Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai!

One of my best friends is getting married today. Yes yes, yet another one bites the dust!

I have known Sumaiya (it feels so weird calling her by her full name) since my 11th grade. It’s not like we were best of friends back then. She used to sit right at the front, whereas I was happy at the back bench with my packet of hidden Oreo biscuits. She had her own group of friends whereas I had mine. She had her own interests and so did I.

It’s in the last two or three years that we became really close. We have spent endless hours at the mall, pigged out on a great deal of junk food, saw meaningless movies (such as ‘Twilight’… dunno when was the last time I giggled so much during a movie... sorry to all E. Cullen fans!!) and gossiped about anything and everything under the sun.

Sumi is a person who is sweet, intelligent, creative… and yes, very forgiving. I am really thankful to you, Sumi, for tolerating my superb dandiya dance skills and for hitting those fingers of yours with my dandiya stick umpteen times ;) Some memories stay etched in your mind forever…

Out of us three best of friends, Sumi is the one who acts her age. So she getting married first seems totally justified.

Happy Matrimony, my dear Sumo! Hope your wedded life will be just as you wanted it to be. May the romance never die and may Zameer never forget to spoil you with those unique presents and surprises!

Special note only to Sumo – There’s still time! DON’T GET MARRIED! Tell Zam to wait for one more year no??? Dhanno will be all alone now (since San is now busy doing oh-so-boring activities like cooking :P)…!!!!! Sumo, COME BACK TO MEEEEE!

P.S : All you guys who drop in, please please do leave a congratulatory note! Would really mean a lot to me. TIA :)


  1. Congratulations Sumaiya!!

    Imagining my bff getting married is making me laugh right now! (Don't ask me why?) its a weird story all together.

  2. congratulations?? Because your friend is leaving you for a better man. :P kidding.

    Congrats sumaiya, hope you have a beautiful married life ahead.

  3. Congrats Sumi lov,God bless yur smiling eyes with more happiness,lov ya

    Ey dhannu, Twilight was meant for cracking up us females,God i didnt laugh like that for ages,thanks to yu 2 :)

    N i am free for yu always n cooking is boring i agree:)

    Best of friends lets relish our best of times always together!

    Huggs n kisses :D

  4. @Esther - Why's that ?? :D

    @Niti - No wayz! East or west Dhanno is the best :) :)

    @San - You commented here FINALLY! Hallelujah! :D Yup lets relish all those good times! Missing you all... xoxo

  5. 1st Congrats Sumi! Have a beautiful married life filled with lots of love and understanding!

    2nd... Am confussed,you wanted us to congratulate you too??? Blink blink ;) And marrige is not so bad after all.. Chill its just the pre marriage blues. But anyways being from the other side.. enjoy things so long it last. (Thats as contradicting as it can get)

  6. congrats sumaiya..
    Have a wonderful married life :-)

  7. Congratsssssssss Sumaiya

    shaddi!!! ek kunwara fir gaya maara... :P

    Hope u too get married soon :P

  8. Congrats to ur friend...n do hope u manage to get over ur loss :)

  9. wishing your friend a happy married life!! :)

  10. Congratulations Sumaiya!

    It must be exciting. Best friend getting married! This is not going to happen with me in the near future.. :P :P

  11. Congratulationzzz Sumi.. :)


  12. Congratulations Sumaiya!!

    i kno how it feels to b left best fren is plannin to get married...i wont have any one now :(

  13. Congrats to dhan's sumi..may god bless you :)
    I'd been thru this shit 2yrs back..when both my best frnds got married leaving me single,.so i sympathise and empathise dear :)

  14. dear sumaiya!
    all the best for a great and fun filling happy maaried life ahead! god bless ya both! may god bless u with all the good times in the world in many many years to come in this new bond :)
    tc! keep smiling!!

    @ Dhanya - cuteeeeeee post! :) it reminded me of something that seemed like a testimonial written on orkut :)

  15. Congos to Soumiya :)

    I so know how do you feel when your best friend is getting married. tell u sumtn, I at times felt J of my best frnd's fiance, when they were in courtship cuz I felt tht he is taking her away :D

    anyhow, they are happily married now :)


  16. i commented first on yur 4 tags he he :P

    missin you 2 very much dear :)

  17. Congratulations Sumi..wish u a very happy married life :)

    Cute post Dhanya :*

  18. All I've been doing this year is attending weddings! So I know the feeling. My sister, who is also one of my best friends, recently got married! It's a whole new ball game, but I'm super happy for her. :)

    I wish your best friend all the very best with her married life!! It'll be an exciting new chapter I'm sure. :)

  19. congratulations sumaiya..

    n even after marriage dont forget ur sweet frnd dhanya... :)

  20. congrats!!!!!!!

    Humm, all your pals are getting married. Think about it. :)

    And Twilight is meaningless? I have seen much more meaningless ones, i liked the movie. :))

  21. @Ashwadhy - Yeah, yeah... congratulate me for nothing! :P I know for a fact that your marriage isn't bad AT ALL! Your kettiyon is lucky to have such an entertainer like you...

    @The Geekie - Haan ji.. hope I find the love of my life soon too.. :)

    @Lakshmi - :)

    @Jyoti - Yeah, it feels nice n weird at the same time...

    @Mayz - Awww... akele hum akele tum ? :(

    @Gayathri - That must have felt like shit... but oh well.. I guess they can't go unmarried coz of us :P

    @Pulkit - Sweet message AS ALWAYS! :)

    @Richa - Tell you what.. I am kinda J too :P

    @kangna - Oh yeah, you did... change your blogger name! kangna it seems...

    @Shanu - Thanks a lot! :* :)

    @Archana - Tell me about it.. have been attending a lot of weddings too. But ditto you, I'm happy for her :)

    @Sahityika - Hear hear!!!

    @ZB - I DON't WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT! :P I usually don't think or talk abt things that are depressing.. :P Twilight was horrible, I felt.. those actors sucked big time (in a literal and non-literal sense I mean) :D

  22. Congrats sumi...happy married life....!!

    I really admire u managed to remain sane while having a friend like"dhanno" i ll never know...ur mental strength is admirable :P :P :P

    enjoy urself..have fun...:D and dhanno...GET MARRIED :d :d


  23. Congrats Saumya

    May God Bless you in ur married Life :)

  24. @Amith - Kiddo, you talk too much! No respect for elders only... Go along now, play with your toys!! :P :P :P

  25. heartiest congratulations to your friend!!:)

    n to u too!:D

  26. when i read this piece i was just wondering who among my school friends will get married first...
    :) cute post. and...must be feeling very very strange.
    me n my college friend do talk abt marriage and everything. but we'll be such different people after crossing to the other side :)

    Congratulations to Sumaiya... Have a great life ahead :)

  27. congratulations and celebrations, i wish a happily wedded life :D

    may lord bless your togetherness for today and forever!

  28. ahan congrats to the gal....!!!!

    seein so marriages makes me wonder

    " Mera nummer kab aayega "

    and I see u too are wondering the same :D

  29. yes memories are all that we have,,, which we could call really ours

  30. papa calls me kangna!!!besides its more sexieeeeeee:P

  31. :) Congrats sumaiyaa..happy married life..!!

    al the way while reading ur post, i was thinking abt my bf.Whn she got married, i was in this confusion that wt wil hppn to me after, coz she was kind of soul mate, the frndship went a long way aftr that, making me realise, true relations r made for ever..
    wish u the same .. :)

  32. Congrats to your friend :-)

  33. congrats sumi....

    dhanya , are u the next one???? :P

  34. Congrats Sumaiya

    Wish You A Very Happy Married Life :)
    keep smiling :)

  35. @AI - Thanks dear :P

    @Mads - Yeah, it does feel strange... but what to do... :(

    @Daydreamer - Not all the time actually... I am quite cool :)

    @kangna - Yeah you only must have forced him to call u kangna... maatadiiii...

    @Devil Incarnate - :)

    @Suree - Hahaha... I DUNNO! :(

  36. congos to your friend.. she missed me anyways.. ask her not to worry :)

  37. Congratulations to ur friend..wish her a very happy married life :)
    Cute post Dhanya

  38. Best wishes to your friend :) God bless the couple !

  39. Wishing her a lovely married life...

    most of my friends are either married or getting married; there is one coming up this month end too... and yeah, those familiar statements come everyday from family :)

    take care... cheers...

  40. Congratulations to your friend! :)

    Not very sure how I got here. But liked your post since I can relate to it.

    I have told my closest friends NOT to get married before OR at the same time as me. They can only get married after I get married. :P
    Yes, being my best friend comes at a price! ;)

    Although, none of them are planning to marry anytime soon so its all working out for me! :)

  41. May they live happily ever after

    Its happening with me too...wickets falling everywhere...all I knew are tying knot these days

  42. I LOVE U Dhannnooo!!

    Thanq SOOOOO Much!

    Nothing could be better than this for a wedding gift. Am touched! :') U remembered me on my day and to make it more special u told all ur friends+readers about it.. and their congratulatory wishes to me too, am outta words.. its such a beautiful feeling that i cant explain :')

    thanx a tonne to all of u for ur wishes. means a LOTTTTTT to me :)


    P.S. Love to u too Kangna :D


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