Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chicken or Egg?

Since I am jobless, and I have ample time on my hands I decided to be useful for a change and find out the answer to the question that still seems to elude us all…

‘What came first - The chicken or the egg?’

But no, I could not do this alone (can anyone ??). I needed some help (but obviously!) and am very thankful to the few other jobless super intellectual people who helped me out with this research. If you feel you’re one of those highly intelligent beings who’s missing from my list of helpers, I beg for your forgiveness and ask you to contribute in the comments section instead. It wasn’t done on purpose and I did intend to ask you but maybe the timing wasn’t all that right.

Anyhow, the list of contributors (and probable future research assistants) are as follows :

Anu, Jean, Teena, Bini

People who are religiously following my blog would be aware of my missing a long-lost crazy friend – Anu. Well, guess what ? She was back the very next day I published that special 'annoying' post on my blog.... (which makes me wonder... hmmm!)

To tell you the truth, I’m actually regretting every moment of her comeback. Madam just can’t seem to stop abusing me and on top of that, sounds drunk most of the time which makes her an eligible candidate to answer my question:

Anu : k**** kutty!!!

Me : *sigh*… so what do u think ?
chicken or egg came first ?

Anu : obviously chicken
did adam come first or did adam's kid come first? :p
don ask stupid qns

Next contributor is Mr. J George. Super sophisticated J is also super intelligent and can answer almost any question with a highly thought provoking answer:

For example:

Me : i feel like singing... do u ?

jεnε : i wana burp actualy..
can we do it in sync?

The answer he gave to the ‘chicken or egg’ question was also equally thought provoking :

me : so temme did the chicken come first or the egg ? :)

jεnε : the goo.. came first

me : what ? the goo ???

jεnε : the one with the amino acid based chemicals
that comprised the primordial ooze

me : enufff

Now next few contributors aren’t as chatty as the previous two but I decided to ask them anyway...

Teena : it's obvious that the egg came first
we eat eggs for breakfast and chicken for dinner

: Ok you pichakaari!!! stop joking around
tell me what came first – chicken or egg ? idiot...

Teena : heyyyyy!
u are using way too much ‘fowl’ language okay ?!

Me : tell me! Chicken or egg ? egg or chicken ? huh ??

Bini : Chicken or Egg....
either one sounds really good right now!!
IM STARVING FOR GOD SAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Brilliant answers, no? I have to work with one of these people for my 'chicken and egg' research but have yet to figure out who’s the corniest brainiest of them all? Rest assured, my research is not yet complete.

Miles to go before I sleep…

Miles to go before I sleep…

Note to Anu : Told you there'll be another post abt you again :) Hope you liked this one. Did I skip any details ? :D


  1. Govt of India3:15 AM

    Dhanya stop blogging. If you do not stop on your own we know how to make you.

  2. @Anu - Glad you liked my post :D

  3. so which is first :)....:P...wat was concluded u rock :)..


  4. neither... it was the chicken farm that came 1st. Without it, there cannot be chicken or an egg :D

  5. Vattaatyo molakey??? the debate on the chicken and egg has been on since India gained Independence and was also tabled in a session of parliament by our honourable civil supplies minister Shameless Lee.. :D

    And it got to a stage where the prime minister was high lee unlike lee to draft a solution for this particular lee insane issue that has been captivating the imaginations of scores alike..

    And then, a research team was entrusted to look into the fact and they haven';t come up with any results..Appozhanu,oro research teamukal,fraaudu.. :P

    Take care sista.. :)


  6. I like the goo answer :P

  7. Lol the infamous question! Hmm I'm thinking, the chicken was some mutant bird that hatched outta some other bird egg, and then actually ended up being a stronger, better version and via natural selection, etc became the chicken! So I guess the chicken came first? Wait, are they asexual, or do they need a rooster to make an egg? Yeah, I'm done.

    Hah, yeah I don't do that whole science bit too well. :P I'm over thinking about this question. Btw, loved your friends answers!

  8. seriously, let me know if you find the answer.

    I personally think egg came first.Because its easier to make sunny-side-up than a chicken curry, and gods also must be lazy like us.Why take the trouble?

    One of your best posts, after the BLAH BLAH post ofcourse.:))

  9. atlast yu found yur match in anu,btw dad cals me anu 2 :)

    chicken or egg i knew yu were questionin tat arnd,but yu didnt bother asking me,sumhow J man is smarter n funnier!!!

    chicken or egg?seed or plant :D


    It's the egg that came first!!

    Anyway-- I love how you use striked words.. should experiment it!!

    Nice post.. BTW I agree with the goo answer too! :P

  11. Hee hee...hope you research on the next famous topic "why did the chicken cross the road" :D

  12. LOL. Very nice. Keep the research going.

    'Teena : it's obvious that the egg came first
    we eat eggs for breakfast and chicken for dinner'


  13. ?????


    what was ur gtalk caption that day?? "Beware????"


    hey dhanya... sent ya msg using orkut... do check out whenever ur free, k!
    tc god bless!

  14. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Vattano? my doubt is changing into surety with every new post of yours ;-)
    In my case, nothing can come first. I'm a vegetaian :P

  15. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Chicken :D

    (How? Don't ask me.)

  16. @Hemu - Thanks Hemu :D Hehehe...

    @eye-in-sty-in - You should join me in my research... no, seriously!

    @Nikhil - Am crazy always bro :P Now only you're coming to know? heheh...

    @Arv - I like it too! :)

    @Archana - Oooh! Even though you don't know Science too well, you are actually stating the Darwin's theory of evolution here! Nice!

    @ZB - LOL! Now that's a different take.. yeah I know God is too lazy... seems to be taking His own sweet time in giving us things we want ;)

    @kangna - Yediye! we always have something useful and meaningful to talk abt everytime.. and we don't need to resort to such stupid questions :P :P The J man always provides the most amusing answers.. why do you think I trouble him so much ? :D And you're right, I finally met my match with Anu :P

    @Sameera - Need help ? :) Go to 'edit html' and use 's' and '/s' (use brackets <>) tags in between words you want to strike off...

    @Nautankey - Yes yes.. why not ? Want to join in ?

    @Jyoti - Thanks :)

    @Pulkit - lol.. no status message actually... everything was done in secrecy... am naughty that way :D Will check your orkut message asap!

    @Ramya - Definitely!! 100 % Vataanu :) But only vattu cases like Anu can appreciate my vattu-ness :) :)

    @Ki - Lolz.. no probs :)

  17. haha..i love ur frnd jene!
    n i actually think chicken came first. research is on, will give u the details of the reasons behind it once the study is over. Top secret.

  18. One can go on with this ques .. interesting post :)

  19. this is heights of joblessness !!.. me thinks chicken .. no eggs on noahs ark !! ;-)

  20. Hahaha..... Om Reasearchaya Namaha.
    hmmm vattayilleeeeeeeee

  21. I think its the hen tht came first... but then how cud lay an egg without mating??? Well, do hens mate??? I dunno.. I must research on tht now... so... in case they do, a hen n a cock must have been created.. they must have fallen in love n given rise to a little an egg.. This is the way my brain works:)

  22. I loved Teena's answers \:D/ :)) she's so funny lol.
    lolable post... :D

  23. Chickens hatch out of eggs, but eggs come from chickens. So neither must have come all I have to do is figure out how the chicken and egg got here.Who orignaly thought of that question anyways? Don't they realize the trouble they've caused for humankind?! Anyway's love your blog, even though I just started reading it.

  24. Nice post dear,..!! Enjoyed readin ur research work..lols..

  25. grrrr,..
    vattanalle??? :O
    angamaliyile pradhanamanthri endu parayunnu??:P

  26. hi.. that Jean guy is very funny no? i ♥love♥ him too.. :D ♥

    bloody phool.. that goo answer ws a result of years of pondering over boring Engineering lectures.. i cud sue ur skinny B** for stealing intellectual property! :-/

    seriously tho, i think the egg and chicken thing is God's way of showing humans how pointless/futile our human thoughts and wisdom are.. We refuse to accept that all this was created by him but instead choose evolution!

    Humans! we suck! :(

    ** - UM

    :P :P

  27. do lemme kno whenever u find the answer. if u do that is. :P

    anywayz that was fun.

  28. Hey!! I read most of them saying its the egg that came first, I wanna know HOW or from WHERE did the it come? Someone threw it from above? I mean? You understand?

    I think its Chicken! :D

    And Dhanya your fish pond is cuteee =) why didn't you select different color for each fish? :)

    Nice post


  29. @AI - Lol... your comment actually made Jean's day ;)

    @Lost Mermaid - Hehehe.. thank you!

    @Devil Incarnate - Lol @ Researchaya Namaha... Yes, I think I have gone mad...Idhinu endha oru marunnu ? :(

    @Lakshmi - Yeah, have your own research team and we will see who finds the answer first ;) War is on!!!

    @Mads - Lolz... yeah she is! :D Thanks a lot Mady :)

    @Anya - Hahah Anya.. Yeah, such simple questions can create huge complications... thanks a lot for visiting :)

    @Rahil - Thank u!

    @Gayathri - You too ??? YES I AM MAD :D What to do now ?

  30. Jean -

    Yeah the Jean guy is very funny even though he's a lil cuckoo! :P And yeah, who could love him more than you ?

    Ende blog-il vannu nee enne bloody phool ennu vilikkunno ? Well, I am assuming you called me a 'phool' instead of a fool. Last time I'm forgiving you!!! Mind it!

    And pray why are you after everyone's b**s ?? Vere panillye ? first San, now me... please leave our b**s alone!

    Jean, the number of atheists are increasing... what do you think? they would believe in evolution or in God ? But come to think of it, even humans have evolved from apes right.. so MAYBE evolution might hold true here too!

    What the heck is **-UM ? Are you bad mouthing here now ?

    Ninakku njan vachitund..

  31. ScarletTdiaries - Thanks for visiting! And yup I will surely inform you in case my research team comes out with an answer ;)

    Ester - LOL@ egg being thrown from above! Thank God it didnt hit anyone's head ;) Lol...

    About the fish pond... I created it in a hurry... Will be adding colourful ones soon :) xoxo

  32. hahha. loved this one.. i have one post under the same topic.. would post soon :) lovely

  33. Dhanya, that's great and I'm your follower now!! =)

  34. i think chicken and the egg both came playing together.

    I enjoyed reading your post.:)

  35. Neither...I guess the cock came first, only then hen or egg would have been possible

  36. seems like you are giving way too work to your "mind blowing" brain!! show some mercy and give her some rest!


  37. Anonymous1:37 PM

    All I care about is eating those chickens and eggs. Let us savor the delicacy and forget the source as long as the quality is good.

    Spare me the horror of Research. Ignorance is Bliss!!

  38. Wow! Taking the vintage debate to whole new *heights*!! Or whole new lows is it? *runs away before Dhanya can reply*

    *Comes back to finish her comment* Overall, a wonderful read! :D Anu reminds me of one of my own friends...hehe! :D Let's ask the chicken and the egg...hopefully atleast they'd know! *hopes Dhanya won't bash her...runs anyway!*

    *pant pant* :P

  39. no one came frst its u who came frst :P
    carry on the research finally one day the world will know of dhanya's discovery :P

  40. Midhun4:57 PM


    I had dropped u a mail on ur yahoo address regarding a blogging opportunity. Pls let me know if you are interested.

  41. Anonymous10:44 PM

    human came fisrt or baby came first?? came first or kitten came first? came first or puppy came first???........y the fuss only with egg and chicken man???....

  42. @Chriz - Thanks :)

    @Esther - Heyaaa!! Thanks so much for following... :D

    @Pesto Sauce - Now... that's different... :)

    @Sawan - Of course.. I always give too much work to my mindblowing brain :P That's why I got the pani now you see...

    @Surya Kannan - Lolz...

    @Tara - COME BACK HERE! :P Let's ask the chicken n egg it seems.. lolz!

    @Swati - Awww... thanks for making me feel more old :(

    Anonymous - Interesting qn... my next research will most probably be based on that :P

  43. ROFLLL!!!!! I LOVEEEE ur frnds answers!!!! sounds lik smthng i wud hav said if asked d same question :P :D

    hehehehe... :P


  44. haha.. interesting answers....

    I think that both came at the same time...

    If we assume that the chicken as come first, then the egg can also be assumed to have come along with it, since egg is just lying inside the chicken in a dormant form...

    And vice versa.. that is, if we assume that the egg comes first, then the chicken has also come @ the same time dormant inside the egg.

    Did I solve the question that has been hounding mankind for centuries or what.. :P

  45. Well, there are number of possibilities:

    1) Whichever you ordered to the waiter first. Unless you asked them to be served together.

    2) The are some self-made men I heard. So either there was a self-made chicken or self-made egg. Whichever was more
    -believed in 'whatever it takes!'
    in the right proportion :P

    3)Birds evolved from reptiles.
    So obviously the scientific answer is that chicken came from a lizard egg :P

    Hail reptiles! (For providing the world with a tasty edible bird, and for stupidoSAUR seeing such an obvious answer!)


  46. umm.. hey.. just found your blog interesting.. here's my take..

    ans1. eggs came first... dinosaur eggs.. :P :P.. you didn't say they were necessarily chicken eggs.. did you? :P

    ans2: whichever one you ordered first :P.. ok that was just lame :P

  47. Anonymous9:25 AM

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