Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dad Alert!

Flash news! Flash news!

My non-tech savvy dad has decided to join Orkut! Imagine my surprise when I got a friendship request from a certain Mr. K. Venugopal along with a personalized message -

‘Dhanya, I want to be your friend in Orkut. Is that okay?’

My pops asking my permission to be his friend. How cute is that ? :D

I am sounding amazed coz he was the last person I expected to be in social networking sites. I’m aware of other uncles & aunties joining but never expected MY dad to join. Orkut is turning out to be my family site with my sister, almost all cousins and now my dad joining. Like I said before, hum saat saat hain in everything & everywhere!

As of now, I am pop’s only friend. He’s trying things on his own daily… which is so amusing! I am planning to leave in a scrap every day, so that he gets that cute smile on his face every time he opens up his scrapbook….

P.S : I hope to God my mom doesn’t decide to join. As it is, she complains dad talks very less to her. All hell would break loose if he plans on ignoring her scraps too! :D


    My dad had been asking me "What is orkut". Changing times!
    It so very cute!
    Even my mom complains that dad does not talk much with her. My dad has the same answer everytime, "what should i talk?". LOL

  2. Aww that is adorable! :) My parents sit & read my blog together when they're have some free time, it's cute. My dad even wanted to leave little comments for each and every one of my art pieces I posted up..and I was like, Daddy Hi, I'm right here, you can just compliment me to my face. :P Hehe, parents are cute.

    Though I'm not sure how Orkut works, since I don't have one..but I don't think I'd want my mom or dad on my FB account. Lol, too much junk on there - from my wall, to tagged pics, to posted pics and god knows what else. :P

  3. lolz, u know wat? I made my mom, massi, maamu join orkut!! :D

    and yay its fun having ur family everywhere :D

    Good Luck and happy browsing Uncle :D

  4. ignoring mom's scraps!! cool...
    what if they both start chatting as strangers to each other as in some film?mitra i guess.. ;)

  5. i was readin abt this in some mag d other day...parents joinin networkin sites to keep a tab on their children

  6. :)
    No one from my family is on orkut :(
    Papa mumma and bhaiya all hate these social networking sites and all, they are in news every second day for one bad reason or the other na!
    anyways... and I had a grin on my face reading those scrapping between u and uncle... :D :D
    Ur blog is an awesome place to be in!
    I am glad I joined it :D


  7. So cute!!!! :D :D :D
    my dad gets thrilled when i say, i talked to blah blah and met him/her after ages on orkut...and facebook...
    and he gets very thrilled...and asks what happens in it and what is scrap and all..
    and then dismisses it by saying, its all useless lol :D :D :D
    ur dad rocks \m/ :D

  8. that is fun..

    my family is invading FB in a big way :P

  9. hey, ur dad is a cool dad. With children like you, he cant be far away, can he? Wish him gud luck:)))

  10. Soooo cute !!! its almost a family outing on FB for us .. all cousins & jing bang is there ..infact a cousin commented that we interact more on Fb than over phone these days .. mom wanted me to create an account for her ...havent crated one for her yet .. but increasingly i think that its a great idea ..

  11. cool ...

    "old man"!!!

    thats coooler

  12. lol @ those last words :) aha orkut became ur family networking site!! :P

  13. @ wat u said to ur dad.:P

    Luks like it's be gr8 fun nw..:P

  14. Oh wowieee.. :) nice..Ur dad is a superstar.. :D make him join Blogger too or atleast Facebook.. :p He ll for sure like all those quizzes and all.. :)

    Pinne,entha pattiye ente sundarikuttyku?? Ppl around can get to u sometimes by their ways and mannerisms..I have been subject to this from my very cousins for sumtym.. The best counter I have found is that I ignore them too,so am soo much at peace.. :) kaaranam,ithonnum alochikkandallo!! :D

    Stay cool,njan ille koode..!!! :)

    Take care sista.. :)


  15. m hinting my parents to join too .. lets see when it happens !! :)

  16. aww how cute... i was toying with the idea of asking my mom join...u know it will save me time in sending her pics... i could well just upload them.. and otherwise too :) and ur post just makes me want to go ahead and do it!

    this is one beautiful words...

    and yea abt the previous on top


    me in the same boat so i understand... :)

  17. LO..Cho chweeet :P.Now hope u wont complain to ur mom if dad joins a Liz Mitchell fan community :-)

  18. Hahaha.. soooooo sweeeeet..
    I still remember the time whn my dad asked his collegues abt orkut n after a long research, decided to join it, thinking he should accept new things more fast...

  19. Really cute! :-)
    Btw, read your sad post also.

  20. wow...thts so sweet n cute


    Take care

    i hope uncle is going to blog in near future ;)...Convey my regards to him :)

  21. ‘Dhanya, I want to be your friend in Orkut. Is that okay?’

    I found its very touching... well my parents dont even know whats orkut!!

    But as mayz said, u are in danger ;)


  22. that was cute...

    cheers 2 your dad...


    yeah my dad too joined orkut a while ago but --

    it s just tat he rarely scraps people and other than me & my sis-- nobody scraps him too...

    So he just suspended the account.

  23. Lolz thats real dad's on Orkut sorry excuse for a sister taught him how to get himself there..i btu obvious as any good son would do, blocked him :D.

    But u added ur dad and u send him daily scraps..sheesh u r such a pathetic daughter :P :P :P


  24. Dad in orkut :O

    gosh!!! I neva eva told my family abt anything of my any ids..they will torch me up then and there only if they get to kno wat I talk and how much I flirt there....

    u r gonna have serious time from now on :P best of luck

    abt the above post...
    since u have disabled the comments for a reason...I won't comment on the post but u are not alone..we all faced similar things in our don;t get disheartened ..just treasure ur existing frnds...

  25. ahaan,......u have one super cool dad....nice nice.....

    n abt that second post....i think u shud also follow yur sisters sure does work

  26. Ramya - lol... SAME HERE! My dad asks the same qn 'what's there to talk?' :D

    Archana - My orkut's quite safe... I am quite a boring person with a boring scrapbook to boot ;) But yeah, I won't allow my parents to add me on FB :P

    Richa - Hi-fives! :D

    Gayathri - LOL! That would be something :D I have seen mitra... interesting film :)

    Mayz - I'm sure that mag is called the 'Mayz mag' :P

    Pulkit - As usual you're being sweet! Glad my blog posts make you smile :))

    Mads - lol! orkut is useless only actually :P FB is better :D :D

    Arv - Whoa! I won't allow my parents to join FB! :D I waste too much time in there... and they shouldn't see that happening... hehehe

    Bedazzled - FB is fun with all the interaction and quizzes... so I can understand :) :)

    ZB - Are you implying am cool ? Yayness! :D

    Sawan - Yes yes :D

    Priya - Not exactly great fun... but yeah, getting there ;)

    Nikhil - No way @ FB! I want to waste my time in peace :P I can't imagine what he would say if he saw me taking those 'how many kids will u have' kinda quizzes

    lostmermaid - :D

    Phoenix - Thanks dear :) *hugz* right back at you!

    Nautankey - Fat chance of that happening :P :P

    Devil Incarnate - Oooh research n all... nice!!

    Geekie - I hope to God he doesn't start blogging! He might land up on my blog...:-o

    Randeep - My orkut scrapbook is haunted :D So no probs at all

    Amith - I am pathetic ain't I ? Ninakku njan vachittund...

    Daydreamer - Lol no yaar... no one scraps me much :P So it's all ok....

    Mia - :)

  27. sigh.

    I thought so too, once.

    it gets fishier when you realise that there's surveillance!!

    no more inappropriate jokes about farts and belly buttons anymore!

    sigh. life.

  28. Your DAD's on orkut??
    Wow, how cool is that!

    Personally no one from my family is on orkut; and not that its a bad thing in any way.

    I kinda like it that way :)

  29. "I hope to God my mom doesn’t decide to join. As it is, she complains dad talks very less to her. All hell would break loose if he plans on ignoring her scraps too! "..
    baap re..kya karti hai tu..

    they came to orkut world to keep eye on u :P..
    n u..sending scrap..

  30. Whoa..i dont know wat ill do if i get a frnd request frm my dad..i guess ill just faint!!

    Hez not much of a net freak..and trust me i like it that way :P


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