Friday, April 24, 2009

Fake Or Not ?

If you happen to be one of those people religiously following IPL, then you must be very well aware of the fake IPL player who's into blogging dressing room secrets of the Kolkata Knight Riders nowadays. Is he (or she (?) considering even Mandira Bedi wasn't spared) fake ?

This person goes by the name of IPL anonymous and blogs pretty well. He provides an absolute entertaining read by giving nicknames to all the players. Sourav Ganguly is called the 'Lord', Yuvraj Singh is the 'Prince Of Patiala', Sreesanth is 'Appam Ch*****' plus some more bizarre ones (including one really amusing one for the KKR owner). The blogger seems very sympathetic towards dada... and only dada! Which makes me wonder, if dada himself is blogging! :P

I read the entire blog, and it was really engrossing. Some content in there just ends up raising your eyebrows way high! The KKR owner is termed as a megalomaniac, plus some Australian cricketers are accused of being pedophiles!

Can you believe, he has about 1000 plus followers and nearly a 1000 comments for each post ? He started only blogging few days ago and he gets a 1000 followers. He mentions in a post that he created the blog one fine day and next day he woke up and found that his blog had 17 followers !!!!!

I think I should learn some marketing skills for my blog from him....

Mr. Fake IPL player, if you end up reading this (which I am sure you won't.. trying my luck anyways ;))... can you please tell me, how you got so many people into your blog in less than 24 hours with no marketing at all ?

P.S : IPL anonymous hasn't blogged at all today. In the comments section of his latest blog entry, there is a comment posted in the wee hours of the morning which mentions that he has been caught and is being sent back to India. Mandira wasn't seen today in both the matches. Makes me wonder. Hmmmm. Does it make you wonder too ?

P.P.S : If you want to read the infamous blog, scroll up again and look for the words highlighted in blue!


  1. omg really?? is there someone going this? if yes then its done in really bad taste!! argh!! thankfully this season i have lost interest in IPL.. so i dont care anyways..

    here's KKR lose.. AGAIN!! hmmph!

  2. Did hop here after a while .... Smart posts ..... :)

  3. i went to the blog and still i to been wondering if really mandira not been seen around god how does he get so many followers:P..i think i to should ask him dhanya..:)..let e know anyy tricks if he passes on :)...


  4. Ive seen the blog..
    its unreal.. it has been started just this month and still look at the comment count. :-o
    I definitely want to know how

  5. some one is too much into IPL :)

  6. You read the entire blog and not shared the blog address....
    May be you thought it would be marketing that IPL blogger :)

    Gossips sell and that too regarding cricket and cinema and therefore he may be having thousands of followers... Really do you want to have such kind of people as your followers.. comon you write well and c u have earned another follower... :)

  7. hahahah i wonder if i wonder anymore ;)

  8. last night after watching NDTV..I checked it out today myself..and believe me...he is awesome...though i am sure he is not caught or what..he is an indian blogger who actually started it for fun and now he is continuing it seriously..but sandy baddy babe and srk's name is awesome so is little john and appam...and the one with warne and three angels..can't keep myself from laughing my a** off


  9. Just 2 days back I came across that blog and man it was a laugh riot,especially the comments about sreesanth.Though it has been proven beyond doubt that this is indeed someone fake[his reference to mallya's presence during opening ceremony while actually mallya was away in korea]it is still entertaining to read and laugh out.

  10. oh wow!Scandalicious! pass over the url gurl! me cricket n IPL illiterate dont wanna miss out on this one ;)

  11. hehe.. i always was skeptical about Mandira.. her kachhi pakki cricket knowledge and gulli cricket :D

  12. well i didn't know people like to read criticism so much niways..i'd like to go criticize him :P

    can ya pass on the URL??

  13. I didnt knew this..... may b i was out in space since IPL strted ( not a cricket addict) ... bt wil definitly check tat blog...

  14. crazy!!!!

    I dont follow IPL :P

    take care mate... cheers...

  15. oh i have read his blog...m one of those thousands of followers he has....he is brilliant...i jus hope that thing abt him being caught is not true...he was d most entertaning part of IPL so far...i dnt think its mandira thou...coz thr was apost which talked abt commentators makin a bet on whoz gonna bed her...i dnt think she'll write smthn like that abt herself...

    anyway i love this guy who ever he is

    oh n if u wanna kno how t oget som many comments n followers jus let ur blog make headlines in newspapers...thats how he got so famous...but rightly deserved

  16. yes i'd seen it

    guess hez into 24 x7 blogging hahaha

    1386 comments damn

    mera sarein posts ka ginke bhi itna nahi hai

    and hey

    y r u promoting his blog lol

    eheh ehe

  17. haa haa !! .. this is good this country anything done in the name of cricket will be successful !!..

  18. Honestly speaking i dont like watching cricket matches..
    though i watched last yuear somewht due to my bro..n ths year i dnt hv time n i dnt ven want..
    thsi kind of tricks nvr help anybody...


  19. hey

    As a total cricket lover, i just adore every aspect of the game and as a person i prefer to express my views so that every1 can hear it without hiding behind a mask and i guess coz of these 2 reasons..i just dont like that anonymous blogger jackass!!

    The jerk is takin digs at some of the biggest names in the game, people who have strived to get where they have and all this bugger is doin is tryin to take sly digs at them and that too without revealing his identity!!

    i dunno y u or any1 else for taht matter reads wat he writes coz all u r doin is encouraging him!!..strong views i know but just the way i feel ok..dont mind :)

    cya once i get back

  20. hmmm i dint know abt this i know it...!!!

    if u get to know any ideas about how to promote the blog lemme know too...coz its almost 10 months of blogging and i have juss 19 followers...!!!

  21. hmm.. interesting.. I would get back and check that link!!

    Hoe did he (or she(?)) do it...? He/she has banked on the fame of IPL and KKR Players!

    Not a good way to fame! Its downfall from a very high height!

  22. He He he...Cool post!!

    I love this guy!!! LOL. :D

    hehe...and I think he posted after you wrote this he isn't caught. Not yet, well. Yayyee!!


  23. ohh yes i too heard about this no time for IPL yaar...
    but a cool post yaar..good day

  24. he is one of the insider from the KKR team and he at least reveals that DADA isnt treated well by SRK and Buchie boo....

    And this is not a fake blog, a real blog with no identity. its not a she as some people think, but a real guy and a cricketer...

    m following him on my cricket blogs and makes an interesting read :)

    he is one of few guys that KKR has left..(11 Indians in the team, 5 or 6 suspects)..

    DADA, Ishant, Agarkar, Kartik, Yashpal ruled out...

    6 more left!!!

  25. Phoenix - Even I was kind of surprised about this, but looks like it is DEFINITELY going on....

    Rahul - Welcome back :)

    Sawan - Kya kare... it's my only form of entertainment nowadays ;)

    Suresh Kumar - I did put the link where 'Fake IPL player' was mentioned in the post, but since the link colour was gray most people missed it. Rectified it now :)

    Solitary writer - I am not promoting him :P I just like mentioning stuff in here that capture my interest! :)

    Dream`R - I can understand how you feel but the blog is meant for less passionate people like me who are dying of boredom and are waiting for some sizzling hot gossip to do the rounds... :D

    Siya - Thanks for mentioning! I didn't check back after that. Had almost lost hope! So yayyy to his coming back! :D

  26. m not a cricket fan, be it IPL or test

    though, this is interesting...sounds like a goof up, lol

  27. fakeIPLPlayer is the bloody rage even down here in Sydney! I've read his stuff and dude's gotta sense of humour and satire.

    LOL @ Appam C*****a! Yup! I'm a mallu and i resent Sreeshanth [in case you didn't know we all do :)]

    Although of late, his charade is weakening. He blogs newspaper stuff. Uncool.

    IPL2.0: Hmm cricket ain't my cup of tea but at least the cheerleaders are better this time around :)

  28. Oh yeah...I checked it out during my exams and wasted an entire hour there !!

    It's sheer entertainment value kept me hooked....whoever it is, blogs damn well.


  29. Used to hate FIP coz he is betraying his own team, and as a sports lover, being loyal to ur team should be the first priority for anyone.....
    but he is god damn awesome :O and so hilarious. i have a crush on him, seriously. i just hope he is not SRK and he's a cute guy and he claims he's gonna tell his name on wednesday....OMG..i think i will be online 24*7 on his blog after wednesday's match :P
    glad to see a fellow female cricket fanatic :D
    and the p.s- was fantastic :P lol!!!!!

  30. Mr. Fake IPL player, if you end up reading this (which I am sure you won't.. trying my luck anyways ;))... can you please tell me, how you got so many people into your blog in less than 24 hours with no marketing at all ?

    come on the guy doesnt have an identity...even with all the fame(the followers reached upto 10k in the end) know he didnt get any recognition,and "he/she" didnt get any praise watsoever...
    you are a more successful blogger than him(even I am for that matter)...

    also,he was also kind on Yuvraj...and the guys who were sent back were Akash Chopra and..maybe Ajit...both of them came back though!!

    the fake blog was some good fun...spicy reading,thats it


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