Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogger's Digest

I have been an avid blogger since 2005. It was love at first write. When my blog started off, I was still at college. It had a girly pink template with no widgets at all. ‘My Own Little World’ was open to only a few close friends. Now, it’s almost the end of 2009, and this lil space of mine has come a long way.

Thought of dedicating this post to all those blogs that have inspired me to keep writing till now. I won’t be mentioning any of the blogs on which I regularly leave a comment behind coz I love reading all of your blogs equally and I don't intend on being partial.

The following are the ones that I read just for pleasure. The blogs where I leave behind a comment only when it’s an extra special day for them and in that one comment I compliment them on how wonderful their blog is and how I have been their loyal reader for a long time.

Coconut ChutneyView Blog

The blog name sounds yummy and it actually is. This humor blog is so enjoyable and is so well written that some of her posts have been lifted and copied into local mags (along with her photos) without her permission! She uses a bit of Tamil here and there, but that doesn’t seem to act as a hindrance for me.

Winkie’s WayView Blog

Can you keep a lil secret? I want to start a blog like this for my kids in the future including copying the whole idea of having a header like the one shown in the blog. The whole blog is oh-so-cute and so well organized. I love the feel of the blog and the warmth it exudes. It feels like I am entering Tharini’s place and enjoying the experience she shares with her kids. Truly adorable!

Random Thoughts Of A Demented MindView Blog

This Bong is hilarious! His movie reviews are absolutely unique and refreshing (and can sometimes be a lil vulgar too!).

Confoundedness… along the long widening roadView Blog

Can you imagine my surprise when I stumbled across my ex-classmate’s space when I was blog hopping one fine day? But chances of her remembering me was less coz she had left ISB earlier than rest of us to pursue studies back in India. It was during one of those “special” days that I decided to leave behind a comment and was pleasantly surprised to see her mail the very same day – “Dhanya? You studied with me right? Fair? Thin? Specs?”. Her’s too is mostly a humour blog but after her marriage she hardly gets much time to blog. Check out her earlier posts. Truly worth a laugh.

eM’s blogView Blog

This is the most famous of the lot mostly thanks to the blogger’s bold attitude. The only thing I find it a lil irritating is the way she keeps telling ‘I’m not Mallu, I am from Delhi’ in all her interviews. One parent is from Kerala, so that would make her a half-Mallu right? Anyway, other than that the person is living a very interesting lifestyle that is very now, very modern! She drinks hard, parties hard, and works hard. Her relationship posts get a lot of unnecessary comments but that’s what happens when one decides to blog about every single detail of their life, including the ones which are best kept as a secret. Entertainment guaranteed.

>>> So, this is my list. Which are your favorite ones? The blogs you read just for pleasure, not with the intension of leaving a comment behind? Let me know so that I know what to read during my spare time! TIA! :) <<<


  1. HI Dhanya,

    Thanks for some nice blogs, will read them.


    PS: I usualy write comments, when i read some thing, so, i dont have any such blogs..:(..

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely Links.

    I love reading

    happy blogging and keep writing.:)

  3. woww!4 years of blogging..Its my first but I know it feels gr8 to hv a blog of your own...your blog is like your baby,you dress it,make it look beautiful,u display you thoughts n it..its like your Alterego.I am very happy for u..Long LIve your blog!!!:)All d best dear.

  4. woah..!! I'll check them out now.. Good that u mentioned them here :)

    And abt me, i leave a comment on whichever post i read... Atleast most of the times.. :)


  5. Nice list.

    Good to know that you read blogs just for pleasure to. Keep reading and keep writing :)

  6. I like Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan's blog too! Have you read her book?! It's damn funny :D

  7. i am going to check out all these blogs:)
    my pleasure blog is:
    this blog is like a daily dose for me though I rarely leave comments on it yet I feel that I am with Poo in all her deeds:)
    I also enjoy :

  8. Oh wow! some of our blog tastes match! :)

    Me too wanna make a kiddies blog in future!

    So u like demented mind? i Just read his movie reviews, lvoe 'em! and I follow eM's blog too though I find her Highly annoying!

    My favourites come in many categories,

    a. friend's Blog - Of course You! Coz no one else I know blogs as much :)

    b. Humour Blog: Ouch My Toe and recent discovery Daily Humour by

    c. oh i gtg :(. have a meeting.. will come back n update later..

  9. ok am back.. luckily managed to bunk the meeting :)

    so where were we? umm at c.. so here we go! :)

    c. Hollywood Gossip - Perez Hilton's Blog, Love LOVE Love it!

    d. Khaleeji Blogs: Almost all of them that I follow from topics like fashion to daily lives I love reading the blogs of these women :)

    e. Bollywood Fashion - High Heel Confidential!

    f. Green Blogs - Eco Chick and Treehugger

    errrm I jus realised I have many more categories to go which would make this equivalent to a blog post.. so I guess its better i stop ;)

  10. Well i love reading Fake IPl players blog[it has stopped now though!] Even Shobha de has a real cool blog.How do u guys place the links of blogs in ur posts.I have no idea about that..???
    It will be easier for me if u cud help me out.
    and.i love reading urs too..:)

  11. That was a lovely list of your favorite blog !!
    Blog world is a different world of its own and the best part o it is that it gives u the platform to share and communicate your thoughts. It sometimes a stress buster!!

    Your blog mates would b really happy to see this post!!

    Keep blogging!!

    Take Care!!

  12. "That’s what happens when one decides to blog about every single detail of their life, including the ones which are best kept as a secret." I think the blogs I do read, I like because they don't get too detailed & personal. They have just the right amount of personality mixed in with entertainment value & fun topics. :)

    I don't know, I prefer hearing stories about my friends wild escapades over the weekend versus some random guy or girls personal life. Something about the people that share too much out on the internet that makes me want to believe it's highly exaggerated for readership value. Might just be my thinking though.

    Anyway, that said, I'm definitely going to click in through the other blogs you listed and have a read. :)

  13. hey, thanks!

    i found winkie's way really really cute!
    yeah, i would love to do that as well :D

  14. i dunno any of them :|

    u saw my list on the interview...too bored to copy links here... :P
    khair...i think i should bother :P
    harshita's blog is common as sneha mentioned in her comment... (Abhinav) (Shaunak) (Peter)

  15. is someone who reads blogs only for pleasure.

    Keep it up and yea keep writing :)

  16. nw m gonna chk out these blogs..:)

  17. wow! what a collection! :)

    thank u for sharing!

  18. Thanks for the suggestions.

  19. I find life's of people more interesting so I read personal blogs and all the updates... and u can see my bloglist it is pretty long...but I will do visit them ..reading ur snippets about them made me intrigued :)

  20. interesting too lazy to leave a comment :).

  21. nice that u put up the links :)...


  22. :) there are few blogs which i too find very motivating..n read them with no bondation of commenting..thats the best part of blogging i guess..:)
    will catch up with the above links soon..:)
    Take care!!

  23. Pramoda - Awww it's okay :)

    Sneha - I can see my own link there :D What an ego booster! Thanks :)

    Happybirdie - Thanks! And you too... keep blogging!!

    Arjun - Wow. You're very considerate that way :D I don't think I will ever be able to leave back comments on every single post I read. Three cheers to u for that :)

    Darshan Chande - Yeah, I read mostly for pleasure only :)

    Ki - No, I haven't read :(. Not that interested either. But will check out the review now that you have mentioned it's nice.

    Kunjal - Thanks for the list! Will check em out :D

  24. Sumi -

    Oh yes! Ouch my toe! How could I miss putting it here?? :D But I haven't checked it out for a long time. Will read some posts today.

    My blog is your fav? :D Yay :D :D If it was someone else's, I would have killed u.

    You didn't give links for rest of the blogs. Now I have to google it out. YALLA! :P

    Why did I have to write this post even? Could have asked you directly instead. Lol. My storehouse of information ;) :)

  25. Madhu - Oh yeah Fake IPL player's blog. Even I used to love reading that. But he cheated us by keeping a fake video at the end instead of revealing his identity. Not cool!

    Nazish Rahman - :) Thanks a lot!

    Archana - I don't mind reading personal stuff abt guys and girls as long as they aren't too depressing. Should be entertaining of course :D

    oRange - Yeah, Winkie's way is damn cute. Glad you enjoyed it :)

    Mads - Now you know all of em :D I will check out those blogs especially you-know-who's :P :P

    Aditya - Hey thanks! Keep visiting :)

  26. Jaunty Anima - :) :)

    Leo - No probs!!

    Thejesh GN - Anytime! :)

    Daydreamer - Yeah evn my list of personal blogs is pretty long. I'm more of a people's person too :)

    Nautankey - Hahaha :D Yeah you should mention that in every post you wish not to comment on :P At least I get one extra comment this way... Just kidding :D

    Hemu - Wowwwww! Back to commenting huh? Niceeee :)

    Swati - :)

  27. since 2005? loong time.....I was a small baby then....4 years on, you are still blogging, proves that blogging endures...thanks for introducing some more new blogs. Thanks:)

  28. thanks for such a cool links...!!!

  29. 4 YEARS????
    I'd just been here since last u r an aunty to me eh? dhanya aunty :P :P
    eM's is the only blog i ve read,in the list..didnt find it good was her book.You Are Here..Live in,booze and fag was not at all appealing to me :D..
    Rest,will try..

  30. the diplomacy in me says those i visit daily are the ones i just find super!

    i cant prioritize but i do know that every single one of them is special for me. :)

  31. LOL! maybe I'll guest blog for u sometime ;)

  32. ZB - you were a small baby back in 2005? :D Wow, you surely got married too fast then ;)

    Prajyot - No probs :)

    Gayathri - Hahhaha :D Yeah you can call my blog that :) Not me :P

    AD - You do visit mine regularly :D SO I take that as a compliment :) :)

    Sumo - Hahahah. Sure, why not? :D

  33. I too like eM's blog, read her book too

    I started blogging in 2004 but left in few months, now on again and enjoying

  34. Thanks for telling about these wonderful blogs!!
    ..and congrats to all those as you guys have a played a part in us reading such gr8 posts from dhanya..:)
    Keep writing..and keep getting inspired!!!


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