Thursday, April 02, 2009

The two strands that gave me away...

Mom was being nice to me for a change and was giving me a nice hair oil massage when all of a sudden, she said something that made me cringe!

Ma - "Oh my God! You have two strands of gray hair!"

I have been hiding them for the past two years! But my mom, the sadist that she is, couldn't stop chuckling out loud the whole day.



P.S : She kept assuring me that I wasn't getting old. Maybe just luckier. So there!


  1. heheh now what about me having gray heir at 17? :P

  2. I have some strands of white hair too. But my mom is worried than happy about it.

    When anyone points that out to me I reply:

    "can't help it..! too much wisdom just shows!! ;)"

  3. Hahahah.. thanx for the mornin laugh :D

    all i can say is SAAAME PINCH! :D

  4. I know... they always have eyes for such little things that we try to ignore :P

    take care and have a nice day mate... cheers...

  5. hmmm poor girl...

    hehehe..dont worryyy is umar me yeh sab hota hai...sachai kadvi hoti hai..

    just kidding....
    hv fun cheers:)

  6. ayyooda..saaramilla nne.. :) even I got some too,but u kno sumthing??a few strands mean its sum sorta luck,Ges u grandma musta told u abt this rite?? :)

    Take care sis,coz I care..


  7. m kinda feelin left out readin ur post n all d comments...i dont have grey hair...

    does baldness count??? :P

  8. OMG.....i have so many of em.....but the good part is atleast now u can make use of thee dialog 'mere baal aaise hi safed nahi hua hain' heheheh

  9. rofl...

    wen i spot grey strands, i like to assure myself tht ye baal dhoop mein safed hue hain :D

    and my mum, she banters- oh ab tujhse shaadi kaun karega :D

  10. I always tell myself I'm getting wiser everytime I see it.

    But then I only have ONE gray hair to worry about.

  11. whats the big deal in having gray hair anyway?...

  12. Oh! So now I know hy I'm so unlucky. ;)

    he he...


  13. heheheh...
    go for hair color...(not grey clor plz :P :P)

  14. ayyoda, paavam.. saaralyato.. :) why dont ya pluck those two strands?? dho jane se kya farak padtha hein yaar?? :)

    u have a great weekend :) hav loaz of a lott!! helps ur hair remain black :D

    and did i say i liked the title?? :P

  15. hahah..dhanya that was good one...only 2 naa...try to keep them for another post tho a gr8 sunday buddy :)..


  16. Sumaiya - Oh my God! Et tu brutus ? :D

    Mayz - Yeah, baldness counts too! I am secretly relieved that atleast your balding...

    A.R.N - You're lucky! And welcome to my blog :)

    Apocalypse - Nothing really. But graying indicates that you're getting older. Bad news for people like me who prefer to STAY YOUNG!

    Amrita-Ams - LOL! I wouldn't mind dyeing it in the Indira Gandhi style ;)

    Sawan - Thanks a lot. You too, hope you had a great weekend :D

  17. hehehe i know how agonising it is.
    but think about how much wisdom u have :D
    and now you can say, 'dhoop mein baal white nahi kiyay meinay, experience hai'

  18. oye. working on sunday - 12 hours!! how gud a weekend is that? :(

  19. :( were is my reply :(...


  20. u can color your entire hair gray n she wont notice... ;)

  21. I enjoy your snack sized posts about things we can all relate to!

    Everybody in our family has had two or three grey strands since we were in class X or so. Remained that way right until early forties, then started greying very gradually.

    I call 2 or 3 strands of grey hair a mother's blessings :)


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