Sunday, April 12, 2009

Once Upon A Time In A Jewellery Shop

Like in any Indian wedding, jewellery plays a very important role. If you are a South Indian, it's necessity is quadrupled. The bride is almost covered in gold from neck to waist. You might even wonder how she's able to support all that weight. But you can't do without it like Westerners. It is considered a sin if you wear less than 4 gold necklaces on your wedding! The more the better. The more people can't see you, the better!

But Dhanno isn't interested in gold to the obvious disappointment of her mother. So you can imagine her situation when she lands up in a jewellery shop.

My cousin's wedding is coming up soon. In 'Hum Saat Saat Hain' style, we all (other relatives included) decided to tag along with my cousin and her mom to shop for some gold. Shopping for clothes is in my department. But shopping for gold? B-O-R-I-N-G! I was yawning and looking disinterested in no time. I hate gold and I mean that. I hate it because it has a yellow tinge which looks so damn ugly. The only type of gold jewellery I like are those where its yellow tinge isn't visible. In other words, it should be covered with lots and lots of stones!

So, there was I looking left and right... everywhere else except the place where the jewellery was being displayed to my family. As usual, the shopkeepers (who thinks everyone's attention should only be on them and the gold they have to show) were getting a lil irritated with my disinterest.

Shopkeeper : Madam, you didn't like anything?

I was staring unceasingly at the next shop which was visible through the glass doors of the jewellery store. It had nice t-shirts and glittery bags. In the midst of framing excuses in my head to escape from this boredom of a place, I was rudely snapped back to my vicinity when he asked me this.

Me : Umm. No. I am not interested in gold.

All my relatives turned to me in astonishment. I am sure even the shopkeeper would have killed me then and there if he had a gun.

Feeling betrayed by everyone's reaction, I returned to scanning the interiors of the jewellery store and...... behold, I found what my eyes were craving for!


Suddenly, that boring place became heaven for me. The glitter, the beauty! I realized I had very expensive tastes in jewellery!

Me (enthusiastically) : How much ????

Shopkeeper (relieved that I am at least interested in some kind of jewellery the shop had to offer): Only 1.5 lakhs

Me : Oh! Only ? How much for this one?

Shopkeeper : This is very cheap. Only 80,000 rupees.

Me : Very cheap indeed.

All the aunts (very interested to see what I was looking so interested in) : Ayye. This looks like steel and aluminium. How can you be interested in this ????

Like how my grandmother would say, 'I think it must be the 'generator' gap'.


  1. like it or not but yes gold is an essential part of our culture and the soaring prices are making it more desirable:)

  2. oh1 my GOD u sound so like me:P I too am a southie a Mallu huh! it looks eeeks wen i see gals wth kilos of gold over them :P

  3. keeper wud have definitely killed :P.. platinum wud make nice jewl..:) will people really look full on with the jewels all over my god..:P..have a gr8 sunday and gr8 week ahead :).


  4. ha haa... I should have seen the looks on those shopkeepers faces... LOL...

    have a nice evening mate... cheers...

  5. hahah u funny gal.. the last line was good..

    n yeah yellow gold is boring, i too discovered yesterday tht jewellery wasn tht bad afterall after i saw my future aunt in laws collection.. great taste i must say :)

  6. hey!!me 2 interested in diamonds n pearls.d pair wich i liked was 40k only.:)dint buy it of course!!ur post took me bac in tym..(2 yrs ago)

  7. You are funny for sure, loved your writing!

  8. How can anyone like gold is beyond me!!

    I too am a sucker for platinum jewellery!! :)

    "generator gap" rofl :D


  9. i just dont understand why you girls are so much into jewellary..may it gold, platinum or copper

  10. generator

  11. adipoli..Ur hubby is one lucky man.. :p shoo..How happy I am u kno??The sight of a non-shopaholic girl is like finding ty-rex in planet earth now..1.5 lakhs is cheap.. :p

    too good..!!

    Take care sista,coz I care.. :)


  12. was it PLATINUM or DIAMONDS 'generator' ?
    jokes aprt ... bit surpriced to know that there are girls whose face show 'uff' when they see gold .. indeed 'generator's gap!

  13. u don't like gold... :O


    u will be a pretty good wife...ur hubby won't have any trouble take u shopping :D

  14. Haha..!

    Hum saat saat hain!! LOL

    Generator gap. :D :D

    I too hates that yellow-mustardy tinge!!

    I'd rather wear Steel and aluminium. :P

  15. Just last evening I watched some program about men and jewels.There was a man who wears a chain weighing 400 grams. It's hard to find out the reason why people love gold.

    And LOL At the generator gap :)

  16. Hate gold? me too!
    Gold shopping is too boring. And the salesmen, they think they are out of the world and just the best. But I sure like the complementary drinks that we get in stores ;-)

  17. lol i am indifferent about jewellery at all... but i guess i am allowed since i am from west :D

    but then even i can imagine everything going on in mind of your family :D

  18. m so proud of u rite now i think i have a tear in my eye :D

  19. generator gap!! lol :) happy vishu dear :)

  20. aah girls and jewellery...hmmmpphhh...i thought u were diff for a second and then u go again and mention platinum jeewellery..:-(...

    but i do agree about looks so lame!!...

  21. Lol. Nice post. I also find less attraction in gold. Diamonds are THE best! :D

    Lol @ the 'generator' gap =)

  22. Tell me about it! I do NOT like how gold looks!!! It's silver for now and once I can afford it... PLATINUM!!! eeeeeeeeeeee :D

  23. hhehheeh...
    i m with jew..look old odd...
    funny re...poor shopkeeper :P

  24. im soo not a jewelery person!!gold or not!

  25. Ha ha ha!

    Generator Gap :)

    keep it rollin;)

  26. nice

    post more..... and hey i have written a few short stories in my blog, Could you read them and post your comments on them. thanks..

  27. Hehehehe... Nicely put. I find Gold ugly too..

  28. Buzz- Thanks a lot :)

    Amal - It's a girls thing; tum nahi samjhoge ;)

    Nikhil - Are you indirectly calling me ancient ? Already am feeling so old and on top of that you call me a ty-rex... hmmmph!

    Daydreamer - No no no! You have misunderstood me! I totally and completely love shopping - for clothes and bags. Was quite obvious in my post that I only hate gold ;)

    Nautankey - men are getting worse! some of em wear more gold than women nowadays...

    Mayz - awww.. finally Mayz is proud of me :P

    Sawan - happy vishu to u too! hope you had a nice sadhya and became wealthy and wise by the end of the day ;)

    Dream`R - Platinum looks cool :D Even you should try one :D

  29. Rofl @ generator gap.. no offences intended though :D

    and u r soo like me.. no gold for me :D i like stones n thankfully so does my mom :D

  30. i too hate gold!! btw..these days gals have classy choice..thy dont go for smthng below lakhs :P i too love platinum..

  31. u a southiee and nt interested in golds..

    strange :0

  32. strange that u dont like gold... so u r the nakshatra types and not Tanishq

  33. so glad to know that there are woman who dont like gold..;-)

    i sort of have an allergy for the yellow metal myself!!

  34. Ohh i so relate to this..I love gold only when it has lots and lots of stones...and my mom's wallet bears testimony to that fact :) Gr8 post!!


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