Saturday, July 04, 2009

Filling In The Blanks

Just when you run out of topics, help comes your way in the form of tags. I have to fill up some blanks this time around. I never used to like them when I was in school (does anybody?), but I don’t seem to mind these tags one bit. Aah! How people change…

  1. I've come to realize that my last kiss..... was just that – my last one.

  2. I am listening to... Jee Le – Luck.

  3. I talk... rubbish, most of the time.

  4. I love.. love! No seriously, I love to see people in love, and being in love too. Not that I am in love now (close friends & relatives, lower your eyebrows pleez!).

  5. My best friends..... are in Bahrain and Madikeri at the moment. (:* to you both)!

  6. My first real kiss... What? So unreal kisses exist too ? Pray, what are they ? Does the above kiss count ? :D

  7. Love is... feeling on top of this world when your partner’s around.

  8. Marriage is... something you should get into only if you’re totally in love with the person. That’s my view and I am trying to change coz it doesn't always work that way. No debating on this, please.

  9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... why such a sexy man like Abdul Kalam never got married ?

  10. I'll always... be there for youuuuu!

  11. The last time I really cried was because... I was supposed to get married this coming August and it didn’t work out. That incident has made me a stronger person and I haven’t cried since then. But but but…. that doesn’t mean I have turned into a zombie ok ? :P You won't find anything related to this matter in the archives of this blog, coz I have deleted those posts off.

  12. My cell phone ... is an N70 model which needs to be changed asap.

  13. When I wake up in the morning... I smile at myself when I brush my teeth (a toothpaste filled smile can brighten up anyone’s day!)

  14. Before I go to bed... I listen to music.

  15. Right now I am thinking about... why such a sexy man like Abdul Kalam never got married ?

  16. Babies are... yummy yummy yum yum :D

  17. I miss... Bahrain. (duh!)

  18. Today I... am in a sing-song mood.

  19. Tomorrow I will be... completing some of my pending work.

  20. I really want to be… Preity Zinta for a day. A beautiful, smart business woman who is also a successful artist with so many fans (especially Brett Lee) but who still seems modest, bubbly and lovable to the core. Three cheers to her!


  1. Good to know a little bit about you.:)
    >:D< hugs

  2. hellooo new here...! nice intro! blogrolled yu!! tak care

  3. very well put up. and i agreed with that reason to go to marriage part.

  4. yes marriage is that...i cumpletely agree..coz luv isn't martha beck says...

    heheh brett lee...i too had a crush on him..infact ponting Daniel vettorii..many many best hobii ws to collect their pics :P lol

    lovely tag gal

  5. wooowwwieee. :) nice.. close friends are relatives can be such dumb-asses at times alle?? :P

    N70 seriously needs a change sista..vegam.. :) Why do u always keep thinking of APJ now?? :P U are a strong person,goes without saying dear..brett leeyinodulla praanthu maarilla alle.. :p btw,ur kid names are ready.. Temme when I've to unleash them okay?? :)

    Take care sista.. :)


  6. "#
    Somewhere, someone is thinking... why such a sexy man like Abdul Kalam never got married ?

    Right now I am thinking about... why such a sexy man like Abdul Kalam never got married ? "

    so much obsessed ha ;)

  7. things happen for the better.Who knows, Gods conspired against your marriage to prevent some future tragedy.
    Nice knowing your better:))

  8. babies are yummy?

    i am scared of you now

  9. d tag is here too!!
    smart answers esp d 1s dealin wid dr.kalam :)

  10. I've been seeing so many of these kindsa 'tag' posts lately. Kinda tempted to start doing some of them! Heh. Anyway, love your answer to 20. Preity is awesome for remaining level-headed despite so much fame & fortune.

    Btw, I just became a follower. :)

  11. likes urs better than me!!

    *hugs* simply because i wanted to :D

  12. u like preity zinta?
    oh ok well..i am not really very fond of her..but anyway

    nicely put!:)
    this tag's very famous these days..

  13. u like preity zinta?
    oh ok well..i am not really very fond of her..but anyway

    nicely put!:)
    this tag's very famous these days..

  14. a grin at many places along the post!
    some people have a sense of wit along their entire communicative sentence formation... and you are one of them!
    tc god bless!

    Ps - it was a too long tag to attempt in the comment box, else I would have done that for sure :) like always!!

  15. OO nice girl.. yes yes.. I meant u

  16. too likes preity zinta :D felt very bad when she and ness broke up :'(
    why abdul kalam of all the people? :-s but very good question btw :P
    babies are yummy yum yum? :O :O :O
    i love love too :D
    nicely done...
    mite lift it up :P

  17. Tags to the rescue again ...u have this huge thing for Abdul kalam .. ;-) ,seriously !!!

  18. u want Brett Lee as ur fan??? lol..

    Abdul Kalam, sexy.. there were a lot of things that could ve described him, but u chose sexy??

    nice tag :)

  19. hmmmm...

    thr was smthn thr that got me thinkin...or is it jus my mood

  20. Zeba - Thank you :)

    Sneha - *Hugz* to you too!

    Hary - Thanks so much for blogrolling. Keep visiting! :)

    Sam - :)

    Priya Joyce - Aaah, Daniel Vettori rocks too! But I am still very much faithful to B. Lee ;)

    Nikhil - I want N97! Cash vende... Hmmm... hopefully within the next 10 years :P Brett Lee-yude prandhu aduthonnum marilla... He's so talented and good looking! Pinne engane marum :(

    Gayathri - Hahaha... naah! Very much in awe of him though. Such an intelligent but humble human being. Do you know that he replies to EVERY letter he gets ? :)

    Zillionbig - Yup, definitely. I believe in the 'everything that happens, happens for the best' motto!

    Chriz - Hahaha :D Yummy as in cute! :P

    Anwesa - Thank u ji :)

    Archana - Tags are everywhere, aren't they ?? Yeah, you should do them too! Would love to know more about you :)

    Phoenix - big hugz to you too sweety! :))

    Apparently Intellectual - I LOVE PREITY ZINTA! Not coz of the characters she portrays on screen, but mainly coz of her personality off-screen.

    Pulkit - Maybe you should take it up as a post ? You hardly talk about urself in your blog!

    Randeep - Thank u ji for the compliment! :)

    Mads - Yuck, Ness acts so gay :P Brett Lee suits her better :D

    Bedazzled - Hehehe... I love Kalam! Intelligent scientist + humble human being. (Yeah, I have a thing for nerds)

    Amal Bose - I wouldn't say no if Brett Lee decides to become my fan :P Kalam is sexy in a nerdy way... and I like that! :)

    Mayz - Wonder what got you thinking.... hmmmm....

  21. thats a nice blog here.. i liked the mallu part :-)

  22. I soo agree..Abdul Kalam is sexy but in a non sexual way...SRK is sexy in a very evidently sexual way :P

    Great to kno u better :)


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