Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Week Before...

...was good fun and quite eventful with the following things happening :

1. Vishu (Kerala New Year) was on 14th April. It didn't feel like Vishu at all this time around. I got up with Pree showing me Lord Krishna's picture on her MOBILE PHONE! If you happen to be a non-mallu, then let me tell you... we (the youngsters and ahem... the not-so-young people) are supposed to see our God's statuette or picture (nothing or no one else) the moment we wake up. Usually, this happens with an elderly person leading us to the pooja room by covering our eyes with their hands. Didn't know this year Vishu was to become so modern.

2. Another speciality of Vishu is that the elders are supposed to give cash to the younger ones. This was the first time I gave money to the kids! Yay me!

3. What made Vishu even more special was that from morning onwards till late evening I kept on seeing peacocks in the field! When my relatives told me that peacocks were actually roaming around in our place, I didn't believe em at first. I thought 'Shya.. they must have seen some teenage mutant ninja chickens but not peacocks for sure!' But when I finally saw em, I was completely fida. I had to take some pics!! In my peacock blue salwar, I went behind em and I believe by the end of all the photo sessions I started walking around like a peacock myself.

I couldn't take any close up snaps coz they sense humans arriving quite quickly and can run away pretty fast. But oh well.. I am hoping that the people who read my blog aren't that blind! ;)

4. I went saree shopping! I got a Kerala saree and the funny part is that the saleswoman was into maska-lagaoing me big time. She helped me with wearing the saree and while I was admiring myself on the mirror she remarked 'Because you are soooo tall madam, wearing saree will suit you'. My whole family and I were confused for a second, before we realized.... I was wearing my highest of heels that day. But I felt good nevertheless ;)

Some events can bring you closer to your family. After Vishu, I just feel a lot more closer to them. I know I bitch a lot about my relatives in here, but at the same time I can't help feeling blessed that I belong to such a CRAZY and fun-filled family who sticks together no matter what happens. I guess it was during one of those moments, that I created the following collage. The words are highly inspired from the song in Dostana but nothing else was coming on my mind at that time. So here it is -


  1. ya, vishu is always something to cherish.
    and i hope you know how to wear a saree, most girls nowadays dont and i dont know why but they take it as sort of credit.

  2. Interesting.

    And girl -you live in a lovely place.. You were trying to show the peacock but I was already spell bound by the green surrounding... Lovely!!

    I love nature...!

  3. You are all grown up and giving money to the little kids...

    Collage was cool... you got skillz girl... :)

  4. yay me im your first!!

  5. ohnooooooooo im not the first!!:(

  6. happy vishnu to you!!

    kerala saree... oooo parcel me one na please !!

    thanks for peacock pics and the collage. the collage is rather cute :)

    are you giving money away to non-children friends too?if yes then when am i getting some???

  7. man u did a alot of things in just few days..u got loads of patience :)...the pcs were good and i loved the peacock :)..


  8. Beautiful shots of the peacock and such an AWESOME collage!! :)

  9. hehe..adipoli..peacock looks like a super star in there..btw,u di give me vishu kaineettam..!!! :X :(


  10. hmmm yeh true such fests brig us closer to our family and also give us a realization of the beautiful culture of our country

  11. it always feels good to be with people who care about you.....

    frds, relatives who ever they are and time spent with enjoyable people always become treasured memories.....

    nice collage......

  12. Hello Dhanya, What a lovely blog you have!! it was my first time here and i loved it very very much. just a delicious mix of funny and touching... loved it :)
    hope to keep coming back for more.
    take care. do visit.

  13. wow !! peacocks.. and the mundu is the most elegant piece of clothing that i know of ... belated vishu wishes.. and yeah , no matter how much we crib abt our relatives , they r there when we really need them and thats what matters !! .. nice blog !

  14. seems you enjoyed Vishu:)it was nice to know about the things that you do in Vishu.Just wondering if something special is cooked on this day as mostly festivals are linked with cooking in India:)

  15. seems you enjoyed Vishu:)it was nice to know about the things that you do in Vishu.Just wondering if something special is cooked on this day as mostly festivals are linked with cooking in India:)

  16. i never knew the customs associated with Vishu. thnx for acquainting m with them :D
    and seeing peacocks on Vishu is considered auspicious?? :P
    I love saree shopping though i dun drape it anytime else than a close wedding..
    the collage is cute and yeah, nothing like family =)

  17. hey got to knw so much bout vishu thru all urs blog..didnt had any idea bout it...
    shopping hmmm....
    n tat was a lovely collage...
    have fun!!!
    take care.

  18. i heard a lot about Vyshu frm my Mallu friends and your post refreshedmy childhood memories wen we used to spend time at their place.!!!

    and dear, i always wanted to have a kerala saree..parcel me one na please...!!!

    the peacocks....they are beautiful..i had a great time with the white peacoks in the recent past...and i saw them dance with their feathers open...thebest...!!!

  19. ... and i hope the image of your Lord imprinted in your heart will bless you all through this year ...
    and look at that, already you are fluttering like a peacock!! (Not peahen? )

  20. wow...
    people still do it ???
    taking u to pooja room closing ur eyes...sounds so cute... ..

    and next time I will defn come to ur place on Vishu :P and u can practice that cash giving ceremony ...gosh no now I read it..u r younger..I have to give..plan cancel :D

    and peococks pe fida hona hai toh be my guest...come to BHU, Varanais.. ..and here u can take their snaps too...they roams here in plenty

  21. happy belated vishu dhanya..
    its good to hear about it...
    we have peacocks in our gardens in indore...white ones too :-))

  22. wow... kewl stuff mate...

    Glad you had a lovely time... talk about the modernisation :)

    Lovely pics of the peacocks :)

    its a warm memoir to read...

    thanks mate... cheers...

  23. wow...happy made me miss home so much daa...cudnt make it back to kerala this time around...

    nice to meet one more mallu at blogpuram :-)

  24. Nice work with the peacock snaps, I see that you have a great shot at wild life photography ;-)

    And thanks for bringing back the comments!

  25. hey that looking at GOD's photo when u get up is common in almost all south Indians. Cos we do that :) Even I wrote about that in my the 25 things about me post.
    Nice blog you got :)

  26. Woah! I saw your comment on Nautankey's latest post and you looked so much like a Dhanya I knew!We were friends from school and arent in touch with each other now and so I wanted to check out if it was her blog.And then I came to your blog to see that the both of us have the same name for our blogs! Weirdness at its best :D

  27. Cool...As a kid I remember my friends planning big things with the vishu kaineettam. I mean a bar chocolate or WWF cards..That's all they can get :)..Still it wud be so much fun.Planning what to buy with that money.As if some huge bank loan is gonna get sanctioned :)..And yeah me still a kid at heart so cheques/DD welcome :)

    Thank god you put up the peacock's snap without confusing it with yours in peacock blue salwar. And salesmen/women they really make us feel good..all for the sake sales. Reminded of an incident when a guy told me "Saar you are very fair, red color wud be perfect for you" :)

  28. Wow! Peacocks! The most I've seen are peahens and they look horrid, to say the least!

    Congrats on being old enough to give out money for Vishu. I hope I'm ever THAT old!!! ;) :P

  29. wow...
    so u enjoyed haan...
    happy vishu....

    n u lucky u got so beauti place to live...


  30. Mine was the lamest Vishu ever!! away from home, away from family...yeah i got to see the kani and managed a sadya but such a far cry from times back home!!..hmmm...btw peacocks??!! how come??..and on the subject of kaineettam, i guess i ve only ever given ma lil sis kaineettam..!!

    real nice collage really tall madam ;-)


  31. peacocks! where do u live? from the pics it seems to be the backyards of old ancestral homes! if it is, then oh-so-wow! lovely location lady!
    yes, even though u bitch about your cousins and all the relatives, at the end of it, you end up enjoying with them very much. It is even more fun when you have a crazy family. I have a HUGE family which meets for all the functions and makes fun of everyone. But, there is always bitching and family gossips are a part of family talks!

  32. vishu did magic to ya :)
    u have peacocks in ur firleds?? woww, were is it??
    who is tht cute lil babey?? :P
    u have loadz of fun dhanya, may ur life be filled with all the hapiness u crave for :)

  33. Sameera - Thanks a lot :) I know.. it's simply beautiful!

    Phoenix - Lol. Next Vishu come to Kerala ;)

    Hemu, Bondgal - Thankewww!

    Nikhil - Ahem.. super bonus for you next year! :D

    Muthu and Little Girl Lost - Thanks so much!

    Kunjal - Yup, mostly veggie food of South Indian variety :)

    Richa - No, it is not considered auspicious at such. But I was really glad that I ended up spotting em on Mallu new years. Made it more beautiful for me :)

    Yamini - Ayyyo yamzz... you are the second one to ask me that. I think I should start my own business ;)

    Deeps - Lol. I was behind a peacock all the time, so ended up walking like one. The peahens were pretty lazy and didn't move from their place!

    enchantinganki - whoa! white peacocks!! amazing... never seen one ever!

    Sandeep - Hey there! welcome to the blog of this Mallu :)

    Revs - Hah! Same pinch ;)

    Dream'R - Always more vishus to look forward to! You can always spend more time with your family in the future. So don't worry about it :)

    Ramya - This is at my grandparent's place. You guessed it very well :)

    Sawan - The cute lil baby is my cousin's son. He's the only one in our family with blueee eyes :D Looks awesome, I tell you...

  34. Just read the comments above....I was here before! I was here before!

    Dhanya...youuuuuuuuuu!! ;-)


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