Sunday, July 05, 2009

Thought For The Day – No Bail For Shiney ?

Shiney Ahuja is sick (I wonder why?) and the 'poor' guy is not even getting bail for raping (oh sorry, it was a case of 'consensual-gone-sour').

…. Please tell me why ?

A corrupt politician who goes by the name of Raj Thackeray gets bail for spreading hatred among communities (don’t even get me started on Thackeray.. the last time I blogged about him, I couldn’t stop typing).

A fellow actor who goes by the name of Salman Khan gets bail easily for running his car over innocent people (even after killing one).

Another not-so-famous actor, Puru Rajkumar, kills three pavement dwellers and gets away without even going to jail!

If this is the case, Shiney should have gotten bail by now. What’s happening ? Are the laws in our country finally changing ?

I’m totally confused about how the judicial system in our country works! Help!


  1. Speaking of Bail..Tottenham Hotspur are on the verge of selling their up and coming left abck gareth bale :).(couldnt resist..sorry)

    Back to the topic...yes yes..our judicial system sux. What else is new? But on the bright side, these incidents suggest, our government considers "malignation" of a female body worse than murder. You females should be proud :D

    watcha think?


  2. ha ha ha.. may be,at last it decided to get going in the right direction.. :)

  3. probably he's actually innocent and this is all a frame up...or probably he doesnt know people upo there who could pull some strings

  4. Laws are and have always been quite the same!
    firstly... a rape case has thousand other pressures like NGo's and all always on the neck supportin the woman's verdict and allegation plus...
    it took time for this to proove that if salman was driving or his driver plus the out of court settlement in that case was on the way along side so the opposite party lawyer was not showing any furthur intrest of keeping salman in jain!

    its a maid... in whose DNA report, its been quite clear in police chargesheet that it was not both party agreement sex, secondly... shiny ahuja has got a written confession that he had sex with her in any case(he says its with her agreement..which she and the med report denies)
    forget all this! even then... the strong public lawyer given to maid and their constant demand of not giving him a bail must be in order of preference by judge!
    The court if in this case is working by strict laws, then whats the harm in that? if system did mistakes in past then its not mandatory to repeat them... I think we all should be happy if they are being fair for all !!
    if that all doesnt include that raj thackarey...I think its more to do with our so called public whose still attending his rallies and all for whatever reason, but once he too dont get votes in return for his speeches...he too will stop for sure!
    If something has to improve then its on our part that matter!

    as for shiney... a rape accused place is jail and he is there till the trial finds his way,court in their verdict said..that giving out and offering money to maid and all might make the public prosecuter case weak so I think their doubts can be right as this happens a lot!


  5. oh honey t he judicial system all around teh sub continent esp is majorly screwed!

  6. It is changing for the good. So I am going to just keep shut and let the change happen!!

  7. Me too join you, I am totally confused.Judicial system in india is a gamble or a lottery.Only sure way is to be rich and powerful.

    And Raj Thakarey is SICK, @$$ should be put permanently in some remote jail.

    Re: Mr. SHiney, I am clueless, why would a star who could get any girl (millions of aspiring girls in mumbai who would do anything for a bit role), go for a maid? I smell something fishy. A lot of politics goes on in the film industry. :)

  8. sure does look like it

  9. Hmm yeah I never really understood the system. There's just a whole lot of double-standards (or more like triple, quadruple)..but still, I see your point.

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

    lets not even bother about the political and bollywood bad boys. they are just around to hype it up and then shamelessly convert that to the fame and votes.

    Raj thackeray case is a big joke. every time he goes to surrender, he goes in with his troops who make him a hero and very unfortunately educated ppl in Mumbai and Pune vote for him.

    sounds scary.

    And Shiney Ahuja has been an idiot. Cudnt he have hold onto himself in the moment of that madness when he pounced on a maid. i mean this is disgusting. how low cud he go.

  11. dont tell me..someone paying you for this post????:|..
    oo its gud to have such things....oo i mean....the change :P

  12. Judiciary sucks..Its got its own rules and it can bend looking at the profile of the accused..And I guess discussing about them is literally of no use coz everyone is pretty sick with whats happening..

    One solution would be for u and me to take the plunge and look for a change..:) there are small changes happening now and then,but by and large,its total bull crap..

    Ente sundarikutty ithonnum alochikkanda..Okke,athinte vazhi angu potte.. :) Pinne,one more thing,ELDER SISTER positon edukkanauthil njan bhayangara thrilled aanu..but then,enne jeevitham muzhuvan sahikendi varum,riskaanu.. :p :)

    Take care sista.. :)


  13. hmm..shiney waznt rich n powerful enuff?? n de subject was Rape..? ??

    :) he he...

  14. hey i guess its good that he is not getting bail ..

    even stringent laws should be applied to cases like this .. .

    IN Andhra pradesh, there are about 50 acid attacks on women in last two years.But laws are not that strict, thought police took extra interest in few cases and did encounter..

    Now the AP Home minister is trying hard to bring more stricter laws against these cases..

  15. finally some good is happenin n u r complainin abt it??

  16. Money rules the Indian political and administrative system.

    (P.S: Love what you are doing here. Keep it up)

  17. Amitho - *nods pretending to understand the first para*... Is that a good thing or a bad thing btw ? :P Was being sarcastic through most of this post but I am secretly glad our system atleast thinks rape is a more serious offence than murdering or terrorism :)

    Gayathri - Finally!!

    Niti - He's definitely not innocent... the DNA tests proved it..

    Pulkit - *Phew*

    Seher - Yeah, I know! Sucks no ? :(

    Zillionbig - I second your thoughts on Thackeray! But that guy is so confident he will get out of jail no matter what that he just doesn't stop!

    Amrita - Lol nooooo... thoughts like these enter my mind now n then.. must be my age ;)

    Nikhil - LOL @ Warning... what risks ? :)

    Kochu - Yeah, Shiney isn't powerful enuff else he might have got bail by now..

    Mayz - I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I am being sarcastic :P Sheesh!!

    A.K - Thanks! :) Welcome to moi blog :D

  18. he isnt powerful or important enuff .. dats why ! what baffles me is why should someone as gorgeous looking as shiney have trouble finding women who find him attarctive.. and the woman doesn't even look that hot .. not to take away from the seriousness of the issue..i will be surprised if our legal system has finally decided to act honestly.. things would have been different for a bigger actor !

  19. im a gonna be lawyer who's supposedly gonna hv to follow this judicial system and gang up with the guilty some day and give so called justice....

    so i shudn't even be talking here :|
    *gives a guilty look*

  20. First things first.... Neat blog. And congrats on all the awards. Looks cool!

    Post: I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hope things are changing. Though somewhere deep down is a voice that says, this just passing and (if guilty)- Mr. Ahuja has not been able to harness all the clout well enough.

  21. whats new in it...dnt all the celebrities world over gets adv of such stuf...i feel shiney, irrespective of whether he has done smthing or hard done by the media n all simply because he is no salmaan khan

  22. lol

    shiney is shining again... :D

    Actually jail guys are loving his are reluctant to leave him :P

    but i m happy that he is in jail....

  23. Anonymous7:56 PM

    if at all indian judiciary is changing, then i guess they should throw in all the people whom u mentioned in your list with shiney. Shiney deserved it, If not for raping, he surely deserves to be sent to jail for his bad looks and acting!

  24. Yes, it's confusing and frustrating. :-(

  25. shiney for president.. yes he did a mistake.. but bigger culprts are roaming around in the freeworld

  26. is it our law changing????

    its gud na

    change is good i guess


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