Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's A Sad World. Sometimes.

Consider the scenario:
  • Gal1 & me chatting with each other.
  • Gal1's boyfriend comes online.
  • Boyfriend ignores Gal1 and starts chatting with me instead.
  • Gal1 keeps pinging boyfriend but boyfriend tells her he's busy with mails and checking FB notifications whereas there he is, happily chatting away 19 to the dozen with me.
  • Gal1 tells me rather sadly 'He's so busy. Doing FB quizzes and playing comp games. No time for chatting.'

When she said that, I just paused for a moment and looked at this guy's chat window. His girl was feeling hurt & lonely and what exactly was this guy doing? On top of that, he even started flirting a lil. I just felt so bad that I excused myself and went offline altogether.

Are all guys like this ?

Would you do this to your girlfriends ? Would you leave them alone when actually all they're asking for is a lil bit of your time ?

Should I or should I not lose belief in the purity of love? I have been through tough times but I haven't yet lost faith. Should I be losing it all by seeing such sad things?

I imagined myself in her situation, and trust me it didn't feel so good. Love is definitely over-rated. I guess we live in those times where we don't know who's actually being sincere and who isn't.

It's a sad world. Sometimes.


  1. awww.. Wasnt your fault babes. The guys a jerk. You'd find many more as a process of growing up.

  2. y does d guy sound like a blogger to me

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    "Its raining Happiness" to "Its a Sad world"! Well, thats a BIG change..
    about the post.. no comments.. I'm not a boyfriend :P

  4. 1) Gal 1 seems like the clingy types
    2) u're over analysing things
    3) every1 needs a break at times

  5. Definately all guys arent like this..i am not in love neither i ever around such situation but i have friends who know the true defination of love as i see them truly commited..

    And hell with such people who cant understand such a sweet relation of love and friendship !

  6. Ayyooo.. I wouldn't be one of them though I'll have to say a lot other factors into consideration.The gal on the other side ( me in this case),if she happens to be a better gal than the gal1,the guy wid a weak heart will have a tendency to come to ME.. Normal,and this case,I too feel bad for ME as well as Boyfriend1..

    saarillaa...sometimes its like this.. :)

    Take care WORST SISTER.. :(


  7. it is a completely very strange situation!
    one thing for sure...most of the boy are like that...but not all!!..

  8. Niti - I know it wasn't my fault. But yeah, I did feel really bad for her. Especially cos she's such a sweetheart. If it was some bitch, wouldn't have cared a hoot :P

    Mayz - Nope, you're wrong there Mayz! (wow,finally!) :) My offline friends who I happen to catch online more nowadays...

    Ramya - I did mention 'sometimes' though :) Rest of the times I'm happy happy!!

    Bedazzled - :(

  9. eye-in-sty-in -

    1. It's not about being clingy. It's all about the lies. I think it's sooo much better to just say 'I don't feel like talking at the moment', than just lying about things that the girl might find out about later on.. and this can only result in hampering the relationship...

    2. I might be over analysing things. But I'm definitely not over analysing her feelings :)

    3. You sound just like Ross in FRIENDS :) And what exactly does your meaning of a 'break' mean ? Leaving your girlfriend all alone when she needs you ?

  10. Rahil - Yeah! Hear hear! :)

    Nikhil - Lolz.. yeah, sometimes it's like this. I guess I just have to forget the perfect notion that I have about being in a relationship and be prepared for flings n stuff :P and heyyyy! I am good sister ok ? I do care... though I might not show it all the time...!!

  11. Paramveer - Thank you for enlightening me :P

  12. my pottatti! LOL i hope im not gettin the wrong picture here!chill babe :)

    Believe in love cos at the end your gifting yurself to sum1else,its a circle in the end it comes back to yu :)

    Lov yu muahhhhh

  13. Not all guys are like that.... there are a few good ones out there.... having said that everyone needs a break once in a while... Question for you: would u have felt the same way if it had been the friend of urs doing this? Reason I ask... I know I wouldnt... I know the friend... not the boyfriend... u know the 2 sides to the coin thingy =)

  14. Kangna - Shhh. Tone down the 'pottathi' part! :P No no, you're not at all getting the wrong picture. ;)

    Mel - Heyy! This is your first comment in my blog I assume ? :D Nice to see the silent reader finally come up. You're right abt the 2 sides to the coin part. Well said Mel :) Though I don't really agree with taking a break! I don't think flirting with others can be considered as a 'break'. (Yeah, my future would-be has to be a hard core loyalist cos I will be the same!!) :P

  15. Love IS not over rated. It is seldom well understood!

    They are not meant for each other. SIMPLE> Why to feel sad about it. They should find better people for one another!!

  16. that was a sad act the boyfriend pulled definitely.. but D dont lose faith altogether, see? there are other things, other people in the world..

  17. Hey Dhanya, I hope you are doing good :) Well Good post and good question. The guy whoever it is, is by all odds a foolish person. I am not sure if ALL the guys are like this for the reason that I have the same question in my mind :|

    If that guy is cheating on her, I'm sorry for her. The sooner she realizes the better it is.

    Tis sometimes sad to hear such stuff!

  18. Anonymous8:06 PM

    NOT cool. But Dhans, ye love thodi hai. Love isn't like this. :|

  19. no..u r wrong..
    all fingers are not equal...
    all boys r not like tht only... n sometime circumstances..u nvr knw probably there was a fight in between them...tht is why he was ignoring her.....

    its just a another look...

    tk cr


  20. Oh this is unfortunate!! it is real bad to know tht ppl do such things.. i mean why on Earth do they commit if they cant keep it?
    Nyhow, everyone isnt like tht.. i know a lot of ppl who r committed and they treat their better halves all the good they deserve :) dun worry

  21. I agree with is just not understood well sometimes...its so true.
    that guy is a jerk and i wish ur friend doesnt end up with him. seriously
    i hate it when friend's bfs do this and start flirting with u. it sucks.
    i will kill my guy if he does this :|
    i hate men i hate men i hate men.

    Footnote: there are some few good men in this world :D hope u and i find those ones :P :))

  22. Sam - :)

    Mystish - There are other types of people ? Where where ? :D Just kidding... Yeah, I know the gems are difficult to find :) Hopefully... soon enuff I will land myself with one. All fingers crossed here! :D

    Esther - Doing goo dear. Thanks so much for asking! :) :) Yeah it's sad to hear such stuff. But there are OTHER things to be happy abt rite ? So it's better to think abt those things n stay happy...

    Ki - This is love aaj kal dear ;)

    Pallav - fight was going on...

    Richa - *Hugz*! :)

    Mads - Phew.. a like minded person finally! :) But I don't necessarily hate men. I just don't trust em much as before :P And aren't you sweet ? Yeah, I hope for the same too. :)

  23. ahhh tats real bad...I guess many men are not "one woman men" they luk for /flirt wth other women evn when they are in a relationship..

    wat do we women do thn..the same?? :P:P lol

  24. that was a bad one :(

    Hope your friend is doing ok now...

    the least things that are required in a relationship are honesty and loyalty... if one cant give them to the other for some reason, its better not to have one...

    take care mate...


  25. You know there are more than enough good Men in this world.and ofcourse i am one among them... :P

  26. Yaar thats one lame jackass of a boyfriend!!..i hope u dont take this as a norm...not all guys r as twisted as that freak...

    And anyways if tats how he ont think tat was love at all in the first place...ur friend - i hope doesnt end up with that jerk...


  27. Interesting post (as always Dhanya, heh). I would have to say that I'd like to think that not every guy is like that. Though I can see a majority falling into that category. But gender apart, I think people who seek attention outside of their bf/gf/partner are usually the kind that end up straying in relationships. You know the type that's never satisfied, the type that doesn't cherish what they have but rather seeks what's next, what's 'better', etc.

    Booo to people who function like that! I'm glad you did the right thing by signing off and excusing yourself. Because I can bet you there are women out there that would thrive on the fact that a guy who's already attached prefers their attention over the current girlfriend - makes them feel like they're that much hotter. Ick. Where are the people with the morals at?!

    Heh, okay done with my rant. :)

  28. Priya - Yeah, that's the problem. 'One woman men' are hard to find. Lol... that's what am thinking. But no, I guess all guys arent like that.. so we just have to keep looking :)

    Arv - :) Honesty and loyalty is so very important! Well said..

    Suree - :D Definitely!

    Amith - No, I havent taken this as a norm.. but it sucks to see such things. I hope my friend realizes it too..SOON.

  29. Interesting comment as always, Archana :)

    You don't have to think about it. Not all guys are like that. Yeah, I am answering my own question here!

    I'm aware of people who would flirt right back... just to boost their ego. They suck too :P I was thinking how I would feel if I was in place of my friend.. ugh!

    Enjoyed reading your rant though :) :)

  30. thats the sad truth of life!!however exceptions do exist.

  31. Not only sad, its a deceitful world

  32. Thumper7:36 AM

    hey :) these things happen a lot..even wit da nicest guys..coz...well i dunno y it happens but it does happen :p its not a big deal...wat u do is a) never take nethin guys say seriously
    b)u also flirt n make sure u have three four backups at ne given point of time :)
    hehe..all da best hon..mwah :)

  33. With my limited experience, I can say that may be not all guys are like that. But considering I live in a dream world where everything is perfect and there is a certain sanctity about love, I wonder how far it's true, for I am yet to be blinded by the truth. And what the truth is, I really don't know. :)

  34. Wth!! i hate such guys!! i hate all guys!!x(
    It is because of such jerks that we lose faith in love.

    Take care and stay away from him!

  35. It is a sad world , indeed.

  36. Anonymous10:23 PM

    awww, thats just soooo bad.... agree "Its a sad world.Sometimes"

  37. Ria - I know! Hard to find, but not impossible :)

    Pesto sauce - lol.. ok... I am not THAT pessimistic :D

    Thumper - Oh great. Are you who I think you are? :P You're telling me to have flings when I have a boyfriend? LOL!

    Tara - Don't worry dear. You've got company. I live in a dream world myself :P

    AI - Whoa!!! Easy does it.. :) Calm down... guys aren't THAT bad :P

    Miss Komal - Sheesh! I think I made a lotta ppl depressed here :(

    Anonymous - Heylo!! And thanks for supporting my sentiments :)

  38. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I understood what u really meant ..!

    It hurts real bad..n That jerk even cant Guess what went wrong..!

    Many guys do this ...i have a similar experience..which makes me lil upset too..

    i don really understand when such ppl get to know the value of Relationship ..weak minded jerks..hmmm

  39. eeeeekkkkkssss!!!!! :| wht a L.O.S.E.R!!! :| see this is why i dont trust guys quite as easily as before :| thts happened wid me before, bt me as me is, i ended up pulling a sting operation on d loser and 'exposing' his whtever tht was. (it was wayyy serious thn this, so chill, i m nt a guy basher :P)

    N this is also why i FEEL lik stayin invi, but once again, i just cant :D

    PS: I sincerely hope there is some hope left on d world whn it comes to sane men. AND they are miraculously made available for u n me :P :D

  40. happens common with both sex.. I did some and I faced some :D

  41. well, it's a one off cannot generalise everybody...btw. nice blog keep it up!!

  42. really really really bad! I would never do something like that! This shouldn't actually make you go against love!

    btw, dropped here from shalini's blog!

    Very nice one!

  43. So true.

    Infact my friends and I went out last weekend, where one of my frnd's hubby decides to spend more time with us and ignores his wifey completely. And to think, he was included in the grp only bcoz he was her hubby.

    It lead to a huge fite which wasnt a really sumthin we wanted to witness on an outin..but like u ritely is sad..sometimes!

  44. Both girls and boys do this kinda things.. Its upto them.. some do some dont.. better is realize it n kick off. make them understand s impossible n they will start it again.. so dear dont sob :)


  45. Have faith in love;
    Love can never do such things, if it is..then perhaps it is not LOVE..

    Nice blog.. Keep expressign dhanya..


  46. This always happens with'ly becoz they enjoy seeing the girl ache for his attention..

  47. hmhm---

    no.. not all guys are like that...

    am not gonna criticize the guy.. he is just showing what he is...

    but I think that the gal, if he is serious abt the relationship, she should have realized the nature of the boy by now....


    hmhm-- yeah love is blind but in the least when ur frds esp close frds say something abt our love...

    we better learn to pay some attention.....

    not all times but sometimes it does help...

  48. Anonymous7:20 PM

    wow... what a guy?? well personally both of them need to REthink their lives!! the guy definitely need a wacking and the gal need to wake up and smell the FRESH air!!!

  49. ankita9:10 PM

    hi dhanya..m really sorry for my absence!!

    hows u gal?? looking gud in the pic..

    love may be hurting and sad but its worth it if both are serious...

  50. As I said, humans are funny.


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