Monday, April 06, 2009

On An Impulse...

How many of us have acted on an impulse and regretted it later? I can call myself a master of the trade. I remember all those times when I used to say or do things just because I wanted to - at that very instant. And the very next day, I am like the ostrich who is waiting to hide it's neck beneath the ground. I feel that embarrassed!

Acting on an impulse makes you feel good for the moment, but almost everytime it's the wrong thing to do. Like for instance, you are most likely to say the wrong things when you are angry. You have no idea that your words can irreversably harm another person's sentiment. But still you go ahead and say it.. why? Because you are acting on an impulse. You want to get it all out and be done with it else that nagging voice in your head won't let you rest in peace! I have easily misunderstood people in the past without even thinking twice. I never used to wait for their reasonings and even if I did, I never acknowleged them.

But I guess, only as time moves on you learn such things. You learn that you aren't supposed to trust your impulsiveness, and that you have to scan it with your magnifying glasses before giving it the go ahead. This means that I think twice nowadays before getting hyper over things. Am I finally growing up? Am I finally taking things the way it should be taken?

A recent conversation :

1 : No! Say all those things now! No one has the right to say such things to you. Now! Now! NOW!

2 : I think I should just wait for sometime before I do.

1 : But after cursing, think how good you will feel!

2 : Hmmm....I will surely regret it later....

1 & 2 are the two sides of yours truly. There was a time when side 1 used to dominate. Now it's side 2.

Am I finally growing up?


  1. you did grew up Dhanya..!!
    your post made me think of the other side of me who speaks up at the very instance and regret later as you mentioned...i hope i grow up very soon so that i wont hurt my dear ones...!!!

    nice read dear...!!!

  2. its just the reverse for me.. things i say or do impulsively are often right, but those decisions that i take after thinking are d ones i regret afterwardr..
    for a few years, that has been the case for me whether its regarding taking the branch in +1 +2 or later for engineering i regret it now.. :(

  3. yep..u r gettin old all right..!!..doesnt that suck??!!...anyways i m quite impulsive myself life in general and particular when it comes to shopping...after all is said and done..the thought the next day is "damn!! now y did i buy that?"...but that isnt waht u r talkin abt is it..hehe...

    toh yeh...age has caught upto u!!..cheers!!;-)

  4. may things happen with impulsive sometimes even ruins the relations and friendships...u have given the right thought about the impulse thing...i better stop for a moment before i act in rapid haste...thnks for the things dhayna...because now i really know how to control it :)...have a gr8 week ahead..


  5. You have sis..You have..:) and experience is a good teacher..start counting from 1 to 10 after u get a piece oif new,good or bad and then go on with ur reaction..It ll do u wonders,check out.. :)

    Take care.. :)


  6. hehe.. transitions are a part of life. i used to be 1 but now i am 2 :D

    yeah, this is growing up

  7. the very fact that you thinking on these lines shows that you have grown up :)

    I remember those times when I was dominated by #1...

    you were right about the deception behind that momentary happiness...

    thanks for sharing this mate...

    have a nice day... cheers...

  8. I think I'm mostly one. :D

    Ah well, atleast someone's growing up! :D

  9. I am on the other end and I am learning to have faith on my impluses...!! :d

    Life is so different for everyone!!

    Everything amazes me!!

  10. i try n stay away from impulsive ppl...they can hurt real bad...not only others but themselves as well...

  11. Damn I'm still stuck on 1. :(

    And something tells me it'll be a long time before I even remotely come close to 2.

    Proud of you girl .:)


  12. guess u r :) but m sure u still mis the older u at times, dont ya ?? :P

  13. Well... Change is part of r life..
    as time passes..we develop as per tht time itself...
    i never say anythng wrong even in fit of anger


  14. i dunno if yru growing up or now....but yes yur surely handling the situation dear.....take it easy

  15. Am i growing up? was that the question?

    With your 2 strands of gray hair, am pretty much sure you are... :)

  16. Makes me wonder when I will grow up..the moment I think life is totally in my control and my mind is my dog (read: I have control over it)..something HAS TO slip out of my mouth at inappropriate moments..I just can't seem to shut up!! God help me!!

    U've got a pretty blog btw!! :D :D

  17. Impulsive nature is real matter right or wrong.....

  18. LOL if learning to say what you will never regret is growing up, you are definitely growing up :) But I see plenty of really grown up people who speak without thinking....
    The fact that you are thinking about it, means no matter what your age, you are definitely growing up, and very wisely too :)

  19. But impulsiveness is the idiosyncrasy that marks a genuine individual ....

  20. thats evolution. what i call is getting evolved for good :)

    slow and good process, interesting. u get to know more abt urself, u discover more abt urself in the process and the best part is u come to know that u can do few things which u never thot u wud be able to do :)

    good on mate :)

    keep it up!!

    blogrolling :)

  21. Yamini - Not completely. But yeah, am on the process ;)

    Nikhil - That's a very good method! Very effective. Have used it a couple of time with good results.

    Mayz - I find it hard to believe that you have never been impulsive!

    sawan - I don't miss my older me AT ALL! I get better and more confident as time moves on, and I prefer that side of me :)

    Apocalypse - Yeah, my two strands of wisdom is contributing in a way I guess ;)

    Siya - Thanks a lot Siya! :)

    Nikhil - Yup, it's the real you. But the real you isn't right all the time. Trying to control ur impulsiveness can be really tough whereas succumbing to it is plain easy.

    Sam - Thanks mate! And welcome to my blog :)

  22. first i do things, then i regret and try to fix them.. i dont have even time for such dialogues :P

    i usually say and say and say more and then get the consequences :D

  23. gr88...change is good i can say

    ur blog is really nice :)


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