Friday, September 04, 2009

The Mid Twenties

My last post was written shortly after midnight. A time when I was down in spirits in spite of it being my birthday. It's not like I haven't experienced the same kind of emotion before. I have! This sudden rush of feelings unknown had come to me long before when I hit 20 (which was five years ago). Was SO damn confused back then.

'Oh my God! I don't FEEL 20!'

'Shit! I am in my 20's now!'

'How did time fly sooooo fast?'

'I'm outta my teens!!!! Goodness!'

'Didn't my sis get married when she was 20? WOW!'

The very next day I was okay. I got used to the fact that I was in my early 20's.

Now that I'm 25, the same kind of shock, surprise and confusion hit me back with the same intensity. Later on in the day, that negativity just died down and I made peace with myself being in the mid twenties. Actually, right now I feel super cool and super confident and just super duper generally. And I have no idea why? This age does funny things to you...

It's the age when you start thinking of more important things in life and stop playing around as much.

It's the age when you start feeling less rebellious and try to find reasoning behind things that happen to you.

It's the age when you start recognizing good from the bad. Experience comes in and you feel a sense of deja vu in almost every single situation you get yourself into.

It's the age where you have almost figured yourself out but not yet quite.

It's the age when you look at what people younger to you are going through and you say 'Oh! I know how this feels like!'

And on top of that, this 25 year old has got two very super duper cool friends to cheer me up whenever I'm down - Sum & San. One who told me I'm Miss Congeniality, that I get along with people of all ages and who told me that I should be feeling happy and proud knowing that almost everyone likes me. The other one who keeps me in her prayers before breaking fast coz apparently these prayers come true and she wants all of my dreams to come true.

Movies don't make me cry, but such heartwarming words and actions do. True friendship is hard to find and I'm glad I found it by I'm 25...


  1. good one dhanya.

  2. :) :) I totally agree the closing lines :) and these five points gonna happen to me too ??? good that am reading such things!!!

  3. neeyenthinadi enne ingane veruthe karayikkunne? :P

    heartfelt words from some one who cherishes relationships. happy birthday dear and wish all your dreams come true.

    were are the sweets and the cake? :)

  4. Glad u got over ur Bday blues... and speaking of B'days.. each year has got something new to offer.. It might be the best thing to happen to u, u never know...:) Have a wonderful year.. May God bless u...
    N yes, U sure r lucky to have best friends.. Its not having many friends tht count, its having a few who care which matters... :)

  5. I liked this post :)

    I didn't know you were 25! You get along so well with me... which I guess explains ans substantiates the Miss Congeniality thing! :D

    And god bless you with many more close friends who love you and pray for you!

  6. I woud say,congratulations on being 25..Pakshe,enthu cheyyam??mental maturity is what counts and seeing the qway you treat me as your younger brother,I feel am way too older than u,kutty.. :P

    Kashtam undu,valare kashtamundu!!! :( :P

    Loadsa love.

  7. I'm happy for you dear :)
    BTW,"It's the age when you look at what people younger to you are going through and you say 'Oh! I know how this feels like!'"-->>So very've told this to me as well a couple of times :D

  8. Does that actually happen??
    I am 21. And I felt like this on my b'day when I turned 21. I was like, "Oh my God! I am 21!"
    But the feeling sunked in. And now I'm like.."Ok.. I am 'just' 21" :D
    May be it would happen with you too and if you have good friends, more than better:)
    God bless you:)

  9. I am happy for you!!

  10. sis married at twenty?? this age its quite astonishing..and getting into these lower twenties there is stil no change atleast till now..

  11. Happy Birthday Dhanya!

  12. Aww am touched! :')

    N i liked the comment from ur friend hu said quarter century old LOL..

    in this update u shud have also put abt how great ur bday was :)

  13. may you get many such friends in life! and hope u had a nice birthday after the negativity toned down! :)

  14. Bah, humbug!! So you're 25, big sh**!! I'm 21, and I'd hang out with you anyday, choosing you over the many maddening twenty-one-ers in my life..hmpf..

  15. May God Bless you with many friends who would care you in every phase of life Dearie..:)

  16. having hit 25 get 25 times crazier...:P:P


  17. Anonymous10:38 PM

    really, this is so true,so we r of the same age!nice!,u know, the thought that I wil be 30 after 5 years makes me really down.... but wot has age go to do anyway??...or has it??"bebo"

  18. Happy Birthday!
    God Bless you.

  19. Sam - Thanks :)

    Sowmi - Hmmmm! I don't know if the same thing will happen to you... Depends on each individual right? :)

    Sawan - Ayyo! I didn't intend on karayikkal anyone! My blog is supposed to make everyone feel happy happy and see the good things of life :D So cheer up now... Heheheh. Would you believe it if I said I didn't have any bday cake :D But I had a very nice time with parents and an awesome time at Kochi... More than enuff...

    Daydreamer - Hahahah ;)

    Lakshmi - Yeah, I keep telling myself that every year - that this year its going to be extra special. Lolz. Hopefully, it will be an special year this time around... :)

    Ki - Thanks sweets :)

    Nikhil - Lol @ mental maturity. Adhu ichiri kuravaanu... what to do :P Good you're there to direct me... :P

  20. Gayathri - Hahahah! Yeah I know! I think I have used that line on YOU the most :D

    Ekam - Yeah, now I get the feeling 'Im just 25!' :P I'm not 30 yet! lol...

    Zeba - Thanks :)

    Soin - Yeah, she got married early... but it was what she wanted.... :)

    Shaunak - Thanks a lot AGAIN shaunak :)

    Sumaiya - Quarter a century old :P *Sigh* Yeah, I wanted to put that also in here but it didnt fit with the feel of this post... :(

    Leo - Thanks a lot Leo :)

    Mystish - You always leave behind such SWEET comments! I totally LOVE you :D

    Vyshu - Thanks a lot sweetheart! :)

    Priya - Exactly my motto ;)

    Anonymous - Hi there Bebo :) You're 25 too? Awesome!! Age doesn't matter... it's how you feel inside :)

    Gauri - Thanks a lot :)

  21. Lol...forgot I'd wished u in the previous one.
    Bad memory :D

  22. to find a good diamond ring...and one who can buy u...

    PS..i hate diamonds...

  23. Hurray!!!! For 25 and SENSIBLE!!!!!!


  24. That was exactly what I felt when I turned 20 "OMG!!me soon",
    I guess reality has sunk into me now....

  25. hahahah!!! u know wht i did on my 20th bda ryt? :P :D walked up n down a express train on its way to Shimla, packed with 45 of my crazist friends, with a tiara on my head :P :D .... i LOVED turning 20 - then 21.. ok stop. i m sure i will NOT like turning any older than tht :P :D

    not for another 3 months.. hehee. :P

    Belated happy bday dearie...


  26. just be yourself with growing age and enjoyyy:)

  27. really sweet..well u have turned a year younger baby..cheer up..:)

  28. Im always remembered i love it :)

    Ya i feel we are super when we are with those who let us feel good and doll we are just girls who dont want to grow up just for the right reasons :)

    i think if you contested on an online poll you wud win hands dwn,yur so popular!!!

  29. wooo.. congrats..! :)

  30. you know u r 10 yrs elder than me :) gigglezz.. :d

  31. 18 days left for my teenage to get over..and entering the 20's world !!

    Hope i survive the life after my teenage..

    Do give some tips to make one believe that he/she is no longer a teenager.. :(

    Really gonna miss my teen..

  32. Wish you a happy 26th journey around the sun.

  33. wow!!!flawless expressions..aptly described..Well in a way I felt the same when I struck 20 ,now m 21..hmmm times flies so soon....Anywaz wud love to read mre frm u..u hv a new follower in me now.

  34. Shaunak - Haha :D No worries! :)

    Nirmal - Yeah I hope I get someone who will get me diamonds too coz I LOVE diamonds!!!! :D :D

    Sameera - Awww thank you :)

    Anwesa - Hehehe... 20 is like the best age... you'll enjoy a lot I'm sure :)

    Annie - Long time :) How are ya? ;) Yeah, you have told me that story of urs... crazy cat woman :P

    Kunjal - Yeah, thats why I am planning on doing :)

    Madhu - Thanks sweetheart!!! :)

    Kangna - and its high time u start remembering me too!!! :P

    Pinkzz - Thank u :)

    Rahil - You will enjoy your 20's!!!! Get set ready and ATTACK :D

    Stupidosaur - Thanks a lot! :D

    Happybirdie - Heyyy... thanks so much! Welcome to my space... keep visiting :)

  35. Get Set ready...17 days left to attack !!


  36. HI Dhanya,

    I'm late here..

    ))It's the age when you look at what people younger to you are going through and you say 'Oh! I know how this feels like!'

    Soo nice. And all those red lettered lines were touched me alott..:)

    Wish u all the success..may u find many more friends for ur life..:)

  37. Lol, I felt a little like that even on my 18th...whatever stage you're at, there are always people that are yet to feel the things you've felt, as well as people who've already experienced things you can only imagine right now...
    Happy belated birthday! :)

  38. Yup, 25 hits you.
    but i have heard 30 is a sledge hammer, its far :)

  39. hmmm.. I'm fast approaching that mark too.. will get to feel it for myself..


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