Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just a thought...

Srilankan cricketers attacked in Pakistan....

Which part of this world is safe now ? Will a time come when people would just dread getting out of their houses ?



  1. true dear... :(
    thats coz of too much of talibanization !!

  2. Its true,this world has gone to dogs..and there are us humans,I fear,waging a losing battle against it..

    First time here..Niceeee!! :) I loved the header pic.. :)

    Cheers.. :)


  3. hmmm...that time will come too..

    one thing
    i was not able to comment on other posts of u.. many were commentable :P

  4. its all in d hands of us citizens...we elect d govts who give shelter to these kinda radicals...d govt supports them for their hidden agenda n then everythin backfires...

    n i see that time not too far away

  5. I was shocked when I saw the news flash and even worse still was to see that those maniacs walked away from the scene so casually without any struggle...

    how can 12 armed men escape from a busy city center that is supposed to be protected?

    beats me...

    Do enjoy your evening... nice to meet you... cheers...

  6. oh god now i have a chance to even comment in ur blog :)...yes it was a disaster ...but they are ok now...it just gives little relief :)..


  7. Sadly a large number of people already dreda that.

    Nice blog. Love the header.

    One question. How do I post comment on posts? There is no 'Post a Comment' link!


  8. Antartica seems fine for now; rush, before global warming gets into act.

  9. if you could write this without any fear in ur eyes, then definitely u r in a safe place.

  10. @Archana - Whatever the reason is, this shouldn't be happening :(

    @Nikhil - Thanks a lot! Hope to see you around here often

    @Mahesh - I think I know which post you would have loved to comment on. The post prior to this one, perhaps ? :D

    @mayz - The sad thing is even the govt. isn't ready to take any blame. They believe in pointing fingers at each other rather than actually doing something..

    @Arv - I totally agree. It's very disappointing...

    @Hemanth - Hahah! Looks like you were itching to comment over here ? :D

    @Bondgal - Sadly, I didn't enable comments for the previous posts. But from now on, I will... :)

    @brownphantom - LOL! Then the entire population will shift to Antarctica.. you think the terrorists will let us live in peace then ? ;)

  11. yeah sux wat happened!!..but damn,..i just wish they d have got muralidharan!! maybe its the warne fan in me talkin..but that was my first thought when i heard of the incident!! damn terrorists - damn murali!! :-)

  12. Very disappointing:( terrorism in some form or the other hit the headlines almost everyday.........

  13. @Sawan - Yup, definitely in a safe place for the moment.. but for how long ?

    @Dream`R - Now that's a new way of looking at things! :-)

    @Poorna - Getting sick of it, really!

  14. A very, very appalling incident to say the least. A dastardly act, per se. High time Pakistan does something about this.

    My comment to the TOI... See here

    Commented under the nom de guerre Unassumed Chaos, India.

    Peace. Have a nice day,


    Just a random blog-hopper. See you around...


  15. till u feel its safe! the moment u feel insecure, u wud loose ur sleep.

  16. thanks for dropping by


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