Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Check The Stats, Pleez!

I was bored out of my wits (yes, yet again) until I started reading this survey which was conducted by Femina. Very engrossing, to say the least. Here are some of the questions and their results.

Could You Be With A Man Who Earns Less Than You?

  • 36% - Only if I make enough.
  • 33% - Yes.
  • 30% - No.
  • 1% - Can't say.

Not much of a stunner here coz times are changing. But how about the man in the relationship? Will it hurt his ego to know more that his girl is earning more than him?

What Turns You On?

  • 61% - Good looks.
  • 52% - Nice smile.
  • 34% - Broad Shoulders.
  • 32% - Sexy Voice.
  • 22% - Machoness.
  • 20% - Cute Butt. (:D)
  • 19% - Athletic Build.

Pooja in K3G was just voicing what Indian women felt when she said she wanted 'Good looks, good looks and only good looks' in a man! ;) By the way, the stats also show that more women in Chennai lust after Vishwanathan Anand whereas in Kolkata, the ladies find Mr. Dhoni irresistible!

At What Age Did You Lose Your Virginity?

  • 47% - Between 19 and 24 years.
  • 40% - Between 25 and 38 years.
  • 5% - Before 18 years.
  • 8% - Can't say.

12% in Kolkata have had sex before turning 18! More as compared to major Indian cities. Shocking, ain't it?

Stats Across Cities

37% feel every relationship ends in a heartache.

49% think long distance relationships do not work. (Sad! Distance shouldn't be much of a problem if you truly love someone. There are so many ways to keep in touch. Where there's a will, there's a way right? But looks like almost half of the women population disagree.)

47% agree that a woman can be friends with her ex. (I am not among the 47% for sure.)

31% think it's possible for a woman to love two men at the same time. (NOT happening!)

57% are against the idea of pre-marital sex.

P.S : Left out some VERY interesting questions coz my lil blog is family oriented. ;)


  1. lol.....for the first part would the man agree in the first place to be with her????.....for the second one some girl blogged that all a girl only looks for a loving guy and the rest dont matter..this was upon quoting that women are diffcult creatures to be understood...:P....3rd one i agree with u....for the 4th one i agree with both 37% and 49% and the 57% too....;)....

  2. family oriented !!! lol !!.. not very surprising results..

  3. That was quite interesting...
    Let me have a say in this... Even though guys r the most egoistic creatures u can find on earth, they might not mind their wives gettin more salary than them as long as they get to spend it ;)
    Good looks, a cute grin n sexy eyes might turn me on...
    I m still a virgin so I got nothin to say for the next one.. n i dont intend to lose it until i get married..
    Being frnds with ex's.. impossible...
    Loving 2 men @ the same time... possible..

  4. I would be among the 30% in the case of salary..i prefer someone who i can respect in terms of his brain size as well as his salary..

    Turn on,yeah,i agree..looks matter..

    About relationship,i cannot be friends with my ex,not that i have any!! :D..and no polyandry too.. :D

  5. interesting stats!! :P

  6. The stats says it all..the changing trends and changing mentalities..:)..ANy way, every thing is for good .. lets enjoy it ..:)

    Thanks fr this informative post dhanya..

  7. Interesting stats to know a very lil about WOMEN - the most unpredictable mystery to understand in the universe.... :-P

  8. lol..i read em too..:) I sometimes wonder how far is this survey true!..I mean..the stats dont seem to go right with me all the time.

    P.S U shud've added all those "intresting" questions too...but hey,i can always raed em in an issue..:P

  9. Read them in the magazine itself. Very interesting stuff.

  10. sounds like-Dus ka dum..salman Khan saying ....kitne pratishat bharathiye sochte hein ki.....wonder who does these surveys....Nice though:)

  11. Very very interesting survey i say..any online links for this :P

  12. Hahaha!! okay here are my answers-
    I would not marry a man earning less tha me(sole reason being i dont want to hurt his ego in any way!)

    Everything on the list turns me on(including a cute butt:P)
    but intelligence and a good sense of humour turns me on the most!

    Well, havnt lost my virginity yet..so cant comment on this one!!

    i think long distance can totally work..and yes i can NEVER be frnds with my ex.
    P.s- commenting without loggin into my account cuz i dont have the password right now:D

  13. details wud be even more crazy n shocking if u ask a 13 yr old of today's time :P:P

  14. haha, yeah i've read this one too!

    what surprised me the most was the fact that 12% of the girls in Kolkata lost their virginity before 18! kolkata ..hmmm

  15. Amazing survey but the results are shocking :)

  16. interesting post dear :)

  17. lol lol .. full timepass these surveys are :P

    I used to read these magazines, hoping i might get some pictures to see ( way back in school :P)

  18. good one!and i would say that long distance relation works even better..

  19. one stat is for sure true... a girl even may live with a less earning husband..but the other way round..never happens...male ego eats up the Female ego...

    nice stats

  20. I'm so a-typical. :|

    I believe in long distance, I am FOR pre-marital sex (sounds shady but I"ll explain in a post someday)and a woman can NEVER be friends with an ex. :D

  21. Haha. Interesting:D

  22. well,well.. a national average doesn't help ur case,does it?? pinnenthina ithu?? :)


  23. being with a man who earns less than you-yes,if i earn in zillions :)

    interesting stats here :)

  24. Oooh I bet the rest of the survey was just as interesting! I love reading these things, heh, thanks for sharing! I can't say I fall into some of the percentages, but I do know for sure that broad shoulders should SO be higher on that list, haha. ;)

  25. Kolkata is a shocker, not known for promiscuity

    Good only 5% did it before 18

  26. most shocking results...i am still in the shock had to come out of it :P...good stats tho :)..


  27. lol @ the PS.... perhaps u should start another blog :-)

  28. now u made wut u omitted more interesting by mentioning "family oriented" :P lol
    okies, now stop grinning :)

  29. HI Dhanya ..

    Plz collect ur award frm my blog ..:)


  30. i like vishwanathan and i hate dhoni*wrinkled nose*... lonf dist relations can work out, depends ofcourse!! but friends with ex, i think thats possible too!
    anyways, so fun to read all these interesting stats!!!!! thanks..

  31. yay readin femina :)
    i own tat edition of feminas sex and the city!!women hav chnged over time lets get used to it :P

  32. woman can never be friends with her ex *nods nods nods nods*
    virginity ka i read in a paper too that 14 is the average age ppl lose virginity :|

    good post :-w something to ponder over :-w

  33. Kaka - A man might agree to be with a girl who earns more if he decides not to let his ego come in between all this :) Yeah, usually a girl looks for a loving guy but I guess looks play a major role too. The initial attraction matters...

    Bedazzled - :)

    Lakshmi - Yeah, I agree on that too! (regarding spending wife's hard earned money that is) ;)

    Gayathri - Well said!! :)

    Ria - Yup yup :)

    Being Pramoda - Good to know you enjoyed the stats :D Helps us in knowing ourselves better dont you think? :)

    Bala - LOL! And we girls think you guys are mysterious :D

    Madhu - Yeah, I think it would be better if you read them after getting a copy :D

    Zeba - :)

    ZB - Hahahah! It does, doesn't it? Who knows maybe Femina got it from Dus ka dum only. Lolz ;)

    Nautankey - Hmmm. I don't think so :D Another guy searched for the same after I told him and no luck. :) Get the copy na? :D :D

  34. AI - Heyyyy! Someone took your p/w and changed it again? :D Lol. You've got some amazing friends yaar :) Yeah, I believe in long distance relationships too! And thanks SO much for taking some time out from ur busy schedul to comment! Love you, Pra :D

    Priya - Hahaha. I guess the survey missed out on those 13 year olds ;)

    Orange - Hmmm! I Know! That shocked me the most actually....

    Surya - Wait till u read ALL the questions and the results...

    An Ordinary Gal - Thanks a lot :)

    Aditya - I know right? Haha. I love reading such surveys too! Total timepass. And about those pics. I'm sure you must have not been disappointed :) Femina rocks that way :P

    Swati - Even better? Now that's a first :D

  35. Simba tago - Thanks for liking the post! :) All ego clashes eh? :( If only we could all do without it... life would be a lil more easier :D

    Ki - You're unique :) Stay that way! And yeah, even I need a post to know why you're all for pre-marital sex!

    Ekam - Thanks :)

    Nikhil - Endhu? What? Kya? It's for entertainment purposes only :P

    Anwesa - Aaah, only if we could all earn in ZILLIONS ;)

    Archana - Archiiieeeee! Yes it totally was! Dunno if you can get the Indian edition there? :| But it was really REALLY entertaining.

    Pesto Sauce - Yeah right? I was shocked too :|

    Hemu - With lucky around I'm sure you didn't need much time to recover from your shock :)

  36. Spike - Yeah right. Exactly what I need. Two blogs to manage when I can hardly handle one :P

    Sawan - Go buy Femina! :D

    Pramoda - On my way!!! :)

    Bliss - I like VA :D And Dhoni too :D Glad to know you enjoyed it!

    Kangna - Yup yup. I read your fav mag :P Obv if you didn't own it, who would ;)

    Mads - *nods along with you*. thanks for liking the post btw :-w

  37. "Desi Girls" rock ah?

  38. @Dhanya...

    Is it??? We guys never look mysterious buddy... we are always an open book to read... some of you girls read it... some scribble their thoughts in it... and some tear it tooo... :-)

  39. heheh@post
    family oriented...shud i keep quiet??:P

  40. ohh... i hv read same somewhr else.. amonth back..
    i dunno where.. but yes i had...
    but its intersting...
    but what for those who dnt have good looks...

    Arey yar....kuch toh hum jaisey ke lye bhi bolna chaiyey tha na.....


  41. AJai - TOTALLY! :D

    Bala - Chill. I think both genders are mysterious in a way, don't you think? Makes it all the more fun :D

    Ams - Yes please ;) :D

    Pallav - Lol. :D Those who don't have good looks are blessed with even more better things like wit and charm which can sweep girls off their feet! :)

  42. A survey is like a bikini, which reveals everything but yet nothing...lol!!! Seems my city took active part in this survey!! Was interesting!!

  43. Interesting survey... *winks*

    Thanks for sharing... :)

  44. that was a good read, yes times r changing and gals are willing to marry guys who earn less than em...ofcourse if the guy is worthwhile hehehe. infact i know of someone who wants to be a house husband :)

    btw yur blog is just so peppy ...keep it coming babes

  45. wow! what eye opening facts!

    i m truly MOVED!

  46. lol at the stats :)

    I could imagine what the un-family-oriented questions could've been.

    On a side note, question#3 probably holds true for most MEN as well

  47. Dhanz :P hows ya babe? :)
    Well I'm among the 49% who say Long distance relationships never work. Its very true. Because its not about how to keep in touch, its about how one trusts each other because you never know what your partner is up to. Maybe you have complete trust on your partner but it can't be the same from the other side. Especially when a girl ends up informing her boyfriend where she is going, with whom she's going, when is she gonna be back etc etc This can, at times sound like the boy is very concerned about her, but if you notice all these questions aint necessary at all. Plus its not concern what I see, its more of the DOUBT thing that I see.

    PS: if you're wondering how i know all of this? I have no answer boo. it makes me go blank.


  48. atleast post a link to the rest of the article ;-)

  49. LOL very interesting :) I thought women found humour more attractive than good looks :) And nobody said a strong jawline!! :(

    I am really curious about the very interesting questions you left out now!! :)

    I think many guys are fine with wives earning more then them, if they are otherwise happy, will a guy break a relationship for this!!...I know some such happily married families :)

  50. Interesting. The post, but moreover the comments that were instigated by the post.

    Guys could take a few tips :P

    Cool blog! :)

  51. Ohh no..not fair! I want to see the more interesting ones too ;)

  52. please explain this stat to me:

    #At What Age Did You Lose Your Virginity?

    8% - Can't say.

    I mean isn't it for people who have already lost it ?

    "12% in Kolkata have had sex before turning 18! More as compared to major Indian cities. Shocking, ain't it?"

    -Not at all !

  53. Nazish rahman - Wow! Survey is like a bikini it seems! LOL! Well said...

    Harshita - Ooh! Welcome to my blog mademoiselle Harhsita *wink wink*

    Mia - You know someone who wants to be a house husband? Wowie. Tell him he's one of a kind :D Thanks for liking my blog btw! Keep visiting :)

    AD - :D :D

    ARN - Lolz :D

    Cest la vie - Thanks for loving it :D *smirk*

    Esther - Heyyy there! Long time no see eh? ;) Doing goodie good. Hope all's well with you as well. Yeah, suspicion arises when you are apart. But those are the true testing times. To see how much you trust each other. If you have an inkling of suspicion, it means your relationship isn't as stable as you thought it was.

  54. Scarlet pimpernel - Hahaha. I couldn't find it on the net yaar. Sorry :(

    Indianhomemaker - Yeah, even I thought so too :| Hmmm! I guess both are important but then the initial attraction matters which depends mainly on the outward appearance of a person. To know more about the interesting qns you will have to buy a copy of Femina coz there isn't any link online that I am aware of... :(

    Gkam - Lolz. Yeah, readers always have something interesting to contribute :)

    Shanu - Oho. Et tu brutus? Go get a copy dear :( Can't help you much here coz no link is available online.

    Peter - Yeah its for people who have already lost it. 8% women refused to say at what age they lost their virginity in. Hence the result 'can't say'. About Kolkata, yeah I guess you must be knowing more than the rest of us! :)

  55. glad to knw u blog too.
    hw ru ??
    BTW i saw similar kinda survey done in cosmo. it was more of sex related and fun to read...
    BTW i too have apost written on unconditional love. Long back
    u can read here


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