Thursday, March 05, 2009

India & I

Why I love it here…

1. Very active and an eventful place. Not a dull moment! Well….that would be an exaggeration. It does get a wee bit dull now and then. But, that’s only like 10% of the times. Quite forgivable :)

2. I do not gain unnecessary flab coz I eat only healthy ghar ka khaana. I miss junk food though :(

3. Festivals, like Onam and Vishu, are so much fun and wayyy better with my hundreds of relatives scampering around. Vishu is fast approaching, by the way. People who are elder to me, get the cash ready ;) People who are younger than me, catch me next year as you guys might be knowing am jobless at the moment ;)

4. Rain, rain, rain! Sitting on my basket chair, in the balcony, with a cup of garam garam chai. Aaah! Bliss.

5. If you want to go on a tour, there are so many options unlike in Bahrain. When friends & family decide to go on a trip in Bahrain, we are left with very few choices…which happen to be the same ones as the previous year or the year before that. Sad, no?

6. Shopping in India for clothes is also so much better especially for traditional wear. Simply awesome.

Why I sometimes hate it here…

Coz of the ‘emotional athyachaar’ I have to face in the hands of some relatives. NRIs are considered heartless creatures who are not worthy of compliments, who seem to have a rhino’s skin which can withstand their rude RUDE remarks.

*Scene 1*

Cousin 1 trots into room in a nice traditional dress

Relative 1 : Oh! You look so nice moleyyy! So pretty pretty….
Relative 2 : What dress! What style…
Relative 3 : Ya…! Like film star only no ?

Cousin 2 trots into room in a nice traditional dress

Relative 1 : Very very nice!
Relative 2 : What dress! What style….
Relative 3 : Ya….! Like film star no..?

And then I enter the room with a 'wary-of-the-relatives' kind of walk dressed in what I believe is a nice traditional dress...

*Relatives scanning me from head to toe*

Relative 1 : Hmmm… Ayyo moleyy! You have lost so much of weight!
Relative 1 : Yes yes! You lost so much. You should gain more
Relative 3 : Ya….! Otherwise you will disappear… *grin*


*Scene 2 *

Relative 1 : I gave this present to C, and one more to D. Such nice kids they are. I love them

*Me looking at relative 1 with a ‘Hey! I didn’t get any presents’ look*

Relative 2 : Yeah, I know. Such sweet kids. Last week, I gave them two churidars each.

*Me gets really jealous, and looks at relative 2*


Relative 1 & Relative 2 burst out laughing : ‘You don’t need presents moleyyy! You used to have a job in Bahrain. You must have been paid really well no ? You can get all those things you need no ? Hahahah… You are so silly silly!!!’


2, People pee on the wall of the fence outside the house!! Instead of ‘stick no bills’, we should keep something like ‘Please don’t leave your trademark here!’ signs on the walls. Do such stickers even exist ? :D Just curious. Like I said before, people end up doing things what they are not supposed to do. The next target might be the sticker itself.

3. Scheduled power cuts are ok. But the unscheduled ones can be quite a problem. That too wouldn’t have been a problem if those blood sucking insects called mosquitoes stopped singing into my ears! But the optimistic person I try to be, I tell myself ‘Look D! God has sent you little musicians to entertain you in the dark’. But after just 2 minutes filled with ‘MmMmM’s and injections, I am sorry I just cannot get to like them at all !!

Ok.. I have listed more advantages than disadvantages here! Jokes apart, each country has its own unique charm. Being the person I am, eventually I do end up liking the place I am in. I can safely say I am in love with two countries – India & Bahrain. Both mean so much to me! One place which is my home and the other which was my home away from home…

If you are from India : ‘Jai Ho!’ to our incredibly beautiful country


If you are from Bahrain : ‘Ashat mamlakah al-Baḥrain’ to the place which has suffered and loved me for more than 20 years!


  1. Nice post :-)
    our country rocks!!

    Btw thanks for hopping in my blog..!!

  2. trademark ..LOL..:P...i loved the way u described the whole scenes with a pleasent flow of some times is difficult to run into describing a country as a whole...and true each country has its own specific things :) was was joy...and felt happy reading ur post..:)..


  3. haha... nice write!

  4. mera bharat mahaan :D :D

  5. Lovely post....not so long back I moved to a joint family and I can understand what exactly is happening out there...thankfully I am away from all those 'relatives' now and loving my nation :)
    Write more often..will ya?

  6. Agreed... there aint no place like home :)

    LOL @ the NRI part.. agree with that too... :)

    take care mate... have a lovely day... cheers...

  7. Haha! Great style of writing girlie! And an awesome sense of humour too!

    Nothing like dear old India no? :)

    "God has sent you little musicians"
    Ultimate. Too good. :D

    Overall, made for a great read. Kemamai! :) (No am not Mallu, my language translation book was jumping here for a mention...just to please it! ;)

  8. yup relatives can be so irritating... i have had quite some specimens in my family.... :-)

  9. ur rite chech.. :)

    India is a bliss as well as a bane sumtyms..But don't we still love dis place??das the best thing..

    It was soo very nice of me to wish best luck,I really need themm.. :)

    Take care n have a nice tym up der.. )


  10. i can just vouch for something..whether NRI or not.. facing emosonal attyachar in the hands of relatives are a fate we all have to face... lucky are those who are the exceptions...

    and im sure despite being an NRI you are a nice person :)

    my friend once told me..

    people who care dont matter and people who matter dont care :)

  11. @Hemu - Glad you enjoyed the post :)

    @Toon factory - Will definitely try to increase the number of posts! I get a lil lazy sometimes ;)

    @Tara - lol@kemamai... yeah, you go girl! learn more mallu words :D

    @Nikhil - No probs dear!

    @Phoenix - Hey! That's so sweet of you... thanks a lot :) Made my day!

  12. nice post saare jahan se accha.

  13. India is heaven! and hey, i never knew you were a mallu! :) so r u goin to be here for vishu?

  14. Real cute...lemme look really nice in whatever traditional wear you were wearing moleyy...this is like such a cute post its like reading Catcher in the Rye :D

  15. nicely writen, good post

  16. hey tat was really good one..home sweet home :) n thnks fr dropping

  17. beautiful post!Though it was long but it was able to capture my interest right through till the end.:)
    have a nice day!

  18. @Sawan - Of course, am very much a mallu :) I am going to be here for a pretty long time. Shifted back here for good..

    @Akshaya - Awww.. you are sooo sweet!!! :D *muah*

    @Avinash and Sneha - Thunkoz!!

  19. really?? so wuts in ur mind? higher studies or work?

  20. I want to do a LOT of things. Hmmmm. You will be informed. Watch this space ;)

  21. looks like ur "little world" is gona be much wider in the coming days :) all the very best for what ever you have in ur mind :)

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  23. Hi,
    First time here ...Nice write up surely did brought back some memories of the rains and powercuts .... nostalgia i guess....
    The NRI scenes are funny ...ppl do asume a lot abt NRI's :(



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