Thursday, July 09, 2009


How would you feel when people whom you have known for nearly all your life (18 years or more in my case to be exact) act as if they just don't care about how you feel anymore ?

I have taken extreme care in acknowledging the presence of people who matter, never once ignoring their messages or mails (even if they say shittiest of things sometimes) and being open-hearted about everything and anything concerning myself. Right now, this is the time I realize being nice is NOT so nice. If they don't care, why should I ? My sister follows the motto 'dont let someone be a priority in your life when u are an option in theirs'. But I being the ever-so-gullible, believed that people who you have known since childhood will never try hurting you in your wildest dreams. I always believed that outside my family, I can always trust THEM to act like family. I am so wrong.

When people whom you hold close, for whom you feel a lot towards, whom you considered as family start acting so sly - that's when it pains like CRAZY! Sadly, there's nothing I can do but just blog about it and release my anger.

Alden, as usual was online and at the right time to just calm me down. He has always been my mature friend, who actually listens even when I start talking rubbish and after suffering me for the last 8 to 9 years, he knows how to distract me from these feelings. Knowing that I'm an internet freak, he shifted towards the topic of blogging, mailing and how a particular 'google wave' would interest me. Being the tech geek, he patiently sat down & answered all my questions (even if he had run out of ciggies) while I forgot about how hurt I felt & just browsed through the videos and the pages regarding the same. I could only see one google wave highlights video coz of my crappy connection, but I'm hoping to catch the rest of it today!

Aldo baldo, you have always been there during my highs and lows, the good times and the ugly. You have seen my immature part, as well as the goodness in me. Friends have come and friends have gone, but you've stayed with me till now listening to every single rubbish I have to complain about. You simply rock and I hope you know that!

As for those people who don't care, I have done a bit of cleaning up in my Facebook and Orkut. None of my blogger friends are included (you guys have been just too sweet), so please don't misunderstand. I have disabled comments for this post coz this is my second post in a single day (fastest I have done since last few years I think)... and I don't want to burden anyone by commenting on something so depressing! You can catch up with the earlier & happier post of the day here.

Bonne nuit.