Friday, October 09, 2009

Mad's Mad Mess!

One of the best things that happened to me in the blogger world would mainly have to be meeting this cute, hot n sexy (last two words added to generate interest among the male readers coz just before writing this post she told me she's of 'marriageable' age. Dunno if this was a hint of sorts. Anyway, Mads... I did mention em all ;)) 20 year old girl named Madhuri Iyer. I call her Madsy, Bambee, and a lot of other censored stuff which will remain censored coz as most of you’ll know – my blog is family oriented! ;)

She’s hyper, funny and CRAZY! I call her my little secret box. There’s nothing she doesn’t know about me - my soul sister! A person who seems to be hell bent on teaching me all the Yahoo emoticons. I have been using them so much lately with her, that they are now slowly finding their way into my online conversation with other people too. Some of the favorite ones include –

\:D/ - “Dancing” Smiley
:-w – “Waiting” Smiley
:-h – “Waving” Smiley
>:D< - “Hugging” Smiley
:O – “Surprised” Smiley

And something which we both have created exclusively –

\B/ - “A Person With A Big Bum Is Dancing” Smiley (Feel Free to use this! Deposit 10 dollars to my PayPal account first please. Yes, Mads... I will share with you!)

Madhuri Iyer cracks some of the most rib tickling dialogues ever possible. I dedicate this post to her particularly…and her Mads-isms.

Mad's Mads-isms

Madhuri Iyer’s GTalk Status – “Madhuri Is A Lamp

me : :O
why a lamp?
please dont be a lamp

Madhuri : :P

me : how can i chat with a lamp

Madhuri : i got a table lamp for my table fitted now \:D/
ur so dim, u need to chat with a lamp!!


me: i want a picture of urs to use for my blog post

Madhuri : scared
don’t use any pic
they will pornoph it :-w
porn plus morph :-w


Madhuri : banking regulation act ka short form is BRA u knew that? :-w


: im off now deedee dudeni :-w

me: ohkay dudeni :-w :D
from where u come up with such words

Madhuri : its all in the mads dick...tionary


Madhuri: :-w
me: :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w


Madhuri : watt is similiarity between Indian cricket team and farmers?

me : give up :-w

Madhuri : answer is both heave a sigh of relief when it rains


me : kitniii der tak tum baatein karogiii film-on kiii or falsafon kiiii

Madhuri : *holds fingers in ears*

Madhuri : wake me up when kitni der tak ends

me : :P
its over madsy...
how was it ?

Madhuri : *applauds*
*gives u lifetime achievement award*

me : thank u :D

Madhuri : *says u hv achieved a lot and ur life is over if u sing more*


me: *hugzzzz u* :D
*bear hug* :D :D

Madhuri : :D *madhuri hug*
why is bear coming in between both of us? :-w


*While playing Scrabble

Madhuri : once we have to form "sex" on the tiles... okay deedee?


me: what u playing? !!

Madhuri: with ur heart

me: haww

Madhuri: i wont let others play [-(
with ur heart

me : *hears heart breaking*

Madhuri : arre u dont hv a heart

me : LOL

Madhuri : ur heart and my heart are playing kabaddi inside me :-w


PS : Yes. We both are nuts.
Disclaimer - No Madsies were hurt during the making of this post.


  1. OMG.
    I shamelessly laughed at the whole post...who cares if others ditch ur blog after knowing such people like me associate with u :P

    sex wala likha...thanks deedee.. :| :P
    love the lables :D
    sista che >:D< :* <3 Dee the Dees :)

  2. kishhrkuchhshchchek

    you told scribble away!

  3. hehe.. nice post.. Mads is mads afterall..!

  4. hehe.. i was forced to chk dis one out as i knew it wud turn out hilarious given d fact dat it was mads' status msg.. n i was proved right..
    i hv never seen anyone like her who is so damn crazy abt smileys n wid a rare obsessive compulsive behavior of using them in evry 2nd word of hers.. to the level that anyone who chats wid her automatically turns into a smiley addict :D

  5. lol at the indian cricket team joke....very true i must admit....and yeah she seems a lot lot funny.....well ur blog is turning out to be very much family oriented nowadays.....:P....cheers to ur friendship..:)

  6. lol... the conversations are ribtickling...

    ur lucky to get someone like her as a friends :)

  7. awe 2 some :)....:P....those where awesome conversations :).....well my knowledge is less with the words so mads has to teach me new english :)..may ur friendship rock till the end....

    i am still on the floor lol :P...

    have a nice weekend guys :)..


  8. LOL!!!
    Its all so very cute!!!!!!!!

  9. lol!! sexy conversations che!:D
    Mads n dhano rocking choriyan che!:D

  10. I am sure even if this photo is "pornophed" it would look nothing else but sweeter. Smart one.. :)

  11. meeting this cute, hot n sexy... That made me read it. Lot of sex in bw. Good. I had a little comment replay chat with her long back. I think I better resume it. ;) Have fun babes.


  12. Ohh well..I am sure I have a lot of such jokes too ..I just need to look to my chat history.
    The best thing that happened to me too in the blogger world :D

    She \m/ dun LOL at this smile looks funny to U, I know :P

  13. lol...this was a read fun read..God Bless u guya!

  14. \b/ what type of post ids this????!!!!!

    i m bad with smilies btw as u noticed above!!..haha

    n gtalks were kewl!!!!...i m dim at some points!!!

  15. Hehe that was cute :D

  16. Anonymous10:42 AM

    aww madsie :D

    bada pyaar aaya yeh post padh ke :D

  17. Hilarious dhanya!!

    u r funny :) and Mads rocks.. i knw she knows all yahoo emotions byheart.... :P

    :) ;) \m/ >:D< :P nd the picture is too cute :)

  18. Anonymous11:47 AM

    LOLZ :)

    very humorous.. nice friendship u both have! :D

    ps: which heart won the kabaddi match? :)

  19. Wow!! Super cool conversations!!

    best one is the Gtalk status! LOL!

  20. LOL. This was cute. I love Yahoo emoticons too.

    First visit and will be back again. :)


  21. I'm back! :) Just read you last post and this one...and I have to say, how cute is this? Whoever Mads is, sounds like you two are a crazy bunch. :P And I'm sure she really appreciated this post! You'd pass my good friend checklist with flying colors, haha.

    Anyway, regarding the last post, I saw this really mushy couple at the airport while traveling. I swear they needed a room. It was getting a little bit nauseous. :x It was cute for the first 5mins, and then when it started going past PG I was a little concerned, lol.

  22. OMG...
    I found 2 more ..crazy nutty :P beings here :P

    he haw...

  23. ROFL @ pornoph
    There's actually a geek band...yeah, geek not Greek.
    Interesting techno music..

    Only Mads can think of Bras like that. And Sex in scrabble?
    To think this *used* to be a family oriented blog :P :P

    And to dispel all myths, Mads has printed all yahoo emoticons and stuck them on a wall behind her computer. So she copies them randomly off the page and claims to be Emoticon queen :P :P

    Note: I blame Mads and Dhanya entirely on account of any physical harm that comes to me or any part of me after Mads reading this comment.

    P.S. I love you guys!
    (phew, saved myself with that one)

  24. Dudeni..!!rly wonder hw u both came up wid tht..!! :P

    Sweet post...cheers to ur frndship..!!! :)

  25. Sooo cute is the photograph... and so chweet is ur titty witty chats....

    LOL @ the word Dudeni...Is there any other spl words like 'Dudeni' in ur sis's dictionary????

  26. Interesting.. :) and hilarious chat :)

  27. :D he he he!!

    PS - to the pic attach :)

  28. Good Lord! ROTFL! \B/
    ps: will deposit money laters. :P

  29. Anonymous11:18 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. hahah .. what a hilarious chat u had with her..loved the crazy words she used and thanks for posting this .. say my hi to her ..:)

  31. hahah...that was really funny!!
    Interesting conversation by btw...:)!!

  32. LOL...

    the chats are really cool Dhanya.. :)

    I am laughing :)

  33. Mads - Yeah! They will ditch my blog alright. They will all run off to your blog now :| :| :D Love ya too, madsy :) :* <3 >:D< Bam the bees! ;)

    Abhinav - Hello there Mr.Bhatt! :D Yes you can scribble away anything you want! More scribblings the better!!

    Shruti - Hey there :) I know what you're talking about! She's infectious :D

    Kaka - Hahaha. Just kidding about the family oriented part but yeah that doesn't mean I will write non-veg stuff in here :P

    Suree - Yeah :) I am lucky... so is she to have a friend like me ;) :P

    Hemu - Mads is ready to tutor you. 10 dollars extra for that. Let me know :P

    Harini - :D :D

    AI - Hai na? We always have sexy conversations... especially during Scrabble :P

  34. Sweet Addiction - Are you sure it's impressive? :D I think otherwise ;)

    Darshan - Lol :D

    Randeep - Oh are you about to comment in her blog now? Best of luck ;)

    Peter - I am not LOLing at the smiley. I am familiar with that one too... all thanks to Madzical :)

    Madhu - God bless u too :) :)

    Paramveer - This is what is called.. a mad MAD post! You will have to suffer such posts in my blog once in a while :D :D

    Ekam - Lol :D Mujhe bhi ;)

    Solitary Writer - The pic is too cute no? I knowwww! But Madsy doesn't seem to think so! Oh, she's mad after all...

    Leo - The kabaddi match is still on ;)

  35. Sameera - Heheheh. I think I know why you liked the gtalk conv the best :P

    Luscious Sealed Lips - Hey! Thanks for visiting :) And yeah... keep visiting :D

    Archana - Yeah, I know you're back. Just commented in your blog btw ;) Hope you're not planning to run off again? :P Yuck @ extreme PDA! Hate that too :|

    Priya - Yes yes... We're crazy nutty beings just like you. :P Thanks for appreciating the craziness in us. Only a true mad person can appreciate that :D

    oRange - :)

    Shaunak - Arreyyy :O Even the so called family oriented films nowadays are showing sex and what not! :| So it's okay you know? My blog is STILL family oriented :D :D

    Urvashi - She came up with that :D Cool no?

    Bala - Heheh. Thank you for the cute comment :)

    Meow - :D

  36. Pulkit - :)

    aJai - Yes, please don't forget :P

    Pramoda - I don't have to pass on your hi. She has already seen it :)

    Nazish Rahman - Thanks :)

    Kanagu - Hehehe. Glad to have entertained you :D :D

  37. :)) at the status message!

  38. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Hillarious one :)

    Mads's FB updates are cool ones too.


  39. lol lol lol! :P that was so like me..full too crazy talks :P
    Loved the whole convo :)

  40. true..
    she is crazy..
    n very very cute...sacchi mucchi..
    i luv chatting wit her..
    max tyms we talk abt hawties :P..
    ranbir.n other useless things
    a sweet post :D

  41. the conversation was damn cute...made me smile for sure. :)

  42.'s so gud to have ur maddies n freakies around...they r ur stress-busters..punchbags..piggies n wateva u want dem 2 become...:)

  43. u look like a crazy duo!!!! :) good to have someone u can share all your craziness in the world with!!!!!!

  44. Good to know you have such a close blog pal

  45. The Madhuri factor is spreading on more blogs!! :P i am loving it :P

  46. hehe that was cute :P Whenever mads called you deedee it reminded me of my tuition student, my soul sister too hehe (okay I used to give tuition for 2 cute cute girls)..

    Enjoyed the post.. :P now thats a cute idea of uploading a childhood picture :P clever mads! :P

  47. gkam - :D

    Chandler - Those were gtalk updates not FB Ones :)

    Swati - You're also crazy? :D Wowie. Welcome to the gang :D

    Ams - Ok enuff sugar coating her! She's mine!

    Ria - :)

    Jaunty Anima - Yeah maddies and freakies make the world a fun place to live in :)

    Bliss - Yeah we're a crazy duo! TOO crazy sometimes ;)

    Pesto - :D

    Sawan - Really? Which other blogger dedicated her a whole post? :O Tell me. I will go kill the person. :D :D

    Esther - Oh! Deedee isnt exactly the 'elder sis' one. She named me after Dexter's DeeDee actually :D

  48. khe khe khee....

    nice one.. ;)

  49. LOL...That was funny :)

    Reminded me of all the fun I have wit my mad pals :)

  50. mads pic is co cute.. :D

  51. lol she is crazy but hey I'm crazier!!!at first i thought you are trying to find a soul mate for her and then suddenly started the rain of pakau jokes of all time!!i think we should giv her the lifetime achievement award lol.hilarious lines and heyyy we don't heave a sigh of relief when it rains i mean the cricketers lol I'm not a farmer!!ohh btw!!dick-tionary??hehe and this is wat you call as family oriented blog!!you are influencing all our little minds with dicks and chicks!!!hehe nice post keep writing!!

  52. Anonymous11:38 AM

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