Tuesday, April 28, 2009

They Are Everywhere!

You see them on the ramps during each Fashion Week...

You see them as pundits in politics...

You see them in Cricket...

Bollywood actors and actresses are just about everywhere!

My question is.... is this taking the limelight away from the actual players ? Should Bollywood people just restrain themselves to their own field ?

I do feel this takes the focus out of the people who are more involved in their respective fields. For example, in Fashion Week, when an actor or actress does his or her lil cat walk, people are more focused on the star rather than the creations they are modelling for.

It does make more people take notice, but at the same time taking away the focus from what they are participating in.

It does add the extra glamour and entertainment (in case you happen to do an 'Akshay Kumar' and ask your wife to button up your pants)!

Don't get me wrong. I am all into Bollywood people exploring new horizons, but I am curious to know how many of you out there think it's all for the good!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fake Or Not ?

If you happen to be one of those people religiously following IPL, then you must be very well aware of the fake IPL player who's into blogging dressing room secrets of the Kolkata Knight Riders nowadays. Is he (or she (?) considering even Mandira Bedi wasn't spared) fake ?

This person goes by the name of IPL anonymous and blogs pretty well. He provides an absolute entertaining read by giving nicknames to all the players. Sourav Ganguly is called the 'Lord', Yuvraj Singh is the 'Prince Of Patiala', Sreesanth is 'Appam Ch*****' plus some more bizarre ones (including one really amusing one for the KKR owner). The blogger seems very sympathetic towards dada... and only dada! Which makes me wonder, if dada himself is blogging! :P

I read the entire blog, and it was really engrossing. Some content in there just ends up raising your eyebrows way high! The KKR owner is termed as a megalomaniac, plus some Australian cricketers are accused of being pedophiles!

Can you believe, he has about 1000 plus followers and nearly a 1000 comments for each post ? He started only blogging few days ago and he gets a 1000 followers. He mentions in a post that he created the blog one fine day and next day he woke up and found that his blog had 17 followers !!!!!

I think I should learn some marketing skills for my blog from him....

Mr. Fake IPL player, if you end up reading this (which I am sure you won't.. trying my luck anyways ;))... can you please tell me, how you got so many people into your blog in less than 24 hours with no marketing at all ?

P.S : IPL anonymous hasn't blogged at all today. In the comments section of his latest blog entry, there is a comment posted in the wee hours of the morning which mentions that he has been caught and is being sent back to India. Mandira wasn't seen today in both the matches. Makes me wonder. Hmmmm. Does it make you wonder too ?

P.P.S : If you want to read the infamous blog, scroll up again and look for the words highlighted in blue!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Week Before...

...was good fun and quite eventful with the following things happening :

1. Vishu (Kerala New Year) was on 14th April. It didn't feel like Vishu at all this time around. I got up with Pree showing me Lord Krishna's picture on her MOBILE PHONE! If you happen to be a non-mallu, then let me tell you... we (the youngsters and ahem... the not-so-young people) are supposed to see our God's statuette or picture (nothing or no one else) the moment we wake up. Usually, this happens with an elderly person leading us to the pooja room by covering our eyes with their hands. Didn't know this year Vishu was to become so modern.

2. Another speciality of Vishu is that the elders are supposed to give cash to the younger ones. This was the first time I gave money to the kids! Yay me!

3. What made Vishu even more special was that from morning onwards till late evening I kept on seeing peacocks in the field! When my relatives told me that peacocks were actually roaming around in our place, I didn't believe em at first. I thought 'Shya.. they must have seen some teenage mutant ninja chickens but not peacocks for sure!' But when I finally saw em, I was completely fida. I had to take some pics!! In my peacock blue salwar, I went behind em and I believe by the end of all the photo sessions I started walking around like a peacock myself.

I couldn't take any close up snaps coz they sense humans arriving quite quickly and can run away pretty fast. But oh well.. I am hoping that the people who read my blog aren't that blind! ;)

4. I went saree shopping! I got a Kerala saree and the funny part is that the saleswoman was into maska-lagaoing me big time. She helped me with wearing the saree and while I was admiring myself on the mirror she remarked 'Because you are soooo tall madam, wearing saree will suit you'. My whole family and I were confused for a second, before we realized.... I was wearing my highest of heels that day. But I felt good nevertheless ;)

Some events can bring you closer to your family. After Vishu, I just feel a lot more closer to them. I know I bitch a lot about my relatives in here, but at the same time I can't help feeling blessed that I belong to such a CRAZY and fun-filled family who sticks together no matter what happens. I guess it was during one of those moments, that I created the following collage. The words are highly inspired from the song in Dostana but nothing else was coming on my mind at that time. So here it is -

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Once Upon A Time In A Jewellery Shop

Like in any Indian wedding, jewellery plays a very important role. If you are a South Indian, it's necessity is quadrupled. The bride is almost covered in gold from neck to waist. You might even wonder how she's able to support all that weight. But you can't do without it like Westerners. It is considered a sin if you wear less than 4 gold necklaces on your wedding! The more the better. The more people can't see you, the better!

But Dhanno isn't interested in gold to the obvious disappointment of her mother. So you can imagine her situation when she lands up in a jewellery shop.

My cousin's wedding is coming up soon. In 'Hum Saat Saat Hain' style, we all (other relatives included) decided to tag along with my cousin and her mom to shop for some gold. Shopping for clothes is in my department. But shopping for gold? B-O-R-I-N-G! I was yawning and looking disinterested in no time. I hate gold and I mean that. I hate it because it has a yellow tinge which looks so damn ugly. The only type of gold jewellery I like are those where its yellow tinge isn't visible. In other words, it should be covered with lots and lots of stones!

So, there was I looking left and right... everywhere else except the place where the jewellery was being displayed to my family. As usual, the shopkeepers (who thinks everyone's attention should only be on them and the gold they have to show) were getting a lil irritated with my disinterest.

Shopkeeper : Madam, you didn't like anything?

I was staring unceasingly at the next shop which was visible through the glass doors of the jewellery store. It had nice t-shirts and glittery bags. In the midst of framing excuses in my head to escape from this boredom of a place, I was rudely snapped back to my vicinity when he asked me this.

Me : Umm. No. I am not interested in gold.

All my relatives turned to me in astonishment. I am sure even the shopkeeper would have killed me then and there if he had a gun.

Feeling betrayed by everyone's reaction, I returned to scanning the interiors of the jewellery store and...... behold, I found what my eyes were craving for!


Suddenly, that boring place became heaven for me. The glitter, the beauty! I realized I had very expensive tastes in jewellery!

Me (enthusiastically) : How much ????

Shopkeeper (relieved that I am at least interested in some kind of jewellery the shop had to offer): Only 1.5 lakhs

Me : Oh! Only ? How much for this one?

Shopkeeper : This is very cheap. Only 80,000 rupees.

Me : Very cheap indeed.

All the aunts (very interested to see what I was looking so interested in) : Ayye. This looks like steel and aluminium. How can you be interested in this ????

Like how my grandmother would say, 'I think it must be the 'generator' gap'.

Monday, April 06, 2009

On An Impulse...

How many of us have acted on an impulse and regretted it later? I can call myself a master of the trade. I remember all those times when I used to say or do things just because I wanted to - at that very instant. And the very next day, I am like the ostrich who is waiting to hide it's neck beneath the ground. I feel that embarrassed!

Acting on an impulse makes you feel good for the moment, but almost everytime it's the wrong thing to do. Like for instance, you are most likely to say the wrong things when you are angry. You have no idea that your words can irreversably harm another person's sentiment. But still you go ahead and say it.. why? Because you are acting on an impulse. You want to get it all out and be done with it else that nagging voice in your head won't let you rest in peace! I have easily misunderstood people in the past without even thinking twice. I never used to wait for their reasonings and even if I did, I never acknowleged them.

But I guess, only as time moves on you learn such things. You learn that you aren't supposed to trust your impulsiveness, and that you have to scan it with your magnifying glasses before giving it the go ahead. This means that I think twice nowadays before getting hyper over things. Am I finally growing up? Am I finally taking things the way it should be taken?

A recent conversation :

1 : No! Say all those things now! No one has the right to say such things to you. Now! Now! NOW!

2 : I think I should just wait for sometime before I do.

1 : But after cursing, think how good you will feel!

2 : Hmmm....I will surely regret it later....

1 & 2 are the two sides of yours truly. There was a time when side 1 used to dominate. Now it's side 2.

Am I finally growing up?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The two strands that gave me away...

Mom was being nice to me for a change and was giving me a nice hair oil massage when all of a sudden, she said something that made me cringe!

Ma - "Oh my God! You have two strands of gray hair!"

I have been hiding them for the past two years! But my mom, the sadist that she is, couldn't stop chuckling out loud the whole day.



P.S : She kept assuring me that I wasn't getting old. Maybe just luckier. So there!