Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny Nothings

I enjoy reminiscing. I like to rewind, think and relive those moments that have made me giggle, laugh or smile. Who doesn’t? It’s a healthy exercise as long as you don’t think about stuff that can depress you or bring you down.

So here they are. Some funny nothings which still brings a smile to my face –

Something Fishy

This small lil four year old boy is watching his grandmother cleaning up fish.

Lil BoyWhat are you doing?

GrandMTaking all the appi (Muck, Shit, Crap) out from the fish.

Lil Boyohhh!

Lil boy scans the fish with narrowed eyes for a minute or two and then asks with all innocence–

But ammamma (grandmother)!!! Where is the the fish’s chandhi (buttocks)????”

Kutty Malu & Bopu

Pri’s (my recently married cousin) husband has the most adorable nephew. He calls Pri ‘Kutty Malu’ and Pri’s husband as ‘Bopu’; nicknames which have no meaning at all. Sounds more like characters out of a Mallu comic book which makes me remark to Pri that they should come out with a book called ‘Kutty Malu and Bopu’ in the lines of ‘Boban and Molly’ (Two famous Mallu comic book characters).

PriSo today I will be going to my ancestral place ok? I will be coming back again on Saturday!

This made the lil guy burst out in tears coz Pri happens to be his playmate. He immediately runs to his mom ….

Amma!!! Please buy for me one Kutty Malu, noooo ?!”

Amma (highly amused): But from where???

Nephew : From the same place Bopu got this Kutty Malu from!!!!!

Dangerous Waters

Miths in between eating chunks of uthappam was animatedly telling me and Pri about the recent happenings at his training center :

“….And so these foreign trainers ask J what his interests are.

J : I like swimming, sir.

Foreigner : Wow! Swimming! That’s just fabulous! Where do you swim? Swimming pools?

J : Hahaha! No sir! We have a small river nearby. Over there I like swimming very much!!!!

Foreigner : Oh my God! India is such a beautiful place. You get to swim in rivers and ponds and what not! Wow!!! Hmmm! So why don’t you swim in those big beaches that are so famous over here?

J : *Silence*

Foreigner : *Looks eagerly for J’s answer*

J (with all earnestness and looking at trainers all wide eyed) : Why? Coz … coz… I don’t want to die so fast, sirrrrr!!!!”

Dads Say The Darnest Things

Bro-in-law, my sis and his family goes to this far away temple which they have never visited before. Bro in law sees that many people are staring at him coz apparently (according to him anyway) they were all dressed like crap whereas there he was looking like a prince in his new kasavu mundu. He walks with ever more ishtyle with his father in tow.

Bro in law’s father as soon as he reaches the priestWe have come here for a very special reason.

Priest Yes, tell me.

FatherMy son, here, (pointing to my bro in law) drinks too much! What do we do ????

Now, before you get the wrong picture let me tell you that my bro in law is hardly a drunkard. FAR from it actually. Just like anyone else, he enjoys some pegs now and then. But his conservative parents found this hard to take and have brought him here for this very reason without his knowledge. My sis knew this though and was standing far off with a very wide grin on her face.

Bro in law looks left and right to see that the very people who were admiring his kasavu mund, his numerous gold rings and bracelets were now tch tch-ing at him. In the words of my sister –

“He turned back and fled!”


  1. LOL @ where is is fish's chandi!! cho cute.
    Once there were so many crows in the sky, so the small girl near my home (who can talk in hindi) was saying "ye kaka (crow) log yaahaan par sab kyaaa kar raha hai?"
    and ROFL @ Your bro in law thinking that "all were undressed" and he looked istylish in his kasavu mundu and so many gold rings ;-)_

  2. //“Amma!!! Please buy for me one Kutty Malu, noooo ?!”

    Well, what you found funny from a kid you might have found horribly reeking of MCPness and slave-trade practice, if said by a grown up!

  3. Hey,
    Thanks for some nice memories..:)..

    **Nephew : From the same place Bopu got this Kutty Malu from!!!!!

    Ahaha... naughty kid..:)

    Have a nice time:)

  4. Tht was hilarious... Loved the first one..rofl..:D

  5. Tht was hilarious... Loved the first one..rofl..:D

  6. lol.....hilarious..:D...especially the kutty malu thing....haha...good post..:)

  7. First timer here but now I'll stay around for a while coz' your blog is juz' amazing!!!

    Am too a mallu kutty and relating to all the reminiscing things you've mentioned, makes me nostalgic..

    Nice work with the funny nothings...they truly are just a day more in your life, ain't it..but holds more love for you than anyone else..:)

    Keep writing!! Following you...

  8. Anonymous2:16 PM

    this was so cute...u a malayali?? Me a tamilian..quite guessed it a bit..but do confirm..:)
    u sure deserve all those awards for a cute sweet blog!!

  9. Haha. Funny nothings are fun to read!

  10. Nice look see into your life and relatives.

  11. hey, trust kids to cheer you up alwayz..:))
    nice post, lol@ chandi tale and kutty malu wala incident..
    nice post...

  12. another gem from who else but kids:))..

  13. Hahhaha... lol.. that was totally hilarias..
    simply loved the witty ones though the kutty malu prt was the bst...

  14. Very cute and so so funny.. I was ROFTL :D

  15. Ramya - LOL @ kaka log :D Amazing to hear how kids talk sometimes na? So cute. My bro in law thinks he's the most handsome man to ever grace this planet. So let's not even go there ;)

    Stupidosaur - Duh! You can't say/do the same things which u did when u were young na? For example, you can't ask the same qn which the kid in the first story of this post did :D

    Pramoda - :)

    Lakshmi - Thanks for liking the post :D

    Kaka - Yeah, even I like the kutty malu story the best!

    Fiducia - Awww thanks! Nice to meet a fellow Mallu kutty here :)

  16. Anonymous - Yes, I am a Mallu :) You guessed it right!! Thanks so much for liking my cute sweet blog :D :D

    ZB - :D

    Zeba - Glad u had fun reading it :)

    Suchismita - Thanks for reading :)

    Wishes galore - Yeah, kids are just magical! Will definitely read that post of urs now...

    Devil Incarnate - My personal fav too :)

    Sowmi - Heheh. And I am all smiles seeing you go ROTFL :)

  17. Yes I can!

    -Barrack Obama
    -The guy who CANs the chandi-less fish for sale.

  18. hehe totally relate to the "Dads Say The Darnest Things" one!

  19. fish chandhi and the kutty malu ones are priceless.. what can i say .. children !!

  20. Omg, the little fish story is so cute! :) Kids really do say some of the funniest things.

    I remember my little niece asked me once how we get strawberry milk, chocolate milk, etc etc. And before I was about to explain, she goes, well does it call come from the same cow? Because you know how cows have taps (referring to the udder, lol) under them, does each tap have different milk??

    Hehe I just about died laughing that day. :P

  21. ROFL

    People do say the darnest things!

  22. "He turned around and fled!"

    hahaha...this one had me in splits!

    Very nice list of sweet nothings :)

  23. aww, that was such a sweet here after a long time but yrus is the first blog i read n i absolutely loved it.....its always fun to rewind cherish those moments inne

  24. Dhanya.. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you :) :) :)

    Have the greatest and most beautiful year ahead!!

    Luv :)

  25. hey Dhanya,
    How are you? :)
    There's something for you on my blog :) Pick it up :P :P :)

  26. hahaha..
    that's funny indeed....and a brilliant concept to add to it....

    sometimes these nothings form our very support system...

    one the whole, a very nice visit mine and tell me what u think...

  27. ha haa...

    nice read mate... good laughs to start a monday :)

    thanks for sharing...


  28. well not names madhu..:0 guess why my name dint come up there..:(

  29. now that is the fun dose i was looking forward to read :D

    p.s. really jealous of ur awards. i just noticed :D


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