Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Disease, Perhaps?

Anyone else showing the same symptoms ?

1. High confusion - Not knowing what to watch in the evenings anymore.

2. Restlessness - Constantly switching channels to see if a repeat telecast is being held.

3. Boredom - You feel life isn't as exciting as compared to the previous month and nothing seems the same anymore.

4. Losing trust in online promises - Especially since a particular Mr. Fake guy went off leaving a fake video behind.

5. Over-sleeping - You feel sleeping is a much better alternative than watching even more fake people faking it out on MTV reality shows. (What's up with all those tragic songs being played on these shows whenever a person cries or gets dumped? These are supposed to be reality shows! How come no one plays a background music whenever we cry ?! So unfair, I tell you..)

Yes yes, I am talking about the after effects of IPL tournament. I miss it so terribly that it isn't even funny. Those were the days - when I used to ogle over Brett Lee, when I cheered wholeheartedly for KXIP , when I nearly broke a glass on the table from getting too excited and when my second fav team won the IPL. Those were the days! Beautiful memories.

I think I am in love...

PS: I might be off for a week or so coz of my cousin's wedding. It's going to be a big fat Indian wedding with spicy masala included. Will see you all when I come back (if I do make it out alive that is).

P.P.S: Mayz, thank you for the awards! :-)


  1. would be looking forward to the details of the big fat indian wedding.. :D

  2. I found last years tournament more interesting though. But the best part of edition 2 was the performance of the oldie brigade. Obv for u it wouldve been lee or yuvi(sigh..GIRLS!!).
    And warney showed his class again :)

    Anyways..if its excitement u r lookin for - ESPN tomm night..manutd vs barcelona :) (Highly Recommended)

  3. ah wow. love with thyself ? if so nothing like it :P

  4. im having restlessness, boredom n confusion...
    ya i agree with Aw.S.M.. i think last years was more interesting..
    congrats for the awards :)

  5. 1) go out and watch people.. I cant watch TV. my roomies are into boring sitcoms

    2)repeat telcast of what?

    3)the next month is gonna be worse

    4) FIP is a superstar. he will be back next year. But i want him to come back for the worldcup

    5)MTV roadies and all the crap - am not into it and no comments

    same pinch , cos i got the same awards from mayz too :)

  6. jus 9 more days n d T20 world cup starts...i hope FIP is back for that

  7. did you actually foresee any authenticity in that fake guys promise??...well if this helps,take it for granted that the fakie was just an intelligent writer working for Srk,giving KKR the much needed publicity that it feeds on

    rest everythin in the writeup is quite girly...whch means...its cute,but pretty much insignificant otherwise

  8. Hmmmmmmmmm Shadi key kisso ka intazar hai.:)

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwn. It's OK. you have the wedding to look forward too.

  10. that is kindaa so gud to hear ;)

    well i guess...u r in love...:P:P


  11. The only IPL match i saw this year was the final match. Rest all, it was newspapers! I got bored of IPL last year itself!
    Oh! you watch repeats of MTV shows? they repeat it so many times! are you so much bored? aww!
    Fake IPL Player was lovely! Wish he would write for world cup also!
    And, enjoy the wedding!

  12. enjoy the marriage buddy :)...forget abt the fake and thinking of the fake lol :P...have fun and i will be ready for details :)..


  13. Do write...abt big fat wedding
    i must tell u they r perfect

  14. Waiiiiiiiting for the wedding post :D

  15. so enjoyyyyyyyy the wedding:)

  16. yeah...IPL has left a gaping void
    but no fears...World T20 is just round the corner:)
    FIP was so fun:D

  17. you deduced that u r in love or u r in love....????

  18. hiiiii...

    strange bunch of symptoms :P

    take care mate... big match day for me today :)


  19. hmm.. I had all these symptoms too. But exams tension woke me up. :P

    NICE post!! :)

  20. Mail me at- samkesi@gmail.com

    and I'll reply back your characteristics.

  21. venda moley venda moley..
    I have a superr solution for ur problem..Oru kettokke kazhinju rendu pillerellaam aayi kazhinjaal pinne boredom,onfusion onnum undaavilla.. :p kollamalle?? :p

    Chumma paranjatha.Kettiyal njangale okke vittu angu poyaalo??? :( :( :(


  22. I think I'm suffering from the post IPL depression too. :(

    But my spirits are not so low!!! The ICC T 20 championship is just around the corner!! YAY!!

    And of course, today is the big day - Champions League!! See footy??

    Congratulations for the award!! :)


  23. Come join the club .... When r the bells ringing ??? ;-)

  24. one of the best thing bout IPL was ..it got gals attention in it..thanks to SRK and other stars..

  25. Net was always fake!
    specially the users of my country have polluted a lot...
    I am sorry to this but I feel it that way...
    there are more fake profiles from india then from anywhere else....

    and fake people also....

    u write really well
    appreciated u previously also
    following u now

    visit on this page is always nice!


  26. i didnt read this post...in a very big hurry :-s will read at nite.
    wanted to tell u u have been awarded \:d/ so come collect ur awards :D

  27. Hmm IPL.. nostalgia.. those were the days u jumbed n yelled like a child... bt dont wory, lot more cricket is comin up...
    i can imagine, the big fat wedding dear........ njoy the time...

  28. no interest in IPL this year :(..u njoi!! dear..have a blast..bhangra..n loads of masti :) :)

  29. Pretty nice blog you got here! Hmmm here's a symptom of being in love: loss of appetite...LOL

  30. yup forget the fake ...
    no thinkin no more!

  31. am sure the big fat wedding will be a good change for u...let us know how did it go...cheers

  32. am sure the big fat wedding will be a good change for u...let us know how did it go...cheers

  33. it looks like u love IPL tournaments very much.. but if it will go on whole yr.. you won't be able to enjoy it..
    shayad tumne suna ho??
    intzaar me jo maza hai wo milne me kaha??

    by d way enjoy the marriage.. :)

  34. 1)Get a snail, put it on a 1 ft radii circle, determine its speed and watch it snailing away your time

    2)Repeat telecast of songs? :D :P

    3)I am not the same as the previous day but the work is boring :(

    4)I own the marketing rights for FIP ;)

    5)I hate sleeping :D and MTV realities are comical :D

    I supported RCB and DC from the last year. I am on cloud 9 as both went to the finals :)

    Collecting awards is becoming a sort of job for u? ;)


  35. dhanya, congratz :P welcome to the club! visheshangal ariyikkane :)

  36. felt the same things after IPL... and i dont even watch those stupid reality shows... so its too boring these days...


  37. hey. u r missing IPL.. bt why to worry?? Enjoy the T20 with full energy.. :)

  38. Ayyo IPL is it ,was expecting something juicy :P

  39. congos for the awards :D
    aww n i am not into cricket!! :D

    but still, i have this disease long ago and then I gave up the idiot box :D

  40. Pink Orchid - It's coming up soon ;)

    Aw.S.M - Guys are more interested in the cheerleaders nowadays ;)

    Sam - ahem sam... actually in love with the game :P

    chriz, ramya - repeat telecasts of the IPL (just in case they happen to show it)

    Rahul - hmm... bells finished ringing ( for my cousin ) .. :P

    Mads - Thank u! Off to see the post...

    Sameera - Will send you a mail.. right about now! :D


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