Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moral Of The Story - Curtains Are Not To Be Trusted ?

I couldn't have asked for a weirder family.

What can you make out from this -

And this ?

Any guesses ? I am sure even if you had some ideas in your mind, you would have never guessed what I am about to reveal.

My mom (God bless her) does this every night. She always keeps something or the other in front of the curtains because apparently she thinks curtains are things which are not to be trusted. They are to be kept in check (using CD bags and books) so that they don't "open up" and reveal her daughter who sits inside behind these curtains, till the wee hours of the morning.

I, seriously, have no clue why she does this. On asking she told me that the curtains were unreliable, that they would give my private space away.... that too at night! Tauba tauba... Paranoia at its max, you can say! ;)

One day I thought enough was enough, and decided to hide the Harry Potter book you saw in the first pic.

Next day, she got a huge blue file (which looked incredibly funny, I feel so sorry I couldn't take a pic of that one).

Then, I hid the file.

After that, she got a photo album.

I hid the album.

Next day, she got a CD bag.

I gave up!

I realized whatever I end up hiding, she will find something to replace it with.

I can give an entire list here of things she's paranoid of. For example, she keeps glass and other breakable items atleast at one arm's distance from me coz... you might have figured out why. She believes I have the tendency to break or spoil everything that gets into my hands or comes in my way. I wouldn't blame her. Usually, I do :P

With all her paranoia, my mom is as interesting as a character can be. I usually end up giving her small surprises on special days. But unfortunately, this time around I couldn't because of unfamiliarity with the new surroundings. Hopefully next time (all fingers crossed)!

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all of you who had a grrrreat time with your mommies and made them feel special on their day!


  1. She should have just used a charm from the HP book :-)

  2. ha ha..
    why harry potter? for extra magical protection???? ;)
    well.. you have a really caring mom...

  3. kollaam! nalla kudumba katha! the new script for a mega serial :)

    Bltd Happy Mum's Day.
    new post up! check it out!

    Enikku pareeksha aavaarayi so i'm off blogville till next month mid.
    Will catch up after!


  4. interesting :)

  5. ermm.. this is my visit at your corner, and am honestly a bit dumbfounded here. dunno what to say.. curtains??
    u really were fighting a losing battle there. mums have a way getting things done!! **sighs**

  6. lol..didn't think your family was this weird when i read the first para..these stuffs guard you from an invi haunter?? wow!! interesting :P..

  7. My mom, once she gets to dusting the home, she can see the kinds of dirt which is not visible to our eyes. She tells that we have eyes on back of my head.
    Breaking things, my mom is THE SAME. She thinks that nothing will stay in my hand for long. That is why, i am not allowed too much into kitchen
    Nevertheless, I love my mommy! I tell you, people who make fun of their mothers maximum love them the most. I am sure you are in the same category :-)

  8. lol...
    see.. viasey still i dint get why she does like ths...

    anyways... u knw it same happens wid me...i m only responsible for all kind todfod.. n tht is why sab muje Todfod vibhag bulate hai...


  9. Umm a doubt Dhanno :D

    is it the balcony behind those curtains? if yes, u can still b visible from outside rite? ;)

    or do u sit in front of the curtains on the couch? i know am askin stupid questions early in the mornin, bear with me darlin, am too tired ;)

  10. h ehee.. cute actually... :)

    be a good gal and buy her a clip for the curtains :)

    have a nice day da... cheers...

  11. nice description but hey, which of these objects did the curtain like? you should probably consult it and ask if a clip or velcro would do!
    parents do have their own way of showing concern. great.

  12. protective mom :P


    hiding away the pearl from greedy eyes...I guess I am not gonna blame her :P

  13. ur mum seems possessive abt u :P

    she's so caring :)

    and yeha belated mom's day to all mums :)

  14. Do you have the habit of venturing out in the night giving a fright to others in a state of sub-consiousness?:D
    The curtains may be a check for that.....
    Install a camera with motion-sensor for bringing out the devil in you in frames (& keep the curtains wide open after your Mom is asleep):D :P

  15. one cant fight with mums its better to give up :) at times..
    but u shud be happy tat she is so protective :)

  16. hahah mom are such weird creatures i tell you.. and oops dont mind me calling mom as creatures... but i do so only because i havent figured them out myself..they seem as a whole new race or species...

    really lovely post.. and i had a vall reading it :)

  17. Ha ha..well moms :-) wat can we say. My mom always does that dhrishti thing whenever I get a fever or headache,feels it is bcoz of the nazar of the old lady next door.. until she doesn't come to know its bcoz of my last night activity's hangover I don't mind it :P

  18. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. So sweet of her to take so much care of you!!

  19. Hmm...these mothers get beyond what teenage guys do when it comes to protecting their kiddo ! Long live mommas !!! :)

  20. Moms, they have their own reasons for doing things they do :) They're simply the best :)

    Belated 'Happy mother's day' :)

  21. ROTGL .... I just loved ur mom !!! Way to go ..... Wait till she finds about ur guy soon ;-)

  22. blog hoppin gets me here...n sweet post dat...read a couple of other posts too...neat :)

  23. LoL...That was funny...

    I m gonna ask aunty to tie some weights to the curtain and get the book for myself... he he...

  24. Moms are always like that..protective.

  25. rofl @ the glass thingy :D
    same pinch too..

    ohh and moms and paranoia are inseparable terms :D

  26. Lol...

    sounds funny , but ur mom rocks...


  27. awwwwwww...now if moms werent weird we wouldnt call em moms would we?....its part of their make up...HP book. cd case..hehe..what next? the computer itself?..hehe...

    happy belated moms day to all moms..;-)

  28. harry potter used rightly by aunty..happy mothers day to ur mom..

  29. hey hi ..
    nice one.. ur mother is really caring .. my mother also dont believe in handling glassware b/c most of the time its gonna destroyed.. ha ha ha...

    if u get time..visit my blog..
    till then.. take care..

  30. U are lucky to have such a loving , caring mom...


  31. He he....I feel for you, really. :P

    But your mom sounds just soo cute!!

    Belated happy mothers' day to her. :)


  32. that is so cute!!! :D :D
    lovely post...and lovely and cute mom u got :)
    happy belated mother's day to all the moms out there :D

  33. hehe lol, enthoru level of protection!! respects for ur mom :)
    u ter in gtlk? atho avideyum curtains vachittundo? :P

  34. Your mom is really sweet, you were really a brat to trouble her by hiding all the books, and albums and files!! I can imagine my kids doing the same :)
    You are very lucky!

    Belated Mother's day to her.

  35. Interesting..You mom is jus a rock star..I just love her.:)

  36. haha..thats so funny and sweet both together :)


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