Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Deliciously Sunsational Tag!

Archana from DS has exclusively created her own tag. Now this lil baby tag is cute, interesting, and unique just like most of Archana’s posts and for this very same reason I didn’t think twice before taking it up.

So here goes…

Your last FB/Twitter update:

FB - Experts say you should never hit your children in anger. When is a good time? When you're feeling festive? Sheesh!

TwitterPower cuts. And some more power cuts.

You will see me complaining a lot about mosquitoes, power cuts and what not. I am a certified complaint box. Add me at your own risk.

3 TV/Movie characters you relate with:

Naina from Kal Ho Naa Ho

I can’t think of any character that comes even remotely close to who I’m other than Naina. Apart from being a “chashmish”, we both were pretty grumpy to start with which slowly changed thanks to some special people entering our lives. People who taught us to enjoy life more, that we shouldn’t take things too seriously.

Like Naina, falling in love for me doesn’t happen overnight. In other words, I cannot fall in love easily. But when cupid strikes, it strikes bad which makes forgetting almost next to impossible.

Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Ok, I am not telling I’m as sexy or good looking as her or anything. The point is, she’s a confused, spoilt, “always ready to skip household chores provided a Monica is around” kinda female. I can totally identify with that! Also she’s a go getter if she sets her heart on something. I can identify with that too!

Geet from Jab We Met/ Simran from DDLJ –

If taken as a whole, we’re as different as chalk and cheese. But some of the traits in these characters are SO me and SO close to my life.

I’m not like Geet at all who is a non-stop chatterbox. But like her, I am a person who gives a lot when in love. Selfless is the word.

What I like best about Simran is the relationship she shares with her mother. She considers her mom as her best friend, with whom she can share anything and everything! The scene where Simran recites poetry from her personal diary after a lot of hesitation and force from her mom is something straight out from my life. I don’t usually show my poems to anyone and very rarely will you find them in my blog. But each one of them is very special to me.

3 countries on your travel list:

Australia – I dunno why! Maybe coz it looks so green and seems filled with so much of natural beauty. I like!

England – All posh and sophisticated. I like the feel that the place exudes…

Switzerland – You might know why ;)

Hit the shuffle on your iPod – list out the 3 songs:

I don’t have no iPod! So I will just list down the last three songs I listened to :

Su CheWhat’s Your Rashee?
Iktara – Wake Up Sid!
Raat Ke Dhai Baje Kaminey

3 daily must-haves:

A small piece of chocolate. Dairy Milk preferably.

Facebook wasting time. Yes, I’m addicted!

Time to listen to music before I hit the bed…

3 things you’re confused about:

Men. Men will say women are confusing. The feeling’s mutual, I guess.

Why do we HAVE to sleep at night?

Stock Market Shares.

Browse your DVD rack or bookshelf – pull 3 out at random:

Mind Your Language DVD set.

Connections by Sheila O Flanagan.

Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon.

If you had to date a celebrity, who would it be? – Brett Lee :P

If you were a celebrity, what would you be?: A singer. Or maybe a TV talk show host interviewing celebrities coz I love asking questions!

I tag specially Ramya! Would like to see her take on this...


  1. Nice tag, loved Your FB uddate.:)

  2. Hii..Nice tag dhanya..

    Well composed, and Archana has done a good job :)

    Brett lee..I too like him :)

    I too like to visit Swiss..:)

    Nice one.. Keep expressing :)

  3. oh u r a mind your language fan too...nice nice!!!

    n me really likes this tag!!!

  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Oh! I love that Sue Che!! Tried to figure out the meaning, and I guess I'm correct ;-). Any gujjus around to tell me the meaning??
    I love that show - Mind your language!!
    I'll do the tag soon :-)

  5. i loveeeeeeeeeeee this tag!!
    no i super loveeeeeeeeeeeee this tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all the celebs u mentioned except simran are the ones i think are like me :)
    *dhanya= my soul sister*
    u really like brett lee, dont u? :O
    yes why do we have to sleep at night :(
    awesome one :D will lift it even though u didnt tag me... *glares*

  6. Raat ki dhai baje and Rage of angels are my fav too :D..
    Nice one.. :)

  7. how rude! :( U didn't even Tag ME.. :((( Congrats to archana for the super cute tag and ur answers make them extra sweet.. :) Brett Lee ain't surprising either.. :P

    Pinne,chocolate everyday and how do u still manage to stay like this?? :O :O next post will be on that well kept secret ketto?? :D I am going to Oz/UK say by 2011,varunno?? :))

    I am serious with the last statement..U can work and I can study.. :P) and we shall go places.. :D:D vann idea alle?? aarodum parayalle sis.. :))

    Take care and have a happy sunday.. :)

    Loadsa love,

  8. this was a good tag...nice to know you are more intelligent that this blog portrays you as.:D

  9. Oh My My.. I can relate to the whole of this...
    I simply love Rachel... N Geet yes...I m non stop once i get started... :)
    I can live on Diary Milk for the rest of my life...n still not get fed up wth it :D
    I spent hours on fb.. quizzing...playin games..
    I must listen to music b4 i go to sleep :)
    n I thot i was the only one who felt guys were confusing..Ppl always say its easy to understand guys...
    N yeah.. I watch Mind Ur Language too..

    Its one long comment, I know.. But I m sure you wont mind :)

  10. Lovely tag..wish you had tagged me :(

    Want to attempt this one..!!

  11. nice tag....enjoyed reading it...:) r the songs from wats ur rashee????

  12. wow.. nice tag.. :D

    hehe.. I too have that Mind Your Language set.. :P

    Everytime i start watching it... something happens such that i wld have to switch it off.. :P

    n yeah.. Switzerland.. My Dream destination too.. :)

    Nice tag actually.. :)


  13. very intrestingly put up!

  14. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Nice tag! I always wondered where they originated and atleast for this one, I DO have an answer :D

  15. this is truly sensational :D
    and no pun intended.
    wow what variety!

    i kinda got lost hopin it wudnt end :)

  16. Geet- absolutely :D
    Dairy Milk- totally!!
    England? Scotland/ Ireland- rather say whole of Europe :D

  17. Yaaaay Dhanya! :) Okay so being the tag creator and all, I have to say the people who've left footprints at your blog are sweethearts. Heh, glad to see people are enjoying it!

    So now my take on your answers, hehe. First of all, I knew there was a reason I'd awarded you the 'Ray of Sunshine' award. ;)

    - Naina for Kal Ho Naa Ho: For some reason I can kinda picture that, even though we haven't known each other for long. :)

    - Australia: love the picture! It's beautiful, little Kangaroo babies are the sweetest. :) And England, go when it's summer because the rainy season suckssss.

    - Wait, is that Priyanka I see on your blog?? Haha jk, jk,

    - Chocolate: I wish I could have a piece everyday, but I always break out if I eat too much of it. SO sad!

    - Stock Market: Okay hi, I'm a business graduate and that still goes over my head.

    Okies so I loved that you did the tag, and did it with such Dhanyaliciousness. :) Hehe, cute cute!

  18. Ahhh..another brett lee him too..well nw here u win another follower!!do visit bak..

  19. i liked geet cos she fell frm the stars to the earth,she did bump her head but it got fixed in the end!!!Switz has been in my head just for the snow :)

    sweet one :)

  20. Sneha - Thanks :)

    Pramoda - Heyyy there! Brett Lee's awesome. Who wouldn't like him? :D

    Mayz - You're a 'Mind your language' fan too? Woot! :D And I see you have put up your Kerala picture as your DP! Nice :)

    Ramya - Even I like Su Che :) Very cute. It means 'What's this?'.

    Mads - Hyper as always!! :D :D Thanks for lovinggggg this tag! You keep saying everyone is your soul sister but then you keep ditching me! Hmmph che! :P Yes, I really REALLY like Brett Lee. Is that a sin? :P Yeah, steal the tag now. Saali! :P

    Gayathri - :D

    Nikhil - Oh you like tags? Don't remember you ever doing one :P Chalo... I tag you now. Do fast! Kooduthal soap adi onnnum venda to? Ninde aa fb application results kandittu marakaan pattunilla. PATTI! :P

    ZB - Hah! :P SHoo! Go meditate :P

    Lakshmi - I relate to Geet only in some aspects... not all :D I'm not non stop!! Regarding guys, 50% are simple and humble, whereas the rest arent ;)

  21. Rahil - I tag you too!!! Go do now :)

    Kaka - Heyy! Thanks for liking the way I did Archie's tag. 'What's your rashee?' songs are nice. Energetic :) Su Che rocks!

    Arjun - Thanks for dropping by :) You haven't watched the entire set of Mind your language then? WHAT are you waiting for? :)

    Pulkit - Hey thanks :) Long time!

    Ki - Heheh. Yup yup :)

    AD - Lol. Why don't you take it up then? Your take would definitely be something to look forward to! :)

    Richa - Totally. Absolutely. Richhaaaaa! You're back :D :D

  22. Archana - Yeah, they are all sweethearts arent they? I completely agree! :)

    Awwww. The 'Ray of Sunshine' award was the best thing to have happened to me in recent times ;)

    Yeah, I kind picture myself as Naina too :D And I have known myself for a longgg time now :P So yay you for figuring that out :)

    I added Priyanka's pic coz its related to 'What's your Rashee?'. Not that I have become her fan or anything now :P :P

    A small piece of choco is not much :) In fact, its good for you! Go for dark chocolates :)

    Dhanyalicious - I like that word :D

  23. Jaunty Anima - Thanks a lot! Sure, will definitely check out your space :)

    Kangna - She fell from stars? Are you indirectly telling me that I behave like an Extra-terrestrial? :P Heheheh... Thanks San :)

  24. ഹായ്
    നല്ല ബ്ലോഗ്‌ ഒറ്റയടിക്ക് കുറെ വായിച്ചു ഒരു കാര്യം പറഞ്ഞോട്ടെ എന്നെ അങ്ങ് കൊല്ല് എന്തൊരു ഭയങ്കര ടാഗ് . എന്നാലും ഞാന്‍ എത്രയും ഒരിടത്തും കണ്ടില്ല

  25. nice answers there :)

  26. Yabba dabba doo....i got the tag !! Will let you know when i attempt it..

  27. scarlet pimpernel - Thanks a lot for liking my blog :) Ottadikku kure vayicho? Wow! Thats a compliment :) Why don't you take up this tag? :)

    Pri - Thanks a lot :)

    Rahil - Heheheh. Sure!!

  28. Anonymous2:33 PM

    engana ee tag takeup cheyyuka
    am i supposed to post it in my blog ?
    or add it as a comment here ?
    sharikkum very new to bloggin so dunno ....
    thanks for the wishes belated wishes to you too ...
    in a sense for some malayalis onam is the same abroad or home
    (ravile enikkuka veeshuka off akuka veendum eneekkuka veeeshuka off akuka edakku dance kalikkuka pattupaduka veendum off akuka)


  29. the 3 tags.. cadbury.. i love it :)

  30. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Like said, this was a cute tag!!
    Nice FB and Twitter updates..inspired me with some ideas;)

    I liked the way you have expressed your tidbits as 'Naina'..sweet! ..and 'Simran', same here!

    'Australia' and 'Switz'..I may think so, England?!

    I loved the addictive parts in this post..:) The rest was enjoyable reading through!

    Loved this post dear...You are really good at blogging, especially the ideas that you get to blog about! Keep up and keep writing!!!

  31. Hey,dhanya,are you from thrissur??Ramya,me and another girl from tcr had met up recently..well,can call it a mini bloggers meeT was wondering if u could also have tagged along had we informed u in advance..had that doubt taking into account that u were sripriya's cousin..
    Would love to meet you..
    I contact via comments coz i have no other means.. do reply to

  32. I too liked Preity's character, very much like me

    And why Brett Lee of all??

  33. Wow that was quite an interesting tag!! U picked 3 really different characters from TV/Movie..thats makes u more interesting and for sure!!
    Believe me its women who are always confusing and guys come no way close to them :)!!
    Chocolates daily...thats strange, n that from from a girl...CALORIES!!
    Listen music before hitting bed...i do it religiously!!!

    nice blog...keep blogging!!

  34. Nice one :-)
    Brett Lee...ummmm.. better then Diarymilk!! :-D

  35. great tag yaaar!! i too relate wid naina- m a chashmish too!!i love simran's relation with her mom...
    i adore dairy milk!!!
    brett lee is too good but i wud like to go out with kevin bacon if given a choice!!
    once again, a great tag indeed!

  36. anonymous - You can add it to your blog :)

    Chriz - Cadbury DAIRY MILK rocks :D

    Fiducia - Thanks for liking the post :) AND for liking my blog! Really REALLY sweet of you... I will definitely keep writing no matter what and you will have to read all of em too? Deal? :)

    Gayathri - Already replied to your mail :) Will mail you again now :D

    Pesto Sauce - Brett Lee is HOT. He can sing too on top of that! *Sigh*

    Nazish - Yeah I'm a lil complicated ;) I have got a decent enuff metabolism which allows me to hog on whatever I want without gaining too much of flab :) Thanks for liking my blog! Keep reading! :)

    Ankita - Thanks... hahahah. Yeah, totally ;)

    Bliss - All thanks to Archana for coming up with this tag..!! Thanks for liking it :)

  37. Love it... it is sooo ME :O

    Am thinking of stealing the tag too :-s

  38. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Sweet site, I hadn't come across before during my searches!
    Carry on the great work!


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