Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Raining Happiness!

It’s raining like mad in Kerala. So mad that it almost makes you feel that a boat would have been more efficient under such circumstances rather than having a car or a bike.

I was on my way to my ancestral house listening to my favorite songs and feeling happy go lucky. That feeling came to an abrupt halt when I started to hear something that wasn’t exactly coming from my MP3 player. Something of such a high frequency that I could hear it even when I had those tracks with high pulsating beats going on. Apparently, my loudspeaker of a mom was getting hyper over the flooded (and blocked) roads.

Mom : Horrible! How will we ever reach home ? Do you think we should head back?

Dad : *Silence*

Mom : Such a terrible weather. And look at this (pointing to the streets). If I knew the roads were going to be blocked, I wouldn’t have insisted on going.

Dad : *Silence*

Mom : Now we have to take another way. Are you sure we won’t get lost ?

Dad : *Yawns*

Mom : Oh! Maybe we should ask that man over there (pointing to a man who seemed a lil drunk). My god… why is he walking like that ?

Dad : *Silence*

Mom goes on and on and dad continues to act as if she doesn’t exist at all. It’s almost like the man has mastered the art of completely tuning off whenever mom gets hyper or angry. So much better than retaliating, trust me!

The usual 45 minute drive turned out to be 2 hours long. We reached home and mom heaved a sigh of relief. And… so did dad.

My best cousin was there (minus her husband, who had to depart to Chennai for work). Now, Pri without her hubby dearest is a lot more fun. Except for her 1 hour long chats with her husband in between our conversations, it was pretty much like spending time with the old Pri this time around. The sad part is in this cold, rainy weather you can’t expect me to stay awake for 1 hour not doing anything. Hence I doze off whenever she goes yak yak yakking with the love of her life.

It feels great to go to a place where you don’t need T.V, Internet or any sort of materialistic or selfish pleasures to keep yourself entertained. It feels great to be at a place where my craze for listening to the same song endlessly is met with affirmation by like minded people.

It feels great that I am able to enjoy the extreme simple pleasures that life has to offer... and somehow knowing that it will always remain this way.

At the moment, I just feel extremely blessed (I always do after those short trips to my ancestral house).

It’s a sin to be so happy. Come to think of it.... I don’t have anything much happening at the moment to make me feel so alive. But I still am!

Makes me wonder if I’m actually achieving Nirvana like how someone had predicted.


Touch wood!

Signing off with few lines from Baloo's song that's been on my mind the whole day -

Wherever I wander, wherever I roam
I couldn't be fonder of my big home
The bees are buzzin' in the tree
To make some honey just for me

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
That's why a bear can rest at ease
With just the bare necessities of life

And don't spend your time lookin' around
For something you want that can't be found
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinkin' about it
I'll tell you something true

The bare necessities of life will come to you !


P.S : Wasn't keeping well. I have read all of your posts (including a special story by Pulkit dedicated to me where Dhanya happens to be the heroine and Shiva happens to be the hero. Where's my real life Shiva btw? :P ). But I couldn't comment much coz of my cranked up state. Will be back to irritate you people soon. =)


  1. hahaha u've got reely cool dad..haha yess surely tat's the best way out :P

    well so pri wthout her hubby aound is like old pri tats a real gud nes for u eh?

    yehe come bakk soon..irritation ko mis kar rahe hei ;)

  2. seems like lot of fun!!!! did you dance in the rain?? :P i misssssss kerala :( and the rain there.... and the food.... and the thunderstorms... and the powercuts..... and the people... and the language...

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  4. made me think abt my ancestral home.. it is heaven. you just hav to be there to feel elated..
    nice post

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Wish, we could swap Dads :)
    Let the rain continue!

  6. Wow,..looks as if the matured lady in u popped out to suppress the bubbly girl who was patent lately :D..
    btw,"It’s a sin to be so happy."..why?? ;)

  7. Last night it rained here at jammu too...it was so ausumn !! Especially when your windows are open and cold breeze flows thru them and touches your soul..and your favourite music is being played in the background...Ahh i love such times..!!

    And i guess so do u.. :)

  8. hie D.. have recently started following your blog.. i must say it is one of those innocent things that can cheer me up wenever am feeling low.. you seem to have the knack of making the most basic things in life so full of zest and zing and happiness.. thats a rare quality trust me! AND ur sense of humor is bang on!
    keep it up.
    P.S. i love rains(though i dnt get much where i live) hence loved ur post :)

  9. I love your post!! I love how you describe things so vividly..!!

    Achieveing Nirvana.. Ahem Ahem.. Feeling happy is a bliss. Enjoy your day! :)

  10. have a wonderful time :)

    enjoy your day...


  11. nice to see u all happy and gay.. :) howa ur chechi and niece??hope they too are doin great.. Was it an original song or were those ur own lyrics??enikkonum manasilaayilla..pretty cranked up myself..

    Take care.. :)


  12. Anonymous2:35 PM

    my my! I see the same condition here. My mom keeps on talking...and my dad just sits silently! He is same with me, he is same with my sister. Basically, he is a silent man stuck with three talkative women!
    Its raining HEAVILY. Horrible! The only part I like is the holidays I'm getting. I've been getting holidays by the grace of district commissioner since last thursday! ;-)

  13. oh, and how i miss rain. I like the stream of emotions I go through , when I go upstairs to my room in my house (yes my house, I got a house since six months, in Calicut, feeling really proud of myself) and the sound of water hammering through the coconut leaves and plantain leaves. I love rain and will never get enough of it.

    And I agree on * It feels great to go to a place where you don’t need T.V, Internet or any sort of materialistic or selfish pleasures to keep yourself entertained.*…once in a while it’s a great thing to do.TC:))

  14. Wowwww..... seems like someone is having lot of fun this monsoon...
    any post related to monsoon, simply means memories back to home.... nothing can b compared to tat..... n tat song frm jungle buk again reminded of those devilish days of childhood.. :)

  15. all the dads are the same..this is wat marriage does aftr 25-30 years, one speaks n the othr jus listens or pretends to listen :P :P

    u r so chirpy chirpy gal :P loved it..:)

    send some rains here na dhanya..:( need them desperately..

    take care!!
    good day!!

  16. :-) be back soon !

  17. I have shifted home ... now living alone in a flat and parents have left kanpur, cos dad has now been posted to kannauj!
    I came to my friend's place in the evening and on his lappy, I am sitting right here!
    I had gone to a self imposed exile for some reason that I would share with ya soon dhanya! as soon as I get net connection that is! :)

    now.... to the posts! dekh..I had told ya this time and again that Ur very honest sweet and simple in ur way of narration of these small little happening around u like parents conversation and all :) I recently read a national bestseller "those small lil things in life and love" by rahul saini...I am rather sure that U can write one like that too! cos ur so good at describing the small small things very beautifully :)

    loved the song that u quoted! lyrics were deep and made me nostalgic! left home 24 hours back! missing almost everything and these lonely walls trying to eat me alone in my flat.anyways...

    loved the post as always!
    THANKS :) M glad u liked my little chotu sa involvement of urs in that story :D
    and I am sure...U will get ur shiva too one day :D destiny is busy writing an amazing story for a amaing human being like ya! u know na!
    stay in touch always!
    get well soon... theek se sona and khoob dher saara araam karna okies! take proper rest, its been a weak or so...and the season is changing so do tc of urself dhanya!
    chal then!
    :) miss readin ur blog

    tc always!
    regards to all at home!

  18. hahahha..dad..
    and i too remeber going kerala whr ther was no electricity and we used to have fun..

    gne r those days..

  19. whos tat nirvana guru??

    i know materialistic pleasure doesnt even get ther wen it cums to homely bliss!

  20. Rain is one thing after music that makes me smile. Cute post, especially mom and dad's conversation. =)

    Glad you're doing well. Enjoy the rain. I love kerala =)

  21. At my place, its usually the opposite..my dad does the yaking and mom the silent routine...whatever works eh :P...

    Yeah dere is somethin about visiting one ancestral home that gets us all happy happy :)

    I m glad u r all happy now...esp with ur flu still hanging around :P


  22. Priya - Awww.. am back already to irritate you :)

    Sawan - Lol @ dancing. If you call jumping around as dancing... then YES, I did dance! About missing Kerala, you can always come back na ? :)

    Amal - Thanks Amal :) And yup, you have to be here to experience the rain. It's beautiful...

    Surya - LOL! No swappings please! Kinda used to this one :)

    Gayathri - The mature side is always there and comes out whenever needed. But yeah, I prefer the bubbly side... keeps the people around me happy too :)

    Rahil - You reside at Jammu ?? Wowness.. I am sure it would have been awesome.. Can pretty much imagine the scenario!!

    Mystish - Your comment seriously made my day :) It feels so nice to hear such things.. thank u so SOOOOO much! :) :) *hugz* to u too :)

    Sam - Thanks dear :) Finally you got some time from your salsa classes and hectic mba schedules to comment in my blog :D

    Arv - Thanks da!

    Nikhil - happy and gay mean the same no ? or did you mean something else ? :P HMMMMM!! That song is from jungle book :D You didn't understand ? What's there to understand, bro! It's so simple. Guess you're really cranked up. Read it again when you're fit n fine. Get well soon :)

    Ramya - Lol I remember reading about you and your dad in your blog. Hilarious! :) Keep praying to the rain gods to NOT stop his wrath on His own country. Ramya kutty needs those holidays for sure...

    ZB - ooooh I lovve that - the sound of water hammering through leaves! :D And the smell of mud after it rains... heavenly!

    Devil Incarnate - Yeah, monsoon is fun. Stepping out when it's raining is MORE fun ;)

    Swati - Lol.. exactly!! After 25-30 days, it's exactly that only! What a bore :P Chirpy chirpy huh ? Thank you thank you... :D I will try to send the rains to your place asap... working on it ;)

    Bedazzled - Back already! :)

    Pulkit - Heeyyy you! :) Shifted huh ? I guess it's going to be a lil difficult in the beginning. But soon enuff you will get used to the new surroundings and might even start enjoying all the freedom :) Lol.. dunno about writing a book n all... but let's see ;) Take care dear... and come back asap!

    Nirmal - Yeah, not having electricity is a LOT of fun :P :P

    Kangna - Nirvana guru is someone you dunno... :)

    Esther - Am curious.. which part of India are you basically from ?

  23. ha ha ha..
    ur father yaar.. gud one..
    ur mother didnt ask why he was nt rplying?? :O
    by d way.. away frm all electronic things.. n with ur family.. u enjoyed.. thts cool..
    me too love to do tht.. bt with my family.. :)

    get well soon..
    n come to my blog too.. :)

    take care..

  24. @Dhanya..
    Yeah me from jammu, and it was definately awesome !!

  25. All Dads are like that....immune to Mom's rants

  26. Anonymous8:47 PM

    LOL :D Nice :) Be back soon :)

    Take care :)

  27. kerala...!! wow...thats such a nice place...!! indeed i like that place a lot..!! must be fun in munnar and cochin now...!!

  28. I think I'll love your dad.
    You are sooo blessed to have a home in Kerala.
    Though I have't been to Kerala. my friend from college was from there and she used to have us completely engrossed in her tales of her native place.

  29. Amith - Yeah, it all depends on whether the partner is talkative or silent :) There can be some really intolerable issues if both are same to same :P Flu's all gone now.. all thanks to meds!

    Sahityika - thanks yaar :) will definitely visit your blog!

    Rahil - I so want to visit Jammu one day!!

    Pesto Sauce - I don't think all dads are like that! :D I have witnessed!

    Kido - Back already! :)

    Prajyot - I am neither in munnar nor cochin! Palakkad dist. actually. Kerala is an awesome place. Very green and beautiful. :)

    Aparna - I love my dad too! :D What similarities no ? heheh...

  30. Dhanya, I'm from Hyderabad. Well I've been to kerala with college friends! =)

    I love munnar.. :)

  31. hmhm---

    yeah listening to one song again and again can be pretty soothing...

    I love to listen to Beatles again and again... :)

  32. Mrutyunjay6:27 PM

    Excerpts ... "It’s a sin to be so happy. Come to think of it.... I don’t have anything much happening at the moment to make me feel so alive. But I still am!"

    The Universe conspires to make you smile. "Just Be" the way You are. I am planning to come down to Munnar next month but I have some approvals pending. You know what I am talking about !! :)


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