Saturday, July 11, 2009

My List Of 4's

I have been tagged again! And to think Ramya thought I wouldn’t take it up. Actually she’s right. I am too busy nowadays doing facebook quizzes with life to take up these tags. But I will do it anyway…. coz it’s fun to do things that people assume you will not! :D

4 places i have lived

1. Kerala – Who am I to say anything about God’s own country? Lively place, lively people. It’s all good! I did my 3rd grade here (due to some problems in the gulf) and I’m so glad I spent an entire year of my schooling in Kerala for it's in that one year that I learnt how to read and write fluently in my mother tongue. This is something which I feel would have been impossible had I done my entire schooling in Bahrain. Later on, I did my engineering in Kerala and those 4 years only made me love this place even more.

2. Bahrain – My home away from home. The place where I got all the freedom I wanted. Studied in Indian School, Bahrain (ISB) till 12th grade and after engineering, went back to work for two years.

3. Sharjah – My sis stays there so we just pay those occasional visits.

4. Chennai – Some of my relatives are in Chennai, but it has been a long time since I visited.

4 TV shows I like the most

1. Mind Your Language – All about how an English teacher tries his level best to teach the Queen’s language to his foreign students. Students include a housewife from India who addresses Mr. Brown as ‘Masterjee’, a devoted Sikh who constantly picks up fights with his Pakistani classmate and on being corrected folds his hands and offers ‘a thousand apologies’, a Hungarian who doesn’t know a word of English and says ‘Bochanot?’ (Hungarian for sorry) every time Mr.Brown asks him a question, and one from Greece who adds an ‘H’ to almost every English word he utters(eg: Hokay for okay). Total timepass!

2. Friends – Chandler & Monica rock! End of topic.

3. The X-Files – Yes, I love this show inspite of the effect it has on me after watching each episode. :(

4. Everybody loves Raymond – And I do too! I love the interaction between Raymond and his brother. Cute but hilarious!

4 places on vacation

1. Singapore – Why do parents take you to such exotic locations when you’re too small and indifferent to remember even a single damn thing ?
2. Bangalore – Short trip. Commercial street. Shopping. Friends. Bliss!
3. Goa – Again with friends. Nice beaches and loadsa fun! :D
4. Ooty & Kodai – Whenever family mentions ‘vacation’, this is where we end up going.

4 of my fav food

1. Junk food (McDee's, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Pizza Hut.. I miss you all! :()
2. Mom's chicken curry (MmmmMMmmMMmm)
3. Bro in law's special prawns fry
4. Carrot halwa made by chech
5. Prawn pickle made by aunt (looks like I have an addiction to prawns here?)
6. Dal makhani
7. This Goan sweet called bebinca (love at first taste!)
8. Kaalan, aviyal, olan (all south Indian)
9. Chilly chicken, Sweet and sour chicken, garlic chicken (all Chinese)
10. Shawarma, falafel, baklava (all mid-eastern food)

Ok ok.. I got carried away... I will stop right here...

4 websites you visit daily

1. Google
2. Gmail
3. Facebook
4. Indiatimes

4 places I would rather be

Other than Kerala...

1. Australia - Looks like a nice place... (ignoring all the racism)
2. London – coz according to Anu, it’s a place meant for stuck up people and I believe I’m one ;)
3. Bahrain – No explanations needed.
4. Bangalore – Simply. For fun. :D

4 things I hope to do before I die

1. Learn the guitar – I have already found out a place nearby offering lessons, so fingers crossed.
2. Travel a lot
3. Go bungee jumping! (YES!)
4. Marry someone who is RICH (If a future prospect is seeing this, I am just kidding! But yeah, you do have enuff money to afford a net connection don't you ? I need to blog you see :D)

4 novels you wish you were reading for the first time

1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – Highly recommended for all girls.
2. Like a flowing river by Paulo Coelho – The short stories are SO inspirational.
3. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom – Gifted by my first boss! Love this book…
4. A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks – Boy meets girl, a romantic twist and a nice ending. *Sigh*

4 movies I can see over and over

1. Andaaz Apna Apna – ‘Yeh raat aur yeh doori’ video rocks!!!! The most hilarious Hindi movie I have ever seen….
2. Kal Ho Naa Ho – The first half of the movie, that is. Don’t like the super emotional second half.
3. Dil Hain Ke Maanta Nahin – Just coz it’s so cute.
4. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – Everyone’s favorite is mine too!

I finished! I finished! Any more tags ? Huh ? Huh ? :D *Looks expectantly at you all*



  1. i have recently moved to australia and its not that racist as it is claimed to be..all is more of a media hype than the cold blooded truth


  2. wat attracted me the most is bebinca wuhooooo i luv tat was so so gud..:P
    bt i always forget the name ;)

  3. hey so sweet...

    u should surely marry someone who is rich..
    b/c if u wanna continue blogging .. u need tht..:P
    ha ha ha
    gud sense of humor..

  4. Nice knowing you better.

    You too lived in Bahrain? WOW. You know, i used to not like it here(bahrain) when i got a transfer 8 months back from Dubai. But now i feel this place is 100 times better.and for someone who has grown here i can understand you liking.

    All you movies are my fav too. And hope you get a Bill gates to marry. :))

  5. Good one
    Atleast someone took the tag :-)

  6. :O:O...ho gaya tag...
    u want to go bahrain..??i tag u to explain..:P:P

  7. ditto the 4 things to do b4 I die :D

    i love tuesdays with Morrie too :D and do read "the five people you meet in heaven' by the same author, its worth :D

  8. That was a fun tag!

    Btw I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S too..who doesnt!

    And ur choice of fav movies is same as mine! Hmm..weird eh?

  9. Hey loved reading it! Fun fun....

    And not fair, not fair.. cause you got to mention more than 4 on the food list...;) ha ha ha.

  10. cummon dhanu,brett lie is the magnet to australia!!
    lov sanie san

  11. This must have been fun to fill out. :) Btw, I live in Singapore - it's really not all that exotic. It's fun for a weekend get-away, I don't know about multiple years here, heh.

    As for vacationing in Ooty, haha, that's where we used to always go when we'd visit our family in India! It never seems to get old - not so much the place, but the road trip. :)

    Last thing, FRIENDS is by far the best sitcom ever. Nothing comes close - I absolutely love Ross. He's such a geek, but so adorable nonetheless. Heh.

    PS - Was your high school in Bahrain associated with IASAS?

  12. Sharjah! \m/

    Njaanum recently oru tag victim aayirunnu :D

    Hope ya feelin' better now (as observed from your prec post!)

    Saaramilladey! Chill! :)

  13. this a kewl tag to do, isnt it?

    I loved your list... lol at the food one..

    hope you get to bungee sometime soon...

    take care... cheers...

  14. hey dhanya!!! finally makin an appearnace here :P :D

    I love tuesdays wid morrie and a walk to rem too!!! :) :) :)

    N i like KHNH 1st half only too. lolz. i thought i was d only weird one. :P

    oh n ya, i cudnt help bt read ur old post abt "Anita n me" whr u started wid d line tht said "i dont knw anyone called anita" :P Well u do now. thts me incase u didnt know. :) n for d record, i prefer Annie. :)


  15. everyone is in a mood for tags i see..

    cool tag ... me loves it... i had done a sexy tag today...check it out!!

  16. A walk to remember i have seen as a movie,

    andaz apna apna thats my fav too, every time i do channel surfing if its playing i have to stop compulsorily.. "comment aage likhne ka time ho gaya sir? what nonsense.

    dil hai k maanta nahi is also my fav..

  17. ur blog hates me. whenever i write a comment here, it always disappears.
    kidding, my net sucks in hostel that's why it disappears always i guess :D
    loved this tag. im debating whether to do it or not... :-s :P
    ur not stuck up btw :O

  18. Nice :-)
    I love reading these answers .

  19. glad to know you more Ms. Venu! bebincaaaa...i just had it at cafe goa last night here in mumbai...i will be having it again in goa portuguesa for dinner....yeyyyy!! *hides*

    *but miss mom's cookin here in mumbai....wanna rush back to trichur bt this damn work! :-( :-(*

  20. Anonymous1:42 PM

    a walk to remember does not have a nice ending..i hate the way way it ends..:)


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