Sunday, August 16, 2009

Work Memories - Part 1

Almost all of us (the average person at least) tend to hate their work or job at some given point of time. If you are a total career person who is in love with whatever you’re doing, I’m in awe of you. I don’t think I can ever fall in love with my work. I am not a career oriented person at all so much so that if in case it intervenes with my personal life, I will just let it go. That’s what made me quit my first job.

My first job was a dream come true. I got a fab salary, an extremely kind person as a boss (who used to make sure I ordered proper Indian khana instead of junk food) and of course fun and helpful colleagues. I was the youngest in my department at that time coz of which I was pampered royally. I was excused whenever I came late, whenever I bunked office with Fathima (only to be caught red handed outside by my pops. Bahrain is such a small small place I tell you!) and whenever I was caught chatting or playing games instead of working. I guess I was forgiven inspite of all this coz I did my work perfectly and damn fast.

Then the most unforgivable thing happened - they actually decided to promote me! A normal person would have been ecstatic but Dhanya was like ‘Huh? Why?’. This promotion had its one perk – a bigger salary. But it also meant I had to sit for longer (and absurd) hours which would compromise my time with loved ones. I rejected it outright.

I demanded my same old position which paid me enough to buy me all the branded stuff I needed but these sensible people thought I would act like any other normal person who would have taken up the promotion quite willingly. This assumption had led them to recruit another guy from India way before I got notified. A frustrated, angry and disappointed Dhanya offered her resignation letter then and there. They could have at least asked me before jumping into conclusions?

I am still reminded of my immaturity by my boss, colleagues and even friends now and then. So am I regretting it? Not really. The one and only thing I might just regret a lil bit is leaving my boss all disappointed. I looked upto him as a father figure (and at times had even wished my father was more like him). We used to discuss movies at length and I can still remember how we went on and on about ‘Guru’ and its connection with the Ambani family. When he looked down at my resignation paper, for the first time I saw a very tired looking old man instead of the hyper, lovable person who was always in a good mood. He shook his head twice or thrice and then I got the shock of my life when I saw a tiny tear rolling down his cheeks….

Now those very tiny tears got me depressed for weeks. Plus, I got a gift delivered to my home – ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by him which didn’t make stuff easier. I sent across a box of chocolates and thanked him for being such a wonderful ‘old man’. I got an email from him the very same day saying he gobbled up all the chocos within minutes but requested not to send any more sweets coz he was getting too fat for his own good. ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ still remains one of my favorites… made extra special coz of the sweet memories attached to it.

After that, I did keep in touch with my boss. I would always text or message first whenever a letter of mine got published in the national Bahraini newspaper – The Gulf Daily News. He would call now and then to enquire about stuff and told me that I sounded very mature the last time we talked. My response –

Mature? I will tell you if it holds true or not after I end up in a similar situation at my current work place.”

Somehow, that reply just made him laugh uncontrollably….

….and that made me smile unknowingly…


God bless you Mr. Natrajan. You’re the best teacher at work anyone could have asked for.


  1. lovely post....:) u said it is upto people who can draw satisfaction and be in love with teh work they are doing....

  2. Aww, that's super sweet! :) Hope he gets a chance to read this! A teacher in the workplace is always such a huge plus. You're lucky you had such a nice boss! As for you turning down the promotion, heh, I suppose they didn't think to ask you because really, most people I know would jump on the chance to be promoted - insane working hours or not. But then again, you're not most people right? ;P

    I remember when I graduated and was leaving Boston, my professors actually shed a couple of tears when I hugged them good-bye. It's hard to describe the feeling you get inside when someone you look up to is genuinely upset and saddened that you're leaving them. I can't wait to fly back sometime soon and see them all again. :)

  3. i really loved each n every line of ur post...
    woh kehte hai na...har kisis ko makummal jahan nahi milta.....

    i think ur fortunate enough to have such a nice boss....

    i wish loads of success in ur life...
    May God bless u.. n ur boss..
    hv fun shun


  4. Interesting to know about ur workplace memories... I am joining my first job tomorrow :) my first step towards my career :)

    Sweet memories :)

  5. thats truly nice..i wonder how many would really get such an adorable boss!!

  6. i too nvr loved my job we r non career gals not frm this decade fmly khush toh hum bhi :D

    even my 2 previous jobs where old n like fathers to me but i wasnt a feather in their cap so they nvr weeped wen i left!!haha :P

    But i remember the confidence they gave me when it was time to say goodbye i outstretched my hands first to say a very sincere ThankYou :)

  7. a lovable post out there babes...waiting for the subsequent parts :)

  8. oh my!! tht description makes Mr.Natarajan equivalent to GOD!!!!!!!! ive never seen such a touching note about one's boss!! which firm is it? mereko resume bejna hein :P

  9. hmhm--

    In a work culture where the boss is usually dominating and demanding...

    your boss does set a new example....

  10. Thanks kaka :)

    Ramya - :D

    Archana - I don't think he will read this! Unless he tries to google me out or something. Not in touch after I landed in Kerala :)Hope you get to meet your professors really REALLY soon!!!

    Pallav - Aww thanks. Yup fortunate only the first time around though ;)

    Sowmi - OH! Congrats :D :D :D Hope it all went well?

    Gayathri - Not many... even I wasn't lucky the next time around... heheeh

    Kangna - awww... but I'm sure they still must be missing you sweets... who wouldnt? :)

    Anwesa - :) The next part is not going to be so lovable :P

    Sawan - I KNOW right? Arreyyy... he was the best! I was lucky to have him as my boss the first time around...

    Muthu - Oh yeah he does :)

  11. okies, wise reply!! i noticed tht u din give me the firm's name :P

  12. Hahaha... all rights reserved ;) Plus, he doesn't work there anymore :) Went in search of greener pastures... i.e, running his own business... :)

  13. aww quite a sweet post..natarajan is it?? tamilian?? Well lucky u are to get a great boss...Hopefully someday u grow on and become one too!

  14. promotion par resignation :O


    don't have words to explain :)

  15. he should see this post definitely...

    btw, what do u do ?

  16. tats so sweet Dhanya!!
    your boss must be a very kind person...God bless him..

  17. :)

    Nice on dhans..blessed to have a boss like him..aavam Mr.Natarajan..Atlast,he got rid of you.. :d


  18. Aww! Such a sweet post :)

  19. cool post! cheers to such cool bosses!

  20. Lucky you! My Boss always reserves 'The Best' to give it to me, in everything.

    Sometimes 'unconditional love' manifests in different forms like a phone call for the graveyard shift and unheard words to Boost Productivity.

    Rarely a boss, blossoms like a lotus flower in the mud pond to spread enlightenment all around. It is amazing to know that it has happened in your case.

  21. well am glad that there are more people who feel this way...

    I get annoyed when they schedule meetings beyond 6pm which eat into my personal time...

    I compromise a lil but I wont make my loved ones give up something cos of the extra insane hours at my workplace...

  22. gr888 post...i can see frm this post...u r just awesome from inside

  23. Ah.. quitwe sweet post...
    at one point of time i was knwn to b a workoholic, bt nw even i am thinking of giving more time 2 my personal life...
    u r lucky to hav a boss like tat... i shuld tel u even i go a very sweet boss like that... so whnever i get bored with my work, he is the 1st person i think of.. i am sure he dont wanna c me that way...

  24. I love my ex boss like crazy too..only im my case it wasnt platonic...I had the most massive crush on him..its been 3 mnths now and i still cant get over it.
    You know wat the worst part is? He treats me like a kid and calls me his baccha! Yeah..the guy i m soo crazy abt thinks of me as a kid!

    Damn miss him soo much :(

  25. yes I also prefer personal life over career:)nice post:)

  26. my first reaction was: "What?! you rejected a promotion!"

    good post.

  27. Uh? I cld swear i commented on this one..why why why do my comments disappear :( Koi nahi..Ill comment again.

    My ex boss was just like your boss. he pampered me, taught me all that i needed to learn, pushed me to excel and helped me reach hgts i cldnt have imagined possible..and all this in a shrt span of 1 yr. He has been transfered now...but he is still in touch with me. He guides me, calls me wen im unwell or wen he finds out that im stressed out due to wrk pressures....he makes me feel wanted and precious.

    Sigh! I miss him :(

  28. Wow.. Wow..! YOU actually did that rejected a promotion... :O

    Lovely post..!

  29. consider u r self lucky to get a boss like that !!! mine were all self righteous Ba@@@@ds

  30. my boss's not typical bossiness led me to have a huge crush on him!
    i mean we hardly have a two year age difference but then he is such an understanding person.

    always teaching me ways to get thinsgs done and then showing me with booster compliments.

    makes my life so much easier Thanks to God I found this job and I hope against hope God has plans for making me stay here.
    cuz i love what i do and i love the people i work with!

    :) great post hunz

  31. Madhu - Hey there :) Mr. Natrajan isn't a Tamilian. Very much a Mallu :)

    Daydreamer - Hahaha.... Yeah, I totally respect your sentiments! :D

    Suree - I'm an engineer :)

    Enchantinganki - Thanks dear!!

    Nikhil - Nee poda. He will never get another sweet, hardworking and cute employee like me ever :P

    Ki- :D Start blogging again will ya?!

  32. Eye-in-sty-in - Three cheers! :D

    Surya Kannan - Lol @ boss reserving the 'best' for you :D Most bosses do that :)

    Arv - Yeah so irritating no? Precisely why I didn't take up the promotion.. ;)

    Geekie - Aww thanks :) I love it when ppl say that - 'awesome from inside':D

    Devil incarnate - If you're working too much such that its affecting ur personal life.. slow down a lil! YOU NEED TO!

    Shanu - Oho! I don't have a crush or anything on my boss! Lol. Father figure I mentioned explicitly to avoid this misunderstanding. Phew! Having a crush on your boss. That might suck big time (and scary too).

    Kunjal - Yay :D

    Abhishek - Yeah, that reaction is quite normal.. trust me :)

    Sameera - Hmmm. Yes. I don't exactly look at it with a lot of pride or anything.

    Bedazzled - Hahaha! I agree :)

    AD - oh! Only two years age difference? My ex-boss is in his late 40s :) Good to know you enjoy your job and that you share a good rapport with the people you work with. Ur lucky :)

  33. that was quite some post, eh???? m so glad u had such a wonderful boss cuz i have known bosses who are definitely imprints of hitler!!!! quitting ur job back then wud have been a risky thing but, i guess, thats was following-your-heart actually means!! way to go!!!!!!

  34. education paved the way to my coffin...job nailed it! :P :P

    *ur posts strike a chord somewhere deep within....kudos Ms. Venu!*

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