Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happiness Comes In Small Packages...

When the youngest one in the family (my niece) starts using the laptop like a pro....

... it means she has grown up way too fast and it's time to welcome a new member into the family!

I am going to be an aunt AGAIN! (Most of you might be aware of this. But what the hell ?! This is MY blog and I can gloat how much I want!) :D

My sis always thought my parents were totally biased towards me and once upon a time even contemplated on whether to have a second child or not. I guess she started having second thoughts once my parents pronounced her the better daughter! Even parents can be such traitors, I tell you....

So 8 months from now, I...
  • Will be mema for second time.

  • Might (most certainly) be subjected to some scratches and pinches from my first niece for giving extra attention to someone new.

  • Will get a second chance to be a better aunt. (Meaning I won't allow my niece/nephew to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S along with me this time around. Refer Generation Next post.)

Yay! :)

Happiness does come in small packages....

Points of note from previous post 'Blah!' -

1. I got more followers (!). These people decided to follow me by reading only this single post. I am sorry to disappoint you guys but I don't think there's going to be anymore of those 'blah' posts :D

2. I got more feedback than I usually do.

3. I got more mails asking me if I'm alright ?

4. Made 'vattayo?' (gone mad? in Malayalam) the question of the day.

So three cheers to the madness in you! 'Blah' certainly manages to get more hits ;)


  1. congrats!
    parents are such tailors.. so true! I still cant make out whom my father likes more, me or my sister! huh!

  2. Adipoli!! Treat venam.. :D

    Mema aake jaadayanalloo!! :p now u can flaunt that fact that the current kunjuvava of the house is lappy-savvy.. :)



  3. first comment again :)

    congrats in advance for the upcoming happiness :) tc god bless ya! loads of regards to sis and everyone at home!
    god bless!!


    PS - Hi five! for the madness!! and everything related to it....

    have a gr8 day dhanya

  4. well i have alrdy congratulated u but this is such a sweet news that i can do it again :D


  5. congrats 2 d new aunt!!!
    ur niece is cute :)

  6. I guess I am the first... Gr8 news.. :)

  7. wow, i am the first.....
    congrats ....

    which one you need.. baby boy or baby girl...:)

  8. hehe, Blah can do wonder to your readership.

    I too call my Aunty 'mema', Mini Mema, But she is anything but Mini, she is close to my height(6 inches)...

    Congrats....Gonnabe 2ndtime aunt....the best form of happiness does indeed comes in small(but cute) packages...I was never so happy when i held my lil cutie pie in my hand for the first time. :)))

  9. The blah post was certainly something else..the inner meaning...the amazing got one to think :P...maybe thats y u got more followers and more comments :P..hehe

    Oh Dhanno turns old again :P...ooh aunty dhanya ll most certainly do a gr8 job this time doubts :P..and hopefully she ll get scratched a lot too :)


  10. Double congrats.:)

  11. yes i agree with you.
    now a days kids are learning very fast.

  12. Yes Thank you Thank you supporters!
    Thank you Thank you Well wishers!

    I'm secretary of 'VATTAANALLEY' Party! :)

    "Dhanya aaaaauunnnddieeeee!"
    Dhanya:" Aunty mat kaho naa!"

    Pillerudey oro kaaryangaley!

  13. see u r getting to perfect the art of being an aunt !! .. how cool is that ?? and u do sound like a cool-A** aunt to hang around with ..parents always a soft corner for the smaller child.. i had that crib too once ..but its fun to grow in a 2 child household !!! .. actlly more the merrier .. i wish i had more brothers and sisters !! hee hee
    and happiness does come in small bundles ;-) . enjoy !

  14. LoL.. congrats again mema! :)

  15. Congrats!!! Be a good aunt. and that means u have to let them see F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  16. Be careful...second time you will also have to act as refree with two around

  17. congrats dear.....happy to hear that....n letting em watch friends with watching south park wud be super cool hehehehhe (just kidding)

  18. Hearty congrats on you becoming aunt again....

    cheers :)

    & yaar ur blog is worth following so U will sure get even more followers.. :)

  19. Some Awards for u
    Must Check


  20. so you are kinda well trained managing the kids!!will be helpful in the future!! :P
    yet to read the blockbuster 'blah'..will let u the feedback after that..!!

  21. anyway,i ve decided to 'follow' you!! not based on blah though :P

  22. kewl... they are exposed to such things from birth nearly... :)

    God bless her...

    take care mate... cheers...

  23. I second you ....... Happiness does come in small packages :)

  24. blah blah blah!!......:)..congo!!

    n children now grow very fastly than those of past generations.....thx to gr8 upbringing n...blah blah blah....;)


  25. :) Wow aunt again..congrats babe..wll chk out ur blah post..need to kno how to increase my follower count :)

  26. she actually looks like a pro.. good luck with the 2nd one too

  27. Ramya - I knowwww! But 'tailors' ? :D Am guessing that's a typos ... hehehe

    Nikhil - Jaadayo ? enikko ? You also misunderstood ? Not good not good...

    Pulkit - Guess I was a lil late in publishing comments :P

    Mayz - Awww.. thanks again Mayz :)

    Anwesa - Yup I know... even her classmates think so ;)

    Lakshmi - Thanks a lot for commenting... Nice to have you actually read all this crap :)

    Suree - Maybe a boy... but girls are more cuddly... hmmm...

    Zillionbig - lolz.. my blah post was incredible wasn't it ? I knew you would enjoy reading that!

    Amith - Inner meaning and all... hmm... yeah, I guess everyone was able to identify with my blah situation... but ur being remorseless as always (regarding the scratching part)...

    Sneha - Thanks :)

    Sm - super duper fast you mean!

    DPhatsez - Hahahha... yes I know that! And am so proud to be a member... totally honoured...

    Bedazzled - Oh my gosh! cool a** aunt ??? hahahah... that's a first! What a nice way to describe me ;)

    Sumo - thunkoz again :D

    Zeba - no way... not this time around...

    Pesto sauce - Sigh... that's one part of aunt-hood I could skip :)

    Mia - south park huh ? I haven't started watching that yet... but I do want to ;)

    Muthu - Lol... you haven't yet read the 'blah' post I assume ? :)

    Pallav - On my way!

    Gayathri - Wow.. you're priya's college mate ?? That's news... I hope you aren't a close friend of hers though and leak info from here ;)

    Param - yes, that was very clear... but not as well written as my blah post!

    Shanu - LOL! Oh man...

    Tiger - Thanks a lot buddy! :)

  28. She is sooooo cute :) *Hugs*

    Congratulations again :)

    Have a great weekend :)


  29. sweet kid in the pic :) ! n congrats !


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