Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Those Annoying Things...

ZB has finally given me that much needed and long awaited tag to vent out my narcissism. Since I rarely (Ahem! No smirks please!) talk about myself in my blog, this was a much needed relief ;)

I have to talk about 10 things that annoy me but will be penning down only 5 coz of time and space restrictions.

Ready ?

Steady ?

And here I go…
  1. Fake accents : If you have been around with British or Amreekan people most of your life, I can very well understand where the accent came from. But what if a person, till yesterday, who talked in pure, non-accented English all of a sudden developed a slight twang in his words?


    December 2008. A party was being held on a cold cold night. Alcohol was flowing, PJs were being cracked and good food was being served. Everything was going fine until IAmCoolButYouSuck said :

    “Yuck! This juice does not have any sugah!”

    Me (totally shocked) : What ??

    IAmCoolButYouSuck : No sugah in juice!!

    Me : Whatever happened to your accent ?

    IAmCoolButYouSuck (slightly embarrassed coz I innocently (?) asked him a question in front of his dozen fans) : What ? I always used to have this accent…

    Me : What nonsense M! Yesterday you were talking properly. On top of that you studied at ISB where there are no British students….

    IAmCoolButYouSuck : (looking left and right) I have a lot of British friends!!

    Me : Wow! You made so many British friends in a single day ?

    This made IAmCoolButYouSuck so irritated, he pledged to pull my leg for the rest of the evening. I will skip that part of the conversation coz it was so embarrassing it would take up an entire post!

  2. Boring conversations with prospective grooms : I have been advised by Pri (my cousin) not to initiate talks when I meet a prospect coz she thinks I might end up talking too much without giving the guy much of a chance to ask anything back.*Sigh*..

    I decided to go by what Pri said and what can I say…. what followed was long periods of silence. The prospects usually ended up looking at my feet, which resulted in me looking at my feet to check if anything’s wrong with them (my feet, I mean). I now know that’s what first timers do when they dunno what to say.

  3. Friends gone missing : It annoys me when the few interesting, crazy people I meet end up getting busy with love, life or career. Anu Susan Sam, you’re badly missed! She liked me to the extent of dedicating her first blog post to me.

    Check it out :

  4. Do not empty your Parachute bottle on me! : It annoys me when my relatives think my dark brown hair is a result of not putting enough coconut oil. Malayalees find it hard to believe that dark brown hair colour actually exists! Each time I head back to my grandparent’s, I am subjected to the same thing :

    Aunt : Coloured your hair ?
    Me : Nopes…
    Aunt : Aaah! Result of no oil…
    Me : Nopes…

    But who listens? They end up draining the whole bottle on me. The result – a shocked expression when they see a shimmering ‘brown’ instead of ‘black’.

  5. When kiddos flirt : This doesn’t really annoy me. It doesn’t amuse me either. But how would you feel when 11th and 12th grade students say things like ‘Even if you fall, I would be there to catch you *wink*’ ? Huh ? Huh ??

And this is where it ends. Feel free to take up this tag if you’re jobless. It would be interesting to know what annoys you guys (for later purpose)!


  1. interesting topic..eh.
    top 5 list of things that annoys me-

    1.When my mum try to feed me a lot of food daily..and pull my leg.

    2. When my bro peeps during me chatting with my friends...

    3.people showing "jaada" in functions and all....

    4. People boasting about there kids in front of others..

    5.Seeing my brother hibernating till 1 o'clock during the day time..

  2. awwwwwwww...
    joblesss eh :)

    i like ur take on every bit of it :)

    actually you know which the best part was?

    'whatever happened to your accent?'

  3. \honest and interesting annoyances, wish you had written all 10.

    Mallus have very strange notions of health and beauty. My wife was slim and of correct weight, but my parents and her parents and everyone stuffed her, bcoz of fat being healthier theory. I am plump and all are happy. I am supposed to be healthy..Nice post:))

  4. Honest things !!

    Fake accented people do piss off and turn the people around away!! may be they just show off or for whatever they reasons do, it sounds so hollow.

    wud try to do this tag soon

  5. Ah nice one...

    I knw I knw, I hate ths fake accent tooo. As if born & brought up in US of A :)

  6. nice post..1st one was really too good..but you could have put up all the 10..never mind,may be during some other 'jobless' times :P

  7. nice nice..I loved the prospecy thingy and also about kiddos flirting..vere paniyonnum illayirikkum!! :)

    You take care sista.. :)


  8. things dat annoy amused me :) a total entertainer post...
    my fav was point 3 :) :)

  9. Cool.. Liked all wat annoyed u... esp the innocent 'Watevr hapnd to ur accent?' q
    N interestin to note tht both u n the prospective groom gets bored...Y dont u initiate the conversation n bore him to death??? unless he really is into wat u r sayin n u hav a blast!!! tht wil mean u d end up together :)

  10. The prospects usually ended up looking at my feet, which resulted in me looking at my feet to check if anything’s wrong with them (my feet, I mean)

    Lolzy...this was damn funny! Keep up the good work of making people laugh.

  11. class 11th and 12th boys wala example and coconut oil incident was hilarious :D :D
    UR A GEM AT THOSE sarcastically jotten down , straight on the face humor :D :D
    U know how to write things and keep getting a reaction after every line :)
    I pat ur back for that!
    Loved reading this post... read it last night only but commenting now! cos I had to write this long wala comment as always :)

    my list -

    1 The political scenario of my state...10,000 crore rupess of public fund spend on statues of kashiram and herself by mayawati for ex.!! Idiots are ruling the state politics... I get annoyed by all that they do

    2 rakhi sawant swayambar,stupid daily soaps,idiotic news coverage and all bullshit...television watching does come into play when holidays are on and its a damn annoying experience!

    3 an idiot whom I recently met... such a dumb pain in the back! speaks shit and he thinks he is cool.....aaaaah!

    4 the negativity in me... I have to end all prose and poems on a sad note... I am sick! trying to chage but too too difficult :( m annoyed with myself

    5 the college addds on television, all these private college that promises placement,facilitites and bla bla...I study in one of them and I know what F*** are they lying in their adds and still people run and give donations and everyone wants to make his child an engineer... it suckssssss! alternative career courses are not looked with dignity in UP household... I hate this! bug time annoyed with this...specially in this season every year

  12. Hmm..!! good honest answers...
    Even i do get annoyed with fake accents.. another thing i really get irritated is whn ppl ask abt marriege, as if they dnt hav any thing on earth to do.. than seeing me getting married..

  13. Haha. Nice post. Made for an interesting read. fake accents annoy me to the core as well.

  14. Interesting! Loved your take on every point :) Seriously, wish you'd written all 10 of them..

  15. lol !! . i agree that the few interesting souls i meet get maried /get a new best friend !!! god should make more interesting people !!.. Arranged marriage interviews are oh so boring .. everyone wants to impress the other person in 30 minutes ! bah !!.. i hate fake accents too ..u shud feel nice when kiddos flirt with u .. brings down the age a few years !! ;-)

  16. hahahahhaa!!! me likes...me loves actually!!!

  17. hahaha
    it can be done as a serious thing, criticizing to hell lot of extent. but, you did it in such a funny way! lovely!

  18. Mast mast mast totally mast post. u got a great sense of humour :D
    i'll do the tag over here since i know i wont take it up on my blog later :'( just will tell one thing that pisses me off like anythign...

    "Hey you seriously a south Indian??? But you are fair and u have straight hair :O How can u be a south Indian"---asked to me by loadsa people :X

    great post..loved it :)

  19. wow di....really really really well done tag...:)

    Was xtremely interesting...the one with the fake accent..so true..wats with these people!! I guess neutral accents aint good enuff :)

    Sadly i havent had conversations with prospective grooms :P...else i wouldve added it to the list too :)

    Really well done tage di...AwSM :P


  20. Oh I really understand the accent thing. OOF.

  21. This is my first visit and its been pending for sometime.
    Must say, I truly enjoyed it. He he :)Fake accents any day tops the list. Remember Hyderabad Blues (Part 2 I think). I still can't get over it!

  22. LOL...

    Tell me abt the oil part... lol... they still remind me abt that...

    take care mate... cheers..

  23. ah i was having a hearty laugh reading the post....i found it funny.....

  24. "Dhanya is a bad gal"

    this is a lyf tym achievement..:P

    congozz lol

    luvd the tag

  25. Ugh fake accents make me nauseous. :x I've been living abroad my whole life so I can't help but speak with an accent that's heavily influenced by the people I've met & the places I've lived - but when people around me, that were just speaking in their own accent start to put on a fake American accent all of a sudden it makes me cringe!

    As for the coconut-oil deal, dark brown hair is pretty! If only people knew that oil doesn't make hair black, lol.

  26. hey rahul! I can't stand all the boasting either..!!!

    Seherrrr :) So glad you liked it!

    ZB - It would have been really long then! Don't like writing longgg posts, coz personally I have a very short attention span... so I am being considerate to ppl of my own kind :)

    Sam - Yeah take up the tag... would be interesting to know a bit more about u :)

    CM-Chap - Lol.. looks like a lotta people get annoyed with the same.. good to know I have got company!

    Gayathri - Ahem... say 'jobless' in a hushed tone please :D

    Nikhil - lol bro :D

    Anwesa - Thanks so much sweety!!

    Lakshmi - Arreyyy I used to initiate talks... but then I never give the guy a chance to ask anything in return! Too many questions u see ;)

    Buzz - Thanks :)

    Pulkit - wow man... your comments are so good usually.. they require a totally new post! thanks so much for being elaborate and wonderful with your comments! :) Really apprecite it...

    Devil Incarnate - Yeah, I understand! Some people just can't wait to get you married off... hehehe

    Zeba - Thanks a lot re!

    Jyoti - Thanks for commenting dear :) I would have written all 10 too but it would have been a really LONG post... don't want that to happen :)

    Mayz - :D

    Ramya - Thunkoz! Yeah, I usually look at things in a funny way :)

    Mads - Thanks!! And YOU should be blogging more regularly!

    Amith - Lol... am hoping you won't have any conversations with prospective 'GROOMS' :)

    Ki - :))

    Ashwadhy - Hiii... Welcome to my world :) and hope you keep visiting!

    Arv - Et tu, arv ? Niceee...

    Mia - Thanks dear :)

    Priya - I know... and now Anu has become bad girl!

    Archana - I would do anything to get natural jet black hair :(

  27. aw i so understand ur plight!! :)

    btw can we please share brett lee??

  28. so , we can get brown hair if we dont use oil for ages :P ....

  29. 1. Fake accents
    2. People who dont smile at you when you open the door
    3. People who play loud music or talk speaker phone on
    4. Who drive on wrong side


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