Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Best Cousin's Wedding - Part 1

So it's all over - the wedding, I mean.

For those who just happened to stumble upon my blog from nowhere let me inform you that it was my cousin's wedding. I was off for almost a week... and what a week at that! One thing I learnt by the end of it all was that weddings can bring out the goodness as well as the beast in you. Goodness in the form of joy, unity and love. Beast in the form of stress, strain, tension, tension and more tension.

Priya's my best cousin. 10 months younger. As kids, we fought a lot with each other (at the point of pulling each other's hair out... literally!) but in between all those fights we still got time to share small secrets, frustrations and happy tales with each other. We used to wear the same type of clothes (in different colours) till the age of 10. It was a step by step walk for both of us.

Now she has taken the extra step and jumped ahead of me. I can't help but think from here on we won't be sharing the 'same' kind of stories and how we won't be even sharing the same space as often as before. Life changes and accordingly people change. Priya getting married is good, but I do have this sense of loss. It's exactly out of this 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' episode where Monica is going to get married to Chandler, and Rachel feels happy yet sad about the way things are going to change.

You can classify Priya as being almost everyone's pet. Her dad ran off (and till date is missing) when she was just four or five leaving a strong minded lady in the form of her mother to take care of her and her brother single handed. Not many women would have been able to do that in those times. I am completely in awe of her mom for being so tough and strong - the woman of today. So you can imagine the happiness when something so special is happening to a family which has suffered so much. The joy almost quadruples.

So many things happened prior and post this event that I could not just stuff everything into a single post. I decided to divide this story into parts. I will be starting with events few days before the wedding and ending this series with the after-wedding observations. So here goes....

Day 1 - 28/5/09 (Thursday)

- Dhanya leaves two days early to this place in Kerala called Trichur coz she still had shopping to do, plus go to a salon with her cousins to thread her eyebrows and do a fruit facial (I am a girl after all).

- On the way, we get a call from Cousin 1 (with whom we were to do part of the shopping) saying she's at Cousin 2's place and that we are supposed to land there at her flat.

- We land at Cousin 2's place and notice another family there.

- Everyone is made to sit at the same place.

- Dhanya gets bored and goes inside the room where Cousin 1 and Cousin 2 are whispering. As soon as Dhanya enters, they both stop talking and a minute later start chatting about something else which obviously seemed out of topic.

- Dhanya wants to see the swimming pool on the terrace of Cousin 2's flat. Cousin 1 and Cousin 2 sing in unison "After some time baby... after some time".

- Dhanya is dragged into the drawing room again where everyone is sitting and made to sit at this 'particular' place.

- Dhanya looks around to notice that this guy (member of this other family who have come to visit) has also been seated in front of her.

- Dhanya gets suspicious but doesn't say anything.

- FINALLY, Dhanya gets to see the swimming pool on the terrace.

- On the way down, Dhanya sees Cousin 1 smiling really wide. Dhanya takes her into confidence and asks her to reveal all secrets.

- Cousin 1 admits that it was an 'unofficial' prospective groom/bride meeting that was taking place (even the prospective groom wasn't aware of this). It seems the guy's family (who happens to be a part of Cousin 2's family) was very interested in me. (Dhanya gives all her readers a very *lookie, lookie at least someone considers me as bride material* kinda grin)

- Dhanya throws Cousin 1 a 'Aha! I knew it' kinda expression.

- Cousin 1 gives a sheepish smile.

- Cousin 1 'un-sheepishly' asks whether Dhanya liked the guy or not.

- Dhanya says in her most non-judgemental tone 'Ok, he's not bad!'

- Cousin 1 is ecstatic 'Great! So it's a yes then?'

- Dhanya not knowing what hit her - 'Uhhhh...' (Proving that asking too many questions can prove dangerous to Dhanya's mind)

- Cousin 1 smiles wide and leaves taking Dhanya's 'Uhhhh...' for a 'yUhhhhssss'

- Dhanya and family leaves with cousin 1 to do some shopping.

- Dhanya's mom waits expectantly for cousin 2's phone call to see if the guy has said yUhhhhssss too!

- Phone rings later on.

- Dhanya's mom almost flies to the phone in 'superwoman' style.

- Cousin 2 tells Dhanya's mom that the guy just got over some serious proposals and he's fed up of the entire marriage business for now. It seems he's completely off marriage for a whole year.

- Dhanya's mom is disappointed.

- Dhanya's mom tell her later that day - 'Thank God it didn't work out. He didn't look that good anyway'.

*End of Day 1* (and not the last time Dhanya is going to see this guy, as you will see in my next post)

P.S - If Day 1 seemed like mostly my match fixing day, I can't be entirely blamed...

P.P.S - Thanks Mads for awarding me!

P.P.P.S - Just returned back home today, so you can expect me back in your blogs really soon!


  1. arre first na:)

  2. Dhanya's mom almost flies to the phone in 'superwoman' style :D

    oye seriously ask ur mom...whether she hd ny sis lost in "Koobh ka mela"..
    if yes then contact me..she has to be my mom :|
    so same traits..:P

  3. Sounds like lots of fun you had!

  4. That's a Fat Indian Wedding ..... ;-)

  5. Lol!
    unofficial meeting the boy!
    you could not asked for a weirder family! In my family, people just make some one mad so as to make her say a yes after the first proposal itself!

  6. great explanasaan girl

    pri's mom is strong indeed..

    great to know about stuffs from your family..

    the narration was simple, cool and phunny

  7. Glad you had a lovely time mate... and thanks for sharing :)

    take care... cheers...

  8. Meow girlie! ;D Good to see you back in action! :) Now can't wait for the next part, suspense building eh? ;) And I can totally identify with the sense of loss bit, am not over my sister yet. :| Overall, nice, witty and made for a great read! :)

    Post fast! :)

  9. *Clap clap clap* very interesting post. Waiting with bated breath for the next one :D... I have had some loads of funny seeing-the-girl episode..poor guy got fed up. But I hope to read something interesting in the next post,like how the dhanya magic makes the guy to change ;-)

  10. that was an interesting day....and u got some marriage hitting too :P

    that sounds interesting :D

    waiting for the next day..and give ur cousin my best wishes for her future :)

  11. Dhanya's mom tell her later that day - 'Thank God it didn't work out. He didn't look that good anyway'.

    this is moms way of thinking

    anyways waiting for the next part, i normally read the climax of evry story , but waiting the climax of this series .. lol....

    take care


  12. hehe.. welcome to the club!!
    u r folks are running to get u fixed too :D

    and what cud be a better place to seach for a prespective groom than a cousi'n's wedding :D

  13. Ooh ye toh interesting ho gaya!!! :D

    Tell us more!!! *waits for next post with bated breath*

  14. Oh god!!ur bak.. :) vann boraayirunnoo...ariyo?? :(

    Adipoli explanation.. :D take care.. :)


  15. wat a post...wat a narration...wooo

    well so u wanna keep the people from breathing :P

    not putting up in full lol

    well wud wait..
    and such a lovely mom..

    The best thing is her name is Priya :P

  16. vy vy interestin...m glued to ur blog now...
    *suspense music playin in d background*

  17. aaha...quite a turn around eh.!! and oye trichur is not some place..its MA place :D.

    Cant wait to hear of your next meeting with the not to be Mr Dhanya(lolz)...hehe


  18. Hey..welcome back
    hope u hv enjoyed a lot
    i still dint get why he said no..
    chodo yar..
    i knw u will get somethng extra special

    May God bless u..


  19. sniff! ella pennungalum kalyaanam kazhichu povukayaayi..sniff!


  20. ahhh the princess is growin up into a beautiful swan or is it vice versa :D


    Bless you honey!

  21. ha ha i can't believe this...this is to put it...humorously romantic...ok more humor than romance

    so they got fixed real well :P for life so to say :P

  22. first of all, u r looking absolutely amazing in ur new profile pic! Love it. N sorry 4 nt coming 2 ur blog in quite sometime now n missing d whl live wedding saga!

  23. omg...i wanna know more.....

  24. hey.. nice starting..
    wanna knw wht happened.. going to read.. next part.. :)

  25. hey.. nice starting..
    wanna knw wht happened.. going to read.. next part.. :)

  26. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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