Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sugar & Spice

It's true that as people get older, they start acting more like children. They get naughtier, always seeking your attention and making a humongous fuss if you ignore their wants!

My grandmother (God bless her) is at such an age. She just watches her friends getting older and more sick which makes her kind of paranoid. I am sure she's got it inside her head on why her health isn't letting her down like others. She claims every now and then that she's feeling very tired and doesn't feel hungry but then goes on to consume Idlis, Rice, Mixture every one hour or so. This has turned out to be quite a joke in the family.

GMa (Grandma, for short... Yes! I am lazy!) has found out that her 'not feeling hungry' tactics weren't earning her any sympathy and has now resorted to even more absurd stories.

She now claims she has 'Chikungunya'. This we came to know only after she was talking through phone to one of our relatives :

GMa : Ayyooo Moley.. I am not feeling too well... Not feeling to drink or eat anything... On top of that I am not well... I have Chikungunya...


My mom and sisters who were lazing around doing nothing were suddenly not feeling lazy anymore after hearing their dear mother's conversation. They were eyeing each other with amazement and were suppressing giggles that were just waiting to burst out. Obviously, the person on the other end of the line was equally surprised which led my grandmother to illustrate the story further. And after the conversation -

Daughter 1 : Amma, you got CG? We didn't even know. Guess even I must have got it without knowing then. These things spread right ?

Other daughters burst out laughing and my dear Grandma just gives a grin and leaves the room.

Her another story bites the dust! ;)

Though she never admitted that she was bluffing, the whole thing was so cute that I can't stop myself from smiling whenever I picturize the scene. God bless my grandma and I hope she keeps us entertained for a long time to come! :)

Now, to the spicy part of the story! I have been awarded with the 'Honesty Award' by Raka & Nikhil. Thanks guys! This is how it looks like :

I can't pinpoint anyone who I should forward this award to coz I feel everyone is being as honest as she/he can get, in their blogs! So this is for all of you reading this post at the moment :) Go ahead and accept it!


  1. You are right. They act this way more to get attention. We can see the same in parents who live away from their children. They will always complain about some pain or ache so that children call up to enquire more often. Some times it is funny and at times sad.

    I guess my first time here. I blog hopped from somewhere looking for Malayali bloggers.

  2. Grand parents can be so sweet... my grand mother used to eat and drink any and every medicine she could lay her hands on, because she believed 'medicines gave good health' :)

    Nice post :)

  3. Granny tales-how i loved ur post!!coz my granma has similar stories 2 tell n i njoy dem..
    :D congrats 4 d award...

  4. sugar n spice
    n everythin nice :D

    sry i jus cudnt help but rhyme abt an honest scrap...

    so i guess now i deserve :D

  5. Ya.. old people do that always. Apart from family I have a very old Placement Officer and we as Placement Co-ordinators deal with him almost daily. We all keep giggling when he curles his mouth and then smiles sheepishly when his little tricks are caught. Cute!!

  6. hehehe enjoyable read!! :)

    while reading ur posts i kept thinking of my mom.. well she is the youngest of her family n my dad pampers her like hell.. so she has her whiny traits too just when she thinks no one values her... god!! its funny at one level for sure.. but irritating at another... :)

  7. Hey Dhanya,
    this was hilarious!
    Undoubtedly refreshing and thought provoking.

  8. Solilo - Nice to finally meet some Malayali bloggers here! :)

    Indian Home Maker - Welcome to my blog! Wow.. your comments were more like full fledged posts.. nicely written...

    Mayz - Didn't u get it already? Ur blog is filled with so many awards man... Am J!!

    Raka - Yeah, even my mom is kinda same... :) Runs in the family I guess...

  9. superr..yeah,btw how olod is ur GMa??

    Pinne,njan mindilla!!! :( U haven accepted my award.. :( even if yes,I see oly Raka's name here.. :( :( :(







  10. awwww... so sweet... yeah, its true... its their second childhood :)

    God bless her :)

    congrats on the award... ur posts reflect it :)

    take care mate... enjoy ur day... cheers...

  11. Nikhil - My grandma is nearing 80 :) I have edited the post btw ;)

    Arv - Thanks a lot buddy!

  12. Awww...that's so cute. :)

    Congratulations for the award! :)


  13. so cute....
    Grand parents... i think u r lucky enough..
    unfortunately i dont have any niether from my Father side nor mother side..
    but i hv enjoyed alot with them..
    yes thts true they always try to grab attention..sometime they act so smartly n naughtily tht u cannot stop laughing urself..

    very indeed
    it touched me... :-)
    keep writing...


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