Sunday, March 01, 2009

Social Networking Sites- Harmful for your brain ?

Imagine my surprise when I heard this brand new piece of information! According to an Oxford University neuroscientist, that is exactly what Orkut and Facebook does to you. Too many activities online can supposedly reprogramme your brain and make you act all 'weird'. Weird, in the sense, you start lacking social skills in the real world and end up getting depressed and lonely. How scary is that? Now I wonder if all those hours wasted on playing 'Pet Society' in Facebook ended up screwing my brain. Sheesh. But I am not feeling depressed or lonely, so I am ok. I hope....

If you suffer from the following symptoms, it's probably time to shut down your computer!

1. Depression
2. Loneliness
3. Short attention span
4. You stop focusing on external issues
5. You have trouble communicating with people

I do think that Orkut and Facebook are a total waste of time. But that 'small' reason doesn't stop me from checking these sites on a regular basis :D I mean we do what we are told not to do right ? We have nothing to achieve from looking at other people's status updates or by seeing their pics but we still take interest. Men are social animals after all. And they do want to know what their friends or enemies are up to. Alas, staying in contact with friends online is now considered to wreck your brains. Blah! Some things are just better off undiscovered....

It has also been found out that autistic people who are generally weak in communication skills are at ease in front of the computer. This means that increased exposure to the idiot box and the smaller idiot box with the keyboard, can cause an increase in the diagnosis of autism.

In spite of this, I don't think people would care a damn. Aren't mobile phones harmful for you too ? I don't see anyone stopping their use. In fact, nowadays I see 7-8 year old kids showing off their bright coloured cells to their friends. Makes me wonder why people discover such things anyway when half (and maybe even more) of the world don't even care!

Now that I am over with this post... let me go check my Orkut scraps! Be right back ;)