Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Deal Made With A 7 Year Old...

Niece : Di mema (she has loads of respect for me)... I have something very important to tell you...

Me : Hmmm....

Niece : I don't want you to ever get married...

Me : Huh? Why?

Niece : You will spend all your time with your husband and you'll have no time for me *pouts*

Me : Of course I will have time for you! How can I NOT have any time for you??

Niece : Oh ok... then I have another demand....

Me : Yeah.. go on...

Niece : I have to like & approve the guy first before you do! Deal?

Me : Deal! :)

P.S : The last post about Mister You was in reference to a childhood friend (my "chaddy buddy" as we call each other, derived from the hindi slang "langotiya yaar" :P) The only person to have figured 'You' out, was (but obviously) my sister....


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    :)..very cute!!

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    How cute! So very cute :-)

  3. Sweet Niece :) Kids are Kids :) They are so sweet and innocent :)

  4. then r u really going to meet this deal..
    i mean do u really consider ur niece request...
    i m sure ..u will

    tk cr

  5. well said naksh but being single at 7 and 25 is way different lol :D

    muah gals

  6. Hehe how sweet! I love how little kids are, and they way that they candidly express themselves. Dhanya, make sure you find yourself a man that passes the niece test! :)

  7. how sweet :) like my cousin did approve my Mister :D

  8. Some times small kids say smthing which have deep meanings...i dont know how they do that but wenever they do feels so great !!

    Your niece sounds so sweet and cute :)

    Take care of her !

  9. hehe.. cute kid :)

  10. Anonymous5:58 PM

    :( will you stop blogging if you get married. !? :( :(

  11. Deal :) kids are too clever these days :)

  12. hehehe
    Cho Chweet kid :)
    hehehe :) :)

    Keep Smiling :)

  13. awwww....cute kid alright...but now toh u can never get u actually think she s gonna approve of any1 other than tom or jerry? :P


  14. How's generation kiddos i tell u :O :O
    and i thought it was a guy. and a very close friend with whom u'v been friends with for a really long time.
    so i was close re :D :P

  15. Aww! cute lil kid!
    and btw i thought that 'you' was ur brother:)

  16. Geekie, Vyshu, Ramya - Yeah, no? :D

    Sowmi - Yup yup :)

    Pallav - I guess so :P I mean our tastes seem very similar in everything else... :)

    Kangna - Who's 25? I AM NOT YET 25! Hmmph!

    Archana - I will try... definitely :)

    Richa - Really? Yayness :D

    Rahil - I knowww... you just echoed what I had to say word for word!! :)

    Amal - :)

  17. Anonymous -

    Sad smiley ??? :) Never ever will I stop blogging. My blog is like my diary. I write everything here so that I can look back and smile at things that happened over the years! That's the purpose of my blog. You think I am going to skip those beautiful stories of being committed and being in love once I do find someone? :)

    Thanks for being so concerned abt my blogging though. Really touching :)

    Btw, do I know you?

  18. Swati - Hehehe... and my niece is the cutest ;)

    Satyu - :D

    Amith - LOL! Wow... never thought of it that way... chalo, guess I will have to look for someone who is as cute as Jerry or someone who is as naughty as Tom or preferably a combo of both! :)

    Mads - YEAH! New gen kids leave you totally dumbstruck sometimes... and yeah you came close in figuring out 'You'... see, now I like you even more :D

    AI - Lol... far from it :P

  19. tat ws chooooo cute awwwww...

  20. aaawwwwnnnnn. u need to find a good guy now that he has to b approved by a 7 year old!!

  21. thats so sweet of her...

    do tell her abt this when she grows up :)


  22. so sweet ..

    ask her to search for Mr.Dhanya :)

  23. lol how cute!!!
    my 6 years old niece wants me to get married because she wants me to have kids, but then she wants us all to live together :D

  24. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Is she the adorable one from the picture? :D

  25. how cute!! so some one has to impress ur neice before he impress u :P fair enuf!!

  26. i wanna meet ur niece !!!!

  27. Anonymous7:25 PM

    of course you do....

  28. i remember my horror filled 7 year old neighbour ryan..

  29. Awwieee! Such a sweetheart your niece is. Give her all the love and NEVER forget that deal. :P

    And by the way.. does your childhood-chuddy-buddy-langotia-yaar blog? :D

  30. Priya - :) :)

    Zeba - Yeah I know!!! Going to be very difficult!

    Arv - That's why this blog is there ;) If she's interested she will read :D

    Suree - Hahaha... she has started that already... in a way :)

    lena - really??? so sweet! and heyyy welcome back to my blog... long time no see!! :)

    daydreamer - :)

    Ki - Yup yup! The same adorable one from the picture :)

    enchantinganki - :D

    Sawan - Hehehe... tough task but ;)

    Kaalki - Come on over :D

  31. Anonymous - Oh, I do? Now don't be so vague :P Reveal yourself!

    Chriz - Yeah, and I remember reading abt him!

    Jyoti - Lol... naaah... my childhood-chuddy-buddy-langotia-yaar doesn't blog unfortunately... he sucks!! :P

  32. Kids are way ahead of us.

  33. A.R.N - Yup! Definitely! They sure are :)

  34. Wow... hw sweett..
    Kids do influense us the most unusual way..


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