Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work Memories - Part 2

If you thought my experience at my first work place seemed too good to be true, then you would be glad to know that my second work place environment was as horrifying as it could get. Well, almost. Not that I didn’t have my share of fun considering I always take it upon myself to create some sort of controversy or entertainment value (even if it all happens unknowingly) wherever I go or in whatever I do especially since the past two-three years.

There were only four people working in my department -

Bhai Jaan
Extremely protective Mallu work brother. VERY narrow minded but helpful. Always wants A/C at 18 degrees C even if it’s freezing outside. Listens to only Mallu songs.

Tamil Raja
Senior. Villain. Listens to only Tamil songs. Always talks to me in Tamil even though he knows that I don’t understand a single word of it. I think he found it difficult to believe that Mallus cannot comprehend Tamil. Result – He kept blabbering in Tamil and I would nod and smile, nod and smile. The nodding and smiling would come to an abrupt halt when he asked me a question in Tamil. Dhanya would then look at Bhai Jaan with a ‘What’s Tamil Raja talking about?’ expression all over her face. Bhai Jaan would understand Dhanya’s plight and would then offer a translation.

Bahraini Blah
Always on phone. Eats a lot. Always on phone. Talks a lot. Always on phone. Complains a lot. Always on phone. Likes only Arabic music.

Last but definitely not the least – Me. Moi. Myself.
Prankster. Spends most of the day chatting, orkutting (I wasn't much into FB then) and did I mention chatting? Occasionally, you might find her bunking work to go to Starbucks nearby to taste their latest Frappucinos and Cappucinos. She has raided every single shop outside her office that too during work hours. Fights for the A/C remote control with Bhai Jaan almost every day. Likes only Hindi (and sometimes English) music.
You might have noticed my mentioning of our individual music tastes. Now picturize this – a room where four of us are seated, each of us playing music of our own choice. So what you get is a mash up of Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi/English and Arabic songs. Entering our department was like entering a discotheque with badly coordinated music and no one was willing to compromise on turning their music down. This had its pros as well. I started enjoying some Arabic numbers (Khaled’s Aisha) whereas Bahraini Blah started liking some Hindi songs (Pyar Bina – Adnan Sami).

Everything was going alright. Then the fights started. I fought for almost everything –

Why aren’t the gals given equal pay as the guys who are doing similar kind of work?

Why is the senior spending most of his time gossiping with colleagues when he complains of no time to do his work (which resulted in him dumping a significant amount of his work on me)? (This complaint of mine led to an installation of a CCTV right on top of his cabin. Hah!)

Why is it that the Bahraini who “accidently” touched my backside got away scot-free and just given a few meager warnings by an obviously gutless Indian manager?

There was so much of work politics and muck that in no time I was summoned about 5-6 times each by the Branch manager, HR manager and the General manager. Not something I am proud of, but you have to fight for your rights, right?

Inspite of all this, I still kind of liked the place. I wasn’t planning on resigning but fate had other plans and brought me to India instead. After resignation, I met the GM for one last time –

GM – “We will miss you.
Me – “Coz of all the trouble I created?”
GM – “Exactly for that.”


  1. :P I was wondering if they were very sad at you leaving chech..Avarude joker poyathjinte sangadamalle!!!! saarilla.. :D :)

    Just coz u quit,that we have YOU here.. :) So,its more like a very good decision kiddo.. :)


  2. "Why is it that the Bahraini who “accidently” touched my backside got away scot-free "..hahaha...just like that!!! :P

  3. sounds a lot like my first job .. in the gelf ;-)

  4. Award-shaward! You have recieved a G-Rammy award, do check out my new post :-)

  5. I would have loved to see the expression on baharini Blah's face after cutting the cake!!!!!!!!! :D

  6. Sounds like a cool place. In my first proper job I had a team of 6 with 4 mallus and the same thing happened :D..infact even my client side co-ordinator was mallu so we can ehar malyalam in conf calls too,since i was comfortable with it[as i understood] did not mind.

    But my boss was yucksss :(

  7. Hidden cam n all?? Wow. Hi tech!!! Nice read. Cant wait to get out of college and start working man. N BAHRAIN!!!! I never knew that's where u say. I am totally in love with Bahrain. How is the place for living? Do you like it?

  8. An office with a Starbucks in walking distance is bliss to me. ;) Haha, my last work place I used to get off the train, grab a coffee on the way to work, and then on the way home, grab another one, and hop back in the train and commute to my apartment with the deliciousness of a Cinnamon Dolce latte on my tongue. Mmm, soo good. Okay, enough coffee perving. That's funny that everyone at your work place listens to their music outloud! I can't imagine the chaos at my last office if everyone had their music on outloud, the music would range from Tamil, to reggae, to Hindi, to J-pop, to English, to just a mix up of noise more so than music. :P

    And I actually used to have a Mallu friend who thought I could decipher Malayalam, since I'm Tamil and the languages are pretty similar...though it's really not! Lol, I can understand bits and pieces, but not enough to make a coherent sentence. The most I can say in Malayalam, is "Ende Malayalam sucks", lol.

    PS - I fed the fishies. :)
    PPS - I clearly wrote an essay because you were missed, lol.

  9. India has an amazing life for you!
    Hope you get to see someone like ur old boss again.

  10. that was funny...much better than the first many more to come??? me tamilians are like that speaking in tamil..lots of regional feelings

  11. Ha ha ha.. I could actually picture your work environment.

    I need to try that cake prank!!! :P

  12. I am in my first job.. just for a week am going there and am already experiencing something like yours :P 4 ppl 4 different choices.. gonna be fun managing things :P

    I loved the nicknames and the way you've put things :P

  13. Nikhs - Obviously they would be sad :P A person with a good sense of humour isn't always necessarily a joker! Hmmph!

    Gayathri - :P

    Bedazzled - Really? :D Were you working with me by any chance? :P

    Ramya - Thanks for the award-shaward :) How did you find my red valentino gown by the way? ;)

    Nautankey - I wish I could converse in Tamil. I can just make out a few Tamil words here and there and I try to figure out the meaning from there.

  14. Zeba - Haha. Pretty much hi tech :) Enjoy your college now! Working sucks totally. So much more responsibilities and much less fun. But the good thing is that you get paid and can start buying branded stuff! :D

    You didn't know I used to be in Bahrain? Oh my Gosh! It was in my profile (just changed it today) and I kept reminding everyone in my posts now and then!

    I am not staying there anymore. Came back to India for good this Jan. Bahrain's an awesome place :)

  15. Archana - Well well well. A mini post in my comments section again ;) Haha. Not that I mind it in the least!

    The good thing is you didn't skip work to go to Starbucks. I sort of did that :P Lol@ coffee perving. I hate Cinnamon :(

    I dunno why people keep thinking that Malayalam and Tamil are similar. It SO isn't!!

    Thanks for feeding my highly starved fishies :) I just fed them now. I dunno how to take care of em. I am such a bad pet keeper :(

    Awww @ missing me. Missed ur comments a lot too... :) :)

  16. Surya Kannan - Yeah, India's beautiful. Phir bhi dil hai hindustani after all! :)

    Kaka - This is the last one. Maybe I will have more stories to tell next year? :D

    Sameera - Try it :D and don't forget to blog abt it ok?

    Sowmi - Wow. You said it's going to be fun managing all the work crap :D Three cheers to you for saying that! Thanks a lot for liking the post :)

  17. hey u were so popular at your work place haan :P
    i could actually picturise everything..different ppl different music :P
    cool one!!
    good day!!

  18. Coolioooo...such a NICE workplace :P...bahrain dude rox :D :D..hehe....yes yes be surprised...i m BACKKKKKKKKKKK blogginggggg :D :D :D (echo effect)


  19. hellooo dhanno :). Am back to commentin but still got a lot to catch up on. Loved this post of urs especially the illustrations :)

    n they have such wicked birthday cakes here? Wud love to try it on someone someday hehe..

    N gal, u seem to have 4gotten ur frequent trips to woolworths :)

  20. Hi, like the punch line at the end.... fed the fish..... you could actually feed some homeless animals on my blog with just a click. ( it is a link to a shelter for animals)

  21. Ohh the cream covered balloon is such an awesme frnd is gonna have a surprise on her bday ;)

  22. BTW fed ur fishes enuff stuff to last the week :P

    Is that thing addictive...or am i daft?

  23. wah ji wah so much of popularity!!

    i m all green eyed :D

    but i guess rockin people have the capacity to rock anywhere :D

    rock on!

    Click here to go to my 13 Essence of Libra.

    13 goodness about me.


    Click here to go to 13 Negatives about me.

  24. r u sure the cam was for him and not for spying when ur away from ur desk ? :P

    Nice way to summarise ur time @ work!

  25. Aww..this post was so cute...:) u love ur job dont u?? :D..Its always nice to re-remember those yet to create one..still studyin...:(

  26. kudos to fighting for your rights :)

    i have always been remarked for standing up for women rights,i wish i did the same for me,soon very soon :D

  27. You are invited to my Blog.

  28. swati - Well, let's say I became popular for all the wrong reasons :(

    Amith - Ok, the echo effect was kinda scary. As if hearing you one time wasn't enuff :P Bahrain dude rocks huh? Thendi...

  29. Sumoooooo :) Yay you're back to commenting!!! Was missing your comments in here so much so that I started forcing San to come visit my blog :P Lol... Thankfully, she has stayed on...

    Thanko for liking the post :D Actually that bday cake was ordered specially by me. Hehehe...

    Woolworths, truworths... aah! I miss the discounts... *sigh*

  30. Suchismita - Ok. I kept typing your name as Sushmita. U have a very unique name :) Thanks for feeding the fish!!! :)

    Shanu - Lol! Yeah try it out :D :D But don't blame me if she takes it badly... So sweet of you for feeding the fishies :) They are extremely grateful to you :D I think they want you as their owner now. Hmmmph!

    AD - Don't go all green eyed. You must have figured out I became popular for all wrong reasons no? :)

    eye-in-sty-in - Lol. Aaah! Now that you mention it... I have my doubts :-o

  31. Madhu - Thanks a lot :) Loving my job? Hmmm. Not so much :P

    Kangna - Yeah I know ur a feminist. :P I hope the 'soon' comes soon enuff ;)

    Surya Kannan - Sure. Will pay a visit today :)

  32. Happens everywhere dear

  33. hello ji..
    let me tell you a story..
    we have this research methodology course this sem in college..and these days our classes are dedicated to psuedo-intelligent discussions about each student's research topic for the end-sem submission..with me so far??
    so today this mallu girl in my class stood up to talk aout her proposal which involved some really sad issue back in her most days i am this really attentive kid in class who has a lot of sensible things to say about, well, things.. but today while i was looking at her, this buzz started in my ear..dhanya is from kerala..dhanya is a mallu..could vineeta and dhanya be related? is that a possibility? i need to ask vineeta ASAP!! by the time vineeta wound up this buzz is my ear had reached a crescendo..and to my horror the teacher expected me to comment on her proposal..naturally i was found to be utterly at a loss which caused a variety of disappointed looks to be thrown at me by the teacher..
    I blame you :p
    hugs :)

  34. Pesto - Yeah I guess :)

    Mystish - Wowowowow! Your comments always make my day, you know that??? :D I dunno any Vineeta so get back to concentrating in class ok? Lolz. You're one crazy person! :D *Hugz*


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