Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm back home after staying away for two days. After all the rush at my grandparent's, coming back to my almost empty house makes me feel a wee bit lonely..

Hence, I blog...

Current mood : Sober

Current song : Mere Sang Remix (New York)

Currently pissed off at : People who haven't replied to my mail yet (If you have any sort of doubt, FYI yes it's YOU!)

Currently longing for : Junk food!

Currently mocking at : Rakhi Sawant for holding her swayamvar on T.V.

What the current post should have been : Zillionbig's tag

What the next post would definitely be : Zillionbig's tag :P

Fill me up on your state of 'currentness' too! I am in the mood to listen...


  1. hehehe poor Rakhi...she's being mocked by everyone :P

    well nihow..I am waitin for the show..wanna see wat its all like ;)

  2. just wrote the review of the New York without revealing the plot an dthe end. commented on sneha's blog and now here :)

    a dark cloudy sunday lies ahead with no traces of rains :)

  3. haha, Glad you are back.and now waiting for the Tag.!

  4. when did ya mail me?;) :P

  5. Current mood : worried

    Current song : tomorrown never dies by sheryl crow

    Currently pissed off at : my brother cos he dint came home for the weekend and m getting bored

    Currently longing for : movie terminator salvation

    Currently mocking at : fake news on television, full of nonsense and reality show updates

    What the current post should have been : (dint understood this)

    What the next post would definitely be : ???? (one has to ans that with regard to ur blog? how can that prediction be made? ) ur uncertainty is ur charm!

    tc god bless!

    long time... havent seen ya at my blog!
    ab ur alone at home and blogging so do read my blog!


  6. if rakhi sawant can hold a swayambar so can i!!!

  7. Junkfood @ tcr..buhahahaha...goodluck:)
    Rakhi Sawant - ewwww

    Oh u r pissed is it :P...i wonder y :P...cheer up baba...AwSM is ere


  8. hi, i didnt tag you coz it was fours tag, only four to be tagged. thout of tagin ones who hadent been tagd..:)

  9. Hope you get some good rest...

    take care da...


  10. Just happened to click into you blog because you look like a twin of one my friends, lol, I thought it might have been her. :P

    Anyway, just read your post & downloaded the song you were listening to from 'New York'. It's pretty good!

  11. My current post also should have been Zillionbig's tag.
    You write very well.This is the first time I visited your blog.

  12. i heard in some news that rakhi wanted to marry more than 2 guys from that show... :P lol...

    I have seen newyork movie, its so good...go watch it...

  13. God..!! Sounds like u r really pissed off with the world..

    :O no comments on rakhi sawant.. wel she is one.... !!!wl no comments..
    chill.. take care n njoy.. :)

  14. cool re. :D
    rakhi sawant ki toh :X

  15. nice dropped by to say hi.. :)

  16. even i wanted to c tat rakhi ka swayamwar..hehehhe..fools..

  17. when is that rakhis swayamwar thingie starting ? i really dont to miss good entertainment !! even if she opens her mouth , i crack up !!.. havent heard that song from newyor .. need to get updated !! ;-)

  18. noooooooo, i thought you felt bad by me not tagging you. Actually i too am sick of tags now.....I have 2 more pending....Iam gonna put a disclaimer saying no more tags please.....if it goes This way, i would be only having tag posts on my blog...:)))))

  19. rakhi is my girl :(

    and i wan junk food too


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