Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ok, so I am not THAT modern!

I hardly get online in chat messengers nowadays. There used to be a time when I used to be online 24 x 7. I used to live, eat, breathe Gtalk, Yahoo and Orkut. Now I have other interests - namely, affiliate marketing and blogging. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of my time and my hard work has started to bear fruit very recently! So yay! :-)

Anyway, so it was one of those rare days when I decided to get online in Gtalk and I happened to see this acquaintance. It's only once in every two or three years that I see this particular person online so we had a lot to catch up on. We started talking about the new gen relationships. What surprised me was that he considered 'one night stands' as decent. His question was 'If both the people are okay with it, then why not ?'

First of all, if one person wasn't okay with it, wouldn't it be considered rape ? Second of all, I highly disapprove of one night stands coz I truly believe relationships are meant to be forever (call me old-fashioned whatever). This made the guy retort by saying that I speak like a 'village mallu'. Talk about respecting each other's views...

So yeah, I am not THAT modern.

- I do not believe in one night stands. But that doesn't mean I would protest if you do. To each his/her own.

- I believe in having long lasting relationships.

- I believe physical indulgence should be based purely on love and not just on lust.

- I believe in respecting other people's views on things.

What do you believe in ?

P:S - Thanks Mayz (again!) for the 'tokens of love' :-)


  1. I got myself buzzed up in a long chat about one year back with a girl on the issue of live in relationship...
    I was on the negative end of disspproving it and she was the one that supported it for some personal reason of hers... but eventually I was able to convey most of my viewpoints to her while chatting and fortunately for me, she was not so disrespecting in her way of adressing things so she humbly heard me talk a lot on me,my views etc etc! THAT WAS LONG BACK... WHEN I WITHIN ME WAS STABLE!!

    as far as one bight stand is concerned...
    there is nothing to do with love, relationship etc etc....

    dictionary defines.... relationship as "relationship is a relatively ,long-term association between two or more people. This association may be based on emotions like love and liking, regular business interactions, or some other type of social commitment."

    HOPE U GOT MY POINT... SO HOW CAN THAT PERSON WITH WHOM U CHATTED WITH can call a one night affair equivalent to something like love and relationship...

    Love is a bliss for those whoe get it
    the seeds of the passion and intimacy
    that comes out from that mutual need
    is pure and divine...
    for those who miss its divinity by
    sharing the intimate secrets of one"s
    own body and soul on the verge of quick desires... I guess one night stands stand a chance!

    for me... I AM A ONE GIRL GUY... I BELONG SO SOMEONE AND THAT SOMEONE IS SURELY THERE waiting for me... and I am in no mood to share even 1 night of my life with anyone else...before I Meet her!

    I AM NOT OLD-FASHIONED and neither is u!

  2. i second u completly.. one night stands to me is a big no no.. to me getting physical is an expression of love and feelings.. and they dun come in one night..

    P.S. ever wondered y they call it one night stands when tere is no standing to be done :P

  3. I absolutely ditto you.I really dont understand the term -one night stand. i mean is it that two people who crave for sex, suddenly decide that OK, lets make it. i dont think this kind of relationships exist. atleast to my knowledge in the societies i live in.

    i am too not modern and wouldnt like to be one if the notion of modernity is having the so called one night stand.i am sure most people would be.Its a very relevant post.lets see what people think.cheers:))

  4. I don't believe in one night stands either. I believe in two-nights stand!!!!

    Err.. he he no, I was just kidding. I share your exact opinions on everything you said. You seem to be a sweet girl with strong values... unfortunately you belong to a breed that is on the fast path to extinction.

    Good one. Thank u for making me smile.

  5. i believe in what my parents taught me ;)

    in simple words dont believe in one night stands, eeks never! not even losin ur virginity to someone who you may not end up marryin ;)

  6. nice views u have given abt the one night stand thing...personal i dont want to talk abt that...the person u chatted with should learn some manners first he has no right to give ya names..anyways..its their own view abt it and i have no view abt that thing at all..


  7. It on one s on ethics the opinions of one depend Upon. One night stands are such issues.

    I think there is something more than physical to sex. & one night stands are )even if both the parties are OK with it) Will not have the sause of love in it.

    So whats the point of it anyways.

    cheers. :)

  8. alpanu aishwaryam kittiyaal ardharaathriyum kuda!! u musta heard of this na?same thing! By being the MODERN PROGRESSIVE dude,ur frnd has forgotten moral values..He is a danger to this society.. :p

    I feel so,might be mighty wrong.. ;)

    I second on all that u said,and whoever dare say again that my chechi is a village mallu.. :X even if he says,pilleralle!! vittu kalayanam.. :p

    loads of luuvvv.. :)


  9. Totally second your view.
    Good post. And it's not about being orthodox or something. I hate the idea of one night stands. Completely :|

  10. I agree with u cent percent.

  11. A person who cant respect another's views should keep his/her own views to self...

    hope you are feeling good...

    take care... cheers...

  12. i agree with you completely..
    and i dont believe having your own views on a matter makes you a village mallu girl or a modern one..
    for me relationships and even sex has got some meaning.. its just ways to convey the love for each other

  13. welll u know watt i too wanted to write abt such issues which I'll do soon..Modernity getting confused wth.."western culture/ways"

    well ue beliefs r just a mature modern lady wud believe :)

  14. im all for you...

    ditto... :)

    doesnt matter if you really are a village mallu [im sure u r not] its not wrong to have principals and ideals... me is like you...

  15. One night stands, may not be a abnormal thing for some people .
    but i i think those people are abnormal ....

  16. i agree i agree...

    i too believe it shlold be forever.. i mean relationships nothing else...
    but u knw here there r different people it depends how they take it...


  17. one night stand could be interchangeably be used wid lust..

    n love is an utmost feeling of compassion..

    i completely second u..i too hate the idea of one night stand..
    one can do watever he/she wasnts aftr marriage..
    well!!every1 has thr own far as u are concerned i guess most of us agrees wid u.

  18. Well this is what happens when adults argue :D .We don't discuss we argue.In the sense for a discussion you come with a empty mind,for an argument we go with our pre-conceived notions which are very subjective.Once the other person doesn't fall in our wavelength we get aggressive

    I had this friend who was in deep love,true love etc,.,things did not work out and the girl married someone else.Post that the guy gets totally transformed and is having short flings.I cant explain the guy abt the virtues of true love :D.

    I just believe relationships are very personal & subjective,so if a rational adult finds one-night stand good or better fine for them. I wont judge someone based on the way they handle relationships,like a guy who goes for one night stands is bad or non committal etc,.,just as how i wont judge a person wearing fluorescent pink shirt is stupid.

  19. Good belief.. you have good morals :-)
    What do i believe in?
    I believe in saying "I am too small to comment on such topics" when i come across such posts. Yes, i am small ;-)
    sorry i could not comment in the last ppst because the windw is not opening. so, i am leaving a comment for last post here. I really had been waiting for the last part of the weddins.. really! I wish your cousin all the good luck for her coming life! may god bless her. :-)

  20. I so defn love one night stands :P

    it is quite moral and logical :P

    but alas! none ever got interested to live it with me :P


    giving ur body to a stranger is completely ur decision and there is no test in the world which determines modernity on basis of it was very wrong of him to call u village mallu.....

    if next time he comes ...ask him whether he will like to do it with a boy...some people call it modern too :D

  21. u kno i have been relationships...yes more than one...yes more than 2...yes more than...ok lets not get into that

    n slowly my idea abt love has changed...its not all that fairy tale like u know...

    i mean i completely respect ur views...but m d kinda person who wud respect someone who wants to have a one night stand...its human nature...its d id we r talkin abt here...n god made us that way...

    a one nite stand has nothin to wid modern society...its nothin to wid morality either...its purely based on choice

  22. I would leave it to the individuals. I wouldnt judge them on that.
    But i will surely respect people who respect other's views.

  23. I agree with you. Call me whatever- even I don't believe in one night stands- not because it is wrong.But because I am not interested in anything like that.

    I won't say people who do it are wrong- works for them -good.Doesn't work for me. So- end of the matter.

  24. From a general guys perspective - one night stands..yayyyy!!!

    But i wouldnt abide by em unless of course the girl were kareena :).Now thats someone i d break al the rules for. :)

    Hang on to your morals yaar.If being decent gets u tagged as a village mallu then be proud of it. :)


  25. Neither do I believe in the same :)

  26. my first visit here..and i second you completely..

    Sometimes being what u r yields in strange names..!

  27. It's an individual choice one makes...

    In today's world, when people want no strings attached to a relationship, its easy with both the parties consenting...

    I'm not for it and this does not mean that I'm a village mallu....

  28. Thats a very controvertial issues which was in newssmetimes back..
    I strongly agree with u, others r already calling me village type for that, bt that doesnt mttr, there something that shud stay like that no matter hw much modern we r.I bliv relations r 4 evr n one night stands r like a shame to that...

  29. I might be out of place commenting here -

    But I say too - to each his own.

    SO no, not believing in a one night stand, does not make you obsolete, just a tad more principled in your concept of love and relationships..

    Likewise it does not make a believer of one-night-stands some neo age apeman!! just a little lost perhaps..

  30. Pulkit - Oooh! Well said! You wrote a mini post in here :D But enjoyed reading every word of it...

    Richa - ROFL @ the standing thing :D :D Your sense of humour just rocks...

    Zillionbig - Yeah that's what one night stands are! All on impulse. Even I was under the impression that such things don't exist atleast in our Indian societies. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Reality hit me really hard when I started hearing such news few years back....

    Parikshith kumar - Where I live, such species are available in plenty :)

    Sumo - You didn't have to say that! I know all that about you already :) :)

    Nikhil - lol... yes yes, just coz you said.. avane njan vittu kalanju... :D

    Priya - write about it soon then! I want to readddd!!!

    Sameera - Exactly my views too :)

    Amith - Kareena and Amith having a one night stand... oh my god... now that will be THE day :P

    Sophia - The reason why people get into one night stands is for the same - for enjoyment with no strings attached. Completely agree with you...

    Beauty and the beast - No no... not out of place at all :) Thanks for commenting!

  31. I agree with you 100%,:)

  32. friends with benefits is what the talk of the town is...
    wonder what and where the essence of relationships went :(

  33. Hi..1st of all..4 me one night stand means..going to a friends place and stay there and enjoy with your friends..but I never thought it this way.
    first of all thanku..bcoz of you I got to know smthing.
    I agree with you..with the changing time everything is changing...culture and the way people think...and even relations are jus lasting 4 nano mins.
    Iam not against change..not at all..but there are few things like relationships which I believe should last forever and when people are there in a relation they should respect eachother in their thoughts and ideas. :)
    Anyways..I completely agree with you and I dont think neither U are nor me are not modern :)

  34. Appreciate your views and approach, Dhanya.

    Like you, I am also old fashioned and believe in "values".. For more, please see my blog "Values for Life"..

    At the same time, I would not want to force my views on others. Each can lead a life of their choice and suffer / enjoy the consequences..



  35. I think one stand are purly lust nothing more than it.

    One night stand does are nt love relationship..its just a way to fulfill your lust...

    its individual's choice but you can not justify it by projecting it as love....


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