Thursday, September 17, 2009

If You're Happy And You Know It.....

.... Then have an expression that goes like this -

Like minded people are hard to find. And what’s more tough is finding people who you feel really connected to. I’m glad those very people have landed from miles away to visit this September. Some more are still to come.

Yes, even 'You' has landed. It feels really nice to be able to see him again. My childhood buddy. The person who has tolerated me the most in life. The person who has pissed me off so much that I have kicked him off from my FB and Orkut list the MOST number of times. He still suffers me and is downright sweet regardless of my immature self.

My chuddy buddy rocks even if he’s an idiot.

May this friendship last forever…

P.S : Posts are going to be short this month. Not having much patience.


  1. lucky u....:).....u r right like minded people are difficult to find and also those people whom u really connect to...last summer i had decisions to make which relate to these two cases...i am as immature as you...:P

  2. hey have a good month.. and hope u dont kick him off again... nice to have great friends..

    keep rocking

  3. Have fun with your chuddy buddy!!:D

  4. Cheers to the friendship :)

  5. Do wish You have a great time...Have FUN !!!

  6. a toast to that dost!
    treasure him forever!
    will stand by u the most. I am sure!
    tc dhanu!
    god bless!

  7. very good... I wish you guys to be together forever as good friends :)

    Short posts are always sweeet na?

    A surprise is waiting for you in my blog :)

    Check out!

  8. Chuddy buddies?? :P eeshwaraaa,the pervert in me was trying to orkiffy that scene.. :P :D

    shemichu chechi.. :)))


  9. Have Lots of fun with ur friend dhanya :)..


  10. absolutely treu..i have a frnd too..pritwish.We are so damn twin soul mates and all..a post abt him will come soon..:) No patience?? whats keepin u so busy?

  11. Gr8 to hear that... :D

    Enjoy this one.. :)


  12. ayyo that title gave me shivers...yup thats the song which my nephew keep hering all the time and jumps on me to 'tap his feet'.

    wishes to ur buddy

  13. awwww friends forever!!!


    may it always grow!

  14. First thing that I thought when I read that post was Clap Clap :P

    Chuddy buddies rock!

    God bless buddy!

  15. awww :) ..i too wish your friend ship lasts forever :) Amen!!

  16. Kaka - Oh you kicked off people too? Lolz. :D

    Simba - Hopefully I won't :P But I'm kinda unpredictable and can have a bad temper at times... so let's see ;)

    AI - Hey thanks :)

    Surya Kannan - :) :)

    Bedazzled - Thanks!

    Lakshmi - Thanks a lot sweety :D

    Pulkit - Woo :D That was nice... :D

    Dextrouslady - Thanks so much for the award sweetheart :) Yeah short posts are sweet in their own way...

    Nikhil - Hahaha :D Ask him only. He came up with that word :P Probably some sharing of the sort happened when we were kids :P

  17. Hemu - Thanks. And you too have a lot of fun with 'lucky' ;)

    Ordinary gal - Come on. I'm sure even you have very close friends :D

    Madhu - May your friendship last forever and ever too!!!! Will wait for your post :)

    Arjun - Thanks :)

    Nautankey - Hahaha :D How cute :D

    WarmSunshine - Thanks a lot :)

    Shaunak - Clap clap? Do explain :P

    Swati - :) *Hugz*

  18. Chuddy buddy. I love that, absolutely hilarious. :)

    As for posts being short, at least you have posts coming! I've been so blah about posting, it's time I think up something, heh.

  19. @dhanya if i get angry with someone or i am unhappy totally i dont want to see them in my watver traces i can see of them i try to take them off....the easiest among them are fb and orkut...:)....also i go into a state where i ignore everyone....:)..i got a bloody temper too and i am unpredictable...:)

  20. @dhans: i 've a bad temper too.. n try avoiding ppl wen i get those or sense them....cuz i dont like messing with my close buddies due my anger... and also i'll suggest u that, when u get angry..jus remind urself once that whoz important for u..the "situation" or the "person"

    might help..


  21. oooooh thats a reall sweet chuddy buddy u got there!!!!! lucky girl.. hoping ur frndship goes one forever!!

    wats with everyone??? no one's got patience or inclination to say much!!!!! sth is in air!!!!!

  22. If you're happy and you know it
    clap your hands!

    and we all go Clap Clap!

    If you're happy and you know it
    clap your hands!

    Clap Clap! yet again.

    If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it,
    if you're happy and you know it,
    clap your hands!


    Tap your feet, wave your hands et cet ra...goes on and on and onner.

  23. its really difficult to find good friends...your lucky in this. ..true friends are priceless!!

  24. party time with friends.. rock on babe!!

  25. a very sweet post :) But very cute too!!

  26. May ur frndship last forever..:)

    Its soo nice of u to have posted this one..:) ..Has he read this post..? heh ..

    Have a happy time ..

  27. ooopssss now i think i should cut down on the length of my posts :$

  28. kiske liye hai ji...........
    kya usne appko Dhanya-waad kiya? :P
    *loves that one liner and will keep using it on u =D*

  29. This blog is superb, I fumbled across ur blog and went through some of your works... u have a unique way of writing...which is commendable.

    I did not understand the occasion for so many people came to visit. Am I missing some back post???

    Will hunt in more.

    P.s. I found a blogger older than me. :)

  30. awww happens happens. Even i keeping kicking my speacial someone off my FB all the time :P

  31. Have fun.
    Just remember not to kick him *too* hard

    Hmm, and I wonder where all the patience's gone?

  32. Archana - You running out of topics? Seriously? NOT happening! :|

    Kaka - Wow... quite volatile huh? *Phew* :) Well yeah that's the easiest way to ignore people I guess :P To kick em out of ur sight :D

    Simba Tago - Heyyy... yup will definitely try to keep that in mind next time am pissed :) thanks :)

    bliss - nothing's in the air!! no misunderstandings please ;) At least regarding me...

    Shaunak - Aaaah! Aren't you ready to explain things always? :D :D Yeah, that helped! *Clap clap* :D :D

    Nazish Rahman - Truly... finding good friends is damn hard...

    Gayathri - You too rock on with chatterbox Ramya ;) :D

    Ria - Thank uuuuu :)

    Pramoda - :D

  33. AD - No way! Your posts are entertaining as it is... don't change the way you write!

    Mads - Haan dhanya-waad kiya ji :P *Whack*

    Sid Ravan Kabe - Hey thanks a lot for saying all such nice things :) Made my day really... The occasion is me getting together with close friends from a land far far away called bahrain... reuniting after many months... so it feels nice :)

    Lavender - Lol! :D He's not my special someone by the way. Just a very good friend :D Hi 5 for kicking off people :D

  34. Hehe..I like to keep my head clear.
    And that of others clearer than my own.

  35. Enjoy the missed golden days again with ur friend buddy!!!

  36. Your friends sounds really nice!! have fun :)


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