Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Best Cousin's Wedding - Part 2

If you haven't read the first part of this series, go here.... NOW!

The last post created a lot of misconceptions. I am not getting married! I mean, not now. In the future maybe, definitely.

Do you know anyone who happens to look exactly like Brett Lee ? If you do, please inform me. Oh yeah, he has to be a Nair boy who sings pretty well (like Brett Lee) and who looks extremely sexy in formals (like Brett Lee). He should also know how to play Cricket quite well (like Brett Lee) and have a nice smile (like Brett Lee). Did I mention it would be nice if my future would-be looked, walked and talked exactly like Brett Lee? Hmmm....

Oh sorry, I am straying away from the 'Day 2' of my best cousin's wedding post series! Let's begin..

Day 2 - 29/05/2009 (Friday)

- Dhanya goes to salon. She's supposed to thread her bushy eyebrows and do a facial for the first time! Dhanya's mommy had told her that since all her aunties and even uncles (!) are doing facial prior to wedding, it's best that even Dhanya does all this crap. Our family follows the Hum saath saath hain motto in doing everything afterall. *Sigh*

- Threading finished, Dhanya waits to do facial. This lady next to Dhanya tells her she's having a headache from applying the cow dung coloured dye to her hair. Lady asks Dhanya if she has ever coloured her hair and Dhanya replies with a 'No' and Dhanya even mentions that she's going to do facial for the first time. Lady looks like she's going to faint (from the foul smelling dye or from Dhanya's beauty ignorance... Dhanya doesn't know).

- Facial starts. Beautician starts poking Dhanya's nose and cheeks with God-knows-what. Dhanya has this sudden urge to take this instrument from the beautician's hand and poking her on her face instead to make her realize how painful it is. But Dhanya resists.

- Facial ends. Dhanya still doesn't know why she did it.

- Dhanya gets back to her grandparent's place where everyone including Pri is there.

- Dakshina begins where Pri is supposed to give gifts to people who are elder to her.

- Dhanya is shocked when Pri's mom tells her to accept dakshina.

- Pri offers dakshina and falls on Dhanya's feet. Dhanya feels highly embarrassed by all this and wants to run away. But Dhanya resists.

- Cousin 2 and family lands up with 'the guy (from part 1)' to wish Pri.

- Guy refuses to look at Dhanya which leaves Dhanya highly amused.

- Guy turns back to leave and Dhanya for the first time notices a very large, very obvious patch of baldness at the back of the guy's head.

- Dhanya is reminded of the time when she wrote with lipstick on her uncle's bald patch when she was a kid. Dhanya feels like doing that again. But Dhanya resists.

- Dhanya's mom comes up to Dhanya and points (at the baldness). Dhanya nods an 'all knowing' nod.

- Later, Dhanya comes to know that the little bit of hair the guy had is actually transplanted.

- Dhanya's mom - 'God is with us, moleyyy (daughter in malayalam). Thank God that guy wasn't yet ready for marriage. He's not good at all!!!!'

- Dhanya is amused and hopes all this craziness in her family will never cease.

*End of day 2*

Coming up
: The Big Day - Pri's Wedding

- This post is not meant to hurt the sentiments of 'other' bald people.


  1. very girly blog, but read it, though....i know someone who looks exactly like Lee, my office boy.he even plays cricket, wanna consider? OHH, he aint a Nair, he is a bangladeshi.....just kidding, nice blog cheers

  2. This is simply hillarious. Quite a lot of d points had me in splits! Hehe..

  3. Me:Dhanya accepts Dakshina. Means you're old. Dhanya Auundddiieee!

    Dhanya aunty has a sudden urge to choke poor me. But she resists.

    Instead,"Aunty mat kaho naa!"


  4. hahaha! mole, you are really lucky! transplanted hair.. geez!
    I know a guy who walk, talks and looks like Bret Lee... Bret lee himself! Che, he is not an Nair! :P

  5. Family weddings are memorable for many reasons just like the ones you have experienced :)

    lol @ Mr. Lee :)

    take care... cheers...

  6. sheesh..he didnt end up as prince charming!! sad!

    So all we need to do is find u Brett Lee V2.hmm...he s got a bro u know...dunno if he s married..could enquire if u r interested. :D

    And all the girly details..threading etc etc..ewww....u shouldve put up a cautionary board saying "girly parlour content inside".!!


  7. hehe.. u seem to resist a lot of things.. staying inside the coccoon with the family?? ;) :P

  8. See,No wonder..You had a ball then..
    cherukanaayi njan mathiyo??ee paranjathellaam Brett Leeye kaatilum undu.. :p hehe.. :D


  9. :D :D I was jus kidding ketto..deshya pedalle chakkare.. :p :)


  10. you should ahve kissed his bald head... :)

    me balding too

  11. ha ha h a..
    nice huh..
    u resist alot??
    i m imagining.. what would have happened .. if u had wrote something on tht boy's head... :P
    ha ha ha ..

    waiting for next part.. :)

  12. did i comment..
    oh yes i did..

    i forgot though..

    yes did you play colours on the bald head with the kisses..

    and moi said moi balding too.. would be a baldy in the future

  13. i just read the 2 parts ....awesome way of telling them :)....

    hahah everything in ur view...:P...hope dhanya dint kick someone at the wedding :P..

    lol @ the bald person poor him...u should have given some lipstick paint :P..


  14. oh ho... u had some funnytimes ....u need to give us a party....for making all J and crazy for fun

  15. only clone of bret lee can help you dhanya,

    poor guy, the bald headed missed u


  16. Haha! Have you read one night at a call centre? Even the guy in that turns out to be bald. :P

  17. Oh man all my expectations were dashed. Imagine if he had sad an yes,you could have lived happily ever after writing ur name with lipstick on his bald patch missed it.

  18. hahaha.... that was a totally hilarious post, i can imagine that dakshina prt vry well. hw much ode it wil b for u, i had a similar thing whn my cousin got married (who is just 0ne month younger :(
    i guess we wil hav 2 make an indian bret lee, exclusively 4 u..

  19. both parts..and was damn amused...reminds me of my cousin's wedding..why do all weddings have to end up like a match making parade??

    Love the way u write in third person :)

  20. LOL LOL..!! :D :D

    Ok..i read this first!! so i have to read the first one now to know about 'the guy from part-1' and I have no clue what Dakshina is!! :-?

  21. hey i too read both the was lovely lovely lovelyyyy..lucky u..u'll be getting many othrz yaar..
    these weddings are really,tears,racy full of everythng..
    loved ur post :)

  22. Zillionbig - I am a girl after all... so having a girly blog is totally justified! ;)

    Zeba - Glad I made you laugh :D Twas high time I returned the favour...

    DPhatsez - Venda mone venda mone....

    Ramya - I know he's not a nair :( Aah, the injustice of life...

    Amith - LOL! Threading and facial both are done by guys too nowadays.. heard of metrosexuals ? ;)

    Richa - Kinda :(

    Nikhil - From bro to kalyaana chekkan... hmmm... kinda weird dont you think ? :P

    Chriz - Hahahah :D

    Hemu - No fortunately, I didn't kick anyone :) :)

    Ki - Nope, haven't read that book yet :)

    Nautankey - definitely... I missed writing on a bald patch :(

    Acula - Dakshina is a gift from the younger people to their elders

    Swati - Thanks a lot dear :)

  23. ah at last I am here..well well

    Am impressed ..u had ur facial for the first tym at this age wow.i mean some gals in my class had those things at 14 15 itself well

    U r bindaas mast gal

    brett lee seems to hav impressed u a lot ;)
    eh :P

    I too had a crush on him....I hav on many Aussie players :P

    well Nair boy..difficult to find still I'd search :P

    well well...The mummy's dear moluuuu is lucky in case of that guy ;)


  24. Read both the parts and they were totally hilarious :D

    How I wish you writing somethin with lipstick on his bald head ;)

  25. seriously...threading is the worst part :|...i hate i hate i hate...
    it hurts too much..
    sympathy for u *sigh*
    u know what was the best part of post is..

    "But Dhanya resists""...
    hehe..nice one :D

  26. I read all three parts of this particular topic, and was wondering who this Dhanya was, and finally realized after 10 minutes that you've been referring to yourself in the third person all the while!! Never seen that before. At least not with this intensity!!!

    I was even gonna ask if Dhanya will take it personally if you talked publicly about bushy eyebrows!! Ha! I guess not!

    And there seems to be a definite F.R.I.E.N.D.S fixation...interesting!!!

    How you doin'???


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