Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Best Cousin's Wedding - The Last Part

30th May - The day Priya tied the knot

The day started quite early with almost all of us waking up at 2 in the morning. Well... all the girls woke up. The guys in our household are pampered (royally) and were allowed an extra half an hour of sleep.

That was until yours truly decided to disturb their slumber...

I woke up my cousin brothers with the excuse that all the rooms were occupied and that they would have to vacate their rooms in order for the rest of us girls to get ready.

Cousin 1 : What's the time ?

Me : 2:15

Cousin 1 (Refusing to get up) : Great... 2 more hours of sleep left.... call me at 4:30....

Me : But the wedding's at 5!!! We have to get out of here by 4:30!

Cousin 1 : Why are weddings in Kerala always held so early ?? North Indians are so lucky to have theirs in the evening... they get to sleep more...

Exactly my sentiments. Why are weddings in Kerala held so early in the morning ? I say in 'Kerala' exclusively, coz I heard that the other southern states are slowly moving towards holding their weddings in the evening. I guess the strain will be so much more less if it's held later on during the day right? If you're from the southern part of the country, do enlighten me regarding whether you have your weddings in the morning or in the evening.

We all reach the temple on time. Priya and her soon-to-be husband gets on the podium. The holy mantras start. Malas are exchanged. Miss Priya N. is now Mrs. Priya Deepak.

I watched Priya standing on the podium and it was like seeing a totally different person up there. She no longer seemed the naughty, giggly Priya that I once knew. She looked more mature, more sober. I remember, just one day before, another cousin of ours told Priya - "Priya chechi (elder sister in Malayalam), please don't change after marriage". But Pri just smiled. I guess she along with the rest of us knew that she was going to change. A change which was unavoidable.

When the newly weds were off to the guy's house, I was expecting some rhona dhona in typical Indian movie ishtyle. But all I could see was a wide smile on Pri's face. The rest of us looked like as if we just got through a Tsunami, whereas Pri was there... all happy, smiling, cheerful! For a moment (in "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" style again but this time roles reversed) I felt like how Monica felt, in the episode where Rachel is supposed to move out of the apartment. Monica is disturbed by how Rachel seems unmoved of living separately from her best friend from now. So yes, Dhanya was a lil surprised to see that Priya seemed all happy without even showing the slightest of sadness. But I guess that's what love does to you!

Few days ago she came for a visit. And yes, she has changed. We hardly talked this time around. She was busy the whole time with the love of her life.. and I spent more time with my other cousins. I saw her doing her 'Please eat one more chappathi da' for the first time ever! Her bro who was watching all this along with me got irritated eventually and said 'Priya! He will have more if he wants to....!!!'

But that didn't stop her from saying 'Please have one more chappathi da'....

I do miss the older Pri. But I guess I will have to get adjusted to this newer version.


  1. Enjoyed this post a lot! :D

    whats this with marriage n ppl changing, siggghhh a sad part of life..

  2. awww... actually, in north india, we have weddings at even earlier in the morning i.e. around 2 am.. so we start the celebrations the day before and dance and eat and have fun before the wedding :D

    and girls do change after wedding :) it is unavoidable as u said.. tell u all my frnz are married now and i miss them so much.. even though we live in the same city, we dont meet for months.. :(

    its sad, but then they are busy with the family.. :)

  3. awesome way for the final day of ur enjoyment :)....its good way of describing everything dhayna :)..



  4. u have wedding post, I also just posted a wedding post!

    Gr8 minds i tell you! :)

    'Let newlyweds be newlyweds..'(DPhat)

    To Pri..

  5. loved the whole series. :)

  6. it was a wonderful wedding description :)

  7. yes we northies get to sleep mre :)

    well the part u wrote was beautfl..people do change wen thy find thr life partners..i dnt knw it does happen :(

    but this is how it goes..

  8. awww...its k di...give pri v2 a chance...she might not be that bad..maybe u r over reacting.

    And yeah our marriages are lame aint they..waking up early, all the mundu and stuff..uff!! but the sadyas :P...hehe...tats y i attend em - used to anyways. :)

    oH btw..u r next in line right?..buhahahaha


  9. i loved the whole series of post
    one thing marriage @ 5am
    yeh to aatya char hai yar..
    ths is too much
    waisey thr r some ceremonies we have early in th morning



  10. :)

    i am from south india itself, i dont thing , they will take consideration of morning or evening marriages, they just see the "Muhurtam", if they find one at 1 in the night, they do the marriage at 1.

    so its not the timing , its the strength of the muhurtam.

    People do change after that, but they will again change after few days/months/years....

  11. yeh.. we keralities hav this bad luck of getting married even b4 dawn... lucky northerns...
    even i hav seen among my cousins n frnds, that ppl do change after marriege, and even thats the main nightmare for me whn someone tels me abt marriege, coz i dont wanna change........ :( tat doesnt make a diference...

  12. morning marriages :O

    wow should get married with the sun as the witness....

    and I agreee change is inevitable... my didi changed a lot but still we do our fun talks wenver possible :)

  13. hahah i didnt know what i was missing from the blogworld until i dropped in here... :) sigh!: D

    i read up all the past posts..and me was rolling on the floor...loved all ur escapades...

    dhanya and taklu

    dhanya and her first facial

    dhanya and dakshina... :)

    i so missed you and im sorry i havent been really frequent will surely make it up to you... :)


  14. :) @ the last line :)

  15. 5 am?????

    u kidding?? baap re..
    I cannot marry any kerela guy now (the reason is obvious :P)...
    5am...aise toh mere wedding he nahi hogi kabhi :-\

    anyways..when ur publishing ur weddings posts?? :D
    u actually created a blog wedding environemnt :D

  16. awww...its a cute post...
    i felt the same twinge...when my 3 year room-mate and I moved to different apartments...

  17. awwwww.....after marriage a big change ..ahh I noticed the same in one of my cousins...she was such a bubble kindaa..maturity has taken over......hmmm

    nihow..donno y i feel bad abt..

    so i can understand the last lyn..

    we hav to :)

    nice write up dear

  18. d more i read abt marriage the more scared m gettin...i certainly wont have any extra chappatis!!! period!!!

  19. A big fat mally wedding, Ha took me back to kerala, very typical marriage scenario.very Familiar.

    BTW, in kerala wedding are not so early in the morning, at least for us Nairs. I have never attended any wedding before 10 am. Muhoorthams are between 9 am-12 noon. Mine was somewhere at 11.30 am.

    And yes, in kerala brides departing ceremony is a rather joyful one, unlike in north where there is so much rona-dhona. I guess because we are more matriarchal and brides family continue to be very important. When we come vacation to kerala, i stay half in my house and half in wife's. To tell you the truth, i prefer wifes house, coz of all the VVIP treatment and the spread on the dining table. I know i am shameless. hehe:))

  20. And women do change after marriage(not so much for guys). :))

  21. Sumi - I know!! :(

    Richa - I just love those kinda weddings where everyone dances as part of the celebrations. I wish it was a part of Southie weddings too!

    Hemu - Thanks dear Hemu..

    DPhatsez - I read it! And what a post at that... lol...

    Niti and Anwesa - Thank u ji :)

    Amith - Couldn't enjoy the sadhya as much as I would have wanted... it was so damn hot man! I mean the weather :( Just wanted to get out of the hall asap

    Pallav - Yeah athyachaar only... physical and 'emosonal' as well :P

    Suree - Yeah, they consider the muhurthams... but the problem comes when people are adamant on going for the 'first' suitable muhurtham of the day...

    Raka - SO good to have you back ma dear... muahz :D

    Amrita - My wedding posts ? Have NO idea... maybe someone else should publish it and end it with a line 'have to get used to the newer wedded version of dhanya'

    Priya (aka another Pri ;)) - Thanks so much sweety! :)

    Zillionbig - guys are SO lucky that way... and ur right about southies being less emotional while departing... but I guess I will be the first one to start the trend then ;)

  22. Was eagerly waiting 4 this post! Loved it. People change. Life sucks. India lost the match. Oops. Did I say it out loud?? Sorry. Cant seem to get over it!

  23. hey u were priya's cousin!! she was my collegemate!
    anyway,this change would soon happen to you too na?? and u both would get back to a new state of resonance!!

  24. Ohh..i dont want my frnds to chge after marriage..itz just soo scari :(


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