Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Those Annoying Things...

ZB has finally given me that much needed and long awaited tag to vent out my narcissism. Since I rarely (Ahem! No smirks please!) talk about myself in my blog, this was a much needed relief ;)

I have to talk about 10 things that annoy me but will be penning down only 5 coz of time and space restrictions.

Ready ?

Steady ?

And here I go…
  1. Fake accents : If you have been around with British or Amreekan people most of your life, I can very well understand where the accent came from. But what if a person, till yesterday, who talked in pure, non-accented English all of a sudden developed a slight twang in his words?


    December 2008. A party was being held on a cold cold night. Alcohol was flowing, PJs were being cracked and good food was being served. Everything was going fine until IAmCoolButYouSuck said :

    “Yuck! This juice does not have any sugah!”

    Me (totally shocked) : What ??

    IAmCoolButYouSuck : No sugah in juice!!

    Me : Whatever happened to your accent ?

    IAmCoolButYouSuck (slightly embarrassed coz I innocently (?) asked him a question in front of his dozen fans) : What ? I always used to have this accent…

    Me : What nonsense M! Yesterday you were talking properly. On top of that you studied at ISB where there are no British students….

    IAmCoolButYouSuck : (looking left and right) I have a lot of British friends!!

    Me : Wow! You made so many British friends in a single day ?

    This made IAmCoolButYouSuck so irritated, he pledged to pull my leg for the rest of the evening. I will skip that part of the conversation coz it was so embarrassing it would take up an entire post!

  2. Boring conversations with prospective grooms : I have been advised by Pri (my cousin) not to initiate talks when I meet a prospect coz she thinks I might end up talking too much without giving the guy much of a chance to ask anything back.*Sigh*..

    I decided to go by what Pri said and what can I say…. what followed was long periods of silence. The prospects usually ended up looking at my feet, which resulted in me looking at my feet to check if anything’s wrong with them (my feet, I mean). I now know that’s what first timers do when they dunno what to say.

  3. Friends gone missing : It annoys me when the few interesting, crazy people I meet end up getting busy with love, life or career. Anu Susan Sam, you’re badly missed! She liked me to the extent of dedicating her first blog post to me.

    Check it out :

  4. Do not empty your Parachute bottle on me! : It annoys me when my relatives think my dark brown hair is a result of not putting enough coconut oil. Malayalees find it hard to believe that dark brown hair colour actually exists! Each time I head back to my grandparent’s, I am subjected to the same thing :

    Aunt : Coloured your hair ?
    Me : Nopes…
    Aunt : Aaah! Result of no oil…
    Me : Nopes…

    But who listens? They end up draining the whole bottle on me. The result – a shocked expression when they see a shimmering ‘brown’ instead of ‘black’.

  5. When kiddos flirt : This doesn’t really annoy me. It doesn’t amuse me either. But how would you feel when 11th and 12th grade students say things like ‘Even if you fall, I would be there to catch you *wink*’ ? Huh ? Huh ??

And this is where it ends. Feel free to take up this tag if you’re jobless. It would be interesting to know what annoys you guys (for later purpose)!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm back home after staying away for two days. After all the rush at my grandparent's, coming back to my almost empty house makes me feel a wee bit lonely..

Hence, I blog...

Current mood : Sober

Current song : Mere Sang Remix (New York)

Currently pissed off at : People who haven't replied to my mail yet (If you have any sort of doubt, FYI yes it's YOU!)

Currently longing for : Junk food!

Currently mocking at : Rakhi Sawant for holding her swayamvar on T.V.

What the current post should have been : Zillionbig's tag

What the next post would definitely be : Zillionbig's tag :P

Fill me up on your state of 'currentness' too! I am in the mood to listen...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happiness Comes In Small Packages...

When the youngest one in the family (my niece) starts using the laptop like a pro....

... it means she has grown up way too fast and it's time to welcome a new member into the family!

I am going to be an aunt AGAIN! (Most of you might be aware of this. But what the hell ?! This is MY blog and I can gloat how much I want!) :D

My sis always thought my parents were totally biased towards me and once upon a time even contemplated on whether to have a second child or not. I guess she started having second thoughts once my parents pronounced her the better daughter! Even parents can be such traitors, I tell you....

So 8 months from now, I...
  • Will be mema for second time.

  • Might (most certainly) be subjected to some scratches and pinches from my first niece for giving extra attention to someone new.

  • Will get a second chance to be a better aunt. (Meaning I won't allow my niece/nephew to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S along with me this time around. Refer Generation Next post.)

Yay! :)

Happiness does come in small packages....

Points of note from previous post 'Blah!' -

1. I got more followers (!). These people decided to follow me by reading only this single post. I am sorry to disappoint you guys but I don't think there's going to be anymore of those 'blah' posts :D

2. I got more feedback than I usually do.

3. I got more mails asking me if I'm alright ?

4. Made 'vattayo?' (gone mad? in Malayalam) the question of the day.

So three cheers to the madness in you! 'Blah' certainly manages to get more hits ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009


So I was thinking blah blah today morning and wondered how blah it can be right? Then all of a sudden I realized blah blah... and I was like oh my lord how silly can I be ?!?!?

But then blah blah and more blah blah... and more blahs...

...and eventually I was like *phew*!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Happy birthday to the man who :
  • Has suffered me for more than 24 years.

  • Usually returns my smile with a frown and a glare (thanks to some mischief I did), but who lights up immediately when I hug him.

  • Sucks in conveying his feelings but who I know feels more deeply than anyone else.

  • Never played favorites with me or my sis when we were kids so much so that he used to give us both a lil whack in case we ended up in a fight.

  • Gives the cutest smile ever especially when he's caught lying. (Yeah, even fathers lie sometimes ;))

He’s my pops…

…And he simply rocks!

P.S : I should have written more, but sadly I am deprived of good sleep nowadays which makes me want to sleep even when I am writing this. *Sigh*

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ok, so I am not THAT modern!

I hardly get online in chat messengers nowadays. There used to be a time when I used to be online 24 x 7. I used to live, eat, breathe Gtalk, Yahoo and Orkut. Now I have other interests - namely, affiliate marketing and blogging. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of my time and my hard work has started to bear fruit very recently! So yay! :-)

Anyway, so it was one of those rare days when I decided to get online in Gtalk and I happened to see this acquaintance. It's only once in every two or three years that I see this particular person online so we had a lot to catch up on. We started talking about the new gen relationships. What surprised me was that he considered 'one night stands' as decent. His question was 'If both the people are okay with it, then why not ?'

First of all, if one person wasn't okay with it, wouldn't it be considered rape ? Second of all, I highly disapprove of one night stands coz I truly believe relationships are meant to be forever (call me old-fashioned whatever). This made the guy retort by saying that I speak like a 'village mallu'. Talk about respecting each other's views...

So yeah, I am not THAT modern.

- I do not believe in one night stands. But that doesn't mean I would protest if you do. To each his/her own.

- I believe in having long lasting relationships.

- I believe physical indulgence should be based purely on love and not just on lust.

- I believe in respecting other people's views on things.

What do you believe in ?

P:S - Thanks Mayz (again!) for the 'tokens of love' :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Best Cousin's Wedding - The Last Part

30th May - The day Priya tied the knot

The day started quite early with almost all of us waking up at 2 in the morning. Well... all the girls woke up. The guys in our household are pampered (royally) and were allowed an extra half an hour of sleep.

That was until yours truly decided to disturb their slumber...

I woke up my cousin brothers with the excuse that all the rooms were occupied and that they would have to vacate their rooms in order for the rest of us girls to get ready.

Cousin 1 : What's the time ?

Me : 2:15

Cousin 1 (Refusing to get up) : Great... 2 more hours of sleep left.... call me at 4:30....

Me : But the wedding's at 5!!! We have to get out of here by 4:30!

Cousin 1 : Why are weddings in Kerala always held so early ?? North Indians are so lucky to have theirs in the evening... they get to sleep more...

Exactly my sentiments. Why are weddings in Kerala held so early in the morning ? I say in 'Kerala' exclusively, coz I heard that the other southern states are slowly moving towards holding their weddings in the evening. I guess the strain will be so much more less if it's held later on during the day right? If you're from the southern part of the country, do enlighten me regarding whether you have your weddings in the morning or in the evening.

We all reach the temple on time. Priya and her soon-to-be husband gets on the podium. The holy mantras start. Malas are exchanged. Miss Priya N. is now Mrs. Priya Deepak.

I watched Priya standing on the podium and it was like seeing a totally different person up there. She no longer seemed the naughty, giggly Priya that I once knew. She looked more mature, more sober. I remember, just one day before, another cousin of ours told Priya - "Priya chechi (elder sister in Malayalam), please don't change after marriage". But Pri just smiled. I guess she along with the rest of us knew that she was going to change. A change which was unavoidable.

When the newly weds were off to the guy's house, I was expecting some rhona dhona in typical Indian movie ishtyle. But all I could see was a wide smile on Pri's face. The rest of us looked like as if we just got through a Tsunami, whereas Pri was there... all happy, smiling, cheerful! For a moment (in "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" style again but this time roles reversed) I felt like how Monica felt, in the episode where Rachel is supposed to move out of the apartment. Monica is disturbed by how Rachel seems unmoved of living separately from her best friend from now. So yes, Dhanya was a lil surprised to see that Priya seemed all happy without even showing the slightest of sadness. But I guess that's what love does to you!

Few days ago she came for a visit. And yes, she has changed. We hardly talked this time around. She was busy the whole time with the love of her life.. and I spent more time with my other cousins. I saw her doing her 'Please eat one more chappathi da' for the first time ever! Her bro who was watching all this along with me got irritated eventually and said 'Priya! He will have more if he wants to....!!!'

But that didn't stop her from saying 'Please have one more chappathi da'....

I do miss the older Pri. But I guess I will have to get adjusted to this newer version.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Best Cousin's Wedding - Part 2

If you haven't read the first part of this series, go here.... NOW!

The last post created a lot of misconceptions. I am not getting married! I mean, not now. In the future maybe, definitely.

Do you know anyone who happens to look exactly like Brett Lee ? If you do, please inform me. Oh yeah, he has to be a Nair boy who sings pretty well (like Brett Lee) and who looks extremely sexy in formals (like Brett Lee). He should also know how to play Cricket quite well (like Brett Lee) and have a nice smile (like Brett Lee). Did I mention it would be nice if my future would-be looked, walked and talked exactly like Brett Lee? Hmmm....

Oh sorry, I am straying away from the 'Day 2' of my best cousin's wedding post series! Let's begin..

Day 2 - 29/05/2009 (Friday)

- Dhanya goes to salon. She's supposed to thread her bushy eyebrows and do a facial for the first time! Dhanya's mommy had told her that since all her aunties and even uncles (!) are doing facial prior to wedding, it's best that even Dhanya does all this crap. Our family follows the Hum saath saath hain motto in doing everything afterall. *Sigh*

- Threading finished, Dhanya waits to do facial. This lady next to Dhanya tells her she's having a headache from applying the cow dung coloured dye to her hair. Lady asks Dhanya if she has ever coloured her hair and Dhanya replies with a 'No' and Dhanya even mentions that she's going to do facial for the first time. Lady looks like she's going to faint (from the foul smelling dye or from Dhanya's beauty ignorance... Dhanya doesn't know).

- Facial starts. Beautician starts poking Dhanya's nose and cheeks with God-knows-what. Dhanya has this sudden urge to take this instrument from the beautician's hand and poking her on her face instead to make her realize how painful it is. But Dhanya resists.

- Facial ends. Dhanya still doesn't know why she did it.

- Dhanya gets back to her grandparent's place where everyone including Pri is there.

- Dakshina begins where Pri is supposed to give gifts to people who are elder to her.

- Dhanya is shocked when Pri's mom tells her to accept dakshina.

- Pri offers dakshina and falls on Dhanya's feet. Dhanya feels highly embarrassed by all this and wants to run away. But Dhanya resists.

- Cousin 2 and family lands up with 'the guy (from part 1)' to wish Pri.

- Guy refuses to look at Dhanya which leaves Dhanya highly amused.

- Guy turns back to leave and Dhanya for the first time notices a very large, very obvious patch of baldness at the back of the guy's head.

- Dhanya is reminded of the time when she wrote with lipstick on her uncle's bald patch when she was a kid. Dhanya feels like doing that again. But Dhanya resists.

- Dhanya's mom comes up to Dhanya and points (at the baldness). Dhanya nods an 'all knowing' nod.

- Later, Dhanya comes to know that the little bit of hair the guy had is actually transplanted.

- Dhanya's mom - 'God is with us, moleyyy (daughter in malayalam). Thank God that guy wasn't yet ready for marriage. He's not good at all!!!!'

- Dhanya is amused and hopes all this craziness in her family will never cease.

*End of day 2*

Coming up
: The Big Day - Pri's Wedding

- This post is not meant to hurt the sentiments of 'other' bald people.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Best Cousin's Wedding - Part 1

So it's all over - the wedding, I mean.

For those who just happened to stumble upon my blog from nowhere let me inform you that it was my cousin's wedding. I was off for almost a week... and what a week at that! One thing I learnt by the end of it all was that weddings can bring out the goodness as well as the beast in you. Goodness in the form of joy, unity and love. Beast in the form of stress, strain, tension, tension and more tension.

Priya's my best cousin. 10 months younger. As kids, we fought a lot with each other (at the point of pulling each other's hair out... literally!) but in between all those fights we still got time to share small secrets, frustrations and happy tales with each other. We used to wear the same type of clothes (in different colours) till the age of 10. It was a step by step walk for both of us.

Now she has taken the extra step and jumped ahead of me. I can't help but think from here on we won't be sharing the 'same' kind of stories and how we won't be even sharing the same space as often as before. Life changes and accordingly people change. Priya getting married is good, but I do have this sense of loss. It's exactly out of this 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' episode where Monica is going to get married to Chandler, and Rachel feels happy yet sad about the way things are going to change.

You can classify Priya as being almost everyone's pet. Her dad ran off (and till date is missing) when she was just four or five leaving a strong minded lady in the form of her mother to take care of her and her brother single handed. Not many women would have been able to do that in those times. I am completely in awe of her mom for being so tough and strong - the woman of today. So you can imagine the happiness when something so special is happening to a family which has suffered so much. The joy almost quadruples.

So many things happened prior and post this event that I could not just stuff everything into a single post. I decided to divide this story into parts. I will be starting with events few days before the wedding and ending this series with the after-wedding observations. So here goes....

Day 1 - 28/5/09 (Thursday)

- Dhanya leaves two days early to this place in Kerala called Trichur coz she still had shopping to do, plus go to a salon with her cousins to thread her eyebrows and do a fruit facial (I am a girl after all).

- On the way, we get a call from Cousin 1 (with whom we were to do part of the shopping) saying she's at Cousin 2's place and that we are supposed to land there at her flat.

- We land at Cousin 2's place and notice another family there.

- Everyone is made to sit at the same place.

- Dhanya gets bored and goes inside the room where Cousin 1 and Cousin 2 are whispering. As soon as Dhanya enters, they both stop talking and a minute later start chatting about something else which obviously seemed out of topic.

- Dhanya wants to see the swimming pool on the terrace of Cousin 2's flat. Cousin 1 and Cousin 2 sing in unison "After some time baby... after some time".

- Dhanya is dragged into the drawing room again where everyone is sitting and made to sit at this 'particular' place.

- Dhanya looks around to notice that this guy (member of this other family who have come to visit) has also been seated in front of her.

- Dhanya gets suspicious but doesn't say anything.

- FINALLY, Dhanya gets to see the swimming pool on the terrace.

- On the way down, Dhanya sees Cousin 1 smiling really wide. Dhanya takes her into confidence and asks her to reveal all secrets.

- Cousin 1 admits that it was an 'unofficial' prospective groom/bride meeting that was taking place (even the prospective groom wasn't aware of this). It seems the guy's family (who happens to be a part of Cousin 2's family) was very interested in me. (Dhanya gives all her readers a very *lookie, lookie at least someone considers me as bride material* kinda grin)

- Dhanya throws Cousin 1 a 'Aha! I knew it' kinda expression.

- Cousin 1 gives a sheepish smile.

- Cousin 1 'un-sheepishly' asks whether Dhanya liked the guy or not.

- Dhanya says in her most non-judgemental tone 'Ok, he's not bad!'

- Cousin 1 is ecstatic 'Great! So it's a yes then?'

- Dhanya not knowing what hit her - 'Uhhhh...' (Proving that asking too many questions can prove dangerous to Dhanya's mind)

- Cousin 1 smiles wide and leaves taking Dhanya's 'Uhhhh...' for a 'yUhhhhssss'

- Dhanya and family leaves with cousin 1 to do some shopping.

- Dhanya's mom waits expectantly for cousin 2's phone call to see if the guy has said yUhhhhssss too!

- Phone rings later on.

- Dhanya's mom almost flies to the phone in 'superwoman' style.

- Cousin 2 tells Dhanya's mom that the guy just got over some serious proposals and he's fed up of the entire marriage business for now. It seems he's completely off marriage for a whole year.

- Dhanya's mom is disappointed.

- Dhanya's mom tell her later that day - 'Thank God it didn't work out. He didn't look that good anyway'.

*End of Day 1* (and not the last time Dhanya is going to see this guy, as you will see in my next post)

P.S - If Day 1 seemed like mostly my match fixing day, I can't be entirely blamed...

P.P.S - Thanks Mads for awarding me!

P.P.P.S - Just returned back home today, so you can expect me back in your blogs really soon!