hehe. I think you forgot I moderate my comments around here! :D When you DO meet someone, you will have to do all this. But please PLEASE stay away from small counters which is showcasing girly stuff. DO think about other ppl like me :(

    Meow - Awww! May God bless you with a smart and HOT bf soon :) :)

    Simba Tago - Sure is :)

    Pramoda - Lol :D :D Very naughty me ;) True true...

    Randeep - :)

    Ekam - Why is everyone calling him "poor"? Can't you see a girl was waiting there for FIVE minutes? Feel sorry for me too :(

  26. Amith - Jaggu Jaggu Jaggu.... oh yes, I have you two... how can I forget? :P You're asking a girl to bring on the purse. What kind of a gentleman are you? :D See you again back here after one month "Mr. Back" :P And thanks for being there... love u too (and u "two")...

    Kaka - Lol! Finally! Someone supporting me here :D

    Indianhomemaker - Lol :D Maddest of things in love huh? Talking from experience here I believe? ;)

    Uncommon Sense - I believe you (that its not a khatte angoor thing)! :) Yeah, its not so bad being single!

    Ki - Yes, I remember ur prediction. VERY clearly :D :*

    Nikhil - Ahem. That criticism was directed at me, I suppose? :)

    Aditya - Yeah, we all conspired against him. How did you know? :D He didnt over act. Was just too much in love I guess.

    Akansha - Yes yes. Very jealous ;) Deal! We will show off saath mein ok? And why is everyone hinting at a saggi? What's going on? :D

    Shashi - Lol @ doing his job. Yup, that's his job alright :D Thanks for liking my blog... :)

    Shanu - Aah! Don't worry! The best is yet to come :)

    Spike - If you had replied like that, I would have asked the sales lady to help me get you out of my way :D :D :D I can be pretty rude that way! :D Kidding...

    Lakshmi - Wow. I love that quote. Feels so true at the moment! Tell your friend that on my behalf too please!!! :)

  27. wow..u did stand there noticin all of that?U know wen i go around in malls,i do come across mushy much in love couples..they are so good to watch.Silly it may sound but sometimes i do leave down a prayer wishing they love each other all life!! Hope it hasnt acted the other way..:P:D

  28. Moderate comments! Devious way of deceiving your commenters to think they're the first to comment, thus creating more excitement in commenting, thereby drawing in more comments.

    That's Awesome!! :P

  29. hey cool post..!!!

  30. haha. with time everyone will get everything they want..

  31. lol!

    I figured the guy must have blushed and giggled while he was at it... :P


  32. did u say sales lady..? i'd be safe in that case ;-) charm wins over rudeness any day :P

  33. Hahaha

    Kewl post :)

    Keep Smiling :)

  34. tapped the guy!!very smart Dhnays:)
    whatever you think but I just feel pity on these types of girls and boys:)

  35. Excellent post. First time here. As you said, he was more in love with her than vice versa.

  36. //Aditya - Yeah, we all conspired against him. How did you know? :D He didnt over act. Was just too much in love I guess.//

    Oh, I know ;). Experience you see :P

    Well men, too much in love Overact always. Notice it :D

  37. do i see u wearin an evil grin?? :P

  38. Madhu - You do that? Awww so sweet :) I just glare at em. That's about it :P

    Shaunak - Very interesting way of putting things there :D Well, I have been known to do such sensible things even without planning it beforehand :D

    Prajyot - Thanks a lot :)

    Zeba - Yup yup. Got to agree with you there! What's best for us, will definitely come our way :)

    Gkam - lol @ giggling and blushing. Come to think of it, he DID blush!! :O

    Spike - Can't argue with you over there! :)

    Satyu - Thanks :) You too, take care!

    Kunjal - Why pity??

    SG - Thanks... keep visiting! :)

    Aditya - Hahaha. Don't tell me you were in a similar kind of situation before? :D

    Sawan - Of course! I always have an evil grin on most of the time :P

  39. aha!

    but when people take it too seriously it happens all the time :)

  40. LOL @ the incident... :) :)

  41. Lol! Very funny.. n so pity for you that u were waiting there and watching it over there...

    Being jealous on things like this brings fun... It has made you to watch their romance over there... n poor guy... he wouldn't have expeced such a tap from u dude...

    Wish you too get a bf to take you to a shop like and admire you for whatever u choose n wear... :-P

  42. :) haha....

    I cant believe u said it!! :D

  43. he he that was a fun post!! :P

  44. Lol... cant blive that u actually asked him that??
    njoy d freedom of being single dear..
    lot of gals mite b envying u.. though u may nt knw..

  45. You could have given more time, step back and admire the beauty of it :)

    If you were pressed for time, then the sugar-coated words were probably right.

  46. He he he it happens... It happened with me too. Enjoyed the post! :-) Keep writing hun.

  47. Sax post re :P lol.
    The girl didn't know he was gone. ROFL. don't worry they wont last for long :P (how optimistic can i get :P)

    Deedee, let's smoke a beedi and give stoned..stony glares at all those couples coupling away to their bed :-w

    Brett Lee's bum for u \:B/
    And Anderson's body for me \:D/

  48. ehehe..Man what should i say now..:P btw did u finally buy those pearly earings??

  49. I too feel the same when I see hot couples around indulging in PDA

  50. Is it plain love or a way of 'playing it safe' attitude on part of most men in love or a relationship?

    Am pretty divided on that thought. To start with, I am married.I often notice my hubby appreciate everything I wear and give a 10/10 score to all I cook. But at times, he overdoes it when he praises my food even before putting it in his mouth.

    Am sure it would have been a "jealousy provoking" scenario for you. But I definitely know the real funny part,where the girl didn't notice when the guy was gone cause she definitely stays unaffected by the never ending shower of compliments from her partner.


  51. AD - :) Righto!

    Kanagu - :D

    Balu - Yeah I had to wait there! So bad no? :| Honestly speaking, I don't want such a sugary coated bf! :D :D

    Harshita - Heheh! Welcome to my blog btw ;)

    Ria - Thanks :)

    DI - Yeah... I wanna know who all :|

    Surya kannan - Yeah right! I am not that jobless to wait around for more :P

    Esther - :)

    Mads - Hey there sax! ;) Haan.. exactly what I was going to ask you... let's smoke a beedi my bambee :D :D

    Swati - :) :D

    Pesto Sauce - Lol! I don't like too much of PDA btw :D

    Chatterbox - Lol @ hubby complimenting ur cooking even before tasting it! Yeah, I guess guys just like to play it safe. Boyfriends can be such scaredy cats sometimes ;)

  52. :D Why do I feel that this feeling is universal? I go through it too :)


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