Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unconditional Love

I am not going to talk about an imaginary boyfriend or anything (I so wish I had one though! Even an 'imaginary' one seems to elude me! *Sob*).

In fact, I am going to talk about this little lady here -

She's Nakshatra. Seven years old. Staying in Sharjah. Studying in Dubai. Single. Beautiful. But no... marriage proposals aren't invited! I think she's off guys right now.

When I was in Bahrain, I was able to meet her at least once every two or three months. Now that I am in India, chances are less. It's amazing what kids can do to you when they are around. They shower you with tons of affection, make you smile even in the toughest of times and make your life all the more fun to live!

For me, whenever I am around Nakshatra (who happens to be my niece) I am at peace. We sing together, we laugh wildly at absurd things and get all hyper. In a nutshell, she acts her age whereas I am brought down to enact an age which happens to be so much more carefree and lively.

My bro-in-law landed from Sharjah recently to attend the very famous 'Trichur Pooram' in Kerala. He brought a small surprise along with him. An extremely cute letter from the cutest person in the whole wide world -

The letter said 'Mema (aunt in Malayalam), I miss you a lot. I am coming there. Hope you are excited. I love you. Or come here sometime. I will be waiting.' It also had three hearts with 'Amma (mom)', 'Mema' and 'Kunju(her pet name)' written inside them. I was incredibly touched. It's surprising how as adults we forget how to win over hearts in this innocent kind of way. Kids just have that magical effect of melting you down to the core.

Being the crazy aunt that I am, I decided to respond in my own kinda way (don't judge me by my handwriting!)-

I am not going to type down everything I have written there but the stick figure conveys it all!

This post is specially dedicated to my 'pumpie umpy umpkin' niece who happens to be my sweety pie!


P.S - I have edited the previous post to include all the awards that I received from Nikhil, Sam and Yamz. Thanks, you guys! Love...


  1. that was soo sweet...
    small children love with all their heart.. there is no doubt abt it..

    so touched!!!!

    In my lineofsight

  2. hello...just came across, that's cute....! very cute indeed! hope yu get to meet her and post a couple more of her chweet scribbles!

  3. give n take u must b arnd 8???

    but that was d cutest thing ever :)

  4. sweeet... ill wait for her and marry her...

    and my kids.. jeremy and jolena writes me mails like this all the time... and i repay them by blogging about them


  5. so sweet!!!dis is d 2nd niece-aunt post i'm reading in 10 frnd phoenix just wrote 1 n now its u.u aunt-niece duos rock!!!

  6. Being with kids can always bring out the kid in oneself if the innocence isn't lost :)

    Nice 'stick figure' self portrait :D


  7. Aww how sweet1 Am touched too Mema.. By both ur letters :)

    P.S. Her handwriting is better than urs haha

  8. So sweet!!! I love that kid and I love you for writing such a sweet note.

    I am not good with kids. And kids are not good to me- reason - Unknown!! :O

    btw- I have been studying graphology from past 6 yrs!! :P SO .. your handwritten note is my key to know you better!! :)

    And wonderful post!!!! :D

  9. OMG!!!! That was liek the sweetest thing ever!!!!

    The letter was soooo sweeeet. Yours was no less either. :P

    And she's so beautiful.

    God bless her. :)

  10. woooo... That was.. I wish she were my niece.. and u were my mema!!!


  11. Anonymous12:07 AM

    awwwwwwwwweeeeeeeee... you make me miss my aunt.. :(

  12. My first time to your blog -- sweet entry. :)

  13. Sweet n too good to be true !!!

  14. That was indeed sweet and touching! Simple joys of life... :-)

  15. thats a very sweet gesture on both sides :)

    God bless ya both :)


  16. So sweet of you ...


  17. thts so sweet


  18. awwwwwww
    she is indeed a sweety pie....give her a peck from me when she comes

  19. so cute !!! .. children r like that ..i am surprised that kids write letters these days .. wat with chat and emails and technology galore !

  20. nieces are way too cute and they for sure become lifelines :)

    cute post!!

  21. so sweeettt......awwwwww

    u reminded me of my niece gal:)

  22. kashtam! 7 vayaseyullu.
    u know any single women 24 years and below?(oh wait there's u heheheh)!!


    Chumma kidding! sweet post pakshe i'm a guy.All mush is lost on me :D

    My post specially for the ladies

    Urappayittum ishtappedum

  23. that is indeed so sweet...
    m sure ull be in tears when us see her next time...coz looks like u reallly miss her :)

  24. Anonymous10:11 AM

    That was indeed very sweet :)

    Congrats on receiving the awards :)

    And sorry for the delay... Wasn't around for sometime...

  25. Anonymous11:14 AM

    i am waiting for my nephew to grow up now. But, i doubt if boys will be so expressive like girls. i always wanted a niece you know. :-)
    lovely girl with a lovely name!

  26. ahhh kids,
    they can be such darlings :D
    i miss my lil angel, my cuzzin.

    she misses me too but we know that thought apart we are so darn connected!

  27. how sweet could the word "sweet" be?? this post made me have a big wide smile :)

    you got a luvly cutie neice! proposals are not invited, sure? :P

    tell her my hi wen she comes to india alright?

    and wasup with ya? u din share u gtlk id :( enthokkeyunde visheshangal?

  28. awweee..tats so sweeett..of u to share tat..:)
    so touching

  29. Hi,

    this is my first visit to your blog...:)

    Hmmm this post is indeed interesting especially the letters written down...

    u got a cute niece...:)

    Visit mine sometime....:)

  30. So Sweet...
    Cute girl and a cute letter... No I'm talking about yours...:D
    Kunju is so darn cute...

  31. Kutty Kunju! :D I know all these little things go a long way in cementing relationships, don't they? When I went for my sister's wedding, this little 10 year old cousin of mine made a similar note in Tamil and insisted on kissing my cheeks every 2 minutes! Somehow it felt really great! You start feeling the world is beautiful and someone loves you! Ah! :)

    PS- Just a little clarification. Have you guys ever stayed in Delhi? Amma was telling me that as a child I used to play with a certain Dhanya Venugopal and they were our neighbours it seems. So, was just thinking. :)

  32. Amal - Thankeww :)

    Hary - I will be posting more definitely... just watch this space..

    Mayz - Hahahaha... but NO :P I just love acting like kids sometimes... makes life so much more fun :D

    Zeba - Thanks :)

    Sumi - How rude :P LOL! But I SO agree :)

    Randeep - hahaha... I wouldn't want to be a mema right NOW of someone so old... :)

    Sindhu - welcome to my blog :)

    Ramya - yeah, having nephews is a lil different from having nieces... but no less cuddly :)

    sawan - my gtalk id is

    Apocalypse - Haha! Thank u :)

    Tara - Welcome to moi blog! :D No, I was never in New Delhi... Stayed only in Bahrain and kerala...

  33. ur response is indeed admirable...

  34. thats the sweetest cutest post ever. You both are lucky to have each other :) :)

    The Colors Magazine

  35. she is very pretty. and cute....:))

  36. Cho Chweeeeeeeeet... the letters of both urs and ur niece....

    I really feel great to know the level of love & affection you and that lil cutie share...

  37. aweeeeeeeeeee!! aweeeeeeeeee!! aweeeeeeeeee!!

    crackalackin post.......cutest letter ever...cutest'est (:P) reply possible....memo...kalakki! i adore lil gals....boys by this age turn brats n their way of expressin love is different...I fell in love with this post it over n over again...frm the day i hav landed here, its just naksh i hv been lookin around for...d lovin n caring side of you surfaces in these posts...these are straight from ur heart...every word reverberates...kunamkullam is a blessed place ;-)

    P.S.: *Nods in agreement fr the 10 Rs. per reply thingie. Anything to serve dis mema :P*

  38. That was adorable! :)

  39. Mrutyunjay1:22 PM

    Ummm .. Once Again ... Who are you? :)))

    There are times when we do sweet things but they are further classified as Melodramatic because we are adults & then we are expected to do things that represents a 25 / 26 / 27 yr old ... & then there are little things like these ... which are far more stronger & innocent at the same time ..

    But seriously .. I dont know why ... but I feel like meeting you after reading that note. Just to see you .. know who you are ... :)


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