Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Day We Went Fishing...

This was supposed to be posted few months back when my niece was here. She’s back in Dubai now and I had completely forgotten about this very whole incident. It was only when I was browsing through the pics in my laptop that everything came back with a bang. Pictures bring back so many memories, don't they?

We – Pri (my cousin), I and Naksh (my niece) – decided to go fishing (not for eating of course) in an old fashioned manner! We headed towards the pond at our place and stepped into the water. It wasn’t difficult to get those tiny fishes to come near us. They seemed to like the dead skin on our feet quite a bit ;) Parlours in the U.S have started a form of pedicure wherein a huge tank is kept filled with carps for this exact same purpose – to eat the dead cells off from your legs. Yup, it seems these tiny fishes can perform the best pedicures which is why I keep telling Pri we should be opening up our own very pedicure parlour in God’s own country at our place and capitalize on something which is so readily available to us.

Getting back to our fishing story – we took a couple of leaves first and decided to swoop them into the water and get hold of some fishes this way.

*First swoop*
*Looks into leaf expectantly*
*Finds nothing*
*Second swoop*
*Looks into leaf expectantly*
*Third swoop*
*Looks into leaf expectantly*
*Still nothing*

We (Pri and I especially) always believe in taking three chances… and giving up after that! So give up we did and we decided to try our luck with gifts that God has bestowed upon us – our hands. Now some of you may go ewww and yuck here but trust me, it ain’t so bad.

Our hands worked well. They did us proud. We caught our first fish this way.

Pri (Looking happy and all relieved) – I caught one! Look!

*Comes towards me to show the lil teeny weeny fish*
*Fish jumps out from hands straight into the water*
*Both of us look at each other dejected*

Naksh was there silently watching us in her raincoat. She’s always expecting it to rain in Kerala that’s why you always find her in a raincoat when she’s here. After our numerous failed attempts at using different methods to catch a fish she just gave her first and last dialogue that prompted to us to stop trying any further and head back home –

“You both suck!”

P.S : A special thanks to all my followers and people who take time out to read this little space of mine. If you check that tiny box on the side, you will see that this blog has over 100 followers now. I didn't even see it until someone pointed it out to me. Thanks Pulkit! And thanks to all of you for making blogging such a wonderful experience for me! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mind Your Language

I met P few months back. She’s a 12 year old who loves to sing and who is a die-hard M.S Dhoni fan. I saw her after many years actually. She’s my cousin’s daughter who is studying in Bangalore. Chances of us meeting were limited coz I too was away from Kerala most of the time.

Apparently she thought I would be a snob who would only talk in English and show nakhras all the time at home considering I was born and brought up abroad.

“DC (Dhanya Chechi. Chechi means elder sister in Malayalam. Yeah, she calls me DC coz she finds it easier)… you’re not a snob at all! You’re actually quite funny! And you speak Malayalam quite well too. I didn’t expect all that from you to tell you the truth!”

I take pride in telling people that I know how to write and read Malayalam fluently. Especially those people who have formed their opinion about me beforehand, just like P. Maybe it’s coz of this very reason, I get turned off when people tell me they don’t know their mother tongue.

I have met dozens of Keralites who tell me shamelessly that they dunno Malayalam at all. Is this something to be proud of?

I prefer to talk to Malayalees only in Malayalam be it at get togethers, parties or through the phone. I hate it when people (youngsters especially) who are actually fluent in the language start talking in English to their elders who have little or no comprehension of the language whatsoever. Is talking in your mother tongue considered passe nowadays? Even if you’re not comfortable with the language shouldn’t you be making an effort at least with the elderly folk?

P hardly talks in Malayalam which was why she was surprised when I said I knew the language. She said she didn’t know much coz her parents spoke only English at home. Her parents both are fluent in Malayalam by the way. Should you avoid teaching your kids your mother tongue thinking that it would be of no use when you go to school or anywhere outside your household?

If this is the case, should we actually be scared that a time will come when the future Indian generation will only know English?

P.S : In no way I am trying to hurt the sentiments of those people who don’t know their mother tongue. This is just something I feel strongly about.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Mad's Mad Mess!

One of the best things that happened to me in the blogger world would mainly have to be meeting this cute, hot n sexy (last two words added to generate interest among the male readers coz just before writing this post she told me she's of 'marriageable' age. Dunno if this was a hint of sorts. Anyway, Mads... I did mention em all ;)) 20 year old girl named Madhuri Iyer. I call her Madsy, Bambee, and a lot of other censored stuff which will remain censored coz as most of you’ll know – my blog is family oriented! ;)

She’s hyper, funny and CRAZY! I call her my little secret box. There’s nothing she doesn’t know about me - my soul sister! A person who seems to be hell bent on teaching me all the Yahoo emoticons. I have been using them so much lately with her, that they are now slowly finding their way into my online conversation with other people too. Some of the favorite ones include –

\:D/ - “Dancing” Smiley
:-w – “Waiting” Smiley
:-h – “Waving” Smiley
>:D< - “Hugging” Smiley
:O – “Surprised” Smiley

And something which we both have created exclusively –

\B/ - “A Person With A Big Bum Is Dancing” Smiley (Feel Free to use this! Deposit 10 dollars to my PayPal account first please. Yes, Mads... I will share with you!)

Madhuri Iyer cracks some of the most rib tickling dialogues ever possible. I dedicate this post to her particularly…and her Mads-isms.

Mad's Mads-isms

Madhuri Iyer’s GTalk Status – “Madhuri Is A Lamp

me : :O
why a lamp?
please dont be a lamp

Madhuri : :P

me : how can i chat with a lamp

Madhuri : i got a table lamp for my table fitted now \:D/
ur so dim, u need to chat with a lamp!!


me: i want a picture of urs to use for my blog post

Madhuri : scared
don’t use any pic
they will pornoph it :-w
porn plus morph :-w


Madhuri : banking regulation act ka short form is BRA u knew that? :-w


: im off now deedee dudeni :-w

me: ohkay dudeni :-w :D
from where u come up with such words

Madhuri : its all in the mads dick...tionary


Madhuri: :-w
me: :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
Madhuri: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
me: :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w


Madhuri : watt is similiarity between Indian cricket team and farmers?

me : give up :-w

Madhuri : answer is both heave a sigh of relief when it rains


me : kitniii der tak tum baatein karogiii film-on kiii or falsafon kiiii

Madhuri : *holds fingers in ears*

Madhuri : wake me up when kitni der tak ends

me : :P
its over madsy...
how was it ?

Madhuri : *applauds*
*gives u lifetime achievement award*

me : thank u :D

Madhuri : *says u hv achieved a lot and ur life is over if u sing more*


me: *hugzzzz u* :D
*bear hug* :D :D

Madhuri : :D *madhuri hug*
why is bear coming in between both of us? :-w


*While playing Scrabble

Madhuri : once we have to form "sex" on the tiles... okay deedee?


me: what u playing? !!

Madhuri: with ur heart

me: haww

Madhuri: i wont let others play [-(
with ur heart

me : *hears heart breaking*

Madhuri : arre u dont hv a heart

me : LOL

Madhuri : ur heart and my heart are playing kabaddi inside me :-w


PS : Yes. We both are nuts.
Disclaimer - No Madsies were hurt during the making of this post.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

When Jealousy Creeps In...

Love is in the air. Anyone and almost everyone seems to be falling for someone or the other. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify – No! I am not in love. Yes, I put up mushy lovey dovey status messages now and then and confusing blog posts which intrigue the readers even more. Guess it’s just the age I am in where everything I do gets automatically misinterpreted as to being in love.

So like I was telling (and before I go off topic again), love is definitely in the air. Everywhere I go I see young couples hanging around – at restaurants, at shopping malls, at theatres – with a glow on their faces and a spring in their steps. I admire them for a second or two, go awwww within self and then all of a sudden jealousy hits. I mean how dare they fall in love, when yours truly hasn’t found a partner for herself as of yet? I give them some unnoticed glares and leave it at that.

It was during one of these lovey dovey days that I decided to go shop. I landed at a counter inside the shop which was showcasing some very nice collection of earrings. The only hindrance for me - a young and good looking couple. Hmmm, actually only the girl was good looking, the guy was just ohhh-kay. So there they were (mostly him), blocking the already small counter and I wasn’t able to admire properly or check out a pearly set which I had set my eyes on.

The boy looked more obsessed, besotted, ‘in love’ with the girl than vice versa.

*Girl tries on a pair of earrings*

BF : Ohhhhhh! You look SO fab! LOVELY!

GF (admiring herself on the mirror) : Yeah, no? Even I think so too. Looks awesome on me!!!

*Girl tries on another pair*

BF (eyes all dazed) : Wooowwww! Just look at you! So pretty.

GF (still admiring herself on the mirror) : Yeah no?!! Wow!! Just wow!

This complimenting from both sides (boy to girl, and girl to herself) went on for a good 5 minutes. I was there behind them admiring the scene, observing, taking it all in. Then.. yes… I hate to admit it… jealousy crept in. I decided enough was enough. I tapped the guy on his shoulders and asked in an irritated tone–

So did you find anything good for yourself?”

The sales lady figured out what was going on and ushered the guy away much to his embarrassment. Though the funny part is that the girl hardly noticed he was gone and she went on admiring herself in the mirror.

Oh well. It’s fun to be jealous sometimes! ;)