Monday, August 03, 2009

The Laughter Box In Me

It was one of those days when Miths, Pri, my sis and I got together to just chat aimlessly throughout most of the day. When the whole house succumbed to sweet slumber, we were still awake yakking away.

The nonsense just got even more nonsensical when Miths decided to ramble on some Sardari jokes. Some of them were utterly corny, but that didn’t stop the laughter box in me from getting out of control. I was happily laughing away, until my sadist of a grandmother reported to the parents. My niece acted as the message passer and we were asked to tone it down.

Next morning, Dhanya wasn’t feeling all that great. I dunno if it was the excess of laughing that took place the previous night that made Dhanya so cranky but yes, she WAS cranky! All of a sudden, to make herself feel good she started singing ‘Happy friendship dayyyy to meee’ quite loudly. This made Pri dedicate ‘Tu Hi To Meri Dost Hai’ from Yuvvraj. I dunno if she played the song just coz she cared for me… or to silence me down. But anyhow, it worked.

Now that the song dedications were done with, it was time for breakfast…

Aunt : You guys were SO loud yesterday night! And dhanya, you were laughing the loudest!!

Dhanya : No way! It must have been chech. We sound almost similar, no?

Chech (the elder sister) : Nope nope… it was you only! I was almost asleep remember?

I found it hard to believe. I mean, I do laugh loudly but loud enough for the whole house to hear? Impossible! This was clearly a big misunderstanding.

On my way back home, sis and I got all kiddish and started playing zig zag zoo. This clearly amused Dhanya coz she started laughing aloud again…. and this time realization hits.

Dhanya (still shocked after hearing her own laugh) : Did I laugh like this yesterday nite?

Sis (grinning) : Oh yes you did!

Out of nowhere, two particular incidents came rushing back to me :
  • The way people looked at me when I laughed after watching Tom & Jerry during my flight to Dubai. (and they were such nasty looks mind you! Travelling alone also worsened the situation).
  • Distant relatives coming to visit us after a long time and looking stunned once they see the prim and proper looking gal bursting out (and nearly falling off from her chair) after hearing a really sad joke from a cousin.

So today is the day I finally realized that I laugh really loud. I cannot seem to control my laughter, or hold it within. I have laughed at the most inappropriate times and even ended up hurting some people’s sentiments. I laugh even when I am sad or feel like crying (oh yes I do!). I laugh when I really dunno what to say and I laugh when I do know what to say but then prefer not to.

Yes, I am a certified laughter box…. and I don’t seem to mind it one bit ;)

Happy Friendship Day! (Though I'm a day late). I must have already wished those bloggers who I have added on FB. This goes to the rest of em out there! Hope you had lotsa fun with friends and folks alike!

Special love to blogger friends Richa, Amith and Nikhil. I haven't known you guys for long, but whatever comments, jokes, fights and secrets shared makes your friendship all worth it already!

Richa - Someone who I can totally identify with. I dunno if it has to do with her being of the same age or anything. Her sense of humour just rocks!

Amith - Someone who has been extremely sweet to me till date though I want to see that angry side of him. I have tried to get him mad at me a number of times... but alas I've failed :(

Nikhil - My brother! Yes, he might call me the worst sister ever possible coz I never keep up my promises and I get damn forgetful about certain things but he has been kind enough to forgive me each time :D

Three cheers to all you bloggers out there - for being sweet, for being supportive.. for just being there! My blogging world wouldn't have been complete without you guys....



  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Happy Friendship Day Dhanya...:)

    Your post made me laugh loud..!hahaha..

    You made me realize to be conscious of Laugh ...!

    I need to check through once...:)

    Cool post..!

  2. ur laffs end up in some pretty hillarious posts for d rest of us carry on laffn

  3. ok... now am curious abt that
    laughter :)

    lol @ the flight experience :)

    have fun mate...


  4. blated friendship day wishes to u

  5. happy friendship day to you too :)..belated though :D

  6. lol...i laugh out loud too..but nowadays i smile only..getting sophisticated I guess :)

    happy frndship day

  7. Heh, I'm a laughter-aholic too! I absolutely love having a good laugh, and I'm pretty sure not a day goes by where something somewhere hasn't cracked me up. :)

    Oh and the bit on Tom & Jerry... Hahah, I've so done that! It's hard to control your laughter sometimes, especially when the scene on screen is downright hilarious. Happened to me when I was watching "Heyy Babyy" on a flight back from India. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when the stinky diaper went flying into Akshay Kumar's face. Though I think the cute Jet Airways Steward thought I was looney-bin. Whatever. :P

    Happy Friendship Day right back at ya Dhanya!

  8. Happie Friendship Day 2 u too..!!

    its really gr8 when strangers become so much special and share a lovely relation of friendship. soon they seem to be a part of ur life and without them it feels like ahh.. :(

    God bless u with such lovely frndz..and give u the strength to never stop laughing.. ;)

    tk care

  9. hehe.. dun mind even if u laugh utterly loud, its good to share happiness with whole world :D bet u cant beat me :D

    and awwwwww.. ths soo very sweet of you.. happy belated frndship day to u too :D

    and i too really love u :)

  10. well.. Miss 'The one with the laughter box'... you r not alone... I tend to lol without having any thought of the situation n surroundings... Amma yells at me frm 7 to 8 every evening when I m watchin Friends...It just happens...n Belated Friendship day wishes to u too...

  11. oyyee thn u shud start a laughter therapy classes..many ppl need it :)

    bt the thought tat u laugh so loud is making me laugh :P..n wid Tom n Jerry these things are bound to happen..

    Keep laughing aloud :)

    love ya!! :)

  12. Anonymous7:52 PM

    lol! I laugh loudly too! Never noticed the smirks... let me see next time ;-)

  13. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Let the laughter get even louder :)Happy Friends Day!

  14. And do you know, ur readers laugh out loud when they read your posts? :D

    happy friendship day....u rock despite u being amith's friend :P :))
    love :)

  15. your post was the dose i needed :)


  16. happy frndship dhanya..
    keep on laughing dear.. :)

  17. Vyshu - Belated Friendship Day wishes :) :) You don't really have to be conscious of the way you laugh you know.. I was just curious that's all :P

    Mayz - Heheh... thanks a lot!

    Arv - :D

    Suree - Same to you! :)

    Gayathri - Heyyyy! Happy friendship day to you too... belated of course ;)

  18. Archana - Yay you! I like you more with every comment you leave behind. It's awesome to meet a fellow laughter-holic! Three cheers to us, what say? :)

    Tom & Jerry simply rocks doesn't it? I kinda like Dexter's lab too :) Deedee especially! Awww @ your hysterical laughter when the Jet Airways steward was around... better luck next time ;)

    Happy friendship day to you too Archana :)

  19. Rahil - Definitely! Some people just come into ur life out of nowhere and become special in their own special lil way. :) Lol@ God giving me strength to laugh. Trust me He has given me loads of strength to do just that :P

    Richa - Ha! We shall see who shall beat whom :P :P Happy friendship day to you too sweetheart... wish you all the happiness you rightly deserve! :)

    Lakshmi - lol! even I laugh out loud watching Friends.. welcome to the club :)

    Swati - Laughter therapy classes? I think I should... People around too grumpy nowadays don't you think ? :P Love ya too sweets...

    Ramya - You definitely should! And gimme details after you do so :P

    Surya Kannan - Happy friendship day (belated) to you too! :)

    Mads - Awww... you're the sweetest! I like you inspite of being Amith's friend too... lolz..

    AD - Yay! :) *hugzz*

    Sahityika - Same to you dear.... :)

  20. @dhanno - i like u inspite of u being my friend too!! hmmpphhh!!...if only u d interact less with mads :P u d be just perfect :).

    And oye..i havent gotten angry with u? wow..tats news to me..:P...but oh dont due time i will :P...brace urself...


  21. chicken laughing :)

    lov yu sweety,i have also laughed out loud at weirdest times i am so unaware of situations :D

    happy fhsip day angel :)

  22. Amith - Really? When did you get angry with me? Damn.. I totally missed it.. :( Please remind me!

    Kangna - san sana san san... even though I wished you, happy friendship day to you AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! :)

  23. Zindagi hasne gaane ke liye hain pal, har pal

  24. hehe, but you are still in a better position. At least its laughter. In my case, now 3 people have continually told me that I snore at night, and that too **loud enough to wake the complete neighborhood. **- to quote my wife.

    I denied it the first time, second time when my wife told me I argued vehemently, now the third time has made me accept the reality.I wish i could control it, as in the case of laughter.


  25. wow, its a boon right?? laugh ur heart out!! happy frenship day [belated] sweets :)

  26. HFD to u. Laughter is the best medicine! You can open a shop. (Dont laugh on thi s PJ yaar)
    PS: I'm having trouble with getting followup comments in my inbox

  27. habit is same here. i too laugh like insane mad.....even 3-4 times when our family got news about sm1's expiration n i started investigating the matter...i found the situation quite funny....

    or in the class when teacher start staring at me n catch me doing smthing ILLIGAL.....i start bursting sm times...

    with time now its under a lilbit control as i hv grown up.... and i am feeling sad y i m grown up..:(

  28. LOL

    Nice post on laughing loud..When
    I am in my elements,you do see that side of me.. :)

    Thanks for the mention there,means a lot..reason to smile..

    Happy Friendship Day to you too.. :)


  29. I laugh loud too. Really loud at times. It's hard to keep it down on flights too.
    Now I know where I got it from!

  30. Enjoyed reading it..and made me laugh out loud when i was low...with a grumpy face in the other room...and my hubby wondering, "what's she up to?" ;)

  31. Anonymous11:31 PM

    as long as the teeth does not get punished.... And that in turn could be downrigghtttt funny :D

    Its funny to watch Grannies laugh too :D

    Lets say you are effervescent keep smiling and laughing!! :D


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