Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Disease, Perhaps?

Anyone else showing the same symptoms ?

1. High confusion - Not knowing what to watch in the evenings anymore.

2. Restlessness - Constantly switching channels to see if a repeat telecast is being held.

3. Boredom - You feel life isn't as exciting as compared to the previous month and nothing seems the same anymore.

4. Losing trust in online promises - Especially since a particular Mr. Fake guy went off leaving a fake video behind.

5. Over-sleeping - You feel sleeping is a much better alternative than watching even more fake people faking it out on MTV reality shows. (What's up with all those tragic songs being played on these shows whenever a person cries or gets dumped? These are supposed to be reality shows! How come no one plays a background music whenever we cry ?! So unfair, I tell you..)

Yes yes, I am talking about the after effects of IPL tournament. I miss it so terribly that it isn't even funny. Those were the days - when I used to ogle over Brett Lee, when I cheered wholeheartedly for KXIP , when I nearly broke a glass on the table from getting too excited and when my second fav team won the IPL. Those were the days! Beautiful memories.

I think I am in love...

PS: I might be off for a week or so coz of my cousin's wedding. It's going to be a big fat Indian wedding with spicy masala included. Will see you all when I come back (if I do make it out alive that is).

P.P.S: Mayz, thank you for the awards! :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unconditional Love

I am not going to talk about an imaginary boyfriend or anything (I so wish I had one though! Even an 'imaginary' one seems to elude me! *Sob*).

In fact, I am going to talk about this little lady here -

She's Nakshatra. Seven years old. Staying in Sharjah. Studying in Dubai. Single. Beautiful. But no... marriage proposals aren't invited! I think she's off guys right now.

When I was in Bahrain, I was able to meet her at least once every two or three months. Now that I am in India, chances are less. It's amazing what kids can do to you when they are around. They shower you with tons of affection, make you smile even in the toughest of times and make your life all the more fun to live!

For me, whenever I am around Nakshatra (who happens to be my niece) I am at peace. We sing together, we laugh wildly at absurd things and get all hyper. In a nutshell, she acts her age whereas I am brought down to enact an age which happens to be so much more carefree and lively.

My bro-in-law landed from Sharjah recently to attend the very famous 'Trichur Pooram' in Kerala. He brought a small surprise along with him. An extremely cute letter from the cutest person in the whole wide world -

The letter said 'Mema (aunt in Malayalam), I miss you a lot. I am coming there. Hope you are excited. I love you. Or come here sometime. I will be waiting.' It also had three hearts with 'Amma (mom)', 'Mema' and 'Kunju(her pet name)' written inside them. I was incredibly touched. It's surprising how as adults we forget how to win over hearts in this innocent kind of way. Kids just have that magical effect of melting you down to the core.

Being the crazy aunt that I am, I decided to respond in my own kinda way (don't judge me by my handwriting!)-

I am not going to type down everything I have written there but the stick figure conveys it all!

This post is specially dedicated to my 'pumpie umpy umpkin' niece who happens to be my sweety pie!


P.S - I have edited the previous post to include all the awards that I received from Nikhil, Sam and Yamz. Thanks, you guys! Love...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Always Knew...

... that I was an angel! Kajal just gave a boost to my ego (and a confirmation to my beliefs) by offering me this -

Thanks a lot Kajal! Rest of you guys, do forgive me for my narcissism... it's not everyday one gets an ego boost. Especially if that someone happens to be me ;)

Now and then, I keep going to my relative's place for a stay over and that is when I end up missing some of your posts. I would have missed Kajal's post completely had I not stumbled across the awards post in Arv's blog!

Kajal was sweet enough to give the following two awards too! Thank you, thank you, thank you (for each award that you have given, Kajal! ;))!!!!! Hopefully, next time I will win more awards... ahem... (yes, I am greedy and selfish and what not). On a serious note, you rock girl! :

Edited to add:

Special thanks to Sam for giving me the free spirited award -

Special love to Nikhil for giving me not one, not two, but FOUR awards! :D

Thank You For Being You Award

Sweet Sister Award

The Priceless Friend Award

Thank You For The Memories Award

A big hug to Yamz for giving me the 'Proud Woman' award-

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moral Of The Story - Curtains Are Not To Be Trusted ?

I couldn't have asked for a weirder family.

What can you make out from this -

And this ?

Any guesses ? I am sure even if you had some ideas in your mind, you would have never guessed what I am about to reveal.

My mom (God bless her) does this every night. She always keeps something or the other in front of the curtains because apparently she thinks curtains are things which are not to be trusted. They are to be kept in check (using CD bags and books) so that they don't "open up" and reveal her daughter who sits inside behind these curtains, till the wee hours of the morning.

I, seriously, have no clue why she does this. On asking she told me that the curtains were unreliable, that they would give my private space away.... that too at night! Tauba tauba... Paranoia at its max, you can say! ;)

One day I thought enough was enough, and decided to hide the Harry Potter book you saw in the first pic.

Next day, she got a huge blue file (which looked incredibly funny, I feel so sorry I couldn't take a pic of that one).

Then, I hid the file.

After that, she got a photo album.

I hid the album.

Next day, she got a CD bag.

I gave up!

I realized whatever I end up hiding, she will find something to replace it with.

I can give an entire list here of things she's paranoid of. For example, she keeps glass and other breakable items atleast at one arm's distance from me coz... you might have figured out why. She believes I have the tendency to break or spoil everything that gets into my hands or comes in my way. I wouldn't blame her. Usually, I do :P

With all her paranoia, my mom is as interesting as a character can be. I usually end up giving her small surprises on special days. But unfortunately, this time around I couldn't because of unfamiliarity with the new surroundings. Hopefully next time (all fingers crossed)!

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all of you who had a grrrreat time with your mommies and made them feel special on their day!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thank You! Straight From The Heart....

I don't have anything much to say this time around, except maybe a heart felt ...

Thank You!

... to all my blogger friends and my non-blogger friends, for taking some time out to see what's happening in my life, to see what I have to say about things, for commenting and of course, for bringing their own blogs into the blogosphere!

Three months ago, I have to admit I wasn't in the best of state. I never showed it in my blog (and I don't intend to), but my close friends know. It was around that time that I started reading other people's blog to get my mind off things. I had not enabled comments in my blog (yes, for 4 long years I had enabled my comments once or twice max!) because my blog was meant only for these close friends of mine, and whatever they had to convey regarding my posts, they used to convey directly.

This disabling of comments lasted only until Hemanth sent an email across asking me to enable comments.

Well, that changed everything. I keep meeting new people in the blog world, whose blogs I just love to read. Some of you made me laugh to bits, some made me smile really wide, some of you awakened the critical older sister side of me (you know who you are), and some of you made me realize that my own disappointments were so small as compared to yours. You are all special for making my life so different from the way it was three months ago and for helping me heal myself so fast.

For my own personal reasons, I would like to refrain myself from answering questions about what happened three months ago, but the least I can do is offer you this -

This is for everyone in whose blog I have left a comment behind, in one post or the other. Do find a place for it in your virtual world (OR, your hard drive)! Would really mean a lot, if next time around I visit your blog, I see this lil pic in the corner...