Tuesday, April 28, 2009

They Are Everywhere!

You see them on the ramps during each Fashion Week...

You see them as pundits in politics...

You see them in Cricket...

Bollywood actors and actresses are just about everywhere!

My question is.... is this taking the limelight away from the actual players ? Should Bollywood people just restrain themselves to their own field ?

I do feel this takes the focus out of the people who are more involved in their respective fields. For example, in Fashion Week, when an actor or actress does his or her lil cat walk, people are more focused on the star rather than the creations they are modelling for.

It does make more people take notice, but at the same time taking away the focus from what they are participating in.

It does add the extra glamour and entertainment (in case you happen to do an 'Akshay Kumar' and ask your wife to button up your pants)!

Don't get me wrong. I am all into Bollywood people exploring new horizons, but I am curious to know how many of you out there think it's all for the good!


  1. Akshay Kumar got up-buttoning done, not buttoning up..

    u r ryt, they steal the show from the real players. but i guess in politics, they better be there, we ll have some fun lookin at them or listening to them, otherwise, the politicians we have, are duds. all of them.. :D

  2. focus is always lost...u know there should be a show without big actor/actress..there should be a movie a small budget with a main concept...all the movies politics games fashion everything has lost its charisma as its not focusing on the main thing ..its very bad effect..


  3. bollywood sucks esp in areas which is not their forte. biggesst being cricket. i love srk for his acting but he has been the biggest fart of the IPL...not to mention the fake smile Shilpa Shetty puts on....


    she suggests Shane Warne on bowling. how ridiculous. what the hell she knows on the game ?

    look at sanjay dutt. he is making an ass of himself. so is jayaprada and jaya bachchan along with Chiru :)

    they are showbiz ustaads but they dont know that in real life they make an ass of themselves when they dont draw the lines.

  4. they shudn b der in politics :P. other places i dont mind them ;)

  5. i agree!

    bollywood should try improving there work..rather than hopping everywhere!

  6. they do it ..i say u..these bollywood people are all the way round..!!!

    when KKR win, the media talks abt SRK n not Dada's team work...when KXI win, they show Preethi not Yuvi n his team....!!!

    When Neeta Lulla shows her new collection...if someone liek Aishwarya is the show stopper...ppl talk about Mrs. Rai Bachan n not Neeta's collection..!!

    this happens everywhere...!!!

  7. The post has raised an interesting q.
    And i think that bollywood people should stick to what they know rather than sticking their nose in everything that could do with some publicity.....

    This not only removes the publicity from the people who actually work for the event but also provide undue publicity to the stars themselves.

    And i wonder why do we call actors or actresses stars, (I mean all of them, not just the good ones) - I think it is because of our perception of these people as stars(of course they look good - atleast looks wise), they take advantage of this perception of ours and market themselves.....

    I think Srk, priety and shilpa market themselves along with their team in IPL. The same goes for the ads these people do. They do not just market the product. They market their image so that they would not be forgotten until the next release.....

    If we want to change this, then we will have to rethink the entire idea of our perception of celebrity......

  8. Days for them have been way too long .... I am sure they are enjoying every bit of it !!!

    Why not ?? Indian Celeb's at their best ;-)

    Smart post !!! :)

  9. i agree that bollywood is trying to get its big head into everywhere there is a chance for media coverage, but i dont think its working out very well. its high time that they understand this.

  10. you raised a nice point and supported it nicely.:)

  11. The first image is something I look at with pride... this woman! She is just a talented individual juggling multiple jobs!! Look at her picture- you know she is doing something she loves!! Aaa.. now if you see Shilps Shetty you know its just the money, repect and fame that brought her to the stands!

    The second and third!! Misfits!! Seriously...!! Sanjay Dutt as political leader!! :d Crazyy!!

    Sorry for the "Dhaniya" comment.. but I can pull your leg dhannu!! Can't I?? ;)

  12. recession time babes, they got to move their sorrrry ass around for some moolah :P

  13. I dont bother much about them :)

    you have a nice day mate... cheers...

  14. Bollywood is where a lot of money is , nah ?.. nowonder actors r buying cricket teams .. i think the idea of actors as showstoppers is stupid .. bollywood is the tickect to get into the big league of making money ! ..politics,sports,fashion.

  15. ya... i buy ur point..
    it is pointless to aapoint them as a show stopper , i hv observed Pople r more crazy to see them on ramp rather than creations....

    i feel after sometime, they will come in almost every business..
    there shld be limit..
    i dnt feel like watching IPL... n i think Sanjay Dutt... he is getting mad day by da...

    nice post...


  16. Tinseltown works in funny ways. they have the moolah, the advisors and the time!

    Did i mention they have the moolah?


    Nice thought!

  17. hmm..sacchi...mai toh bore ho gayi :( :|....at all places same faces...absolute buffons...:

  18. If people lose focus on what these stars are actually participating in, they never were interested in it in the first place. They probably just got attracted because of the known faces.

    If used for the right purpose, it most definitely is a positive thing.


  19. they steal the attention from the real players.. I agree.

  20. The way i see it, the only reason most people even notice these brands is bcoz of the stars who stand by it or as u said make appearances....the more stars at it..the more publicity the designer or the event gets...rite?

    But i guess it does kinda get lame at times...its no fun seeing them everywhere...the fact that they r so ellusive is what makes em desirable ..unless of course u r SRK...;-)..hehe

  21. Agree with Bedazzled... The 'muddah' was well taken up :)

  22. Its true, that they steel the attention, bt the interesting part is that, sme ppl comes 4 these shows, jst coz these "Known faces" are there...
    Its all part of show biz whther we accept it or nt..

  23. Looks like most of you are against bollywood people venturing into other fields.

    Btw, a very good example of focus shifting away from main players, is our very star-owned IPL team KKR, where most ads and videos contain only SRK with no team players!!

  24. I never thought about it this way but I must say you are right!

  25. I dont think focus is lost at all!
    Fashion week was all about clothes. The designers who did not have actors as show-stoppers also got the same criticism. Bollywood adds glamor quotient.
    Akshay Kumar controversy was oh-not-needed-at-all controversy. It was ridiculous to see the "Naughty@40" news of zoom on this. Levis 501 is all about unbuttoning, and he asked his wife and no one else to unbutton his jeans. What was the funniest part was that they asked wife of highest tax payer's wife to give 1000 for her bail! Her Nail polish would cost that much. She would be carrying 1000 like we carry a 10 rupee note!

  26. I feel focus is lost in certain cases. Take the case of celeb blogs, Shahrukh Khan's blog sells because of his image, there are better bloggers in the celeb world who are eclipsed - like Shekar Kapur.
    Thing is, it depends on what the stars are doing. They certainly won't take the focus away if they are doing what'd suit their interests.

  27. Umm..
    Not exactly that way...
    Its all vice-versa
    If bollywood is going everywhere, they also bring everything to bollywood
    For e.g. They make movies on politics and politicians of the country, they bring sports to bollywood, Bret Lee sings with Asha Bhosle and Kapil Dev turns up in Iqbaal...
    So its a game of money my dear, everyone everywhere trying to mint the max.


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