Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Day We Went Fishing...

This was supposed to be posted few months back when my niece was here. She’s back in Dubai now and I had completely forgotten about this very whole incident. It was only when I was browsing through the pics in my laptop that everything came back with a bang. Pictures bring back so many memories, don't they?

We – Pri (my cousin), I and Naksh (my niece) – decided to go fishing (not for eating of course) in an old fashioned manner! We headed towards the pond at our place and stepped into the water. It wasn’t difficult to get those tiny fishes to come near us. They seemed to like the dead skin on our feet quite a bit ;) Parlours in the U.S have started a form of pedicure wherein a huge tank is kept filled with carps for this exact same purpose – to eat the dead cells off from your legs. Yup, it seems these tiny fishes can perform the best pedicures which is why I keep telling Pri we should be opening up our own very pedicure parlour in God’s own country at our place and capitalize on something which is so readily available to us.

Getting back to our fishing story – we took a couple of leaves first and decided to swoop them into the water and get hold of some fishes this way.

*First swoop*
*Looks into leaf expectantly*
*Finds nothing*
*Second swoop*
*Looks into leaf expectantly*
*Third swoop*
*Looks into leaf expectantly*
*Still nothing*

We (Pri and I especially) always believe in taking three chances… and giving up after that! So give up we did and we decided to try our luck with gifts that God has bestowed upon us – our hands. Now some of you may go ewww and yuck here but trust me, it ain’t so bad.

Our hands worked well. They did us proud. We caught our first fish this way.

Pri (Looking happy and all relieved) – I caught one! Look!

*Comes towards me to show the lil teeny weeny fish*
*Fish jumps out from hands straight into the water*
*Both of us look at each other dejected*

Naksh was there silently watching us in her raincoat. She’s always expecting it to rain in Kerala that’s why you always find her in a raincoat when she’s here. After our numerous failed attempts at using different methods to catch a fish she just gave her first and last dialogue that prompted to us to stop trying any further and head back home –

“You both suck!”

P.S : A special thanks to all my followers and people who take time out to read this little space of mine. If you check that tiny box on the side, you will see that this blog has over 100 followers now. I didn't even see it until someone pointed it out to me. Thanks Pulkit! And thanks to all of you for making blogging such a wonderful experience for me! :)


  1. pictures sure bring back the sweet memories we had with our loved ones :)...and yeah u had an awesome time that day ...and it was really sweet reading the exp with ur cousin and niece :) time u go get me some fish for sure :)...or call me i will try to catch :P...:)....

    its good to read u have 100 followers now ..:)...and i am so happy for u :)...


  2. Interesting account of your fishing adventure. I've never done fishing. Coz don't eat fish :P

  3. I'm the 100th one.

    And yes I think it is ewww to fish with your bae hands. But don't listen to me. Have your fun.

  4. hey nice post!!i would really love to visit kerala someday my dad told me that its really very beautiful!!i myself have been on a few teeny weeny fish catching journeys.i was successful in catching some but threw them in the water again.i think they should be left to live where they were meant to live!!i just came across your friends blog and so your comment on her post and my mind started twirling and swirling with flashbacks of you i mean your words on screen haha!!i myself didn't know that you use to write.i know it was kind of a shock for you when you saw my blog i was always cracking pakau jokes lol!!ohh i will definitely follow your blog and read all your posts!!and i will keep calling u as poplya!!keep writing!!

  5. when i go to kerala, me and my cousins fish a lot, not ur kind of fishing but the kind that people around the world normally do..

    we have a same kind of pond at our place too

  6. wooohoo..good post dhannoo.. :D

    BTW,u dun eat fish or wot?? :O yeah,ur blog has over a 100 followers..TREAT!!!! :D :D

    Love ya sis.. :)


  7. Ha ha... LOL... ROTFL.

    I've never, ever come across someone who's tried to catch fish with a leaf. Kudos there for using your imagination... ;)

  8. First of all ..the kid in the picture is super cute!!:D
    and i have no experience of fishing..:(
    i m sure its fun..

  9. Aww congrats on the 100 Dhanya! :)

    Btw, this is cute little post! I totally agree with you that pictures bring back so many memories. That's why I'm so addicted to always taking pictures on my camera. My laptop is flooded with pics from college, I swear, I really think those 4 years of my life was when I literally tooks pics every single weekend, lol.

    PS - Those fish spa pedicures you're talking about, they have them here too - - but they kinda freak me out, lol. I think I'm too ticklish (or slightly grossed out at fish eating my dead skin cells while I'm conscious :x) to have fishies nibble at my feet. :P

  10. cute post :) .. u knw what u could have used ur bowl from the top picture for catching the fishies .. or you could have lured your fishies with just a click ;) !

  11. ha!, that must be really fun...i have had similar whaling(fishing)trips in ponds when we were in schools, but we always caught a big chaagara. We used thorthumoondu, which served the purpose fairly once my molu grows up, i have plans to start the fishing trips again. parents should be role models, and lead by example. :)

  12. Hey my cute li'l Danbo :)

    A very nice post n loce the pics, so greeen oooooohh

    hey y dont u replace tht signin off with ur signature? signin off looked good in one post but in remainin ur name will look nice, jus a suggestion! :)

  13. now its 107 followers :D happy for you.. good memories... i wanted to do fishing :( Shall I come to kerela???

  14. hehe....ur posts make me laugh :D or atleast smile...:)....nice way to spend some time...:)....

    P.S: congrats...keep writing....:)

  15. gosh! you took me back to those bathin @ river sessions wenever we used to head back to kerala in those 2 month summer vacations. The tickling used to transform quickly into pinching bites, depending on the size of the fishes in teh river and worse if you had a cut in ur leg...nt a oddity given the fact the popularity of outdoor games in our era which seems to be fadin away quickly in the metros here...

    thank god i still see kids slugging it out in the mud when i head back to my home in kerala on chuttis...dnt knw when the xbox's n psp's will cast its shadow there :-)

    naksh with the raincot on made me laugh out loud....he he :-)

  16. :) ha ha.. im sure u had a gala time fishing. :) its nice to share experiences.

  17. Congrats for 104 :D

    y am i gettin reminded of chemeen wen yu said fishin-"kadalamee" :P

    nakshs cute pics :)

  18. So u opened your in!! I have never tried it but people sat fishing is really a good time pass. The pictures were lovely and congrats again for crossing the 100 mark :)!!

  19. hey...whr s tat place??
    with tat pond n i miss my place too.. :((

  20. fishing with hands? i tried it with tadpoles...with sticks of course.

  21. That was such a sweet incident and good that u tried. :)

  22. That was sweet. Your niece looks very cute. Are you from Kerala?
    Congrats on crossing 100..
    Hehe. I mean 100 followers:D

  23. Hehe nice one. Me to used to go for fishing like this. U seem to be a real friendly jolly mema/chechi. keep it up.


  24. @ Post - sweet as always,left me with a grin :D

    @ PS - hey sweets! Dhanu... awww! U deserve it all deary!
    its an equal or even a much greater pleasure in reading u always :)

    tc god bless!
    regards to all at home :)

  25. she is always in rain coat. man i think it wud be aweosme to Fish in rain.. I never fished will nw.. I have small aquarium and My bf always scares me saying tht if i make if angry he will fish in my fish tank :(

  26. thata a nice place u've got :)
    the pics look nice, especially naksh :) cute gal

  27. it was fun to read about your adventure.. very beautifully described :-)

  28. hey...nice experience and good narration..

    :)..cute gal..:)

    hey its always a pleasure to read you..congrats on being so successful here..I wish u more and more..

  29. Nice
    It seems so much fun!!
    lovely pictures!!

  30. Hemu - Hahaha :D Yeah, will def call you! You better catch some else you've have had it :|

    Darshan - This was not for eating... just for fun :D

    Ramit - Oh wow! Thanks for being the 100th follower. I knew some of you might consider it ewww! It's ewww worthy after all :D You should try it too you know ;)

    Heavealie - Wow! Your nick name is hard to type Heavlya :O Your dad is right... its a beautiful place! God's own country after all :) Yeah I remember your corny jokes :D Vaguely though. It seems so long back :(

    Uncommon sense - I want to do the normal kind of fishing too... some day! :D

    Nikhs - I do eat fish but I am not too fond of it :( Yeah treat at trichur city center... see u there :P

    Ajai - :) We're an imaginative bunch ;)

    AI - My niece after all :D No experience? Not too late in trying out :D

    Archana - I take pictures all the time! MY laptop is loaded or overloaded rather :( Yeah, fishes nibbling at ur feet is kinda eww. I don't stay in the water too long coz of that ;)

  31. Vinay - HAHAHA :D Good one :D :D Next time around I will try.. definitely!

    ZB - Oh! We use thorthumoondu too!! :D :D But we didnt bring along any that day so we had to make do with a leaf... :|

    Sumi - Hey there sexy ;) Yeah my ancestral place is very VERY green. I love it :D About the signature, I did think of signing off with my name but then my name is already mentioned by default at the end of each post so why bring it on again? :|

    Meow - :D :D Thanks! COME TO KERALA! You can stay with me :)

    Kaka - Thanks! Good to know that :) :)

    Sandeep - Oh yeah those lil monsters can bite too :| that's why I dont spend too much time in the water :P In Kerala, children still love the outdoor life... but I don't think that will last for long though... :(

    V.S.A - Yup! Had a gala time :D

    Kangna - Thanks san sana san ;) Lol kadalamee :P

    Nazish - Thanks for liking the post :)

  32. hey fishing requires huge amount of patience...i have tried it couple of time and my success rate is TOO BAD..LOL

  33. Anwesa - Tadpoles :O :O Arrey wah! :O That's more eww than catching fishes with your hands!!

    Ria - :) :)

    Ekam - Yeah she's super cute... I am very much from Kerala! You? Thanks a lot :D :D

    Randeep - I am friendly and nice :) I am kinda bored of that part of me actually. I need a personality change ;)

    Pulkit - Hey thanks for liking the post! :) And for the compliments... ur sweet as always...

    SA - Oh yeah it would be awesome to fish in the rain! Though I havent tried that yet... Lol @ bf scaring u ;)

    Shimmer - Thanks :)

    Spike - Thanks a lot :D

    Pramoda - Awww... thanks a lot for the compliments :D

    Harini - Yup it's fun! Thanks :)

  34. WOW! That place looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!! KERELA! Super!

    You are blessed girl! What a experience! Just by reading about it I am refreshed!

    One que- how is this Vienar or Vienad place supposed to be..? It is like 3 hrs drive from Mysore.. hmm.

    About 100 followers- CONGRATS!! You totally deserve that attention! ;)
    Shine baby... muaah!

  35. The change is near. Aint it? :)

  36. @sameera....its wayanad :-) needless to green green...tree top houses n all...fill the gas n hit the acclerator :-)

    (P.S.: sorry dhanya fr replyin on ur behalf...:-) )

  37. Anonymous12:02 PM

    May the 100 bcom a 1000 more.
    Happy Blogging :-)

  38. Wow..lovely pics. And the incident was so well narrated that i cld see it play in frnt of my eyes :)

    Congrats on the 100 followers babes..u totally deserve it :)

  39. Naksh got brains!! :)

    okies dhannu, wenever u get time, it wud be kind enuf if u cud visit my blog and check the note posted today [26th oct]. thnx in advnce.

  40. @sameera, make sure u dont visit the place during rainy season. u might just get a surprise u never wished.

  41. I have never gone fishing, though would love to explore

  42. Sameera- I knew you would like the pics ;) Especially since I posted a few pics of peacocks roaming around in my field before and you were one of the few who raved about it :D So I know you're a total nature person like me :) Wayanad is the best! So green and so beautiful.. you will definitely like it... I correct -- you will love it!!!! Thanks for the compliments.. muah.. u rock :) :)

    Randeep - Hehe. Difficult to change one's personality :( So I dunno whether it's nearing or not..

    Sandeep - Thanks for replying on my behalf :P Want a part time job? :D

    Surya - That would be the day! :D

    Shanu - Thanks dear.. nothing compared to ur posts... but then again, thanks :)

    Sawan - Of course, she inherited all the smartness from me... :D :D Visited ur blog and comments passed :)

    Pesto - Try it! It's amazing. And try fishing with leaves or ur hands :P

    Anil - Thanks :)

  43. Try fishing with a 'thoorthu mundu'. You will be lucky for sure :)

  44. *whn n whr is d interview ma'am?* :P

  45. on a different note...this fishin in the pond episode took me back to my first short story i had scribbled ages ago n digged in my diaries to publish on to my blog last year

  46. ur follower no. 111 :-)

  47. u landed up on my old blaag, the crackpot...:P

    I blog on o part job giver

  48. They make great memories, though I don't recall any personal fishing experience. I should go !

  49. Sandeep - Mr. Balan, you seem to be all over my comments page :D Hehehe. Interview is at trichur city center.. pay is 10 rupees for every comment you reply to :P I will go thru your blog now...

    PurpleHeart - :) Yeah you should! Better late than never :D

  50. Dhanya - Have already tried that! :D :D But we didnt take a thorthu mundu with us that day :(

  51. your imagination is sweet as you :) lovely experience ... wish to try it some day and i m sorry for not being regular no pc at home and now using sis laptop and have also taken off from work for two weeks...
    hope i dont make u too angry!

  52. First fishing post i ever read...not at all fishy dat ur bad luck was kharab considering i know how tuff it must be :-w

    congrats on over 100 followers and still counting >:D< :* :D

  53. Lovely post!!!! And congrats on the 100+ followers!!!

    p.s: I'm glad u decided to comment at my page....U have a lovely blog here:-))

    p.p.s: Ummm...just curious, who 'recommended' my blog to u;-D????

  54. Lovely photographs of the water and the green.

  55. Mrutyunjay7:13 PM

    So .. which is the best time to visit Kerala?


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