Monday, August 31, 2009

A Year Older

Yes, I have a turned a year older. Not any wiser. This time around, my birthday is going to be a rather dull one. Last year I was attending the bestest of parties at 12 A.M and now I'm at a place where nothing of the sort is going to happen. But then, that's life...

One thing's for sure. The coming year is going to be special. Really special... (I hope)....

When times are bad
When you are sad
Coz God has a plan for you
He has a special surprise just in store for you....

The above lines are something which I keep telling myself when I'm down. Yes, I'm a lil blue even if it's my birthday. Mostly coz I'm comparing this b'day to my previous ones.

Anyway, go on now. Close your eyes and utter a small prayer for me. :-)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny Nothings

I enjoy reminiscing. I like to rewind, think and relive those moments that have made me giggle, laugh or smile. Who doesn’t? It’s a healthy exercise as long as you don’t think about stuff that can depress you or bring you down.

So here they are. Some funny nothings which still brings a smile to my face –

Something Fishy

This small lil four year old boy is watching his grandmother cleaning up fish.

Lil BoyWhat are you doing?

GrandMTaking all the appi (Muck, Shit, Crap) out from the fish.

Lil Boyohhh!

Lil boy scans the fish with narrowed eyes for a minute or two and then asks with all innocence–

But ammamma (grandmother)!!! Where is the the fish’s chandhi (buttocks)????”

Kutty Malu & Bopu

Pri’s (my recently married cousin) husband has the most adorable nephew. He calls Pri ‘Kutty Malu’ and Pri’s husband as ‘Bopu’; nicknames which have no meaning at all. Sounds more like characters out of a Mallu comic book which makes me remark to Pri that they should come out with a book called ‘Kutty Malu and Bopu’ in the lines of ‘Boban and Molly’ (Two famous Mallu comic book characters).

PriSo today I will be going to my ancestral place ok? I will be coming back again on Saturday!

This made the lil guy burst out in tears coz Pri happens to be his playmate. He immediately runs to his mom ….

Amma!!! Please buy for me one Kutty Malu, noooo ?!”

Amma (highly amused): But from where???

Nephew : From the same place Bopu got this Kutty Malu from!!!!!

Dangerous Waters

Miths in between eating chunks of uthappam was animatedly telling me and Pri about the recent happenings at his training center :

“….And so these foreign trainers ask J what his interests are.

J : I like swimming, sir.

Foreigner : Wow! Swimming! That’s just fabulous! Where do you swim? Swimming pools?

J : Hahaha! No sir! We have a small river nearby. Over there I like swimming very much!!!!

Foreigner : Oh my God! India is such a beautiful place. You get to swim in rivers and ponds and what not! Wow!!! Hmmm! So why don’t you swim in those big beaches that are so famous over here?

J : *Silence*

Foreigner : *Looks eagerly for J’s answer*

J (with all earnestness and looking at trainers all wide eyed) : Why? Coz … coz… I don’t want to die so fast, sirrrrr!!!!”

Dads Say The Darnest Things

Bro-in-law, my sis and his family goes to this far away temple which they have never visited before. Bro in law sees that many people are staring at him coz apparently (according to him anyway) they were all dressed like crap whereas there he was looking like a prince in his new kasavu mundu. He walks with ever more ishtyle with his father in tow.

Bro in law’s father as soon as he reaches the priestWe have come here for a very special reason.

Priest Yes, tell me.

FatherMy son, here, (pointing to my bro in law) drinks too much! What do we do ????

Now, before you get the wrong picture let me tell you that my bro in law is hardly a drunkard. FAR from it actually. Just like anyone else, he enjoys some pegs now and then. But his conservative parents found this hard to take and have brought him here for this very reason without his knowledge. My sis knew this though and was standing far off with a very wide grin on her face.

Bro in law looks left and right to see that the very people who were admiring his kasavu mund, his numerous gold rings and bracelets were now tch tch-ing at him. In the words of my sister –

“He turned back and fled!”

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work Memories - Part 2

If you thought my experience at my first work place seemed too good to be true, then you would be glad to know that my second work place environment was as horrifying as it could get. Well, almost. Not that I didn’t have my share of fun considering I always take it upon myself to create some sort of controversy or entertainment value (even if it all happens unknowingly) wherever I go or in whatever I do especially since the past two-three years.

There were only four people working in my department -

Bhai Jaan
Extremely protective Mallu work brother. VERY narrow minded but helpful. Always wants A/C at 18 degrees C even if it’s freezing outside. Listens to only Mallu songs.

Tamil Raja
Senior. Villain. Listens to only Tamil songs. Always talks to me in Tamil even though he knows that I don’t understand a single word of it. I think he found it difficult to believe that Mallus cannot comprehend Tamil. Result – He kept blabbering in Tamil and I would nod and smile, nod and smile. The nodding and smiling would come to an abrupt halt when he asked me a question in Tamil. Dhanya would then look at Bhai Jaan with a ‘What’s Tamil Raja talking about?’ expression all over her face. Bhai Jaan would understand Dhanya’s plight and would then offer a translation.

Bahraini Blah
Always on phone. Eats a lot. Always on phone. Talks a lot. Always on phone. Complains a lot. Always on phone. Likes only Arabic music.

Last but definitely not the least – Me. Moi. Myself.
Prankster. Spends most of the day chatting, orkutting (I wasn't much into FB then) and did I mention chatting? Occasionally, you might find her bunking work to go to Starbucks nearby to taste their latest Frappucinos and Cappucinos. She has raided every single shop outside her office that too during work hours. Fights for the A/C remote control with Bhai Jaan almost every day. Likes only Hindi (and sometimes English) music.
You might have noticed my mentioning of our individual music tastes. Now picturize this – a room where four of us are seated, each of us playing music of our own choice. So what you get is a mash up of Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi/English and Arabic songs. Entering our department was like entering a discotheque with badly coordinated music and no one was willing to compromise on turning their music down. This had its pros as well. I started enjoying some Arabic numbers (Khaled’s Aisha) whereas Bahraini Blah started liking some Hindi songs (Pyar Bina – Adnan Sami).

Everything was going alright. Then the fights started. I fought for almost everything –

Why aren’t the gals given equal pay as the guys who are doing similar kind of work?

Why is the senior spending most of his time gossiping with colleagues when he complains of no time to do his work (which resulted in him dumping a significant amount of his work on me)? (This complaint of mine led to an installation of a CCTV right on top of his cabin. Hah!)

Why is it that the Bahraini who “accidently” touched my backside got away scot-free and just given a few meager warnings by an obviously gutless Indian manager?

There was so much of work politics and muck that in no time I was summoned about 5-6 times each by the Branch manager, HR manager and the General manager. Not something I am proud of, but you have to fight for your rights, right?

Inspite of all this, I still kind of liked the place. I wasn’t planning on resigning but fate had other plans and brought me to India instead. After resignation, I met the GM for one last time –

GM – “We will miss you.
Me – “Coz of all the trouble I created?”
GM – “Exactly for that.”

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Work Memories - Part 1

Almost all of us (the average person at least) tend to hate their work or job at some given point of time. If you are a total career person who is in love with whatever you’re doing, I’m in awe of you. I don’t think I can ever fall in love with my work. I am not a career oriented person at all so much so that if in case it intervenes with my personal life, I will just let it go. That’s what made me quit my first job.

My first job was a dream come true. I got a fab salary, an extremely kind person as a boss (who used to make sure I ordered proper Indian khana instead of junk food) and of course fun and helpful colleagues. I was the youngest in my department at that time coz of which I was pampered royally. I was excused whenever I came late, whenever I bunked office with Fathima (only to be caught red handed outside by my pops. Bahrain is such a small small place I tell you!) and whenever I was caught chatting or playing games instead of working. I guess I was forgiven inspite of all this coz I did my work perfectly and damn fast.

Then the most unforgivable thing happened - they actually decided to promote me! A normal person would have been ecstatic but Dhanya was like ‘Huh? Why?’. This promotion had its one perk – a bigger salary. But it also meant I had to sit for longer (and absurd) hours which would compromise my time with loved ones. I rejected it outright.

I demanded my same old position which paid me enough to buy me all the branded stuff I needed but these sensible people thought I would act like any other normal person who would have taken up the promotion quite willingly. This assumption had led them to recruit another guy from India way before I got notified. A frustrated, angry and disappointed Dhanya offered her resignation letter then and there. They could have at least asked me before jumping into conclusions?

I am still reminded of my immaturity by my boss, colleagues and even friends now and then. So am I regretting it? Not really. The one and only thing I might just regret a lil bit is leaving my boss all disappointed. I looked upto him as a father figure (and at times had even wished my father was more like him). We used to discuss movies at length and I can still remember how we went on and on about ‘Guru’ and its connection with the Ambani family. When he looked down at my resignation paper, for the first time I saw a very tired looking old man instead of the hyper, lovable person who was always in a good mood. He shook his head twice or thrice and then I got the shock of my life when I saw a tiny tear rolling down his cheeks….

Now those very tiny tears got me depressed for weeks. Plus, I got a gift delivered to my home – ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by him which didn’t make stuff easier. I sent across a box of chocolates and thanked him for being such a wonderful ‘old man’. I got an email from him the very same day saying he gobbled up all the chocos within minutes but requested not to send any more sweets coz he was getting too fat for his own good. ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ still remains one of my favorites… made extra special coz of the sweet memories attached to it.

After that, I did keep in touch with my boss. I would always text or message first whenever a letter of mine got published in the national Bahraini newspaper – The Gulf Daily News. He would call now and then to enquire about stuff and told me that I sounded very mature the last time we talked. My response –

Mature? I will tell you if it holds true or not after I end up in a similar situation at my current work place.”

Somehow, that reply just made him laugh uncontrollably….

….and that made me smile unknowingly…


God bless you Mr. Natrajan. You’re the best teacher at work anyone could have asked for.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's All About Loving Yourself...

Me : Whom do you love most in this world?

Mom : Myself, of course…

Me : Second most?

Mom : Again me *smiles*

Me : And third place goes to?

Mom : Me again! You need not repeat the question. I love myself a lot…

How important is it to love yourself in such a way that you don’t let others take that liberty of hurting you?

Why do people hurt themselves coz of others? I guess people get upset or sad depending on other’s actions and not coz of their own. Which leads me to another qn - why are we dependent on others for our happiness?

Whenever I talk to people nowadays, their reason for being sad or depressed is coz of another person. It’s nearly impossible to NOT let a person hurt you but the least we can do is respect our own feelings and not to take things too seriously and preferably not think too much about it – the ifs and the buts i.e.

Once upon a time, Dhanya used to be a big cry baby. She used to cry over literally everything. Just recently, my grandmother told me she can’t believe how I have grown up to be the strong person that I’m today, a kind of person who doesn’t really care a damn even if people bitch about her. You won’t believe the number of ridiculous questions I have to face everyday –

Why isn’t she getting married? Maybe she’s having an affair.” (Oh! How I wish I was!)

“Why does she stay up late? Maybe she’s chatting with a foreigner to keep up with their time zone.” (Some people fail to understand that insomniacs do exist.)

“Why do you have to evaluate every single detail of your would-be? Just find an average joe and get married to him!” (In short, I should just get married to prospects who end up looking more at my feet than conversing with me.)

I react to these questions by just smiling and nodding. The one thing I have understood over the years is not to expect people to understand you ALL the time. Their mindset is different, so is yours & mine. I’ve found out that by telling these people what they want to hear or what they feel is right, you appease them and yourself too. In this way, I don’t hurt them and myself in the process….

I love myself too much to let people hurt me again. Maybe I have had enuff, that's why. My blog posts might show me as a goofy, sometimes stupid, happy go lucky, bubbly kinda person but I'm just an average gal who has gone through her share of heart breaks and muck but never really found it necessary to show the sadness coz I believe - "When you smile, the whole world smiles with you. When you cry, you cry alone."

Depression can spread. Try talking about how gloomy you are for long and see how it affects the other person too. In the same way, happiness can spread too... but in a good way. In the end, people are all selfish. They want to feel good. Try taking a guess as to who anyone would prefer to be with - the gloomy or the happy person?

At the moment…

I love myself..
I love my life..
I love my family..

… The only thing that might seem missing from the picture is that perfect guy. I might sound really crazy here, but somehow I get the feeling that that void too will be filled up soon. Really soon...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Deal Made With A 7 Year Old...

Niece : Di mema (she has loads of respect for me)... I have something very important to tell you...

Me : Hmmm....

Niece : I don't want you to ever get married...

Me : Huh? Why?

Niece : You will spend all your time with your husband and you'll have no time for me *pouts*

Me : Of course I will have time for you! How can I NOT have any time for you??

Niece : Oh ok... then I have another demand....

Me : Yeah.. go on...

Niece : I have to like & approve the guy first before you do! Deal?

Me : Deal! :)

P.S : The last post about Mister You was in reference to a childhood friend (my "chaddy buddy" as we call each other, derived from the hindi slang "langotiya yaar" :P) The only person to have figured 'You' out, was (but obviously) my sister....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


You used to annoy me when we were kids and I thought you were a snob back then.

You became more caring, protective and loving as years passed by which was when I started liking you... in that special way.

You won over my entire family in a matter of days. Even my niece started preferring you to me!

You were remorseless when we played football or carroms even though you knew I sucked at both. But somehow that just made me like you more..

You went against your own mature self sometimes to entertain the kiddo side of me which included running around the whole house for no reason at all!

You used to go all dumbstruck and wide eyed whenever I got angry and that expression was so cute it made me smile no matter how pissed off I was at you.

You used to make silly excuses to come visit me at my place. I used to make even sillier excuses to visit your’s.

You used to hate it when ma pampered you by giving you a huge glass of horlicks each time you visited coz she felt you had become too weak from living all alone. But you drank it nonetheless coz you didn’t want to upset her.

You believed in PDA (public display off affection) and used to blow across kisses even in a room which was filled with relatives.

Your eyes wouldn’t stop scanning the whole room until you spotted me during those family get togethers.

You were right there at the airport to greet me with a wide smile when I made my first trip ever at my own expense (even skipping work against my manager’s wishes) just coz you were too caught up with work in another part of the world and I wanted to see you.

You knew that your intelligence on a wide variety of subjects and your ability to talk about anything under the sun impressed me no end and for this very same reason you used to enter into hi-funda debates to leave me all flabbergasted! I would scan newspapers word by word and even started keeping NDTV on 24x7… just to keep at pace with you.

Your hug used to make me feel that I was safe and shielded from all the bad things in this world… even though my head only reached till your chest while u did so and I had to tilt my head slightly to avoid suffocation.

Your presence and your smile was enough to make my day.

There are so many memories still alive..
Someday, I hope they will just die…
But right now I am not sad at all
I’m just left with a smile when I remember those times… before the fall.

Few days ago you told me that you miss me and even tried to lower my defence stating your health problems. All I felt was void. A very big one at that.

But yes, it does feel nice to be missed.

I miss you too… in a way. I mean, it’s hard not to miss or completely ignore a person who you have known for almost 20 years of your life, right?

Juno seems right at the moment -

Here is the church and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you...

The pebbles forgive me,
The trees forgive me
So why can't, you forgive me?
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you...

I will find my nitch in your car
With my mp3 DVD rumple-packed guitar
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you...

Up up down down left right left right B A start
Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you...

You are always trying to keep it real
I'm in love with how you feel
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you...

We both have shiny happy fits of rage
You want more fans, I want more stage
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you...

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Laughter Box In Me

It was one of those days when Miths, Pri, my sis and I got together to just chat aimlessly throughout most of the day. When the whole house succumbed to sweet slumber, we were still awake yakking away.

The nonsense just got even more nonsensical when Miths decided to ramble on some Sardari jokes. Some of them were utterly corny, but that didn’t stop the laughter box in me from getting out of control. I was happily laughing away, until my sadist of a grandmother reported to the parents. My niece acted as the message passer and we were asked to tone it down.

Next morning, Dhanya wasn’t feeling all that great. I dunno if it was the excess of laughing that took place the previous night that made Dhanya so cranky but yes, she WAS cranky! All of a sudden, to make herself feel good she started singing ‘Happy friendship dayyyy to meee’ quite loudly. This made Pri dedicate ‘Tu Hi To Meri Dost Hai’ from Yuvvraj. I dunno if she played the song just coz she cared for me… or to silence me down. But anyhow, it worked.

Now that the song dedications were done with, it was time for breakfast…

Aunt : You guys were SO loud yesterday night! And dhanya, you were laughing the loudest!!

Dhanya : No way! It must have been chech. We sound almost similar, no?

Chech (the elder sister) : Nope nope… it was you only! I was almost asleep remember?

I found it hard to believe. I mean, I do laugh loudly but loud enough for the whole house to hear? Impossible! This was clearly a big misunderstanding.

On my way back home, sis and I got all kiddish and started playing zig zag zoo. This clearly amused Dhanya coz she started laughing aloud again…. and this time realization hits.

Dhanya (still shocked after hearing her own laugh) : Did I laugh like this yesterday nite?

Sis (grinning) : Oh yes you did!

Out of nowhere, two particular incidents came rushing back to me :
  • The way people looked at me when I laughed after watching Tom & Jerry during my flight to Dubai. (and they were such nasty looks mind you! Travelling alone also worsened the situation).
  • Distant relatives coming to visit us after a long time and looking stunned once they see the prim and proper looking gal bursting out (and nearly falling off from her chair) after hearing a really sad joke from a cousin.

So today is the day I finally realized that I laugh really loud. I cannot seem to control my laughter, or hold it within. I have laughed at the most inappropriate times and even ended up hurting some people’s sentiments. I laugh even when I am sad or feel like crying (oh yes I do!). I laugh when I really dunno what to say and I laugh when I do know what to say but then prefer not to.

Yes, I am a certified laughter box…. and I don’t seem to mind it one bit ;)

Happy Friendship Day! (Though I'm a day late). I must have already wished those bloggers who I have added on FB. This goes to the rest of em out there! Hope you had lotsa fun with friends and folks alike!

Special love to blogger friends Richa, Amith and Nikhil. I haven't known you guys for long, but whatever comments, jokes, fights and secrets shared makes your friendship all worth it already!

Richa - Someone who I can totally identify with. I dunno if it has to do with her being of the same age or anything. Her sense of humour just rocks!

Amith - Someone who has been extremely sweet to me till date though I want to see that angry side of him. I have tried to get him mad at me a number of times... but alas I've failed :(

Nikhil - My brother! Yes, he might call me the worst sister ever possible coz I never keep up my promises and I get damn forgetful about certain things but he has been kind enough to forgive me each time :D

Three cheers to all you bloggers out there - for being sweet, for being supportive.. for just being there! My blogging world wouldn't have been complete without you guys....